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Title: A Tale Untold
Post by: Xira on June 15, 2010, 10:35:32 pm
There was no place, it seemed, that had escaped the destruction. As Lugia and Kari flew over the land, looking for a place to take shelter for the night, the saw the glowing embers that were all that remained of small villages scattered all across the countryside. "These pokemon raids are getting worse and worse." Kari said to Lugia. "Do you think some of them are evolving?"
I couldn't say. But it's not outside the realm of possibility. Lugia spake into Kari's mind. A flock of taillow were flying up above Lugia. Kari spotted them and said, "Let's fly higher. maybe you can ask them where the nearest town left standing is." With a beat of it's powerful wings Lugia rose to meet the level of the taillow flock. It spoke into their minds and came back with an answer. They say that the destruction stretches as far as that forest up ahead, but they don't know of any human civilizations beyond these plains.
"I see....thank you." Kari said to the taillow and she and Lugia pulled away from them again. So what should we do?
"Land in that clearing." Kari said, pointing into a place in the forest up ahead. "We'll think of where to go from there."

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Duama449 on June 16, 2010, 10:36:45 am
In the forest not far from destroyed village sat Duama. Relaxing in the sunlight after admiring the pokemon's handy work. "I cant say I entertain the idea of being ruled by pokemon, but you have to admit they know how to destroy a village." he said smirking to himself as he stroked the sleeping absol next to him Deep within the forest, out of view Rayquaza answered, electing to stay out of plane sight, his eyes and yellow markings being his only indicators.

"It wont be long before we have to choose a side Duama. The humans are becoming braver by the day thanks to the priests."

"I know, Still....I think I'll watch how things unfold for a little longer."

it was then he heard the flapping of a huge pokemon.

"absol." without missing a beat the pokemon was awake. Ever loyal absol fled into the brush with his master where they coulld watch from a safe distance. "Hmm, I wonder."

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Kadri on June 16, 2010, 05:20:25 pm
Ava was deep into her evening meditation when loud, angry voices erupted outside, breaking her concentration. She felt a flicker of irritation, but she set it aside for the moment, looking up towards her front door in wary suspicion.

The village of En had become something of a safe haven on that side of the forested mountain range. While battles were breaking out all over the countryside, the fighting had yet to reach their home, and refugees from the destroyed towns and villages were streaming in at an alarming rate. The people of En were normally a friendly bunch, known for their good relations with the local Pokémon and their kindness and hospitality towards strangers. However, the refugees were of a different sort—they had been forced into exile and had seen their homes destroyed by Pokémon, and they treated the villagers of En with suspicion, and sometimes downright hostility.

Ava sighed as several more voices elevated, joining in the shouting match. She couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying, but she was sure it was nothing good. She pushed herself to her feet and brushed out her rumpled skirts before glancing at Entei. She didn’t have to voice the question for her large, lion-like companion to know what was in her mind.

Entei’s amber-colored gaze was fixed on her gray-blue one as he replied to her silent question through mindspeak. The refugees wish us to leave the village. The mayor is arguing with them, but they are afraid we will burn them to ashes while they sleep.

“That’s ridiculous,” she snapped. “Why do they think this village is such a safe place for humans and Pokémon to shelter in the first place?”

Lucario placed a paw against Ava’s wrist and gently shook her head at the priestess.

Ava couldn’t mindspeak with her like she could with Entei, but after almost seventeen years together she didn’t need telepathy to understand Lucario’s meaning. “I know they are afraid… and I’m trying to be patient. But—” She was cut off by a knock at the door.

The mayor. I believe it is our time to move on.


Two hours later, Ava, Entei, and Lucario were making their way through the heavy underbrush of the forest, looking for a suitable place to camp. Wanting to avoid other people, they had shunned the road and game trails, choosing to forge their own path through the dense greenery.

Do you think we’ll ever go back there? Ava asked Entei silently.

Perhaps, one day. Until then, we must keep moving forward into the future.

Yes… you’re right.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Shadow Crusnik on June 16, 2010, 06:25:25 pm
Jacob walked on the grassy feild along side the forest, looking at the destruction that was to his left. He shook his head in slight dissapointment. Mew floated back and forth of his shoulders and would every now and then brush up against him. "You know These arragont pokemon and idiot humans are just going to destroy everything, then who is going to rule." He asked mew.

"I know they need to learn that we need one another, and that not all people are bad." Mew responded.

"exactly, I would just like to punsh them all." Jacob said aloud getting a little agrivated. then Ninetails pressed her body against Jacob's side to try and relax him, "Fine i get it ill calm down, but that isnt my fault i got my temper from all you guys." He said laughing.

Hey how about a race?" Mew projected into his mind

"Alright sounds..." But before he could finish he noticed the gaint pokemon flying above head. "Man i wonder who that is?" he said kind of astounded by the size.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Duama449 on June 16, 2010, 08:02:23 pm
"absol!" cried the ivory disaster pokemon at Duama side.

"I know absol, it seems this forest is getting pretty popular. first a giant pokemon, and now a priest, things are getting interesting."

Tread carefully boy, you know not what you face.

"I understand, stay here rayquaza, I dont want to fight unless this idiot unless he makes the first move. Cmon absol."  grabbing his crescent lance and pulling it out of the dirt he rested it on his shoulder and walked toward the stranger with the ninetails. "yo!!! Come for the fireworks?" he said motioning in the direction of the burned city.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Shadow Crusnik on June 16, 2010, 08:13:57 pm
Jacob looked at man aproaching him and emediatly stiffened up ,"Now and waht satanic fool would come to watch distruction." He said to this man, not really catching the sarcasam in his voice. Jacob stoped walkign all together to look at this man.

"I sense an air of danger around this man" mew told him as it stoped and rested on jacob's shoulder.

Jacob didn't have to reply to know exactly what mew felt. He then raised a hand and nintails sat down and jaob rested his hand on top of her head. "And what about you sir? why is it your hear?"

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Duama449 on June 16, 2010, 08:46:50 pm
Duama raised an eyebrow. "I just told you, to see the fireworks. Heh, or is that something a 'satanic' person would do?" he smirked as absol refused to sit and locked its eyes on the ninetails never moving. "By the way, I think the word you're looking for is sadistic." he said mocking the stranger. All the while rayquaza shakes his head within the forest.

You never did listen to me.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Shadow Crusnik on June 16, 2010, 09:12:55 pm
"Yes you are correct and yes that does make you 'sadistic'" He said correcting himself, "also i dont have to be psychic to see the hostility coming from your absol. so make sure you keep him under control." He said.

"Jacob i can sense a greater pressence near by." Mew old him

"Alright, your also hiding something, are you the one who caused all this?" He now asked this man infront of him

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Veraledy on June 16, 2010, 09:56:05 pm
"Don't be foolish. Use your eyes. Sadistic he may be, but these cinders are not his doing." Bloody eyes peered at both priests through silvery bangs turned brown still dripping with blood. The woman that stood apart from them with a three bladed scythe 'tsked' before turning to continue on her way, Darkrai floated behind his mistress keeping his comments to himself.

"They may prove to be useful, for information, Riku." "Perhaps." Satsuriku replied but continued onwards.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: th31r1shguy on June 16, 2010, 10:14:30 pm
Raikou sat atop the only not-burning building left in the village, looking up at the moon.  The raid was successful: quick, definite, and memorable.  The village was all but erased, and the survivors who escaped would tell the world that Raikou and his pack were responsible.  A good day, to say the least.

"Boss, it looks like some strong opponents are gathering in the village.  Should we attack?" an Espeon approached Raikou from behind and purred.  "I'll see what's going on.  Tell the others to stay hidden... unless things get hairy of course." Raikou said.  Espeon nodded, then dashed off to alert the rest of the pack.  Raikou turned to see Rayquaza towering over the burning village and walked towards the group.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Shadow Crusnik on June 16, 2010, 10:29:04 pm
Jacob looked at the person with the sythe and shook his head, " you ahve a god complex dont you? you think your hott stuff." he said kind of tillting his head like he just dicovered somethign new. "I was told there were humans like that but never met one." He then turned back to the man that he was talkign to before, "well it seems she has cleared you, so if you have nothing else for me then i will off." He said trying to be as polite as possible still not being all that great with people.

"I sense something strong coming from the distance." Mew projected

"Or not, looks like we have company." He said as he turned around and looked at were mew was looking. Ninetails stood up and got in a deffensive position and complety forgot about the absol that was glaring at it before.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Veraledy on June 16, 2010, 10:39:30 pm
Satsuriku stopped mid step and spun slowly on her heel. "A god complex, you say?" She asked in a bored monotone, tilting her head to the side, leaving bright red blood trails against her stark white cheek. "Whyever would I need that? Don't project your blasphemy onto me, heathen." Darkrai halted next to her on the opposite side as her scythe, nearly sighing at the situation while eyeing Jacob almost pityingly.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: th31r1shguy on June 16, 2010, 10:41:17 pm
Raikou entered the clearing calmly.  He didn't react to Ninetails' snarls, but simply nodded at it.  Then he turned to the others.  "I go fifteen years without seeing another Legendary, and just like that you three appear outside my forest.  What are you doing here?" Raikou spoke telepathically, only to Mew, Rayquaza, and Darkrai. 

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Veraledy on June 16, 2010, 10:49:12 pm
Satsuriku eyed Raikou but said nothing her eyes returning to the unclean blasphemer insulting Jashin. 'Perhaps, another sacrifice is in order.' She thought her grip shifting ever so slightly on her scythe. "Following the Priestess of Jashin, and I shall continue to do so. We are passing through, our destination lies beyond your forest." Darkrai replied to Raikou's questioning while moving slightly infront of Satsuriku.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Shadow Crusnik on June 16, 2010, 10:52:30 pm
Mew looked at him and sighed, "Im traveling with my friend" he respoded plainly

Jacob looked at the girl again knowing that a conversation was going on between mew and this new pokemon, "WEll yes god complex, you just did it again didn't you?" he asked somewhat confused, "your think your better and you look down on us, or maybe im thinking of a superiority complex." He said now looking up and thinking back to the old mans teachings trying to figure out what this girls problem was.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: th31r1shguy on June 16, 2010, 10:57:42 pm
"Well then you would do best to leave.  I'll only ask once.  Take your pets and get on with your travels." Raikou glared at the human priests, but still only spoke to the three legendaries.  He noticed Espeon pass in the shadows behind Mew and Jacob, and then that the rest of the team had surrounded their guests. 

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Duama449 on June 16, 2010, 10:58:12 pm
Still staying inside the forest brush Rayquaza simply answered,

This human boy interests me. He understands these humans true nature and accepts it for who he is. but not what he is. We go where we wish and gladly welcome a challenge from those who would stop us

he said steeping out of the forest and standing erect on the ground like a cobra, towering over all of the legendaries present.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Veraledy on June 16, 2010, 11:01:21 pm
"I am the chosen of Jashin's children. I made the ultimate sacrifice to be able to save your heathen souls. Human and pokemon alike. You could at least show a little bit of courtesy for having your soul cleansed, not that it will affect Jashin's judgement of your soul." Was her reply as she toyed with the upside down triangle in the center of her circular pendant, as she watched Darkrai communicate with Raikou before turning to eye Rayquaza. "I believe that we should continue onwards. Another blood bath tonight would prevent us from arriving on time." Darkrai commented to Satsuriku. "It is particularly claustrophobic, not quite enough to measure up to the previous sacrifice." She replied aloud as well turning once more to take her leave with Darkrai at her side. In a matter of seconds both were swallowed by shadows and no longer present.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: th31r1shguy on June 16, 2010, 11:13:18 pm
"You're smaller than I remember, Rayquaza.  I'd hate to humiliate a proud legendary like yourself infront of his priest, but I doubt I could kill him without you getting in the way."  Raikou looked up at the towering Rayquaza, unmoved by his presence.  The leaves from the forest's edge rustled as one of the Pack Pokemon flinched, but they stayed hidden. 

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Duama449 on June 16, 2010, 11:14:48 pm
"Heh, showed up by a Jehovah's witness with a crusader complex." Duama looked at Raikou. "Oh, you think so? Care to try us Rover? there's a doggy treat in it for ya." he joked taking a stance.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Shadow Crusnik on June 16, 2010, 11:17:51 pm
"Yeah i think god complex." he said nodding to himself because she was no longer there.

Mew flew over to raikou and flew around him, "I think we are ok, and we will go when we the three of us think it is time for us to leave." Mew told him then flew back over to jacob, "So should we get going or do you feel like camping out?" mew asked

"Well i dont know i am kind of tired of walking and i think we could probably do something about the fire if we stay, i mean we dont want it spreading to the forest." He said to mew then looked at Ninetails, "does that work for you?" He asked and ninetails nodded and began walking, "So its settled." Jacob said and began walking towards Raikou with mew following behind then the both teleported past Raikou and closer to the fire with ninetails close behind. Leaving Raikou behind

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: th31r1shguy on June 16, 2010, 11:26:36 pm
A lightning bolt shot from the sky, crashing into the ground infront of Jacob and his group.  The crater made was the size of a small house, and it stopped right at Jacob's feet.  "This land belongs to the Pokemon of this forest once again, and we will not give it back so easily."  Raikou's voice roared through the clearing.  Raikou had turned to face Mew and his company.  The lightning bolt had come from his tail. 

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Duama449 on June 16, 2010, 11:30:10 pm
You still have such a temper, it was a wonder you ever bonded to anyone at all

Rayquaza smirked and shook its head reminiscing like an old man.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Shadow Crusnik on June 16, 2010, 11:32:41 pm
Mew jacob and Ninetails turned around, "Oh so your one of those pompus pokemon." Jacob said looking at him then at mew, "Well shall we send one back?" he asked

with that mew bobbed back and forth then called out "MEWWWWWWWW" and with that a similar lightning bolt shot down and made a smilar creator stopping infront of Raikou. "We shouldnt fight but we will if he have to." mew told him nowing that Jacob felt the same.

"Nintails get ready i think they have other guys around so we might need to take care of those guys if we are not allowed to move forward." He said nintials gave out a small bark to show that he acknowledged him

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Post by: Kadri on June 17, 2010, 12:15:09 am
The evening light was beginning to fade and the dense foliage overhead cast long, dark shadows in their path, making it even harder to see where they were going. Ava grasped the black cord that hung around her neck and drew a small, three-pointed yellow crest pendant from beneath her blouse. She paused for a moment to focus on it and suddenly it began to glow, dimly at first, but steadily growing brighter and brighter, until they could see the ground ahead of them.

“The brush isn’t so thick here. Perhaps we’re coming to the edge of the forest?” Ava commented thoughtfully. “If there is a clearing of some sort, we should have room to set up camp without being cramped for space.” The idea cheered her immensely, and she took a step forward, only to have Lucario grab her arm.

Hold, Entei commanded.

Ava halted. Entei did not issue commands lightly, and she knew he would never steer her wrong. A sense of unease rippled through their shared bond, and she glanced at him. “What is it?” she murmured in a much lower tone.

Entei appeared to be conferring with Lucario telepathically. He remained silent for several moments before nodding his great head. I see… No, you are right; I can sense them as well… he murmured to Lucario, and then he turned his amber eyes on Ava. In the light of her pendant, they seemed to shine liquid gold. There is a gathering of humans and Pokémon in the clearing up ahead. At least three Legendaries are present, which means the humans may be Priests.

“I see…” The priestess glanced at the trees that separated them from the clearing. Then she sniffed the air. “I can smell smoke, but I don’t hear a battle. Can you tell if they are friendly?”

Lucario shook her head, her paw still resting on Ava’s forearm.

No… there is no way to tell if they are friend or foe, unless we confront them to find out firsthand. Entei paused; he seemed to be communicating with Lucario again. Lucario says that she can sense hostile auras in the group ahead. They appear to be having a… pissing contest of some kind… possibly territory-related, since there are so many Pokémon present. It may be best to go around them, to avoid direct conflict.

Ava frowned, but she nodded her agreement. “Lead the way?”

Entei growled his assent and, with Ava’s pendant as a lantern, they began to carefully pick their way around the circle of Pokémon surrounding the Legendaries and the humans.

Ava held her breath as they began to skirt around an Espeon in the brush. I wonder what their quarrel is about...

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: th31r1shguy on June 17, 2010, 04:25:08 pm
Espeon leaped into the clearing after the second lightning strike, standing next to Raikou.  An Arcanine, a Graveler, a Dodrio, and two Houndour followed after, surrounding Jacob's group.  "I'm only interested in the Human, Mew.  There's few enough Legends left in this world as it is, but don't expect us to hold back if you decide to be stupid." Raikou said.  He fired a lightning bolt from his mouth at Jacob, watching to see Mew's reaction.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Xira on June 17, 2010, 04:59:51 pm
Circling in the sky up above, Lugia and Kari were still watching the group down below. It seemed as though their presence hadn't been sensed yet, and that that group of priest were in trouble. "Do you think we could bail them out?" Kari asked Lugia. I could possible faint the fire and rock types, however that Raikou will be formidable. It's not advisable to agitate him.
"I figured you'd say that, but you know we can't just do nothing." Lugia circled higher so as to stay out of sight from the group below. It was cold up there and beads of very cold water were starting to form on Kari's skin. "I can't stay up here much longer, and you can't fly for as long as you'd like to think, your wings were made for swimming not flying. It's a miracle we made it this far. We need to find some kind of resting place soon and that clearing was perfect. Maybe we could just scare them away so we could rest for a while."
What do you suggest? Kari grinned, "Hydro Pump".

A smile spread across Lugia's face at this idea as well, and it gave an enthusiastic nod in agreement. At the very least it would reduce two of the seven attackers to a fainted state and would severely damage the two houndour.
Lugia swooped down to just above the tree line, reared back it's head and let loose a powerful stream of water from it's mouth. The force of which would keep a medium sized pokemon pinned to the ground under the pressure. Lugia aimed this blast at the arcanine then the two houndour and the graveler last. Best to take out the fastest pokemon first, was a philosophy that both Kari and Lugia shared.

After severely pummeling the pokemon with it's hydro pump Lugia landed with a mighty crash into the clearing between the remaining rogue pokemon and the priests, letting lose a mighty roar, in hopes of frighting away more of the smaller pokemon.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Duama449 on June 17, 2010, 05:18:44 pm
Rayquaza roared in returned unaffected by the sneak attack save for anger.

Speak your allegiance now before you risk annihilation!

Duama couldnt help but notice the distinct gap in the pack's forces now. Arcanine who had taken the brunt of the attack lay limp on the ground, along with the graveler and one of the houndour.

"Oh, I've got a bad feeling about this." he said as he could feel the static building in the air.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: th31r1shguy on June 17, 2010, 06:44:26 pm
Lugia's roar was cut short, as Raikou leaped up and plunged his fangs into Lugia's neck.  Electricity seaped into Lugia from Raikou's mouth, and the roar of confidence quickly became shouts of pain.  The "smaller pokemon" siezed the opportunity to retrieve their fallen bretheren from the battlefield and bring them to safer ground.  When they were clear, Raikou tore away from Lugia and landed back on the ground.  He spit a bloody lump of skin onto the dirt, and opened his bloodied mouth to charge his next attack.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Duama449 on June 17, 2010, 06:49:10 pm
Actiing quickly Rayquaza knocked raikou out of the sky with a harsh slam attack with his tail, causing raiku to crash to the ground with a sickening thud.

It appears i have chosen my side....for now.

Duama sighed "Guess the enemy of my enenmy is...still my enemy, but what the hell. Let's do it." he said readying himself for battle.

(careful there Irish, that was borderline god-modding. I know you were responding but we have to give her a fair chance.)

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Post by: Shadow Crusnik on June 17, 2010, 06:58:18 pm
As the lightning came flying towards Jacob A barrier appeared and blocked the attack. "Now then dog, you can't possibably be stupid enough to attack can you?" He said looking at Raikou

Mew giggled a bit that Raikou thought that a human it had chosen would be defeated so easily, and at how ignorant Jacob was as to the legendaries, "His name is Raikou not dog." Mew continued to giggle.

"Oh im sorry, didn't mean to offened, Raikou, why are you attacking me?" He asked, "I mean how much can you possibaly think you can get away with? Im not an idiot when it comes to pokemon, pokemon raised me i can sense your hostility towards me from the begining, i just chose to ignore it, but now your plain old attacking me? I know mew doesnt like to fight but i will if i have to," he finished Jacob then noticed the pokemon from before swoop down and take out the pokemon that came to Raikous side. "Wow!" is all he could say

"Lugia?!" Mew comunicated to Jacob supprised

as the battled ensued, Jacob saw this apportunity to leave and go put out the fire and conaining as much damage as possible. "mew lets go they have this under way and lets face it your to kind to really fight all out." He said giving mew a smile as they again began walking to the fire

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Post by: Kadri on June 17, 2010, 07:25:30 pm
Circumventing the crowded clearing was no easy task in the near-dark, and the roars and explosions that ripped through the air were incredibly distracting. Through their bond, Ava could sense that Entei was focused on what was going on just beyond the trees, on the alert for an ambush or a stray attack. She and Lucario flanked him, matching their pace to his, guarding the rear.

Through a small break in the trees, Ava saw a streak of white plummet into the clearing. It landed with an almighty crash, shaking the very earth beneath their feet. Chaos erupted within the clearing, and the priestess didn’t bother to keep her voice down as she turned, wide-eyed, to Entei. “Was that..”

Lugia. Entei’s eyes suddenly narrowed. Rayquaza… And Raikou… Why have they gathered here?

“It sounds as though they’re fighting.”

Entei’s eyes were sharp. Raikou is not a friend to humans. Be on your guard.

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Post by: th31r1shguy on June 17, 2010, 07:53:35 pm
Actiing quickly Rayquaza knocked raikou out of the sky with a harsh slam attack with his tail, causing raiku to crash to the ground with a sickening thud.

It appears i have chosen my side....for now.

Duama sighed "Guess the enemy of my enenmy is...still my enemy, but what the hell. Let's do it." he said readying himself for battle.

(careful there Irish, that was borderline god-modding. I know you were responding but we have to give her a fair chance.)
(Ugh, page two and we're already having these problems.  Harsh I'd agree duama, but not horribly close to the line.  We can take this up in the ooc later if it becomes a problem)

"So you have." Raikou spat onto the ground.  He snarled at Rayquaza, then at Lugia, who was ready to return the damage he recieved.  Raikou was obviously outsized, but he had a plan for these situations.  He began jumping around, trotting in circles and stomping his paws onto the ground.  Thunder roared above them as rain clouds formed overhead.  Raikou had performed a rain dance, and the rain would fall any minute.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Kadri on June 18, 2010, 01:42:47 am
As thunder rolled overhead, Entei stopped and turned his gaze toward the heavens. Tension lined his body. Raikou has cast rain dance…

Ava drew in a breath. “That means our link to fire will be severely hindered until its effects have worn off,” she murmured apprehensively, glancing up at the darkening sky. “If we are attacked, it will significantly limit our defenses.”

Entei turned his head to look at her. Unless I negate it… which could bring us some unwanted attention, but with so many Legendaries gathered in one space—

“—you would rather not run the risk of being caught out at less than full strength.” She finished his sentence neatly; their thoughts had been traveling in the same direction. “I understand.”

I rather thought you would. A thread of amusement colored his mental voice for a moment, and then he tipped his head back and opened his jaws. The air around them hummed with energy and the temperature grew a few degrees warmer as a globe of white-hot light began to swirl together within the volcano Pokemon’s open maw. It began to glow, lighting up the interior of the forest and shooting rays of sun-like light well into the center of the clearing. Then, Entei gave a thunderous roar and the sphere of energy shot out of his mouth and straight up into the overcast skies.

A split second later, the rainclouds blasted apart and light filled the sky, as bright as the sun at midday. The remains of Raikou’s rain dance fizzled to water vapor and quickly faded against the effect of Entei’s sunny day.

“Lucario...” Lucario’s voice held a note of awe.

Ava smiled in spite of herself. “Well, that’s one way to announce our presence.”

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Duama449 on June 18, 2010, 01:36:58 pm
Duama smirked at both attempts "Well looks like we had some help, pity it wasnt needed. Rayquaza can't be done in by a move like rain dance." He began to laugh as rayquaza began to charge for a hyper beam.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: ValkyrieOfDreams on June 18, 2010, 03:15:20 pm
Ariahna slowly walked through the damage done to the land. She felt so much pain and sorrow here. She could sense that there were pokemon trapped under the destruction of trees and branches, and her eyes teared up. 'Why....' she thought. She turned to Suicune and hugged his neck, burying her face in his flowing mane. "This will hinder our travel, but...I cannot just leave and have pokemon die...Suicune, do you wish to aide me?" She stepped away, her sandaled feet snapping thin twigs on the soft dirt. The ethereal pokemon bowed his head and said, Only if you wish to do so, Ariahna. She could sense a smile from the Pokemon. Growlithe hopped up and down, his Growlithe's showing his agreement with Suicune. In the distance, she heard a quarrel, but ignored it. Her primary concern was the injured. "Let us begin then."

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Post by: Duama449 on June 18, 2010, 04:02:59 pm
"Future Sight absol!"

"sol! Soooooooooool"

absol began to glow as a multicolored aura surrounded him.

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Post by: th31r1shguy on June 18, 2010, 05:44:20 pm
Raikou charged electricity in his mouth in responce to Rayquaza's hyper beam.  When Rayquaza fired, Raikou unleashed his zap cannon to counter the blast.  The combined attacks exploded in mid-air, with most of the recoil coming back on Raikou.  Raikou was knocked back onto the ground by the force of the explosion, but rose again quickly.  "Is that all you've got Ray?" he spat. 

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Duama449 on June 18, 2010, 06:46:06 pm
Do not tempt me Raikou. You forget my domain is the sky.

Leaping on top of him duama and rayquaza took off into the air.

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Lugia let out a cry of pain as a chunk of flesh came away from it neck and feel to the ground. Kari flinched as well, thankfully she wasn't mind-linked at the time, but it still hurt to see such a nasty wound taken out on her partner. The falling rain water made it feel a little better, but the rainclouds were quickly torn apart by a searing ray of sunlight.

Kari and Lugia turned away from the sun and squinted, temporarily blinded by the sudden change of light. It looks like our idea didn't play out at all like we planned. Kari thought to Lugia. Indeed. This wound will take quite some time to heal, even more so if not bandaged correctly.
Back up, Lugia. We have to get off the front lines and I'll bandage you up while these other people keep Raikou's attention.

Kari huddled under Lugia's chest, slowly guiding it backwards into the treeline where they would be safer while Kari bandaged Lugia's bleeding neck. It was difficult to find a piece of cloth long enough to wrap all the way around Lugia's neck, let alone large enough to bandage it. It turned out that Kari had to slice her blanket she carried with her into strips and tie said strips together to get around it's neck just once. With a bit of creativity though it was managed, and Lugia's wound was bound.

I think we should sit this one out from now on Lugia. They'll have to get tired eventually and when that happens one party will leave and here's hoping it's Raikou.

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Ari looked up quickly as she felt another Pokemon's pain. It was sharp and shot through her like a bullet. Suicune's head pointed in the direction of denser forrestry. It is another Legendary, Ariahna. She gasped and put her hand to her heart. "No...we have to help it." With those words she mounted Suicune's back, grasping his flowing water-crystal mane. "Growlithe, keep an eye on the Pokemon here. Search and rescue any in need of assistance. I shall be back shortly." The Pokemon nodded abruptlly and began to dig. "Let's go, Suicune."  With that, her bonded friend bounded off into the woods.

Swiftly he ran, so graceful. She always had loved riding him as a child. So mystical...suddenly he stopped. We are here, Ariahna. She looked ahead and saw a Lugia with...another Priest? She stepped off and approached carefully. Suicune came close to her and pushed his side to her shoulder. Instinctively, she placed a hand on his silken blue body. "Do you need assistance with Lugia, priest?" The person tending the magical creature turned was another woman. "Excuse me, allow me to correct myself. Priestess, do you need assistance?"

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Kari wiped her brow and jumped down off of Lugia's neck. The pokemon was so large she had to climb around and over it like a giant jungle gym. She looked at the girl who had approached her and spotted the majestic suicune next to her. "I think I've finished binding Lugia's wound for now, thank you. He'll just require some rest and care. However if you haven't yet noticed we have a rather pissy Raikou causing trouble with a few other priests back in the clearing. do you think there's anything your suicune might be able to do to calm it down? What being almost kin and all..."

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Do not tempt me Raikou. You forget my domain is the sky.

Leaping on top of him duama and rayquaza took off into the air.

Raikou persisted, shooting a multitiude of lightning bolts from his nose into the air.  The spray was innacurate, but thick enough to still hit Rayquaza.  "I will not lose, Rayquaza!  Not before every pokemon has been avenged!"  Raikou roared.

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"I do not know if I can do anything towards resolving this quarrel...." she stuttered on her words. She had trained Suicune thoroughly in case any fights had come her way, however, it had been at least a month or so before using any moves. She turned to Suicune with a pleading look in her eyes. "Should we?" Suicune said nothing but bowed his head and closed his eyes. He was letting her decide. He would follow her in anything she chose. Ariahna nodded and gulped, adrenaline now running through her body. She grabbed his mane, pulling herself up onto his back. "I shall try, friend." She said, "Let's go, friend." Suicune let out a mystical roar and leaped off into the trees once more.

After several minutes, they broke free of the wood line and stopped. What she saw before her eyes was horrid. Pokemon fighting Pokemon, trainers and priests using their bonded friends to fight one another. Her eyes teared up and she gripped Suicune's mane tighter, screaming, "STOP IT!!" Suicune let another roar out and stood his ground.

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(fyi: for the sake of technicality's, Raikou's just shooting off thunderbolts or thunders)

Raikou's barrage seased as Suicune entered the field.  "You're here too Su?  Get out of the way, I don't want you caught in this" Raikou said.  He charged electricity again, prepairing for another zap cannon.

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Suicune did nothing but crouch to allow Ariahna to fall from his back. She stepped forward and stood protectively in front of him. "Stop it. There is so much pain here. WHY?!" she cried out. Suicune nudged her shoulder softly and trotted next to her. Raikou, why is this battle occurring? Suicune pondered towards his brother. You used to be so so calm.

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"You might trust them, but I've seen the terrible things a human can do to a Pokemon.  Ive seen cruelty towards our kind beyond your comprehension, and they take it because they don't know better.  If I don't stand up for them, nobody will.  Rayquaza is still ignorant, all the Legends here are, so they cling to their human partners." Raikou replied telepathically.  "They forgot their responsibilities ages ago, to protect the lesser Pokemon above themselves.  Now they protect the humans."

(I'll use bold for the telepathic speak, just to keep it simple)

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You're wrong Raikou. How sad that you've let your anger blind you to this extent.

Rearing back rayquaza fired down his hyper beam using the cloud cover to hide his position. The destructive beam cut deep into the earth uprooting much of it and kicking up a dust cloud.

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Ava coughed as Rayquaza’s attack threw an enormous cloud of dust over the entire area. Covering her mouth and nose with her sleeve, she looked at Entei and asked in thought-speak, Why is Raikou so angry? This fight doesn’t seem to be about territory anymore.

He believes we Legendaries are so busy protecting our Priests that we’ve forgotten about our duty to protect lesser Pokémon from the cruelties of this world. Entei shook his head. And while  this may be true of some Legendaries, it is not true for all. He closed his eyes for a moment, and a faint red glow shone around his lion-like frame, shimmering through the dusty haze.

Calm mind? Quietly, Ava and Lucario watched as the psychic move’s flickering radiance slowly faded from view.

Entei opened his eyes and looked out at Raikou and his followers, gathered out in the clearing just beyond the tree cover. Then he turned his gaze to Ava and Lucario. I am going to try and reason with him. Please wait within the trees, where you will have some cover in case he is not in a mood to be reasoned with. He has always been very stubborn and hotheaded—I don’t want you to come under fire just because you are a human and we share a bond.

“We’ll be fine.” Ava gave him a small smile. “Please be careful.”

The volcano Pokémon bowed his head in agreement and turned to walk into the clearing, where he would be fully visible to Raikou and Rayquaza. Brother, he acknowledged Raikou with a nod, his amber gaze steady. What trouble is stirring here? Why are you battling a fellow Legendary?

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"Hidding in a dust cloud now Rayquaza?  You learn that from your human?  If you want to fight me then fight me, Lugia's the one I'm after, and I don't have to be waisting my energy here." Raikou roared, but spoke telepathically to the group.  "Entei, you know me.  I don't go this far without reason.  Lugia drew first blood, and Rayquaza was roped in by proximity.  Just look at the pokemon around here.  They're not afraid of me, they're afraid of them." Raikou nodded towards the forest behind him.  Arcanine, Graveler, the rest of Raikou's squad, and the other forest dwellers had gathered into the forest behind Raikou.  The wounded were deeper in the foliage, but the others, mostly small bugs and birds, peaked their heads out from behind the trees to watch the fight.  "A legendary Pokemon with his responsibilities in line doesn't attack wild Pokemon to break up a fight, and doesn't destroy the terrain to cover himself.  They can fight for their humans if they choose, and you can too, but I chose my side already." Raikou spoke only to Entei and Suicune, hoping, of anyone, that they would understand. 

"What's it gonna be Rayquaza?!  Leave here and never come back, or face me as the Legend of the Skies!" Raikou spoke out loud now, with a voice that roared like thunder.  He walked out into the clearing, closer to Rayquaza's dust cloud, and braced himself for the dragon's attack.

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Post by: Duama449 on June 20, 2010, 08:43:12 pm was you that asked for the wrath of Rayquaza!

With alarming speed and force rayquaza shot forth from the the dust cloud, leaving duam on the earth. this was a battle rayquaza had to make on his own. He let out a mighty roar. He was not the largest legendary for nothing. as his body ecompassed well over most of the clearing itself. he had rested in the dust cloud from his hyper beam and was ready for another assault. The three claws on each of rayquaza's hands began to glow.

Dragon's claw!

with one swipe of his arm rayquaza sent forth his attack, closing in on Raikou

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Raikou's fangs glowed with electrical power as he dashed towards Rayquaza.  "THUNDER FANG" Raikou's attack clashed with Rayquaza's claw, locking both combatants in a stand off.  Raikou leaped backward and charged Rayquaza with teeth glowing once again.

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Again, rayquaza used his tail wrapping up raikou as he began constricting him so he would listen

Legends are not guardians of pokemon alone. I still wait vigilantly for the battle of Groudon and Kyogre where I protect the whole world: Human and pokemon alike. Humans have lost their way, but that does NOT warrant condemnation! After all these years you still bear grudges to the long dead humans that destroyed and made the burned tower what it is?! Answer me Raikou!

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"You realy think this is about Burned Tower?  Why would I wait until NOW to act on that?" Raikou squirmed in Rayquaza's tail, but soon realized he'd be there for a while.  "Burned tower is history now, I'm doing this to stop another tragedy like that from happening again!"

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Jacob, Mew and Ninetails had been away from the fighting for a while now and noticed all the commotion from the burned area they were at. They had been moving logs that had fallen on people and pokemon alike trying there best to get everyone one out of the way. Jacob was growing more irritated the more he pulled from the destruction. "Mew Ninetails this isn't right we have to do something, we have to stop all this fighting." He told them.

Mew bounced around in the air around him thinking, "You are right, but at the same time what is it we do?" Mew asked

"I dont know what we can do, we can't possibly heal everyone here i dount that there is enough resorces around for us to do all this. And the battle over there keeps escelating more and more." Jacob said looking discouraged. Ninetails rubbed her head up against his arm "Thank you ninetails." He said smiling. "So mew what should we do? just try and help as many of the pokemon we and people we can even over there?" He asked

Mew nodded and the three of them ran back to the battle but not to fight to try and find anything they could from the forest to help the people and pokemon around them.

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(I feel like I'm double posting, but my character's image depends on this concept)

It would soon become obvious to Jacob that the pokemon were not the targets of the raid.  There were a few wounded pokemon around the village, pokemon who also wore rope collars or were found next to a human trainer, but the human victims outnumbered the pokemon vastly.  The wild pokemon had already beaten Jacob and Mew to the relief effort as well.  A chain line of berry-carrying grass pokemon was tending to wounded pokemon and humans, and a school of poliwag were delivering water and putting out fires. 

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Rayquaza looked at his old friend.

What have these humans done to deserve this genocide?

Rayquaza seemed a little more calm now. but he couldnt ignore the fact they're lives, their homes, their possessions, all destroyed in the onslaught.

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"If you haven't seen it yet, you never will.  Put me down, this fight's over." Raikou said.  He started pushing himself out of Rayquaza's hold with his front legs, but to no avail. 

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Rayquaza loosened his tail and released raikou. he turned to his priest

Let us leave this place, my body once more yearns for the sky.

"Yeah...I'm getting tired of this place too. Let's go absol."


grasping both absol and Duama carefully in each hand rayquaza launched into the skies and away from the clearing, leaving both the battle field and the town in their wake.

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Raikou walked back towards the forest, passing between Entei and Suicune on his way.  "Go back to your humans.  Judging by what happened here, I'm sure I'll see you two again soon." Raikou said.  He walked into the forest calmly, and soon disapeared into the darkness of the trees. 

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As Raikou passed, Ari moved closer to Suicune and he moved in front of her. Yes, we shall meet once  He looked down along the woodline and sensed his other brother, Raikou. Ari, let us meet my other brother's priest. I am certain they are gentle.  Ari nodded and began walking with him, hand on his side, feet walking in patches of dirt and lush grasses.

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When Raikou’s retreating figure was completely gone from sight, Entei snorted. Such a hothead... He began to make his way across the torn ground, towards the patch of trees that still sheltered Ava and Lucario. He sought the psychic link to his priestess. Raikou and Rayquaza have gone, for now, but I am not certain that makes this is a very safe place to make camp for the night.

We will work something out, I’m sure, Ava replied in turn, her mental voice calm. She and Lucario stepped out of the tree cover to meet him.

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At the base of the mountain range to the east of the clearing sat a town called Regos.  The sun would rise in a few hours now, but the town was still very awake.  The torches glowed brightly, and music could be heard well into the nearby forest.  In the town square the villagers danced alongside their pokemon, mostly rock and steel types from the nearby mountains, in a brutish stomp that shook the earth under the village. 

A man sat on the short steps of the town hall, watching the festival from the sidelines.  He wore the tarnished cloak of a wanderer, and his Manectric sat beside him.  A young girl, maybe ten years old, saw the man sitting alone and approached him.  "Why you not dancing sir?  Everybody dances on Regigigas day!" The girl said.  "I'm not from around here, you go on ahead." the man answered.  "Or you could take Manectric with you, he needs something to do." he motioned to Manectric, who heard his name mentioned and started taking a nap.  "C'mon" the girl persisted, taking the man's hand pulling him towards the dance floor.  The man let himself be taken, but turned to look at his pokemon.  Manectric looked back, like he heard his master say something, but turned his head and continued napping. 

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Jacob Mew and ninetails showed up right after the battle to see enti suicune and luga all in one area, "Excuse me is everything alright over here now?" he said mainly to the pokemon not really noticing that there were people around them.

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Ariahna stopped and looked over where a man appeared. Suicune stopped and took his place between his priestess and the newcomers. "Yes, the fight has ended," said Ariahna. Her black hair whipped through the air, then settled the longest strands brushing her bare calves. "Might I ask your name?" To her, he looked familiar but from where, she couldn't say.

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-(just bear with me.  Pokemon are gonna start talking)-

Raikou found his pack deep within the forest.  The pokemon who accompanied him in the earlier raid, and the ones who were too small to fight, had gathered around a small, contained fire and waited for their leader.  The smaller pokemon cheered ad Raikou entered the site.  "Looks like y'all missed me." Raikou chuckled.  He found a clear spot by the fire and dropped to the ground.  "You hurt boss?  Rayquaza sure gave you a run for your money back there." Arcanine barked.  "Nah, I'm fine.  We'll just take a day to recoop before moving again.  And it's not like y'all got out of their undamaged either.  How was that hydro pump?" Raikou answered.  "Houndour is still shivering, but the others are recovering nicely.  It'll be best for him to rest for a while." Espeon purred as she entered the circle.  "Damn that Lugia.  I still can't believe that happened." Raikou pounded his fist into the ground.  "Don't worry boss, we'll get Lugia, and it's human." a Bulbasaur spoke up corageously.  "I'll get him with my sleep pouder, then my razor leaf, then-"  "You realize that you have the absolute perfect disadvantage against Lugia, right?" Raikou laughed.  "But you're right kid, we will get him.  And anyone else who gets in our way."

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“Excuse me is everything alright over here now?”

Entei, Ava, and Lucario had stopped along the edge of the clearing to confer amongst themselves when the new, unfamiliar voice rang out nearby. They paused, glancing toward the newly-returned Mew, his priest, and Ninetails, who were approaching their section of the ruptured grounds. Ava cast a quick look at Entei, but before she could open her mouth to speak, a second voice piped up—the priestess of Suicune.

“Yes, the fight has ended,” the dark-haired girl replied. “Might I ask your name?”

Ava watched their exchange with mild interest, but she did not join in. Instead, she sought her mind-link with Entei. Why have so many Legendaries been drawn to this clearing? It seems too odd to be a coincidence.

I’ve been wondering the same thing myself. I cannot say with any degree of certainty, but this may have something to do with the conflict between the humans and Pokémon. The balance of power has become severely disrupted… he mused, thoughtful. It stands to reason that the Legendaries—those with and without Priests—will have a great deal of influence over the outcome of these wars. The fates may be shifting, my dear.

Ava was quiet for a moment, thinking over what he had just said. It was true—the battles between humans and Pokémon had been slowly escalating over the last several months, with neither side willing to bend. Lives were being lost, homes and habitats destroyed. If it continued…

As if sensing Ava’s trepidation, Lucario laid a reassuring paw on the young woman’s arm.

Entei’s amber eyes flicked to Lucario, then back to Ava. Lugia and his priestess are still present on the battlefield. I suggest we speak with them before making any further decisions.

Lugia was wounded, so they will probably rest here for the night, unless they have somewhere better to go. If they’re friendly, we may as well pitch camp here, and get some rest ourselves. Ava stifled a yawn.



Once Raikou and Rayquaza had departed, the conflict within the clearing seemed to dissolve into nothingness. Kari moved to check the makeshift bandages that covered Lugia’s wound, making sure they were still securely in place. Gently, she rested a hand against the Legendary’s massive head. It’s finally quieted down now that Raikou and Rayquaza are gone. I think the battle is over.

That is good for us.

Yes… We can make camp here, and you will have a proper chance to rest, and let that wound heal.

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Jacob looked at the girl, "Well thats good that the fight is over." he siad smiling and looking at his Mew and Ninetails. " Oh and my name is Jacob and yours?" he asked her

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"Ariahna. It's pleasent to meet you." She smiled at the boy, blushing slightly. She approached him cautiously. "Where are you off to if you do not mind my asking." She then held her hand out to his Ninetails, coing at it.

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Elsewhere Duama and Rayquaza had made landfall.

"Rayquaza what just happened back there? It's not like you to allow someone to get to you like that."

Rayquaza let go as absol leapt to the ground the he fixed a golden pupil upon duama.

I need not explain myself...but I will. I knew Raikou and his priest, it was long before I bonded to you. Raikou and I were of like mind, we felt the humans had become to bold to presume to be our masters. However where I held a sliver of hope for the humans something happened that dashed Raikou's utterly.

Duama looked surprised. "What happened?"

Rayquaza only looked at him then away and fell silent. Duama knew that the subject was now over, Rayquaza felt he had said enough.

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(god, two days feels like an eturnity here.  I'm moving this along, at least a little)

The celebration in Regos stopped completely when the sun rose.  Humans and pokemon alike stood motionless to watch the light as it spread across the mountains and into the village.  The wandering man stood in the back of the crowd with his Manectric.  The little girl, Kayla, had wandered off to find her Clefairy, and was now somewhere in the crowd.  When the sun peaked over the highest mountain top and floated into the sky the celebration was over.  The crowd dispersed and soon disapeared into their homes.  Kayla came back to the wanderer, holding her Clefairy in her arms.  "Hey, who are you mister?" she asked.  "My name's James, and I'm a traveler.  Thats all you need to know." the man answered.  Kayla, who was satisfied with the answer, said goodbye and ran off towards one of the houses on the block.

"Well, Manectric, this was nice," James said.  "Good people, good pokemon, good parties.  I wish there were more towns still like this around here, but with our old friend destroying them all, it's no suprise.  Lets just hope we can stop him from destroying this one like the others." James looked out at the street leaving the village, which seemed to head directly into the forest.  Raikou was close, he could feel it.  And it was only a matter of time before they met again.

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Ariahna stood near the entrance of a village she had found during her travels. The most recent fight she had seen...was horrible. She held a hand to her heart. 'If anyone had harmed Suicune like they did Lugia...' She couldn't finish the thought. She looked around and saw the town quieting down, settling into yet another daily routine. Children were out to play, vendors were selling edible goods and treasures, and some old men were off by a creek nearby fishing. They never caught anything. They had told her that they were merely content with the calm they felt at sitting and listening to the creek bubbling. She shook her head and picked up a sleeping Growlithe. Blue gown on, she walked back to the small inn she had taken a room at. From the woods, Suicune came out and trotted with her. He had been thirsty.

Immediately several children squealed with delight and ran up to him, climbing on his enormous back and tugging at his mane

Ariahna, please help, he begged her with pleading eyes. She retorted with, "Oh hush now. You love playing with the children. Now play with them." She turned and walked to a long bench not far from her friend. She lay Growlithe down, watched Suicune mockingly growl at the children and absorbed the sun. 'This is how it's supposed to be,' she thought.

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It was well past dawn when Kari finally stirred. She was tucked comfortably against Lugia's side, partially shaded by one of his wings. She opened her eyes slowly and took a moment to register where they were--the clearing, of course. Tilting her chin up, she could see sunlight streaming in through the canopy of the trees.

The priestess pushed herself to her feet, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Through their shared bond, she could sense that Lugia had also awakened.

"How is your neck feeling?" she murmured, running her hand along Lugia's length as she stepped closer to examine the bandages covering his wound. There was no blood showing through--a good sign.

A bit better, though it will take time to heal completely. Are you alright?

"Yes. I just wish last night could have been avoided..." Kari shook her head. "Isn't there enough fighting going on, already?"


Ava leaned back against Entei and closed her eyes, drowsing in the early morning light. It had been quite late by the time they'd gone to bed for the night, and she'd slept badly--her dreams interrupted by burning villages and faceless Pokemon and humans slaughtering each other without reason. She was jolted awake just before dawn, in time to watch the sky lighten, the puffy clouds shot through with the pinks and golds of the rising sun. It seemed pointless to go back to sleep afterwards.

She used the time to meditate, clearing her mind, searching for a sense of balance within herself. The quiet tranquility of the near-empty clearing helped to burn away the final vestiges of her nightmares, and she breathed easier.

For his part, Entei remained silent as Ava sank into meditation. He had thoughts enough of his own to occupy himself with.

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Kari slept in that morning. Her eyes half open she fought with herself for the will to get up. Lugia had coiled into a protective fort around her for the night at at feeling her stirring it nudged her, giving her cause to wake up. Grudgingly she slowly sat up and groaned. "I dun wanna get up." Lugia chuckled. But you must sleepy head.
"Fine" Kari pulled herself up and over Lugia's large back and slid down it's wing to rejoin the others. She approached Entei and Suicune respectively and thanked them personally for talking Raikou down. "I wish there was a better way I could thank you for what you did.....maybe I can. I have a seaside domicile about six miles from here. Lugia and I could prepare a meal for you all if you're willing."

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I would hardly call it a ‘talking down’… Entei mind-spoke privately to Ava. His tone was slightly disgruntled. In the end, Raikou left because he wanted to and not because of anything we said or did. What’s more, I doubt we’ve seen the last of him.

Ava shot him a silent, quelling look as Kari continued to speak:

“I wish there was a better way I could thank you for what you did… maybe I can. I have a seaside domicile about six miles from here. Lugia and I could prepare a meal for you all if you’re willing.”

“Ah, well…” Ava and Entei traded glances for a moment before looking back at Kari. “We haven’t a fixed direction right now, so a meal would be most welcome. Thank you.”

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(Alright, enough with the failed half attempts.  This roleplay is coming back.)

The shrill cry of a bird Pokemon pierced the air around Kari and Ava.  When they turned to the direction of the cry both priests saw a massive thunderbolt strike the ground only half a mile from where they were standing.  The bolt sparked the nearby trees, and a wildfire quickly errupted in the forest.

In the center of the lightning bolt's crater lay the legendary Moltres and its priest.  Moltres was pale, as if it had been drained of energy, and its priest, a man wearing an orange monk's garb, was unconscious.  Among the forest and the flames something was fleeing the spot with incredible speed.  The culprit would be gone long before anyone could respond to the fire.

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The shriek from the sky and the ground rumbling thunder that followed after the massive lightning bolt shook Kari down to her core. Then, a glow on the horizon, red as the sinking sun. But it was still morning and the sun was in the opposite direction. The forest was on fire! Wild pokemon began stampeding around Kari and the others as they desperately tried to escape the fire. Lugia had to shield Kari from a couple of frantic beedrill as they charged past. Kari climbed onto Lugia's back. "We have to do something or the whole forest will be gone. I'm sorry, Miss Ava but Lugia and I will be right back. Our water attacks should hopefully be able to at least get the situation under control."
With those words Lugia gave a great leap and heaved itself into the sky. "Lugia, start your hydro pump a little ways before we reach the fire. Maybe if we drench the foliage around it we can stop it from spreading."

It wasn't long before they reached the burning section of the forest. Kari had to use her sleeve to cover her mouth so that the smoke wouldn't kill her. Lugia began it's hydro pump attack as ordered. It drenched the area of trees directly in front of it, then continued on, cutting a line down the middle of the raging inferno, then veering to the left to soak the trees there, preventing the spread in that direction. On their way through the center to cut off the other side Kari spotted what appeared to be a large pokemon lying on the forest floor. Kari pounded Lugia's back to get it's attention, then made a motion for it to land by the downed pokemon.
Lugia did so, and Kari saw that it was the great bird Moltres, and an old man, she assumed was it's priest. Lugia took initiative upon seeing the old man and let loose a powerful stream of water from it's mouth to quell the flames around the pokemon and priest. When this was done, Kari told Lugia to take to the skies and finish taking care of the rest of the fire. Kari would stay behind and keep watch over the old man and his pokemon until they awoke.

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(Sorry if I misspell anything or mess up the HTML... Doing a long post like this from a BlackBerry, without a proper keyboard, is murder on my hands.)

The ground shuddered under the force of the lightening strike and the reddish glow of fire blossomed in the distance. Ava and Lucario drew closer to Entei as the wild forest Pokemon came streaming out of the trees around their small group, tumbling over one another in their haste to escape the flames.

Ava! Did you see--?!

"See? See what?" she called over the roar of stampeding Pokemon, taking another step back as a pair of Beedrill zipped past.

Something-- DAMN! It's already gone! Entei sounded agitated.

Amidst the chaos Ava saw Kari clamber up onto Lugia's back. "We have to do something or the whole forest will be gone!" the other priestess shouted over the din, and they took to the skies, speeding off towards the fire.

Come on! Entei urged as Lugia's vast form disappeared into the plumes of smoke. Lugia is better suited to put out the fire than we are.

Ava gripped one of the spiked plates on Entei's back and swung herself up. "Then why are we--?" She reached down to help Lucario up behind her.

I want to see the place where the lightening struck. I have a strange feeling about this fire.

"Right. Lucario, can you shield yourself from the smoke if you use your aura powers?"


"Then let's go!"

Entei swung himself around and lunged into the trees, dodging the fleeing Pokemon. They skidded through the huge mud puddles left in the wake of Lugia's hydro pump before plunging into the damp, smoky remains of charred trees and brush where the flames had already been extinguished. Their passage was swift, the ruined foliage just a blur of color as they rocketed past. Only a few minutes had passed before they came upon the large crater that had been created by the lightening bolt. Entei slowed as they reached the edge, then planted his feet and leapt down into the ruptured ground. He slid on the damp, scorched earth, coming to rest near the place Kari stood.

I knew it, the volcano Pokemon said grimly, staring down at the prone Legendary and its priest. Moltres!

"Good lord!" Ava exclaimed. "What happened to them?!"


It looks, Entei rumbled, his mental voice open to all of them, as though something has drained Moltres's energy away.

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"it's worse than that." Duama said sitting on a nearby rock. He rolled his eyes as the pokemon went on the defensive. "Relax like I could do something like this...but I wonder. What was it you saw before the fire?" he said smirking.

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“It’s worse than that.”

Entei stiffened, narrowing his amber colored eyes at Duama, alert for an attack. This was the priest of Rayquaza, the one that had gone head to head with Raikou. The young man was actually smirking at them.

“Relax, like I could do something like this… but I wonder. What was it you saw before the fire?”

Young upstart, Entei grumbled mentally to Ava, but he still relaxed slightly; there was no need for open hostilities just yet. He looked Duama over for a moment, before replying in a voice that they could all hear, There was a flash of lightening just before the fire started, and I thought I saw something fleeing the scene. But it was very fast—it was gone before I could see exactly what, or who, it was.

Ava slid down from Entei’s back, followed closely by Lucario. Her boots squelched in the soot-streaked mud. The lightening bothered her. Moltres was not an electric pokemon, and it couldn’t have caused the lightening strike they’d seen before the fire erupted. She pressed her lips together. “What do you mean, ‘It’s worse than that’? Do you know something about what happened to Moltres and its priest, and what caused the fire?”

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Duama shrugged. "Who knows? But I will say this...what did this was no legendary pokemon. Or even an ancient one. Nope, this thing is much much older." he said clenching his fists. It would seem that duama was rather aquainted with this creature.

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He knows something, Entei growled silently to Ava and Lucario. But I don’t trust him. He seems shifty.

Ava studied Rayquaza’s priest. You don’t have to trust him. But he must be here for a reason. After all, he didn’t have to show himself to us, or even speak to us, she replied through their mind link. But here he is, all the same.

If he is to be believed, Raikou is not behind this. Entei’s tone was hard to gauge, but Ava knew his thoughts had been following the same path that hers had gone down.

“You sound very certain,” Ava commented aloud, still staring at Duama. She kept her thoughts hidden behind an impassive expression. “If you know something, it would be nice if you would clue the rest of us in. You say that a Legendary Pokémon is not responsible for this?” She used one hand to gesture towards Moltres and the old priest. “And not an ancient Pokémon, either. Then what did cause this, pray tell?”

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"A Pokemon that is supposed to be extinct...correct?" Ahriana stepped out from behind a tree and stood next to the man named Duama. She turned her pixie nose at him and said, "You know of this you not? I can feel it. So can Suicune." On cue, her swift friend leapt out of some brush and sat by her.

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Duama raised an eyebrow to the girl but answered nonetheles "Yes, this pokemone is long since died. I'll tell you the story...but not here." he said as he turned and makes a slashing motion. Using dragonclaw he clears a path in the fire and walks down it.

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A small herd of villagers approached the fire with buckets of water.  They poured the buckets over the fire and successfully dowsed most of the fire.  One of the villagers, a man wearing a traveler's cloak, acompanied by his Manectric, entered the clearing with the priests and Legendary pokemon.  "Suicune and Entei, it's been a while.  Nice to see you both found a priest."  The man said, and then nodded to Ava and Ahriana.  The herd of villagers had dispersed on the remaining flames, stamping them out with their boots.

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Duama approached the stranger and smirked "So, you're the one huh? You dont know me, but you once knew my link Rayquaza." he said extending a hand. "Name's Duama."

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"And here I thought the big guy would never find a priest.  Name's James, good to meet ya." James said as he shook Duama's hand.  "I'm guessing you've seen my former partner already.  Or you're a psychic, but that would mean Rayquaza learned to read minds within the last twenty or so years.  Which would be impressive, to say the least."

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She stopped as Suicune stared at the man who had just walked up. "And might I ask who you are? How do you know our bonded Pokemon?" She instinctively moved to Suicune and grabbed his thick coat. 'Suicune, who is this person?' she asked. Suicune answered, 'I...I recognize him. But from where, I am not sure.'

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Duama rolls his eyes. "Kinda quick to forget people eh Suicune. I mean you and entei were the only ones to ever meet him other than rayquaza. He's Raikou's former priest." he said pointing a thumb to James.

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Duama jerked a thumb at James. “Kinda quick to forget people eh Suicune? I mean you and Entei were the only ones to ever meet him other than Rayquaza. He’s Raikou’s former priest.”

Ava couldn’t help but stare at James. Beside her, she sensed Entei shift slightly and she laid a hand against his side. Raikou had a priest??

Entei nodded to James in greeting, but his reply was for Ava alone. It was many years ago, but yes, James was once bonded to Raikou as his priest. They were a promising pair, and quite powerful.

…what happened to them?

I… am not clear on the details, but... Entei hesitated. They had some kind of falling-out, about fifteen years ago. They fought over it and it severed their bond… Then, afterwards, James disappeared, and Raikou went off on his own…

The priestess frowned, quietly watching Duama, James, and the others talk. Things just keep getting stranger and stranger, ever since we left En.

Finally, she said aloud, “I’m very sorry to interrupt all of these civilities, but I believe you were going to explain the comedy about the forest fire, and what happened to Moltres and his priest?” She arched a brow at Duama pointedly. “I would still like some sort of explanation, please.”

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"well arent you bold? Guess that's why entei was drawn to you. But the the nail that stands up is the first to get knocked down, just friendly advice." he said smirking. The smirk soon faded as he looked at Moltres and the priest. "Wouldnt you goody goods wanna tend to them first...seeing as they're both still alive?"

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Yeesh, Rayquaza’s priest is a real charmer, Ava thought, tacking a polite, meaningless smile on her face and ignoring Duama’s little jibe. He seemed like the type of person that liked to shoot off at the mouth, but she wasn’t one to waste her temper on petty insults.

I see now why Rayquaza chose him, Entei commented dryly.

“They are in no immediate danger,” Ava replied calmly. “Kari is still with them, and Lugia will be shortly. Though if there is room in the village, it would be preferable to treat them both there, where they can rest comfortably.” She stared evenly at Duama. “And then you can explain.”

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Duama shrugged "Fair enough." he didnt seem interested in the conversation at all, all he could think about was how his chance had come again....and this time he wouldnt let it slip by him.

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Ava squashed the urge to roll her eyes. Instead, she looked at James and asked, “Do you know if there is a place for Moltres and its priest in the village, sir? I can tend to them where they are, but it would be better if we could get them out of the forest before they attract any more undo attention…”

Entei turned to Suicune. If you are willing, brother, the priest will be easy enough to move, but I will need a bit of help carrying Moltres out of the crater.

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Suicune nodded. As the two walked over to the fallen bird, Ahriana said, "The village I was staying at just now...they are very friendly and would be willing to assist me in taking care Moltres." She suddenly sprinted and passed her friend, then knelt by the bird. She put her bandaged hands in her lap and began to sing. She slowly unraveled her hands and placed scarred palms on the fiery bird. It cooed at her then relaxed as Ahriana continued her song and began to slowly soothe the legendary bird's suffering.

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"You must mean the village that these guys are from." James said, nodding towards the villager herd.  They were speachless for a moment, having never seen more than one legendary pokemon in their lives.  "W-we can make some room." one of the villagers said.  "Excelent.  Lets get them out of here.  After that I want to hear about this Ancient Pokemon Duama was talking about.  I've never heard of a Pokemon who could do this kind of damage." James said. 

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"yeah..." duama walked into the village leaving the others to all the work.

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Ava watched Duama walk away, leaving them to finish the necessary work, and just shook her head. She flashed a quick smile at the villager that had answered James. “Thank you very much. If someone will just show us where to bring them, we will be much obliged.”

Suicune and I can bring Moltres into the village, Entei said, making his way down the muddy embankment of the crater with Suicune. If you will see to its priest.

“I think we can manage,” Ava replied, as she and Lucario slid through the mud to the bottom of the crater. She knelt beside the unconscious priest and gave him a quick once-over, checking his pulse and making sure he was breathing normally. “He doesn’t appear to be injured, aside from having been knocked unconscious. It’s just a matter of carrying him there.” She pulled one of his arms over her shoulder, with Lucario to brace his other side, and they stood up.

Entei stopped beside Ahriana and nodded to her. Whenever you are ready, Miss, we will take Moltres up.

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In an act of proud chivalry James and two of the villagers approached Ava.  "Let us take him.  Whatever did this is still out there, and we'll need you at full strength if it comes back," James said in a matter-of-fact tone.  He knew that they wouldn't be attacked, and Ava could tell that James was holding back information.  One of the villagers lifted the monk-priest's legs while James and the other took over the man's shoulders.  The group slowly made their way back to the village with the rest of the herd leading the way.

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As they all walked, Ahriana was lost in her haunting song. It was melodic, yet it chilled your bones. Why it helped ease others' pain and suffering she didn't know. She was blind to the path that they took, using Suicune as a guide to the village. Her hair whipped back and forth, swaying to the beat of her melody and she smiled to herself. She knew that Moltres was going to be fine. So was the Priest that was bonded so deeply with her.

She lost her balance and grabbed onto the first thing she could. From the feel of it, it was a woman's arm.

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“Let us take him. Whatever did this is still out there, and we’ll need you at full strength if it comes back,” James said as he and a couple of villagers came to help them with Moltres’s priest.

Ava and Lucario allowed them to take the older man’s dead weight, and she said quietly, “Thank you.”

As James and the other villagers led the way back to the village, carrying the monk-priest between them, Ava studied Raikou’s former priest. She had a feeling that he knew more than he was letting on, just as Duama seemed to. So many secrets, she thought on a sigh, hanging back to walk up the slope with Suicune, Entei, and Ahriana. I wish I knew what was going on. It feels like we’re getting mixed up in something very important…

Suddenly, someone grabbed her arm, startling her out of here thoughts. “Whoa!” She reached out to steady Ahriana. “Are you alright?”

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Just then Duama walked forward. "Guess you guys don't want to know bad enough. Cmon, stiff upper lip!....or whatever you say in this situation." he said sardonically, clearly duama wasnt accustomed to being encouraging or even cordial.

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Ahriana's song stopped and she grabbed Duama by the wrist tightly. Her watery blue eyes stared into his as she coldly said, "You may not care, but we are currently busy aiding these two. We do NOT need any attitude. Especially from the likes of you." She dropped his hand like it was filth and continued, her song flowing once more, her silken robe moving gently across the trail.

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Duama smirked and huffed "Nice to see your true nature choir girl. HUmans always show it eventually. There's nothing divine in being a priest anymore. So why keep up the pretentions? I'm as sarcastic as I wanna be. Dont like it? You and your dog are more than welcome to take me on." He said walking on. "I may be an ally, but that doesnt mean I have to like any of you. The only one I actually have any amount of respect for is James." This statement shocked the others, Duama clearly had never met James face to face before today...why would he respect him?

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When Duama brushed past her, Ava gently grabbed hold of his arm. “Look, you may not like any of us, but you were the one that suggested we care for Moltres and its priest before we all sat down to talk,” she said, keeping her voice quiet but firm. “And it would be best for them if we could hold off on all of these hostilities… at least for now.” Her gaze slid pointedly to Ahriana, as well, lingering on the other priestess for just a moment before she continued. “People and Pokémon respond better to a positive atmosphere when they’re recovering from injury and illness, after all.”

With that said, she released Duama’s arm and allowed him to walk on as he pleased. She knew he would probably just sneer at her, but she had meant every word. She didn't want any of them fighting around Moltres or the monk-priest while they were still so weak.

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Duama sighed "Alright, alright." he kept walking, this time resolving to not make any unnecessary trouble.

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Ava blinked at Duama’s back, surprised. She’d been expecting an argument or a sharp retort, not compliance. I can’t figure this guy out at all, she thought to Entei privately. One moment, he’s making an ass out of himself, and the next… She gave a mental shrug.

He is quite cynical for one so young... And he doesn’t seem very practiced in talking to people, either.

Or he just doesn’t care, Ava grumbled halfheartedly. A rock has more people skills than he does.

Now that’s a bit uncharitable, Entei remarked, amused. He could tell that she wasn’t really angry with Duama’s attitude; she was just frustrated with their current situation. They were far from home, in fairly strange company; with an injured Legendary bird Pokémon and an unconscious monk-priest in tow, and no real idea of what was going on.

The priestess sighed inwardly. I know; I’m sorry… I suppose I’m just grumpy. She looked up from their silent conversation and saw the first of several clusters of buildings beginning to take shape over a rise, not very far away. “And that must be the village.”

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     As the group entered the village, one of the villagers in the trio carrying the monk said, "We should bring this guy to the inn so he can rest.  But I'm not sure Moltres will fit through the door, so I guess our only choice would be the barn down the street."  James nodded and said,
     "That'll have to do.  We'll meet up at the inn after to discuss what happened."  James and the others continued towards the inn with the monk priest.  The rest of the villager heard led the way to the barn where Moltres would stay.

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"Suicune and I will stay with Moltres," Ahriana said. She ran up to the barn and shoved open the door. Off the right centered on the floor was an open spot. She rushed back out and yelled, "Get some blankets to lay down on the hay!" To Suicune she said, Moltres will be fine, right? He said nothing but nodded as he walked by her with Entei, Moltres laid on the two Pokemon's back and shoulders.

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Together with the help of the villagers, the two priestesses and the two Legendaries gently eased Moltres down onto the blanket-covered hay that scattered the barn floor. The fiery bird was still very weak, but he seemed calm and relaxed after listening to Ahriana’s song during their walk to the village.

Do you think Moltres will be alright? Ava asked Entei silently.

Entei looked down at the legendary bird for a moment. Probably, he said at last. Legendary Pokémon are not that easy to kill. But I think the recovery may take a while…

Ava nodded slightly, then shifted her gaze to Ahriana and Suicune. “We’re going to meet Duama and James at the inn. They seem to know at least a bit about what’s going on, and I’d like to hear it.” She paused in the doorway, Lucario on her heels. “I’ll keep an eye on the priest’s condition, but if you need any help with Moltres, please send someone for me.” She gave a small smile, then turned and followed Entei down the road to the village’s inn.

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James and the others carried the monk into the first available room in the inn, which the clerk at the desk refferd to as "third door on the right."   They dropped him onto the bed, and then stretched simultaneously.  "Can one of you stay with him until he wakes up?  Or find someone to stay.  I need to meet with those priests." James said.  The villagers agreed to watch in shifts and to alert James as soon as he came to.  With that James exited the room and walked to the bar.  "And Inn and a tavern combined into one...  Thats convenient."  James said to the bartender.  "It helps the customers deal with the hangovers.  Alot of them get too drunk to walk home." the bartender said.  "Maybe thats because they know they can crash here..." 

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"Heh, makes sense to me." Duama walked up to James and sat next to him. "It seems that we share some common information." he said flatly without a hint of sarcasm.

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The inn and tavern were not far up the road from the barn, and Ava had no trouble finding it again. She held one of the doors open for Entei and Lucario to walk through, then followed them inside. The tavern area was not terribly crowded yet, but there were still a handful of villagers present, most of them eating lunch. Ava scanned the room, wondering for a moment if she would have to hunt down Duama and James to have their conversation, but they were easily visible at the bar.

Entei crossed the room to the bar without hesitation, with Ava and Lucario trailing close behind him. He stopped beside James and nodded to the two men in greeting before addressing them. Moltres is resting comfortably in the barn. Suicune and Ahriana have elected to stay and tend to him for now. How fares the monk-priest?

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"I'm sure it's at least similar." James said to Duama.  He turned as Ava approached the bar, awaiting her report.  "Moltres is resting comfortably in the barn. Suicune and Ahriana have elected to stay and tend to him for now. How fares the monk-priest?" she said.  "He'll be alright.  Took a good hit to the head, lets just hope he remembers his name." James replied.  "Lets take a table.  There's alot you don't know, and you'll want to be sitting down when you hear it." He said.  James walked to a nearby table and sat down.

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Duama follows suit as sits down next to James. "Let's start. I think You'll know the story better than I would James, Ill add what I know here and there as you go along."

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(Just so you know, Irish, that was Entei talking in my last post—not Ava. He’s doing the whole, ‘telepathically projecting his thoughts into other people’s heads’ thing. XD)

Ava followed James and Duama to the table and took an empty seat. Entei sat down on the floor beside her chair as she settled her hands in her lap, politely keeping her silence and waiting for them to begin.

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(Um... oops?)

James took a deep breath.  "I'm sure you all have at least heard of the first Pokemon Priest.  Today's people remember the warrior named Ru, who bonded with multiple legendary pokemon over the course of his life and is the common ancestor of every priest.  This..."  James paused to formulate his words,  "is the watered down version.  Ru was the strongest priest, not because he shared a powerful bond, but because he could obtain the powers of many Legendary Pokemon without forming the traditional bond.  All he had to do was touch a Legendary and their power would become his.  I believe he has returned, or another priest has discovered his secret, and is now trying to re-gain his powers."  James looked at the other priests seriously, and crossed his arms. 

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"It's Not Ru, Rayquaza knows that much for sure. There's another priest that's figured out how to steal the power without a bond. My guess he uses some sort of pychic link to force the connection and take what he needs." He closes his eyes and continues. "And that is what makes him so dangerous. It's obvious that this many priests in one spot is something he cant pass up. I think Moltes was just the warm up, he's planning to take us all out." he opens his eyes and looks at them. "We dont know what he or she looks like, we dont know when he'll approach it as a friend or foe. The only ones we can trust for sure is each other. But..." he gaze then shifts to James "There's no way Raikou can hope to stand alone against this guy, and with raikou's power he'd be nearly unstoppable. You're our best bet at finding Raikou, convincing him to rejoin us and stopping this guy before he destroys the balance between our world." he clenches his fist. "The power of Ru was never meant to be used again..."

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Ahriana quickly grew weary. Her concern and ability to feel a Pokemon's pain made her exhausted quite often and Suicune felt bad for her. She knew he did. His thoughts often wandered to her well-being. She motioned with her hand and patted the ground next to her. "Suicune...can you go and fetch Growlithe from the inn? I should like to sleep with both of you here to keep an eye on Moltres." Silently, he stood and nuzzled her under the chin, making her wearily chuckle. As he left her side, she felt the full extent of the burden on her body. She hadn't eaten in nearly a week and she had been training frequently, exhausting even more of her decreasing energy. She moved next to the large bird and lay with it, closing her now dull blue eyes. 'I will only sleep for a minute...' With a heavy sigh she feel into a deep slumber. Before she was completely under, however, she felt a presence as though it was watching Moltres and her.

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Ava was silent for a long moment as she and Entei exchanged deeply worried glances. She had been expecting bad news after seeing how Moltres and its priest had been put down in the forest, but this was much more than she had bargained for.

A priest is already powerful, in his or her own right, when bonded with a single Legendary Pokémon… Entei commented slowly, speaking to all of them. His words carried a growling rumble through their minds. The idea that there is a rogue priest out there, following in Ru’s footsteps, stealing the powers of multiple Legendaries… Disastrous!! We must put a stop to it.

“That’s all well and good, but we don’t know who this false priest is.” Ava tapped her fingers against the tabletop, her only outward sign of agitation; her face showed very little emotion. She looked across the table to Duama and James, speaking one of the things now in her mind. “If so many of us gathered together is such a tempting target, it might not be a good idea to linger here for very long. You saw the damage caused by that forest fire. Can you imagine what sort of havoc would befall this village if something similar were to happen here?”

Most likely, the village would be destroyed. This time, Entei spoke to Ava privately, his voice quiet through their mind-link. Even if we were to make a fight of it, a village is not the ideal place to duke it out.

Thanks for the reassurance, she retorted dryly.

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Post by: th31r1shguy on August 04, 2010, 11:37:06 am
"Raikou won't trust me.  He won't trust any of us, save for Entei and Suicune.  He's probibly planning to fight this priest himself, and to use the legendary pokemon around here as bait to draw him out.  I assume Lugia and your Rayquaza aren't too far off, so that makes five in this city.  Raikou isn't too far away, and for all we know this priest is already here."  James said.  "But the odds are in our favor, for now.  We still have our numbers, and I don't think this guy has absorbed too many Legends yet." 

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Kadri on August 04, 2010, 12:59:34 pm
I will find Raikou and speak with him, if it becomes necessary, Entei spoke directly to James, a serious expression lighting his amber eyes. But there is no guarantee that he will trust me. He appears to have developed a disdain for priests, and the Legendaries who have accepted them, and I am not above his censure. It’s likely he will still prefer to use us as bait for this unknown priest, rather than work alongside us as a team.

“Still, talking to him couldn’t hurt…” Ava mused, partially to herself. She looked up, frowning at James. “Can we be certain that Raikou knows of this false priest? I know we are assuming so, but what if he doesn’t?”

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Post by: Duama449 on August 04, 2010, 10:47:45 pm
Duama nodded "Honestly i wasnt comfortable with the idea from the beginning. But I didnt think you guys would listen to me if I said I didnt wanna stay in the village and just chalk it up to my attitude." Duama leaned back thoughtfully "But therein lies the problem....this guy's probably thinking about us doing that. We'd be a huge target."

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Post by: Xira on August 04, 2010, 11:58:52 pm
Xira had been following along, silently and in what any priest would recognize as a link trance. That is, where your mind is no longer with your body, but with your legendary and you just kind of go into physical auto pilot. Eyes glazed over Kari sat straight in her chair, staring at people's shoes.

Lugia was hard at work putting out fires. Kari could feel the tired ache in their wings, and the dehydration starting to set in. They had to rest and find some water. They began to soar east, their minds still as one, to the village where Kari and the others had gone to. It seemed like this village was, in part, a fishing village. Lugia was overjoyed. Their hearts began to race and they dived into the clear blue water. Letting out a sigh they closed their eyes and-
Then Kari opened hers and realized that she had actually sighed out loud and the mind link had been lost in the pairs over excitement.

Blushing profusely Kari put her hands to her face to hide the redness. She chuckled, "heh heh, what was that about dinner? I'm starving."

In the back of her mind Kari felt Lugia chuckling, almost as if he had kicked her out on purpose, just for that.

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Post by: Kadri on August 05, 2010, 12:45:22 pm
Duama nodded. “Honestly, I wasn’t comfortable with the idea from the beginning. But I didn’t think you guys would listen to me if I said I didn’t wanna stay in the village and just chalk it up to my attitude.” He leaned back, looking thoughtful. “But therein lies the problem… this guy’s probably thinking about us doing that. We’d be a huge target.”

Ava sighed, drumming her fingers against the tabletop as she considered their situation. “Unfortunately, we’ll be a target regardless of where we are, individual or grouped together. If we stay in the village, we’ll be putting the villagers at risk… But if we leave the village, then we’ll be putting the wild Pokémon in danger.”

If the forest fire was any indication, I doubt our rogue priest shares your compunctions, Entei murmured to them quietly.

“True…” She frowned, looking from Entei to the others gathered around the table. “But at least James has a point: There are five Legendaries in this village—six, if you count Raikou—and then the six of us, as well. And there is something to be said for strength in numbers.”

Suddenly, a new voice piped up—Kari. The priestess had been ‘away’ as they all walked to the village, right up until they’d finally sat down to talk; her physical body was present, but her mind had obviously been elsewhere, with her bonded partner Lugia. Now she seemed to come back to herself, unaware of serious conversation flowing around her. “Heh heh, sorry… now what was that about dinner? I’m starving.”

Ava stared at Kari for a moment, blinking at the abrupt change of topic, and then she chuckled. “It’s barely afternoon. But the tavern seems to still be serving lunch…” She smiled slightly at James and Duama. “If you guys don’t mind taking a break to eat?”

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Post by: th31r1shguy on August 05, 2010, 10:28:02 pm
"There are only five of 'us' Ava.  Since my seperation from Raikou I have lost the powers I obtained from him." James said.  "I probably won't do much good on the battlefield."  He looked down, distracted, until Ava asked about food.  "Lets order a round.  After that we should discuss our tactics." he responded.

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Post by: Kadri on August 05, 2010, 11:15:12 pm
Ava caught the eye of one of the idle barmaids and signaled for her to come over. The woman sauntered up to the table.

“Six of us,” Ava told James quietly as the barmaid loudly began taking their lunch orders. “Power isn’t everything. The fact that you’re here, talking to us and strategizing with us, gives you more than enough right to be counted in the group. Don’t sell yourself short.” She offered him a slight smile and then turned her attention to the serving woman, ordering the lunch special.

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Post by: Xira on August 06, 2010, 01:49:56 am
Kari's eyes lit up like a child's one the barmaid said those magical words. "What can I get you?"
Oh, how her mouth started to salivate. It felt like it had been months since she had a good meal, although in reality it had only been a few days. Lugia could feel her excitement. You had better save me some. Kari stuck out her tongue at it via mind link and thought to it, We'll see, you meanie kill joy.

"I'll have some stone cooked salmon with a pickle-no...two pickles, and three pints of mildly salty water if you would please." Kari's face looked like it was going to split in two from the big grin she wore as she ordered. It was a great labor for her to focus on this dreadfully serious matter that they were supposed to be discussing.

The waitress brought out drinks first, and Kari gulped away at her salted water joyfully. After finishing 3/4 or a pint she set her mug down and said, "Right, so we've got some kind of über priest out to take our legendaries powers from them, in order to fuel his own world conquest. Did I get that about right?"

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Post by: Duama449 on August 06, 2010, 09:21:24 am
"Uh...yeah..." Duama's face was a mixture of disgust and astonishment. He only presumed that her mind link was the cause for her...taste in food. When his baked chicken arrived he broke off the leg and tossed it to absol who had been sitting obediently beside him. He took a huge bite of the second leg and smiled with relief. "Man that's good.."  

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Post by: ValkyrieOfDreams on August 06, 2010, 10:11:21 am
Ahrianna woke from her nap and rubbed her sleepy eyes. She could see that Moltres was still unconscious but could see that the bird was breathing deeply. It was a good sign. However...she saw something off in the doorway of the barn. It was partially open. It hadn't been when she fell asleep. 'Suicune, come back! Hurry!' she sent to him. She felt under her robe for the katana against her thigh and drew it from her sheath. She held it by her side and stood ready to protect Moltres.

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Post by: th31r1shguy on August 06, 2010, 01:11:50 pm
James also ordered the chicken, but was so lost in thought that he nearly forgot his order when the food came.  "You guys might not agree with this right away, but I think we should stay in the village." James said.  "Raikou is raiding villages to draw out the rouge priest and plans to fight him there.  If we stay we can properly plan an ambush for the rouge and protect this village from Raikou.  If we move we just make ourselves an easier target, and run the risk of Raikou losing his power to Ru."

Outside the barn a small shadow creeped through the doorway.  It dashed off as soon as Ahrianna woke and disapeared.  Rainclouds soon gathered overhead, and Ahrianna could hear the crackle of thunder in the distance.

"So I assume we're all ready to go."  Raikou said.  He stood before his raid group, consisting of an Ivysaur, Ariados, Kadabra, and the origional Espeon, Arcanine, Graveler, and two newly evolved Houndooms.  "Do you realy need to ask?" Espeon retorted telepathically.  The pokemon were all on edge, ready for the next fight.  "Good.  Now remember the strategy, and only attack the humans."

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Kari was alerted to the oncoming storm when she heard a loud thump as if something very large had just fallen out of the sky. The Lugia had landed, and was speaking to her via mind-link. A storm is approaching, and I fear I am far too large to fit into town. I'm going to take refuge under water.
Alright Lugia, but be careful. It seems as though Raikou may be coming to destroy the town in order to lure out some kind of über priest that steals other pokemon's abilities. Kari could feel it's surprise and a not of affirmation as the pokemon took off again and dove to the bottom of the sea.

Back in the present location...Kari had gotten to work on her salmon. It tasted pretty good, not as fresh as she was used to, but then again that's hard to come by. She listen to the conversation and let out her voice of agreement when James proposed that they stay in the village. "What James says makes sense. I'm for it. Plus if we leave our pokemon, particularly those of us that fly, would be at very high risk of being hit by one of Raikou's bolts."

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"That's true. I'm with james, the best stand would be in the village. We leave then we play this game on his terms not our own."

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“Yes, I suppose you have a point. If we can protect ourselves and the villagers at the same time…” She trailed off thoughtfully, spearing some vegetables on her fork.

Between Ava, Entei, and Lucario, the generous portions that had originally filled her plate were quickly reduced to chicken bones and a few meager crumbs. Entei and Lucario settled down on the floor between hers and Kari’s chairs, looking quite mellow now that their bellies were full. The priestess sipped her tea, listening politely to the conversation going on around her and not saying much.

Storm’s moving in, Entei commented to her idly, cracking open one amber eye. Sounds like a big one.

Ava listened to the distant rumble of thunder, which was slowly growing louder as it approached the village. That will limit movement. Not just us—but anyone, or anything, in or around the village.

One of the barmaids came to clear away their empty plates, piling them up and carrying them away, and leaving just the drinks behind.

The false priest may already be in the village. His tone through their mindlink was inscrutable.

That’s what worries me.

A brief tinge of amusement passed through their link. You have a very suspicious turn of mind, Ava.

No... I just have a bad feeling.

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"We won't do ourselves any good by worrying about what goes bump in the night. We'll need to sleep in shifts. I'll take the first watch...anyone care to join me?" he said asking to the shock of the table.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Kadri on August 09, 2010, 03:00:30 am
Ava set her empty teacup down and looked across the table at Duama. “I will.”

As will I, Entei added. Though his eyes were closed, he was clearly still paying attention to the conversation.

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Post by: Duama449 on August 09, 2010, 08:37:25 am
Duama nodded as he turned to walk towards the door. "Rayquaza is circling the town overhead, it's good to have an eye in the sky. Absol and entei can search the perimeter for signs of the priests while we patrol the forests. Sound good?"

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Post by: ValkyrieOfDreams on August 09, 2010, 09:22:46 am
Suicune padded across the tavern and nudged Entei. He said to him, 'Something is wrong at the barn. Ahrianna is unsettled and ready to fight.'

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Post by: th31r1shguy on August 09, 2010, 07:49:08 pm
"I'll stick to patrolling the streets.  If he's hiding among the civilians he might not be easy to find.  Manectric can help Absol with the perimiter, it looks like Entei might be busy"  James said.  He also left for the door and opened it.  Manectric walked into the bar, as if he knew he had been summoned, and sat down by the table. 

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Since everyone else seemed to be doing something, Kari thought hard about what she could possibly do. Then it hit her like a mid-summer typhoon. "I can patrol the shoreline." Kari said, very pleased with herself. This way, she figured, if anyone tries to take the town by surprise by coming by sea, she'd be ready for them. "Judging by the weather outside I really don't think taking shifts will be necessary anyways."

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"well think again, if this guy''s gonna make a move...his best shot would be during low visibility....Like the type a storm at night would bring."

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Post by: Kadri on August 10, 2010, 03:21:11 am
Entei looked from Suicune to Lucario, silently conferring with them. After a moment, he nodded and clambered to his feet. Lucario and I will accompany Suicune back to the barn and make sure Ahriana and Moltres are alright. He spoke to all of them, but his eyes were on Ava. He didn’t have to speak to convey his private message: Be careful.

I’ll be fine. I’ll call for you if we run into trouble.

Better yet, don’t run into trouble at all, Entei commented, amusement coloring their shared link. He and Lucario followed as Suicune preceded them out of the tavern, the wooden doors swinging closed behind them.

Ava rolled her eyes and pushed her chair back, getting to her feet. If only it was that simple, she though to herself, following Duama to the door. She could hear the wind as it began to pick up outside, rattling against the side of the building. It wasn’t raining… yet. That was a bonus. Thunder crashed overhead and she offered Duama a faint half-smile. “The forest, it is.”


Meanwhile, as they neared the barn, Lucario and Entei became increasingly alert. The sky was growing darker as the dark clouds moved in, and the wind whipped around them, tugging, pushing, pulling…

Lucario’s gaze darted back and forth, rapidly taking in the barn and the buildings surrounding it. She narrowed her eyes and trilled quietly to Entei, speaking telepathically to both of the Legendaries. She could not detect any strange auras near or around the barn; whatever had been watching Ahriana and Moltres was already gone.

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Kari wasn't sure whether being out in this storm was a good thing, or a bad thing. Having grown up with Lugia she developed an uneasiness around lighting, and being the only thing standing on the beach probably wasn't smart either but she had already volunteered to patrol that area.

Having finished her meal and mentally prepared herself Kari announced, "Well, the storm ain't getting any farther away. Best we head out and start our patrols" And with that she stood, paused at the door a minute in hesitation, then walked through the door with a bold faced purpose, but with gelatin insides.

Her walk out the the waterfront took her about ten minutes. When she reached it the wind sweeping around the sea foam was roaring so loud it sounded like the great Arceus himself had cried out. She could feel Lugia being buffeted by the waves, even under the water, and the rain poured down so heavily that it was almost like a giant bucket of water was being poured out of the sky.

Kari began her patrol by walking down the right side of the waterfront, until she reached the town's limits. Then she turned around and headed back, repeating this pattern, keeping every vigilant for any sign of hostiles.

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Ahrianna heard movement and took a warrior's pose with her weapon. She looked back and saw that Moltres was becoming restless. Oh no, she thought. She rushed to the bird's side and knelt, beginning her song once more to soothe her. She was not healed enough to move.

As her song continued, Moltres settled and she heard Suicune enter the barn along with two other Pokemon. Ahri, it is only I, Entei, and Lucario. Be calm, said Suicune. Ahri's heart settled from the rapid tempo it had had before. I am only nervous, Suicune. Come lay next to me, she said to her partner. Suicune padded over and settled on his haunches, then lay on his belly, head alert for any trouble that might cause Ahri and Moltres any harm.

Entei, is there any way you can watch the front barn door and Lucario, can you watch from the beams above? Suicune spoke to the two standing next to him.

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Duama nodded as he walked ahead. The storm had started and the trees were at the time the best refuge. Though teir visibility was next to zero Duama and Ava somehow managed; the trees making for the best cover.

While on patrol Duama had to fight the urge to glance at Ava, losing at every attempt. No one had ever stop his rage inducing banter in its tracks, what made this girl so different. She looked harmless enough.

After a while Duama shrugged it off. Well...she's one of the first females that stayed in my company willingly without paying guess that's something. he thought as he continued to to fight the urge to stare as the continued on.

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Entei, is there any way you can watch the front barn door and Lucario, can you watch from the beams above?

Lucario glanced at Entei, who nodded his assent. She cast her gaze around the barn for an easier way up to the ceiling beams than a straight jump. The ceiling was high, and if she missed her grab the first time it would be a long way back down. Her eyes settled on the loft that took up the rear of the barn. A moment later, she had clambered up the ladder to the loft and leapt up onto one of the thick beams that held up the roof.

Entei waited, watching Lucario to make sure she made it safely onto the structure of wooden beams high above them. When she was finally situated, he turned and walked back to the barn’s entrance. The door was closed tight against the wind and the rain, keeping the building’s interior cool and dry while the storm roared all around them. He laid down against the wall, to the right of the door, and settled in for a long stretch on guard duty.


Ava easily kept pace with Duama as they patrolled the inside perimeter of the forest, part of her mind still in the village with Entei. The storm raged overhead, but the dense foliage of the treetops slowed the heavy rainfall, lightening the deluge to a steady shower. In the near-dark, with only the sudden bursts of lightning for a light source, the forest was very eerie.

Is everything alright at the barn? Ava sent out silently, listening to the thunder rattle the trees.

Everything is fine. Entei’s voice within her head was fainter with the physical distance between them. Lucario and I are going to stay and guard Moltres for the time being. Are you alright?

We’re fine. I’m nearly soaked through, though.

Concentrate on your patrol. I’m here if you need me.

Ava pressed her lips together when their silent conversation ended. She knew she shouldn’t allow anything to put off her focus until their watch was over, but she was beginning to wonder if volunteering to go with Duama had been the brightest of ideas. Was he staring at her again? She squelched a sigh. Sheesh. What was I thinking?

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 (:^-^:  muy intersante)

Raikou dashed inbetween Duama and Ava, running towards the city.  Arcanine and two Houndooms followed, completely ignoring the priests.  They ignited the village with flamethrower attacks, leaving no house untouched.  An Ivysaur emerged from the forest line behind Ava and Duama.  He shook the flower bud on his back and released a blue powder that surrounded the priests, a sleep powder attack.

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Grabbing onto ava around the waist duama used the ability that only his pokemon was born to do.


Leaping up with Ava in hand duama cut through the tree line and into the rain above.

"The sleep powder show wash off with the rain." he yelled spitting out a mouthful of water.

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     Ivysaur grumbled as the priests flew away. "I told him rain was a bad idea.  Still, the boss said he needs to be at his best for this job" 
     "It's fine.  Just stick to the plan." Espeon said telepathically.  The other raid pokemon emerged from the forest and scattered into the city, breaking and smashing anything they could.

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Post by: Duama449 on August 11, 2010, 02:20:16 pm
"Damn, I didnt think we'd run into trouble this soon, especially not Raikou." Duama's mind was racing....what could they possibly do now? Their forces were separated and there was no way to commmunicate to the others in this storm...wait that was it! Looking up Duama opened his mouth wide and fired a hyper beam into sky. An attempt at a flare of some sort.

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(Now to get the others involved)

A storm of lightning bolts rained on the city, forcing the civilians out of the streets.  "HIDING AMONG THE VILLAGERS NOW COWARD?  JUST TRY TO TAKE YOUR POWER FROM ME!" Raikou roared.  He waited in the center of the town as the rest of the raid pokemon swept through the city.

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Post by: Duama449 on August 11, 2010, 02:44:18 pm
(adding a little tension)
Duama landed on the edge of town. "Damnit, using two abilities like that at once. I'm lucky we didnt fall out of the sky after that hyper beam." True to form Duama had to rest after the hyper beam with only Ava to protect him for the time being.

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Ava only had time to yelp when Duama grabbed her, and then they were airborne, bursting through the treetops and into the open air. She wrapped her arms around his neck and squeezed her eyes shut, gritting her teeth against the unfamiliar swooping feeling in her stomach as they went speeding into the sky; just as Entei was a land Pokémon, likewise, she was not meant to fly. Just as she began promising whatever gods that might be listening that she would be pious and good for the rest of her life if only they would see her feet safely on the ground, they began to drop, finally landing with an abrupt thump on the outskirts of town.

“Oh… my… god…” She was trembling from head to toe, from fear or adrenaline: it didn’t matter—she wasn’t going to look too closely. Instead, she dropped down beside Duama. “Are you alright?”

Ava? Entei always seemed to know when there was trouble.

I’m fine, she replied quickly, flashing back to the moments just before they had been forced into the skies. Raikou and his band are in the village! He must be here to draw out the rogue priest!

I will warn the others. Be careful.


Inside the barn, Entei got to his feet. He turned to Suicune and Ahriana. Raikou has entered the village. We may have to move in a hurry.

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Post by: Duama449 on August 11, 2010, 03:28:22 pm
Duama nodded between pants. "The hyper beam takes alot out of me. Only can *pant* do that move a few times a day. I'll be fine...just...give me a minute." he said he leaned on her shoulder as he closed his eyes trying to collect himself.

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Ava let him lean against her as she scanned their surroundings, alert for any more trouble that might come their way. She had a feeling that the real action would be taking place inside the village, and though this meant that they would probably be fairly safe, she longed to join Entei and find out what had happened to the others. She bit her lip, forcing herself back into the present.

“Just rest,” she told Duama quietly as the rain continued to pour from the sky. “Entei knows that Raikou is in the village. He and the others are strong; they can hold their own against Raikou until we return.”

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Kari saw the lighting bolts shoot down from the sky, and jumped as the deafening thunder roared. That must be Raikou. It's probably safest for you underwater, Lugia.
Will you be safe on your own? it said to her, with concern. Kari did a quick spot check of the area and spied a fishing trident outside of a nearby shack. I sure hope so. she thought back, then grabbed the trident and ran towards the direction of the lightning.

In the center of town stood an intimidating looking Raikou, sparks dancing around his skin and feet. Gripping her trident he positioned it in a defensive stance and started to slowly circle around Raikou in an attempt to reach the other side. Running villagers weaved around behind her in an attempt to escape.

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Raikou watched the priest circle around.  He just watched.  This wasn't the person he intended to fight, and based on her actions and shaking hands she didn't intend to fight either.  Kari eventually made it to Raikou's back side.  Raikou roared, trying to lure out his target once again.

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(Double post, double post.  So I attack a village and you guys do nothing... alright)

An hour passed with no sign of Raikou's target.  The rain clouds were clearing, and by now the raid pokemon had the entire city under their control.  "Waiting for us to weaken each other?  Fine, I'll play the coward's game." Raikou thought.  He walked through the city, suprised that the other legendaries and their priests were not around.  That is, until he came across Moltress' barn and found Suicune guarding it.  "Sorry brother." Raikou said.  He roared unleashed a thunderbolt into the barn.

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Post by: ValkyrieOfDreams on August 17, 2010, 07:43:48 pm
Ahri heard a roar and felt the air raise the hair on her neck. 'Suicune!' She cried out to her partner and ran for the large bird still resting. She climbed on it, laying her body on the arm bird's feathers. "Entei! Lucario! Help us protect Moltres! Suicune, go!" With a roar at the thought of his priestess being harmed, Suicune jumped out and tackled Raikou, biting for his neck, teeth bared. He would not allow any harm to come to Ahrianna. Not after all that she had done for him.

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Raikou pulled away from Suicune's bite, and leaped forward with his thunder fang.

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At the sound of Raikou’s roar, Lucario dropped from the rafters, landing with a thump in front of Ahriana and Moltres. Entei snarled a warning and leapt clear of his place beside the barn’s entrance. Seconds later, the wooden door splintered, blasting open under the force of Raikou’s thunderbolt.

The interior of the barn lit up with the clash of blue and white-hot lights as the thunderbolt collided with Lucario’s aura shield. The impact sent her sliding back several inches, her arms extended, shielding Ahriana and the weakened Moltres. Her arms shook with the effort it took to contain the powerful electrical attack. “!”

The ceiling!! Entei roared at her as Suicune bounded past them, tackling their wayward brother. Get rid of it!!!

Lucario grit her teeth and hurled the crackling bolt of electricity upwards, sending it shooting through the roof and up into the stormy sky. Dust and bits of roof debris rained down on them from above, followed soon after by actual rain. The flare of Lucario’s aura quickly diminished now that the thunderbolt was gone. She slumped to the ground, exhausted from exerting so much of her aura, and partially paralyzed from handling electricity in such close quarters.

Entei nudged her closer to Ahri and Moltres, out of the wet, and hunkered down in front of them. His eyes were on Suicune and Raikou; he didn’t wish to fight against his brother, but he was ready to jump to Suicune’s aid if it became necessary. He was fast losing patience with Raikou, and he didn’t like that their numbers were still divided. Where were the others? Ava…


From the outskirts of town, the thunderbolt that Lucario had launched into the air flared high up in the sky, much brighter than the lightning of the storm.


Entei’s priestess tensed slightly as he opened up his link with her, relaying what was going on in the village through their telepathic connection. Images flashed through her mind, as quick as the lightning that flashed overhead. She bit her lip; she could sense the tension in Entei’s mental presence, his irritation at being separated, his impatience with being stuck in a barn while Raikou and his band took over the town, his unease with the growing storm, and the sense that something else was not quite right…

Ava looked at Duama, trying hard to keep the worry out of her face and voice. “Are you well enough to move? Because I think we may be needed in town…”

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Duama slowly stood to his feet. "I know...Rayquaza has been keeping an eye on things from above.. let's go." He grabbed her again, a bit rougher this time, and swooped her off her feet into his arms then crouched low. Ava quickly began to show signs of protest but before a word could leave her lips he fired himself into the sky. This time with the rain at their backs nothing hindered them, the wind pushing at his back spurring him on, encouraging him. This was the first time Duama had ever fought beside someone. He still refused to fall into this buddy-buddy crap. The false priest was a threat to his choice of life and he wanted him gone. Simple as that.

After some time he spied the scene below. Raid pokemon had throughly beaten the village into submission and only now were standing at posts observing something at the center of town. Looking ahead Duama understood why, Suicune and Raikou were fighting high above striking and snarling all the while their respective elements  sending shockwaves from the collisions.
Damnit, this isnt good...well actually it's awesome but it isnt good.

Focus on the task at hand, We're the only ones that can stop this. Do what you know must be done when the time comes.

Yeah yeah, I got it. Duama thought angrily, Rayquaza always did seem more like a parent than a partner or at least what he thought a parent would be like.

Duama looked over at the Drenched priestess he held in his arms.

"Hey girly! You good to fight or do you wanna hug me some more?" he joked in a snarky tone.

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“Hey girly!” Duama called over the mingled roar of the storm and the clash of the two Legendaries below. “You good to fight or do you wanna hug me some more?”

Ava narrowed her eyes at the smartass priest and pressed her lips together to keep from making an equally snarky retort. He would have to bait her in the midst of such a serious situation. And she was NOT hugging him! She just didn’t trust him not to drop her…

Ava, this is not the time to fantasize about smacking Rayquaza’s priest, Entei remarked, startling her. She hadn’t realized he was still paying attention. Tell him to stop goofing off, and get down here.

The priestess couldn’t suppress the smirk that came to her lips. She quirked an eyebrow at Duama and drawled, “I’m at my leisure up here. Let’s get down there before we miss the fireworks.”

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Duama smirked he realized now that he was getting to her a bit. "Now you're talking. Hang out and try not to scream!"

Duama reared back his smirk become a manic, reckless grin. He fired himself toward the ground and break neck speed as Ava let out a shrill scream. Suddenly Ava realized that he had stopped a foot above the ground about five seconds of screaming ago. Duama's grin grew even wider.

"Sorry, I tend to have that effect on women. All they do is scream when they're in my arms."  :cool:

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(Hey now, I don't mind you putting in some shrieking on Ava's part... but let's not make her look like she's having hysterics, OK? =P)

Ava gave Duama a very evil look that promised she would pay him back for tormenting her later. "Verrrry clever..."

Ava... Entei cautioned her.

I know, I know... she grumbled silently. I'll smack him later

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(lol noted.)

Duama set her down and walked over to Entei and Lucario. Absol ran up to meet him from the underbrush of the woods, once again obidiently sitting beside him on haunches.

"So what's the plan?"

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Ava stepped around the ruined barn door, following Duama over to Entei, Lucario, Ahri and Moltres. She knelt beside Lucario, making sure she was alright.

Entei looked from Ava to Duama. Suicine and Raikou are both distracted right now... meaning that either of them could be an easy mark for the rogue priest. We need to be on the lookout, and make sure they don't become his next victims.

Ava frowned. "Where are Kari and James?"

I don't know...

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"James is nowhere to be found, and Last rayquaza saw of Kari she was approaching raikou i the rain with a giant piece of metal in her hand...heh."

the others instantly look at Duama dumbfounded.

"....Oh, maybe someone should go see if she's...y'know...alive."  he joked again.

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"Surely she's not..." Ava looked over at Entei, her eyes wide. She glanced out at where Raikou and Suicune were still fighting, unable to finish the rest of her sentence.

I doubt it... Entei shook his head slightly, his voice serious. When a Legendary's priest dies, they make it known. He looked at Duama. Still, perhaps you should check, if Rayquaza lost track of her.

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The battle between Raikou and Suicune was savage, a true dog fight.  But Raikou's electrical attacks gave him the advantage.  He fired a few quick spark attacks at Suicune in an attempt to weaken his opponent.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
Post by: Duama449 on August 21, 2010, 04:13:16 pm
"Easy rover, trust me if Rayquaza ever lost track of the girl he let me know. Right?"

....which one of the humans is Kari again?

Duama falls to the ground "Gah!! You idiot you can see from the stratosphere and you lose track of one human girl?!"

No...I meant is it the human that you're protecting or the one that's unconscious because of a stray thunderbolt hitting her trident?
Duama stood there a momemnt rubbing the back of his neck. "See?....found her....ehehehe.." ^_^6

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(great. I'm gone for 24 hours and I become unconsious? Fine I'll play along. XP)

It was cold, wet, it felt almost like home, but without the weightlessness. Consciousness swimming in a dark endless abyss, yet it was comforting. This was home. Bubbles tickled her belly, rising up from the shelder that opened up to greet her. Then-
an earthquake? Shaking, rumbling and roaring. High tension, her senses were prickling, but they were confused. Was she really here? No, this wasn't real. Then, flying. Soaring at deadly speeds over the water. She reached out to touch it, but it was gone like that. Then she slowed over a scene of light and sea. The storm and the north wind were fighting violently. There was a body on the ground. A girl in blue, holding a weapon. A trident, That's me, but what am I-
but before she could finish, Kari was pulled downward with great force.

She coughed and sputtered as if she had just fallen from a great height. Kari! Kari!! Lugia's voice screamed in her head. I'm...okay. She said back, still regaining her bearings. Seeing where she was, she scooched back, away from the battle and to a still standing wall, using it to lean against. I should be there with you.
Yes, you should. Kari thought jokingly. But you're huge Lugia. I'm afraid you would do more harm than good in such a close quarters situation. For now, it seems like you and I won't be able to do much other than to sit and watch the dog's tamers work.

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(Ha ha, you were gone longer than 24 hours, Xi...)

Entei eyed Duama with a mixture of disbelief and exasperation, muttering privately to Ava, …Now I know why you were so keen to hit him…

“Just because you ‘found’ her doesn’t mean she’s alright.” Ava frowned at Duama and got to her feet, heading towards the open doorway. “I’m going to—” The priestess froze at the crackling sound of Raikou’s sparks, her eyes locking on the battling Legendaries. “Ent-” But before she could even finish his name, there was a rush of air as he bounded past her.

With an explosive roar, Entei dug his heels into the sodden ground and launched himself at Raikou, using his superior weight to knock his brother away from Suicune. What the hell do you think you’re playing at? We are NOT the enemy!! he snarled, attempting to pin Raikou to the muddy ground. He bared his teeth. Look into that barn—look at Moltres! Whoever did THAT… that  is our enemy!

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Raikou slipped away from Entei and snarled.  He had no reason to answer Entei in words, so he responded with a Thunder bolt instead.  Provoking Entei into a full on battle would be difficult, but it needed to be done.

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Entei leapt out of Thunder’s way just seconds before the attack struck the ground, using ExtremeSpeed to launch himself at Raikou again, colliding hard. He growled low in his throat, speaking silently to Raikou alone, I am not interested in being your bait.

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Duama sighed "Fine I'll go get the girl. You stay here girly, could be dangerous." he said as he turned to leave. This was strange, the preists  were divided and two of the legendaries were distracted....what was this false priest waiting for?....

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Entei leapt out of Thunder’s way just seconds before the attack struck the ground, using ExtremeSpeed to launch himself at Raikou again, colliding hard. He growled low in his throat, speaking silently to Raikou alone, I am not interested in being your bait.

"You already are." Raikou retorted.  He slammed into Entei with his own Extremespeed attack, and backed away.  Raikou was panting now, fighting both of his brothers was taking more energy than he had hoped.

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Ava’s attention was fixed on Entei and Raikou. She stood in the doorway to the barn, watching their battle, tense and uneasy. She was worried for both of them—she could sense through their link that Entei did not want this fight, and his confusion with his brother’s actions bled over into her thoughts like an open wound. She barely heard Duama speaking; barely noticed anything else, until he moved to leave. She reached out, gripping his arm as he started to step past her. “Be careful,” she murmured in a low undertone, meeting his eyes. “Something doesn’t feel right.” She let go. The false priest is out there, somewhere… I know it. Why is he waiting?

Entei grunted, the force of Raikou’s ExtremeSpeed knocking him backwards through the mud. He dug his feet into the ground, leaving long, muddy furrows down the middle of the street. Shaking himself off, he catapulted himself at Raikou again, bearing down on his brother with fangs and claws. I am losing my patience with you, Raikou! Let us help you!

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"You already are." Raikou said softly.  Entei's fangs sank deep into Raikou's shoulder, causing the beast to whine in pain.  He pulled away from Entei weakly, laughing to himself.  A ray of sunlight pierced the clouds, illuminating the main street behind Raikou.  "Looks like I have to go with Plan B.  I hope you're ready for this." Raikou said telepathically to Entei.  James stood in the street behind Raikou, basking in the sunlight of the single ray.  He opened his mouth, which was glowing with energy, and fired a massive Solarbeam towards Raikou and Entei.

*note* James currently has the powers of Moltres and Regirock at his disposal.

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Entei stared at Raikou for a moment, aghast. What are you talking abou— Suddenly, a single ray of sunlight pierced the dark storm clouds, drawing his attention. His eyes darted past Raikou, widening as he caught sight of James, just as the former priest unleashed the Solarbeam. Snarling, he threw his own head back and opened his jaws to respond with a Fire Blast, spewing a stream of white-hot flames at the oncoming attack. The rain hissed and steamed as it evaporated upon contact with the flaming attack.

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The blasts exploded in a draw, turning up a mass of dust from the ground.  James sprinted into the cloud.  He leaped out the other side with glowing red wings on his back and yellow lights like stones covering his arms.  "Stone Edge." James grunted.  He thrust his glowing arm at Entei, striking with force from a rock.

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Post by: Duama449 on August 25, 2010, 04:49:55 pm

Suddenly a shockwave fired down from the sky creating a huge gaping hole around the path of the beam.

Dragon Pulse!

a burst of purple energy crashed into the ground in front of James with deisheartening accuracy. Rayquaza's speciality was distant attacks, and with his incredible eyesight he was the perfect match for James.

So you finally reveal yourself

Duama stepped froward from the dust with his lance trained on the back of James' neck.  "I knew something was off about you. Rayquaza wondered for a long time why he would willingly leave his priest, that combined with the knowledge of the legend was more than enough proof...that sick excitement you had when you explained it wasnt lost on me..." Duama's grip on his weapon clenched. "One"

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James activated his iron defence moments before Duama's lance connected, deflecting the majority of the force of the impact.  James rose and knocked the lance away with his still glowing stone arm, and smiled.  "I saw the opportunity, and I took it.  That is all."  James said.  "I'm only here for Raikou.  The rest of you served only as pawns in our game.  You would be wise to retreat, you'd live longer."

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The increase in commotion pulled Kari out of her catatonic state. Things had just escalated and her gut instinct told her that, even though they should probably try to stop this rouge priest, this was neither the time nor the place. Lugia, can you get a message to the other pokemon? Tell them that it's best we retreat for now. The situation has just gotten worse and I fear if we stick around we may not live to see this all the way through.
I'll sure try. It said back to her.

Everyone, we have to retreat. The situation has escalated beyond our current level of power. Kari believes that if we stay much longer more than civilian lives may be lost.
As Lugia was transmitting Kari was moving her way, slowly, around the center of town and towards the water front. She could escape more easily from there.

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Duama scoffed

"Didn't think you're true colors show this soon, we have him out numbered and out gun. Tell you what...YOU CAN RUN!!" he declares as he charges energy in his right palm. He launches himself forward and flies toward James, dragon pulse charged in his hand.

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James met Duama's dragon pulse with his Stone Edge fist.  The attacks collided and knocked Duama onto the ground.  James was pushed back, but stayed on his feet.  "If Rayquaza didn't have that flying side to him, you might have stood a chance." James said.  He spread his stance and flexed, drawing power.  "Ancientpower!" Rocks formed from the dirt below James, and fired at Duama. 

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Duama smirked. "Dont underestimate a Dragon."

the ends of Duama fingertips start to glow purple. Duama climbs to his feet and waits for the attack to come into range

"Dragon claw!"

with several swipes Duama rends the rocks to gravel behind him.

Forgetting someone?

James looks up just in time to see it, an orange ball of energy forming. A hyper beam rains down from above. It's target? the False Priest.

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Watching the Hyper Beam forming high above them was like watching a comet’s flare as it struck the atmosphere. Entei grimaced and shouldered into Raikou, pushing them both out of the main impact zone. Remind me again how any of this has been helpful, he growled at his brother. Because I’m not seeing it.

Ava quickly backed away from the barn’s open doorway, falling back to where Ahri, Moltres, and Lucario were gathered. Privately, she agreed with Duama; with so many priests and Legendaries in one spot, James should be the one at a disadvantage… But with so many strong attacks being slung around, they were going to bring the entire village down on their heads trying to defeat him.

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James avoided Rayquaza's Hyper Beam easily by leaping backward.  Raikou dashed foward, attacking James with his Thunder Fang.  James instinctively deflected the attack with his Stone Edge and followed up with a second attack that pounded into Raikou's back.

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Duama kept on the pressure. He close the distance fast and turned on his heel. Using the spin to increase the force aiming for his kidneys.

Title: Re: A Tale Untold
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(It only gets better from here)

James unleashed another Ancient Power attack at Duama, this time at close range.  He then turned to Raikou, grabbing the back of the beast's neck.  "Its time for you to serve your purpose." James said.  Raikou roared, but his voice died out quickly .  The color in Raikou's fur faded rapidly, and James' eyes glowed with electricity.  His hair turned white, and purple clouds rolled down his back like Raikou's.  Raikou's black markings formed on his skin, and the man grew claws and fangs from mouth and hands.

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Entei roared in fury as Raikou drooped in James’ hold. He charged the ex-priest, digging his heels into the damp ground and launching himself forward, the searing flames of Fire Fang surrounding his open jaws.

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All that was going on was just too much for Kari to take. Her fear gripped her like an icy claw and she got up and fled for the ocean. The rain calmed her only a little bit, enough for her to move her legs and dive in. Lugia surfaced to meet her and together they dived down to escape the chaos and violence.

Lugia could feel it's priest shaking and wrapped on of it's wings around her. I'm sure they'll be alright. We did all we could have done. This rogue priest is just way too much for us right now.

((didn't really have much to do anyways, and I see no point in fighting an obviously losing battle. ^^; )

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James pulled away from Raikou to avoid Entei's attack, before he could finish draining Raikou.  "Protective of your brother, are we?  Its fine, I've taken more than enough power from him."  James said.  He raised his arms and called forth a burst of Thunder bolts from the sky.

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"Take cover!!"  was all that could be heard before the group became engulfed. Grabbing Ava Duama hits the ground taking cover behind a huge rock as Duama eyes become blinded by a white light.

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James stood in the ruined town, admiring the extent of the destruction.  "Excelent, just like the good ol' days.  So much for 'no one else gets hurt,' ey Raikou?" he said, nudging Raikou with his foot.  The priests were still around, but they were no longer a threat.  "I know you're out there, but I would be hiding too if I faced this kind of power." he called into the empty streets. 

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(Sorry for the extremely long post... I threw in a little bit of Suicune and Ahriana for Val, so we can keep her in the story until she can--hopefully--get back to it.)

Bastard!! Entei snarled his frustration as the ex-priest evaded him, but he didn’t get the chance to launch a second attack—James raised his hands and the whole sky seemed to open up on them. So instead he continued his forward motion and rolled out of the way of the Thunderbolt strikes, up against one of the buildings that backed up to the town’s main square. Clenching his teeth, he crouched low as the lightning uprooted huge chunks of rock from the packed-in ground.


“Take cover!!” was all Ava heard before chaos exploded around them. She barely felt Duama drag her to the ground with him, seeking shelter behind an immense rock nearby as the Thunderbolts rained down around them. She squeezed her eyes shut against the blinding flashes, praying that no one would get hit.


At the first sign that James was about to call down something nasty, Suicune bounded across the square and back into the barn, intent on his priestess. He summoned up a Tailwind, putting on a burst of speed as he dashed through the open barn door. He immediately began to push the unconscious Moltres back against the far wall. Ahri! Up against the wall—hurry!! he urged—and not a second too soon.

James’ Thunderbolts ripped through the sky, one of them crashing through the roof of the barn. The whole of the roof collapsed around them, as Suicune pushed Ahriana, Moltres, and Lucario up against the back wall, avoiding the worst of the debris. A weak blue light flickered over them—Lucario’s diminished aura—aiding Suicune’s efforts. As the lightning rippled and the building came down around them, they were safe.


As the debris began to settle, James' voice rang out over the cluttered streets and demolished buildings: "I know you're out there, but I would be hiding too if I faced this kind of power."

Entei grimaced from beneath small bits and pieces of the ruined building that had given him some shelter, seeking out his link with Ava, needing to make sure she was alive. He was seething angry… but he wasn’t sure he could handle so much power at once if he faced James again—especially if there wasn’t anyone left that was still in good enough shape to help him. Ava…?

I.. I’m here, came the shaky reply. I’m okay. Are you…?

…’ve been worse…

…what can we do…?

Her link with Entei went silent for a moment, before he finally replied. His mental voice held a bitter tinge. Regroup.

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Brilliant flashes of light lit the sky. It was so bright that it even lit up the depths of the sea as if it were the shallows. Kari had lulled herself into an almost comatose state so as to conserve her oxygen as much as possible. Her mind was liked very tightly with Lugia's during this, and they both saw the lightning above, and felt the sizzling and prickling on their skin as a bit of the charge reached them, even at the depths they traveled. Kari thought I hope they're alright.
We'll surface once things outside seem to have calmed down.
The fighting top side had been so intense that Kari and Lugia had felt vibrations from some of the more major attacks. Someone had been using some epic level earth moves up there.

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James turned away from the group of priests and legendaries.  "Face me again when you've grown up.  Killing you at this level wouldn't be worth my time." James said telepathically to the group.  He snapped his fingers, calling fourth his Manectric.  They began their walk out of the city, towards the forest where Moltres was attacked.  Raikou's followers emerged from the rubble and gathered around their leader.

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Someone’s on a power trip…” Ava growled under her breath. The anger that simmered through her link with Entei warmed her, motivating her to move. She shifted a bit, pushing back some of the lighter rubble that had settled around her and Duama, giving them both room to sit up. Finally, her gaze landed on her unlikely protector, giving her a moment of pause; between the rain, the dirt, and the jumble of debris, they were both streaked with grime and appeared rather the worse for wear. She pressed her lips together, looking him over for injuries. “Are you alright?”


Entei groaned a bit as he got to his feet, broken bits of the nearby buildings falling away from his body as he did a slow shake-off. Now that he knew Ava was alright the adrenaline in his system seemed to be slacking, leaving him tired, sore, and bitter. He had known James when the ex-priest was still partnered with Raikou—he’d even thought well of him, at the time… And now, all these years later, it hadn’t even occurred to him that James might turn out to be their enemy. He carefully picked his way over to where Raikou lay, grim-faced.

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Duama opened his eyes at Ava's concerned questioning. He rubbed his head and groaned as he sat up. "Ugh...that depends. Do they make casts for broken prides?" he joked but duama's body had been put under an immense amount of strain. Taking that ancientpower at point blank range had cracked at least two ribs and bruised another. And that was not adding the amount of stress that had been done to his body firing off that many atacks and whethering the force of Rayquaza's.

 You may be able to fool the girl but not me. You always tend to rush in without a plan and crash through the obstacle. One day you'll find an obstacle just as stubborn as you. he concluded the last sentence with an air of amusement.

Duama rolled his eyes and winced " even hurts to be sarcastic..." he said under his breath. He looked now at Ava who was still checking him over. She forcefully poked his top set of ribs, but as she hit the broken set duama let out a howl of pain "GAAAAAH! Dammnit that hurts. Ugh dumb bitch if you don't know what you're doing dont do it!"

the words left duama's mouth without his thinking, and he realized just what he said as her eyes locked with his.

Entei and rayquaza looked utterly shocked. they exchanged glances.

"Uh oh" they said in unison

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(Okay, now you’re just asking for it.)

Ava’s blue-gray eyes flashed, just a split-second before her open hand connected with the side of his face. ‘SMACK!’

Entei winced and shook his head. His priestess had a lot of patience, most of the time, but even she had limits to what she would put up with. He turned his attention back to Raikou, leaving them to work out their differences.

“For your information, I do know what I’m doing.” Amazingly, she had gone right back to her examination of his ribs after slapping him, and quickly located the second broken rib. “You seem to be breathing alright,” she commented matter-of-factly, inspecting the rise and fall of his chest. “You’re lucky that you escaped with only a couple of minor breaks, and maybe a bruise or two, but they’ll need to be taped right away and I don’t have my kit.”

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(haha i know  :angel:..... :evil:)

Duama sat dumbfounded. NO ONE had ever even tried hitting him after he became rayquaza's one. Pouting like a child duama looked away. "The medical hut is still standing...there may be some supplies there.." he said wincing between breaths, he could breathe sure, didnt mean it stilll didn't hurt.

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(Masochist. :roll: )

Ava’s eyes quickly found the little building he was talking about. It looked a little ragged, with the churned-up dirt and debris from other parts of the village backed against it, but sure enough, it was still standing. “Oh good. At least something made it through all of that lightning unscathed.” She stood up, careful not to jostle him. Then, she fixed him with a stern glare. “You stay here, and try not to move around too much. I will go get the supplies and bring them back.” And without waiting for his reply, she turned and walked away, heading for the little hut.


The hut was very small, and very empty. She assumed that the healers had fled with many of the other villagers, when Raikou and his band had invaded. Either way, she didn’t have to search hard for the extra supplies, and it wasn’t long before the priestess found everything she would need to splint Duama’s broken ribs. She returned to the small wasteland in the center of town with her arms full of clean cloths, a pottery jug filled with water, and a length of bandages.

“They were well-supplied for such a small village—we should count ourselves fortunate,” she commented, setting down her little bundles before surveying Duama. “Now comes the fun part. Let’s get you sitting up onto this rock,” she indicated the large rock they had used for shelter with a tap of one finger “so I will have enough room to work.”

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It had been quite for long enough. Slowly Lugia and Kari rose to the surface. It was a short swim to the mainland and what a sight to greet them. Mud and debris littered the ground. Nearly all of the buildings had been destroyed, barely the base frames stood on a lot of them. Kari and Lugia emerged from the sea and shook themselves dry out of habbit, but of course that was stupid because it was still raining. Certainly not as hard as it was before, but it was still coming down.

The two walked through the town to the place Kari had fled from and found Duama and Ava there. Ava was patching up Dauma's side with some bandages, and Dua was looking away like a sulking boy. The sight would have been comical had the setting been different. Approaching them she said, "Is everyone alright? Where's Ahrianna?"

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"I am here..." said a small voice to Kari's right. Ahri limped next to Suicune who, with some help from Lucario, was carrying Moltres from the decimated barn. She held her left arm delicately to her side as she walked, taking care to put most of her weight on her left foot. " were a great help to us. Thank you," she said with gratitude. Suddenly, she gasped and yelled," GROWLITHE! Suicune! Take Moltres!" She turned and ran back to the rubble yelling for her small friend. Tears began to run down her face at the thought of him being gone. "Please! Help me Kari!!"

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Kari ran back with Ahri and together they sifted through the ruin. Lugia helped in what way it could by lifting the large pieces that the two girls couldn't handle. After lifting one of the ceiling beams, with Lugia's help, Kari yelled, "Ahri! I think we found something over here!" The splintered wood and stones were just a little bit warmer in this area, causing Kari to suspect that the lost growlithe may be under all this rubble. She and Lugia dug a little faster.

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Tears soaked her cheeks and chest as she frantically dug with Kari. She couldn't lose Growlithe...he was so playful and full of life! "Suicune search over there!" She pointed to another area of rubble and he just nodded, quickly beginning his search.

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The rocks that covered the former tavern, down the street from the priests, began to turn and shake.  A hand shot through the rubble, waving about randomly.  Soon after, the monk priest emerged from the stone.  He stretched his back and arms, but when he looked around he did not know where he was.  "Ooohhh, this is not good.  This is very not good." the priest said.  He left the rubble and walked down the street, searching for Moltres.

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Lucario and Suicune managed to carry the semi-conscious Moltres to a clear patch of ground next to Ava and Duama, setting the fiery bird down with great sighs of relief. As Suicune returned to the wreckage of the barn to help search for Growlithe, Lucario slumped to the ground beside the bird, completely exhausted. She nodded wearily to Ava and closed her eyes, immediately falling into a deep, recuperative sleep.

Ava worked in near-silence as she sponged away the dirt and soot covering Duama’s side and methodically bandaged his broken ribs. Her hands were slow, steady, and surprising gentle, considering her irritation with him. She fashioned a makeshift sling with some of the cloth she had taken from the medical hut and bound his arm against his injured side to keep him from moving it around and making the breaks worse. “You’ll be hurting for a while, but I’ll make a Berry draught later to help ease some of the pain,” she remarked quietly. “In the meantime, try to take at least one or two deep breaths—as deep as you can manage—every hour. That will lower your chances of catching pneumonia later.”

How is the young idiot? Entei asked through their mindlink, examining Duama through her eyes.

Ava resisted the urge to roll her eyes. He’s a stubborn ass. He’ll live. Is Raikou alright?

Unconscious, but alive. I don’t think James managed to completely drain him.

And still, he drained enough power to almost wipe this town—and us—off the map. There was a hard edge to thoughts. James was once a priest. How could he have gone so far astray? She didn’t understand.

On the other end of their link, Entei was silent. He knew how she felt.

Now that she had seen to Duama’s injuries as best she could, Ava carefully stood up and made her way back to the demolished barn, where the others were still searching for Growlithe. She waded into the rubble where Kari had found the warmer wood and stones and began to dig.

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Kari, Lugia, Ava and Ahri all digging in the one spot made the going very quick indeed. Before long though the stones became hotter, so as to burn the women's hands if they held them too long. Lugia lifted one last large piece of support beam from the rubble and uncovered the injured growlithe. Lugia backed up so as to give Ahri plenty of room to get to her pokemon.

"Will he be okay?" Asked Kari with deep concern.

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"Oh no..." She gently picked him up with her arms, wincing as her arm buckled and gave out. She could tell it was her good arm she carried Growlithe who was cut and bleeding slowly onto the ground. "Get me whatever Berrys you can find..."

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"Rayquaza." Duama said with closed eyes.

There's a very thick thatch of berries about half a mile northeast of here. Oran from what I can tell. rayquaza broadcasted for everyone to hear.

"It shouldn't be too hard to get there from here. Let's go." Duama stood up and began to walk northeast. he stopped when he realized no one was following him. he blushed a bit as he looked away.

"Dont get the wrong idea about me. Today's battle proved that Ahri isnt completely useless. Some of you on the other hand...not so much." he forced out as he let his gaze linger on Kari for a moment before he turned back around.
"Follow me or don't, but I'm going. Absol!"
"sol!" barked the pokemon as he leapt to his master's side. walking beside him as he continued for whoever to follow.

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Ava’s gaze slid away from Ahri and Growlithe for a moment, focusing on the northeast section of the forest. With no buildings left to block her view, the trees were easily visible from where they stood. Then, to her surprise, it was Duama who made the first move towards the forest. He took a few steps, and then paused when no one moved to follow him, turning around to survey their mottled group.

“Don’t get the wrong idea about me. Today’s battle proved that Ahri isn’t completely useless. Some of you on the other hand… not so much.”  He turned his back on them again and started walking. “Follow me or don’t, but I’m going. Absol!”

Ava sighed. His speech would’ve been more impressive had he not been moving so stiffly—obviously injured—with the upper section of his chest wrapped in gauze and his arm in a sling. She watched him pick his way through the rubble for a moment, before turning to Kari. “The medical hut over there is still standing… barely.” She pointed towards the little shack of the building. “Please get a splint and some gauze and see to Ahriana’s broken arm. I’ll go with his royal highness and fetch the berries. With some luck, there will also be some Lum and Sitrus berries nearby that we can make use of.”

Through their mindlink, Entei sighed. Be careful. Duama is injured, and although Absol is no weakling wild forest Pokémon are powerful in their own right.

Am I a priest or not? came her tart retort as she disengaged herself from the charred remains of the barn. Pausing beside Ahri and Growlithe, she murmured, “Don’t worry; we’ll make sure you and Growlithe are both well taken care of. I promise.”

You’re as stubborn as the idiot, Entei grumbled to her silently. Go, and come back safely. I will look after things while you’re gone.

She smiled slightly at this and quickened her steps to catch up to Duama. Once she was within earshot, she commented in an offhand voice, “I know you really like playing the hardass, but you should go back to the others. You’re injured and you should be resting.”

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"I'll be fine once I get a good night's sleep. I never stay down for long," he said inhaling sharply in pain. This was honestly the worse injury that duama had ever gotten in a battle, he doubt he'd soon forget it.

"Besides, this group isnt exactly an elite guard. Being priests you guys are mostly passive and have no idea how to fight or assert yourselves. I'm not the best choice for leader but I can do one thing I've always been good at....acting tough when things go wrong..." Duama trailed off at this statement seeming disheartened. he then leaned against a nearby tree to catch his breath.

"Ugh....damn body.... Just give me a sec." he said weezing when he was sure he was outta view of the others. He had to be strong, he could easily see Ahri becoming like Kari.

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Ava stared at him for a moment, silently assessing. Now that they were out of Ahri’s and Kari’s direct line of sight, he was wheezing, sagging, leaning back against a nearby tree for support. He was obviously spent, but he was just as obviously determined to keep pushing himself forward.

“Look, I understand that you want to put on a brave face and be the tough guy, but you can’t just ignore your injuries and pretend that everything is fine. You may be a priest, but you’re still human… and your body has limits,” she replied, scowling at him. “And no matter how well you ‘play’ tough… right now, you are tapped out and you need to acknowledge it. Stay here. Rest. I will go get the Berries.”

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"I'd never forgive myself if something happened to you guys." Duama blurted out. he was blushing now more than ever. Being this open felt...weird.

"For the first time I'm not some worthless jerk that's in the way. A waste of perfectly good food and water as my old man would say...I'm counted on...useful." he pushed him self of the tree and stepped forward toward Ava closing the distance between them.

"Like it or not this group needs a person like me....and I'll be what you guys need.... Even you Ava." Duama's eyes locked with Ava, they shone flashed with a mix of determination and pain. Both physical and otherwise. And as quickly as they flashed this Duama closed them separaitng himself from her and leaning against the tree again. "Just hurry up ok?" he said looking away and blushing again.

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Ava was staring at him again, this time in surprise, and a little bit of embarrassment. She hadn’t expected him to be so… forthcoming, after all of the attitude and snarky comments he’d been dishing out all day. It was completely unsettling. It must be because of the pain, she reasoned to herself. Pain makes people say all kinds of things they wouldn’t normally say. But she was thankful that he was no longer looking at her, because her cheeks were feeling a bit warm.

“You’re… I don’t think you’re a bad person. Definitely not worthless. You’re just…” She hesitated for a moment before choosing a more diplomatic term than the one she’d been about to use: “…very abrasive.” That said, she turned and started off into the darkened forest, calling to him over her shoulder, “I’ll be back soon.”


 ‘Soon’ was a relative term. She had been walking for several minutes before she finally stumbled over a tree root in the near-dark, and suddenly found herself in a small, clear patch of grass… surrounded by bushes and bushes full of Berries. They were mostly Oran, but there were also a handful of bushes full of Lum Berries mixed in with the rest.

Ava smiled. The sight of so many Berries in one spot lifted her heart, and she waded into them with a will, filling a large, empty earthenware container she’d taken from the medical hut to the brim with a generous mixture of Lum and Oran Berries.

“This should be enough to make a good start,” she murmured to herself with some satisfaction, several minutes later. The jar she carried could hold no more. Clutching the Berries close, she set off in the direction that she’d left Duama.

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Duama was resting peacefully, as he did a faint glow came off his ribs. It was rest, a move that pokemon use to heal by falling asleep. Another move of Rayquaza's. However deep in the bushes A loudred has just come across duama.

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It seemed to take much less time on the return trip than it had when she’s first gone looking for the Berries. Ava hummed softly under her breath, much more cheerful now with their added weight in her arms. She rounded the corner, coming clear of the thicket of trees and into the less dense outer forest, and spotted the Loudred as it emerged from another section of the inner forest. A few yards away, Duama appeared to be sleeping peacefully, unaware of the approaching Pokémon.

“Oh great…” the priestess muttered under her breath. She stopped and set the container of Berries down against the trunk of one of the huge forest trees, then stepped out into the Loudred’s line of sight. Leaves and twigs crunched underfoot, as she made no effort to be quiet.

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"Dred?" the loudred seemed off put by the woman's prescence. then it saw them, the berries!

"DREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED" the loudred let loose a vicious hyper voice!

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Ava yelped and dove out of the way of the Hyper Voice, catching only the outer ripples of the attack’s shockwaves. As they passed through her body she could feel her bones vibrating unpleasantly, the Loudred’s piercing shriek ringing in her ears.

Wincing, she rolled and pushed herself to her feet unsteadily, closing her eyes. She took a deep breath and turned her attention inward, allowing the power of Calm Mind to spread through her limbs. The cool sensation sank into her skin as she focused, opening her eyes and locking her gaze on the Loudred. Everything around them seemed clearer, sharper; and she lifted her hand and extended it out towards the Pokémon, orange flames flickering as they raced down her arm and through her outstretched fingertips. She preferred not to hurt the Loudred if she could help it—she’d much rather just scare it away.

“Sorry, but you’ll have to get your own Berries…”

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Realizing he'd better cut his losses Loudred takes a step back. but then feels a hand grab his head.


Duama lifts the loudred with his good arm. reared back

"WOKE ME UP!!" Slamming the loudred's head face first into the tree, duama knocks him out.

"Ugh, you ok?" he said looking at Ava.

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It seemed that staring at Duama was becoming something of a habit. Ava arched an eyebrow at him, letting her arm drop as the flames she had summoned flickered and extinguished abruptly. If she hadn’t known that he was injured, his reaction to the Loudred would’ve been pretty amusing. As it was, she smiled slightly.

“Remind me never to wake you up in the morning,” she replied, bending down to retrieve the Berries. “How are you feeling?”

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"Hard to move around and alot of pain...but at least I've got my energy back that I lost during the fight." he looked down and saw the berries and nodded. "Alright, let's start heading back." he started walking. "Id help you but, broken ribs."

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Ava grinned. “Help me? They’re berries, not boulders. I think I can handle them. Besides, you already did the heavy lifting,” she remarked with a slight laugh, glancing back at the still-unconscious Loudred as the started back towards the village.

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Duama found himself chuckling abit himself. It was weird, something in him felt different after what he admitted....telling the truth and knowing that Ava knew something about him gave him peace.

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Kari was normally a very calm and reserved person, but when Duama had shot her that gaze like what she had done was a bad thing a rage spread in her like hungry termites through wood. Her eyes flashed for a brief moment after he turned his back and she seriously felt like pouncing and biting him. A childish tactic, sure, but it really eased the rage to be able to just sink one's teeth into something.

After they left, a couple of deep breaths quelled the rage enough to keep it under control. "I'll be back" She said to Ahri and jogged to the medical hut Ava had pointed to, mumbling on the way. "That jerk jerk jerk jerk stupid dumb jerk. Stupid stupid, look at him wounded and broken because he can't pick his battles smartly. Idiot dumb dumb pile."
Doing this the whole way eased a bit more of her rage. She grabbed the necessary materials and returned back to Ahri. Finishing her mumbles with, "He's an idiot anyway....dumb ass."

Shaking her head to clear it, Kari looked at the injured growlith. "I'm sure they'll be back soon. Here now let me see your arm." Kari felt Ahri's arm gently with her fingers to determine where it was broken, then said to Ahri, "Brace yourself. This is gonna hurt." Then she snapped the bones back into place and quickly splint and wrapped it tightly. Using the extra cloth Kari made a sling to help keep the arm stabilized.

Lugia, meanwhile, was laying down a short distance away. It was large and didn't want to get in the priest's way. It was also being extra cautious of the injured growlith. It was too afraid of it's own watery nature and size to be near the thing right now.

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As Ying ventured through the town, the first thing he noticed was Lugia.  He saw the two women soon after, one tending to the wounds of the other.  He walked towards Lugia, thinking that a giant flying pokemon would have seen Moltres if it were already in the sky.  "Helll-o," Ying said telepathically to Lugia, "I'm looking for my pokemon, the Legendary Moltres.  Have you seen it recently?"

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"Ah, looks like you're up." came a voice behind the monk. Duama and Ava had just arrived. he looked the man over, it seems that the entire ordeal had not taken much out of him...or at least it seemed that. "You're Moltres should be nearby. We found you after your run in with the false priest...james."

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"False priest?  So Ru has been reincarnated after all?  This is not good, very not good." Ying asked retorically.  He slapped his skalp with his palms and thought for a moment.  "So then this destruction is from him.  I should have guessed." He paused, and looked around at everyone in the clearing.  "But if you are still here, then you must be priests.  You fought him, normal priests, and survived?"

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Ahri hissed in pain when Kari snapped the bones in her arm back into place. Her vision blurred and her stomach tried to rebel, but she forced herself to hold still as Lugia’s priestess splinted and wrapped her arm. She cradled Growlithe’s head in her lap, stroking his fur with her good hand and trying to ignore her own discomfort.


"False priest?  So Ru has been reincarnated after all?  This is not good, very not good."

“Reincarnated…?” Ava murmured quietly, frowning. If that was true, could it mean that all of these events had been preordained? 

From his post standing watch over Raikou, Entei felt a ripple of unease pass through his link with Ava. He turned his attention inward for a moment, wondering what had unsettled her. Ava, what’s going on over there?

It seems that Moltres’ priest is awake, she responded silently, hesitating. Entei, could James be a reincarnation of Ru?

I… suppose it’s possible…

Moltres’ priest paused and looked around, his eyes taking all of them in. "But if you are still here, then you must be priests.  You fought him, normal priests, and survived?"

Ava pressed her lips together. The monk-priest seemed surprised. Well, he was still alive too, wasn’t he? But she bit back the sharp retort. “We survived, yes,” she replied, keeping her voice neutral. “I don’t think James was interested in killing us. He left after he destroyed the town.” 

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Ahri looked up with eyes filled with pain and through clenched teeth asked, "Normal? What do you mean by normal? Who are you to call us normal? You know not who we are." She stared down at her dear pup who lay resting on her lap. She didn't save him from harm. Through her own negligence, she brought forth his pain. Quietly, she began humming to Growlithe, hoping to help ease his pain...

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"Normal meaning that you have not the ability to absorb power from Legendary pokemon.  Normal meaning that you still care for innocent life.  Normal meaning... that you are still unaware of how much power you possess as a priest.  Don't assume that you're different from any of the dozens of priests on this Earth.  That would be a very bad mistake." Ying said in a dull monotone. 

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“We are not like James.” Ava’s quiet voice was sharp. “And we don’t aspire to be like him, either.”

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Lugia was glad when the bald old priest came to them and started speaking. This meant one less unconscious body to keep track of. "James is a murderer." Kari spoke quietly but loudly enough to be audible to the immediate group. "All of this unwarranted destruction leads me to believe that he's either childishly minded about obtaining these powers and flaunting their use, or, and I would hate this to be the case, but he really is evil and has no concern for life at all." Kari was fidgeting, she was getting a little tired of being in such a depressing place.
"Even so, what could any of us possibly do against someone with such a power. Most of us just had our asses handed to us pretty badly."

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“Even so, what could any of us possibly do against someone with such a power? Most of us just had our asses handed to us pretty badly.”

Ava’s glance slide sideways to Kari, who was still sitting a short distance away, with Ahri and Growlithe. By ‘most of us,’ she assumed that the priestess was referring to everyone that had stayed and been caught in the lightning storm that James had called down. She couldn’t be talking about herself; she and Lugia had vacated the town as soon as James had shown up. Ava frowned, sensing that Duama was about to say something scathing to Kari.

“So we find a way to become stronger,” she murmured, hoping to interrupt any impending arguments. “Because I don’t think we’ve seen the last of James. Today, he was content to take Raikou’s power and leave… but he’s not going to stop there. You know it, and I know it. He’s going to keep hunting down priests and Legendaries, and keep getting stronger. And next time, I think he will come to do battle with us.”

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"James?  The priest once bonded to Raikou?  He is the one who did this?" Ying asked, suprised.  He shook his head, in denial of the luck set against him.  "Things are worse than I feared.  James and Raikou are the only ones alive today who may be able to compare to Ru's incarnate, but if James IS Ru's incarnate..." his words trailed off into a mumble.

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Ava shook her head, surprised at the monk’s pessimism. “You make it sound like James is invincible,” she said. “But if the original Ru was defeated, then surely James is also fallible.”

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"Invincible, no.  Powerful and experienced, yes.  But he was still only half of the puzzle." Ying said.  Moltres was awake now, and had walked to its priest and rested its head on his shoulder.  "We should find shelter for now.  I can explain everything later."

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Duama nodded. For the most part he had been quiet, even Kari's statement didn't matter.

Heh, as if I care what a coward has to say about my fighting ability. he thought contemptuously.

One thing was clear to Duama, this priest claimed that they were normal. Them, not the old monk. He motioned for them to follow him to what was left of the old inn, that they had sat with James only a few hours ago. They sat at a charred table as Duama fixed his gaze upon him.

"Alright old man, as for what you know...let's start with your name and go from there."

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As Duama motioned for everyone to follow him to the remains of the old inn and tavern, Ava turned away and picked her way over to where Ahri and Growlithe were still sitting. Ahri’s arm had been bandaged, but Growlithe was still in rough shape, and the priestess hummed to him as she had to Moltres. Gently, Ava bent down and helped Ahriana to her feet. “C’mon… let’s go to the inn,” she murmured in a low, soothing voice. “It will surely be more comfortable there.”

Ahri winced at the pain in her arm, but she didn’t move away—she couldn’t leave Growlithe in the care of another, even for just a brief moment. “Growlithe—” she began to protest, but Ava was already bending down to scoop the pup into her arms.

“It’s okay—I’ve got him,” Ava assured her, carefully balancing Growlithe’s bulk, with the container of Berries tucked safely in the crook of her arm. She smiled at Ahri slightly in understanding. “We’ll go together.”

Ahri nodded, her eyes still on her pup. She placed her uninjured hand on him and resumed her humming, and together the two girls slowly made their way towards the tavern-side of the inn. It was sheer luck that that side of the building was still standing, but it would make decent cover for them to talk and recoup a bit.

Lucario, who had woken during their quiet exchange, slowly got to her feet and followed the two priestesses to the tavern. She was weak, but she had regained just enough strength during her nap that she could move under her own power.

Entei? Ava called to her partner via their mind-link. We’re gathering at the old tavern with the monk-priest.

I’m not sure if we can move Raikou, Entei responded slowly, looking down at his brother, and at the wild Pokémon that had gathered at his side. I can listen through your ears.

Call for me if you need me?

Of course. There was a moment of pause. And Ava? Be cautious. We know nothing about Moltres’ priest. He is not the false priest, but after what happened with James…

I know. We will be careful, she replied silently as she entered the tavern with Growlithe and Ahri. The others had already gathered at a battle-scarred table. Ava and Ahri carried Growlithe to an upright bench-seat, and they carefully laid him down with his head resting in Ahri’s lap once more. She was still humming softly, and it seemed to soothe the fire pup a little bit. Lucario sat down on the floor beside the bench, leaning back against it and closing her eyes once more, having tired again from just the short walk.

Ava placed the container of Berries on the floor beside the bench and handed Ahriana a handful of Oran berries to feed to Growlithe, then ventured into the wreckage of the tavern kitchen. She returned a few minutes later with a cleaned-off mortar and pestle and a couple of small pottery jars that had survived the fallout. She sat down at the table with the Berries and her tools, and set to work making a paste for Growlithe’s injuries as they talked.

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Ahri looked at Ava and stopped humming. Quietly she spoke. "You are too kind for my words of gratitude, Ava." She felt a slight movement and looked sharply to her small companion, who was slowly shifting his position. One golden eye opened and looked at his human mother with pain, glistening from quiet torture. Ahrianna smoothed his fur and teared up again, crying freely, showing her weak side. "Oh Growlithe...! I am so sorry..." His eye closed again and she felt him take a slight deep breath before falling back into his rest.

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Ava smiled slightly, continuing to grind down the Oran and Lum Berries. She drained the mingled juices into one of the empty jars as she worked, her hands steady, the gestures automatic, just as she’d been taught by the healers in her home village and just as she’d done hundreds of times since. “I just don’t like to see Pokémon in pain, when I can help,” she replied quietly, her low voice for Ahri alone, to keep from interrupting the others’ conversation.

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"There's one thing that's botherin me old man. You were attacked by the false priest I'm if that's the case why were you so surprised to find out james was the false priest? Clearly James is no idiot, he wouldnt have just struck if he feel he couldnt succeed; he wouldn't resist revealing himself too soon, but when I fought him he never used any fire that means he didnt absorb you or Moltres. So tell me."

Duama stood up, the gaze now becoming a glare. "Just how exactly DID you survive?"

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“Calm down, you hothead,” came a calm voice from Duama's right. Ava looked up at Rayquaza's priest from where she sat, arching her eyebrows at him. “You’re forgetting the Solarbeam that James used… And though it’s not a fire move, it is one of Moltres’ attacks.”

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Duama shot her a expectant glance. "Right...cause there's no other grass type legendaries he could've gotten the attack from. Think about it, he and Raikou have been split up for years. Do you know what kind of attacks he could've asborbed into himself? Solarbeam is used by alot of legendary grass types, it's to conveient to assume just because Moltres has it too it automatically belongs to Moltres."

Duama turned back to the Monk.

"No...something you did surprised James, something big. Something that was strong enough to effectively drain you, make James cut his losses and book, and decimate an entire forest all in one go....what was it?..."

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Ava simply raised an eyebrow at Duama’s profile, once he had directed his attention back onto Ying. He was obviously probing the monk for information, so she tactfully neglected to mention that there were only two grass-type Legendaries out of all of the Legendary Pokémon—and that neither of them could learn Solarbeam naturally. In fact, the only Legendary aside from Moltres that had the ability to learn Solarbeam was Groudon.

She gave a silent thank-you to Entei for making sure she knew the differences in the many different Legendaries.

And I suppose it is possible that James met Groudon during the time after his split from Raikou… she thought to herself. But I do think Duama’s reaching a bit, here… Still, might as well let him have his fun.

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"Let me start from the begining." Ying said.  "I come from an order of warrior monks established specifically to fight Ru's incarnate.  The other priests and myself have trained for this battle for decades, but I realized some time ago that despite our power we still can't defeat the Ru of old." Ying paused, and then continued.  "It was about fifteen years ago that I heard about a priest-pokemon pair who had surpassed the limits of a regular bond and ascended to an even higher level.  I set out to find them, but with no luck.  When I learned that Ru risen a month ago I set out again to search for that priest and legendary, who are said to be seperated.  I was caught off guard and attacked by a powerful electric type pokemon and it's master.  That is all I remember before waking up here."

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“That was probably James, again,” Ava said slowly, her hands methodically crushing and draining the Berries. “He seems to have an affinity for electric-types… He’s accompanied by a Manectric now.”

She went silent for a moment, before fixing Ying with an inscrutable blue-gray stare. “The priest and Pokémon pair that you say managed to surpass their bond—you’re referring to James and Raikou, aren’t you? You said before that they were the only ones you knew of that might compare to the power of Ru.”

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Kari had been silently following along this whole time. She was now sitting a short distance away from the group in her own chair (the table they were at was getting crowded). Lugia's head hung over the collapsed was, so that it too could listen in. Kari and Lugia were just absorbing all that was said by Ying and her current party members, not really adding much to the conversation at the moment.

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“That was probably James, again,” Ava said slowly, her hands methodically crushing and draining the Berries. “He seems to have an affinity for electric-types… He’s accompanied by a Manectric now.”

She went silent for a moment, before fixing Ying with an inscrutable blue-gray stare. “The priest and Pokémon pair that you say managed to surpass their bond—you’re referring to James and Raikou, aren’t you? You said before that they were the only ones you knew of that might compare to the power of Ru.”

"Yes, I was looking for Raikou and James.  I don't know much about it, but the rumors say they somehow merged their powers together when they fought.  I wanted to see if the rumors were true, but now it doesn't matter." Ying sighed.  There had to be some other way to defeat James, but he couldn't think of a solution.

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Ava looked down at her work, frowning slightly. “If such a thing was possible… this ‘merging’ of powers… then perhaps James and Raikou aren’t the only bonded pair that could learn to do it,” she said quietly, as if she was working out the thought in her mind as she was speaking it.

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"Link their power?" Duama repeated in disbelief. It made sense....somehow. When Duama had faced james he couldnt tell the separation between James and the powers he used. it was seamless, almost as if the powers he used and he himself were one. "How is that even possible?....wait." Duama leaned in closer to the monk. "Wait if what you said is true, then Raikou transcended this bond with James?" Duama looked outside. "Ava, ask Entei How soon we could get Raikou conscious." Duama said the command so fast I doubt the others noticed, that was the first time Duama had mentioned Ava by name instead of 'girly'

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Ava blinked at Duama for a moment, but she didn’t comment. Instead, her expression took on a faraway cast as she turned her focus inward, where she knew Entei was hovering. Her partner had been following along with the conversation through their telepathic link, and he was there, just beneath the surface of her consciousness.

Entei? she queried gently, picking up on their link with ease.

Raikou is still unconscious, he replied, hesitating slightly as they both took a second to survey his brother through his eyes. But he is stirring slightly. He may wake soon. Beyond that… I can’t say.

Thank you, she whispered as her vision slowly cleared. The priestess looked across the table at Duama, direct. “Raikou is stirring, and may wake up soon… but there’s no way to tell how soon that will really be.”

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Duama nodded. "Thanks...i guess." he said looking away, quickly changing subject he turned to the monk. "Well old man, what do you plan to do now?"

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"If Raikou is here, then I intend to wait." Ying said.  A boiling hope rose in Ying's gut.  If Raikou could surpass the priest-legendary bond, why couldn't these priests.  "You all are strong priests, no?  You held your own against James, something has to be said for that." Ying said. 

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"well, most of us did anyway." He said "James is planning something... something big. If there's a way we can stop it that's what we'll do." Duama cinged from the pain in his ribs  as he took a deep breath like Ava instructed. The pain was still evident but not as crippling as it was before, rest had done its job for now.

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Ava looked down at the table, and concentrated on pouring the last of the Berry juice into the small bottles. All that remained was the seedy pulp of the crushed fruits. She stared at the results of her work in silence. She didn’t feel strong—if anything, she felt guilty. It had been Duama, Rayquaza, and Entei that had done most of the fighting. But if it was possible to become stronger…

She heard the slow inhalation of breath and glanced up sharply; but it was only Duama, taking a deep breath like she’d told him. It looked painful, but it would help prevent pneumonia from setting into his lungs. Suddenly, she felt a little bit better as she looked back down at the paste she had ground the Berries into. At least she had some medical skills, some medicinal knowledge that she could use. She just needed to develop her fighting skills—and with Entei’s help, the ability was there… she just lacked the experience to use it to her full advantage.

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A loud thud broke the silence in the room.  Raikou, who was now being held up by Entei and Arcanine, had crashed into the remnants of the inn door.  His fur was still pale, and his eyes were missing their once powerful spark.  "I heard you were looking for me." Raikou said.  He limped towards the monk-priest.  He looked at Duama and Ava, and then Ying, and sighed.  He saw from the looks on the faces what they were going to say, and that they wouldn't be satisfied without an answer.  "Go ahead.  What do you want to know?" Raikou said.

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Not sparing the harsh tone for his condition duama started. "How did you become stronger than a regular bond? Is that the key to james' power?" he said taking a step forward.

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When the door to the inn crashed open, Ava nearly jumped out of her chair. She stared, eyes wide, as Raikou limped into the room, supported by Arcanine and Entei. He looked… terrible. It was as though the energy draining process had aged him by one hundred years. But he was on his feet, and as he made his way to their table his eyes took in their surprised faces.

“Go ahead. What do you want to know?” he asked wearily.

At least sit down first, before you fall over, Entei told his brother grumpily. It was obvious he didn’t think Raikou should be up and about so quickly.

Naturally, it was Duama who jumped into the conversation first. “How did you become stronger than a regular bond? Is that the key to James’ power?”

Ava sat back in her chair, her eyes darting from Entei, to Raikou, to Duama. It seemed that the time for real answers had come at last, and she was content to sit and listen for the moment. She could wait to ask her questions once the initial rush was over… though she did hope that Raikou would take Entei’s advice and sit down. He looked like he was ready to keel over at any moment.

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"Know your place human.  You need me alot more than I need you right now." Raikou said to Duama.  He sat down, knowing Entei was right.  "We called the power Sync Mode.  By syncronizing our thoughts and movements, James and I unleashed a hidden power that neither of us could have imagined at the time.  But the Sync transformation has nothing to do with his ability to absorb Legendary's powers.  James learned that ability later on."  Raikou said.  He paused for a moment, thinking of where to go next.  "After James absorbed my power, did his appearance change at all?" Raikou asked.

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Duama nodded. "His hair became grey, and purple clouds started to sprout out of his back. He took on some of your features, but when he used the other legendaries about this sync mode. What do you mean you synchronized your thoughts and movements?..."

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"Its exactly as it sounds.  In the transformation the Pokemon and priest fight and move as one.  Its like they're two halves of the same person."  Raikou said.  He did not mention anything about James' transformation.  Duama was interested in other matters.  "We discovered the technique by accident, but it was nowhere near as strong then as it was once we mastered the syncronization.  Don't be fooled, Sync Mode takes a long time to learn, let alone master."

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“But it would be possible for others to master,” Ava said. It wasn’t a question, precisely, but she left off with a questioning tone.

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"How long?" Duama said insistently. Now that he knew what the secret was he wouldnt let himself be deterred. "Can you teach this to us? The sync mode I mean?" he asked this time changing his tone.

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"To learn the basic form, three months.  To master it, well that took us a year." Raikou said.  "But wait.  Why should I teach you guys anything?  A stubborn guy like you would just be wasting my time."

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“James isn’t going to stop. This time, he was here for your power.” Ava looked at Raikou seriously, meeting his eyes. Her gaze slid to Entei, who was sitting beside his brother quietly, watching the exchange. “Next time, he will come for someone else’s. Entei’s. Suicune’s. Rayquaza’s. Lugia’s.” Each time she spoke a name, her eyes rested on each of the other priests that were gathered in the room—Ahriana, Duama, Kari.

She looked at Raikou again, and there was determination in her eyes—the same kind of determination that Entei showed, when he knew what had to be done. “The stories of the original Ru were bad enough; and from the way Ying reacted when we told him that James was the false priest, it sounds like James has all the potential to become even worse than Ru. We have to stop him, and learning this synchronization ability may be our only chance. Please help us.”

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"I have no problems teaching you and Entei.  You're in it for the right reasons.  But I won't help another priest get stronger simply for the sake of getting stronger.  The world doesn't need another James." Raikou said.  He knew Duama and Rayquaza were strong, but so were a dozen other priest-pokemon teams. 

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“I have no problems teaching you and Entei. You’re in it for the right reasons. But I won’t help another priest get stronger simply for the sake of getting stronger. The world doesn’t need another James.”

Ava blinked, then subsided, glancing sideways at Duama out of the corner of her eye. This was something he and Rayquaza would have to work out with Raikou on their own. She didn’t think that he would turn into another James, but it wasn’t her place to interfere.

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Duama stepped forward. "I may not be the best person but for the first time I have people that matter to me...I'm hurt now because I couldn't protect those around me. If making me stronger for them is just for the sake of being stronger then you weren't the pokemon that rayquaza always told me about." he concluded staring Raikou down determined.

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A feeling of de ja vu swept over Raikou, and he was silent for a while.  "You're a talented priest, kid, and you're persistant.  But persistance and talent are not the deciding factors of this training.  You'll see once we start, but nothing you've done up until now could have prepaired you for this." Raikou said, matching Duama's gaze.

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Duama smirked defiantly "Sounds like fun. Lead the way....master." Duama bowed to raikou, wincing a bit from his ribs. Above duama knew one thing, Raikou was a proud pokemon, the jokes were over concerning him they'd get him nowhere fast except maybe the quickest burn ward.

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Ava and Entei shared a silent look of exasperation with one another. Even when he was being sincere—or as sincere as he could get without embarrassing himself—Duama couldn’t seem to resist showing off his sardonic personality.

One of these days, that attitude is going to catch up with him, she remarked, rolling her eyes.

One day soon, I’ll wager, Entei responded silently, somewhat resigned to the fact that they were probably  going to be stuck with the brash priest for a while now. Raikou has never been one for patience.

Ava sighed, and glanced at the other two priestesses. Kari and Ahriana had both been very quiet during their conversation with Ying; and even after Raikou’s dramatic entrance, neither girl had uttered so much as a sound. She wondered at their silence—and what they thought of this bizarre situation they had all been so haphazardly sucked into. Would they choose to stay together, and try to learn this synchronization technique? Or would they prefer to part ways, and forget that this strange encounter had ever happened?

But there was no point wasting her energy on useless speculation. Whatever they did, or did not do, would happened when it happened.

She took a quick inventory of the medical supplies she and Kari had collected—clean cloths, an assortment of bandages, and other things. She took up some of the bandages and the thick paste of crushed Berry skins and seeds and moved to sit on the bench with Ahri and Growlithe. Looking at Ahri, she murmured in a low tone, “Just keep him comfortable, and I will do the rest.”

Suicune’s priestess looked up from the wounded pup briefly, giving a short nod before returning her attention to Growlithe. She stroked his face gently, murmuring quiet words of assurance to his limp form.

Ava went to work at once, trying to be as quick and gentle as she could. She spread the Berry paste over the many cuts and scrapes he had picked up and then carefully covered them with the bandages. He also had a few cracked and broken ribs—those were set in place with more bandages, to make sure they stayed properly aligned while they healed. Her handiwork was efficient and neat—a product of the many years she had spent working with her village healers as a young girl—and when she was finally finished she sat back and inspected the pup with a critical eye. There wasn’t much more that could be done, other than to keep reapplying the paste and give him time enough to heal. The Berries would help, but it was still going to be a process.

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     "Ok then.  We'll begin the training at dawn tomorrow.  If any of you, legendaries included, are late you'd be better off not showing up at all." Raikou said.  He slowly lifted himself off the floor and limped out of the inn.  He met his wild pokemon outside, who had all gathered in a cluster and waited for him to return. 
     "I've decided to stay with these humans," Raikou began, "Espeon, I need you to stay with me for now.  The rest of you should go back to the forest and protect the smaller pokemon.  You don't need me anymore."
     The Houndoom brothers let out a faint whine, and Ivysaur shook his head and fought his tears.  Most of them had evolved under Raikou's care, but now they had to take the reigns.  The raid party slowly left the ruined town, leaving Raikou and Espeon in their dust. 
     "Alright.  I need you to find a few things for me." Raikou said.  He told Espeon his list and the cat-like pokemon dashed off to search the rubble.

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Ahrianna said nothing to anyone as she gently carried Growlithe from the inn. She passed Entei and turned weary but fierce eyes to him. She quietly accused,"It is you to blame for my poor Growlithe's pain now. It is at times like this that I lose the faith I have in the peace that I know Pokemon have." She limped away and Suicune strode towards her. 'I have found a small cottage that is bareable for us to rest in. I will lead the way.' Ahri nodded and followed Suicune to the cottage he had spoken of. She had stayed here before, know the family that made this their home.

Without a word, she placed her small pup on the bed and curled up next to him on her unharmed arm and fell into a deep slumber. Suicune took up his post, sitting vigilant on the floor at the foot of the bed, protecting the ones he loved.

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Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily
Life is but a dream.

Kari had lost focus some time ago, and this is where her mind had wandered to. She was thinking about the sea, about diving under and grabbing up some tasty fish. About fancifully swimming around with the goldeen and the finneon. Lugia was nagging at her mind, trying to get her to refocus. It wasn't of deathly importance, this discussion, but it would definitely be something that would be good to know later. Finally, his calling got through her scattered brain. KARI!!
Ow! what?
We're meeting with Raikou for training for a special move tomorrow morning.
...When did Raikou get here?
Lugia sighed. Quite some time ago actually. We're going to practice something called Synch Mode where we move and act the same way in order to get more powerful.
Hmm...sound like fun.
Good. Better get some sleep then.
We start training at dawn.
"Are you kidding me? No freakin' way!"
Kari was more than a little upset about getting up so early, and this showed in the fact that her intended thought message to Lugia came out as a vocal exclamation.

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Raikou and Espeon sat at the edge of the forest the next morning and watched the sun rise over the horizon.  Espeon sat atop the supplies he had collected, a mound of torn bed sheets, logs, and other random devices that Raikou had asked for.  Ying and Moltres were flying from the site towards the monk temple to the north. 

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Duama was the first one to arrive on the scene. He walked up just as Rayquaza had flown down.

Rayquaza had examined his old friend with a smile.

"Of all the people, I never would have imagined it would be you to train us. But i had always hoped.Though you have seen better days." Rayquaza said with an amused smile

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I don’t imagine that anyone would look very good after having their strength ripped forcibly from their body less than twenty-four hours ago, Entei commented mildly, coming up on Duama’s left.

Ava and Lucario followed along in his wake, just a few steps behind the legendary beast. As Ava took her place by Entei’s side, Lucario broke off from the group, moving to sit down beneath one of the trees on the sidelines of the gathering. She was clearly still weak from expending so much aura the day before, but she had obstinately refused to stay behind, having argued with Entei that she could rest just as well watching them practice as she could waiting for their return.

Entei inspected his brother thoroughly in the weak light of the early morning. Finally, he nodded to Raikou conversationally. You look terrible.

At his side, Ava watched the proceedings in silence. She had slept little during the night, and had woken well before dawn to wash and meditate before their intended meeting with Raikou. She was awake and alert, but that didn’t extend to idle conversation.

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     "I've looked worse.  And y'all will too if ya don't wise up." Raikou barked.  He scanned the clearing, inspecting the students who had assembled on time.  "Before we begin, Moltres and his priest have left to warn other priests and legendaries about the coming battle, and will not be joining us.  The others will learn the consequences of being late to my training soon enough." Raikou said. 
     "Now, sync mode is not a shortcut to becoming stronger.  It is the result of a perfect bond between priest and pokemon.  It is a last resort, a plan Z, that activates unconsciously when the priest and legendary have run out of options.  James and I first discovered it by accident, when we were the only things standing between Regigigas and erasing a village from the map."  Raikou paused, and continued.  "Unfortunately, I don't have time for each of you to go out and save a village from a massive Legendary.  And I can't teach you everything because everyone's transformation is slightly different.  All I can do is point you in the right direction.  The first step is a sparring match.  You all are going to fight your partners."

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((you have to give people more time to post before you can decide if they're late or not. >.< ))

Kari and Lugia had taken shelter on the beach for the night. When dawn came Lugia awoke without any trouble, but Kari wouldn't have it. She batted off Lugia's giant muzzle as it tried to shove her awake. Finally it had had enough and simply grabbed the collar of her clothes and carried her to the place where where the training was to commence.

Lugia looked rather comical lumbering towards them like an awkward bird with a sleeping Kari in it's mouth. It didn't apologize for being late, because in a sense, they weren't they had arrived exactly as the sun had cleared the horizon. It seemed though that Raikou had a different definition of what dawn was.

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duama rolled is eyes, seeking to ignore the duo as he turned his attention back to raikou. "Fight our partners? You can't be serious. Our powers are on a fraction of theirs, or at least the part we can channel." Duama could barely believe what he was hearing. Rayquaza was massive, goin so far as being one of the tallest documented legendaries of all time. And he was supposed to fight the legendary with enough power to stop Groudon and Kyogre?

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As Lugia plodded towards them, a still-sleeping Kari dangling from its mouth, Duama burst into speech. “Fight our partners? You can’t be serious. Our powers are only a fraction of theirs, or at least the part we can channel.” He sounded incredulous, and who could blame him? Rayquaza was huge.

Ava and Entei exchanged silent, concerned glances with one another, but neither of them tried to argue with Raikou. They stood quietly, waiting to see what would happen.

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Ahriana was sitting away from the group, close enough to listen, but not be included. Fight her partner and friend? She looked at Suicune who had his head laying on his front paws, eyes closed. She knew he was weary, but she knew he could hear every word being spoken. There was no way that she could fight. It wasn't in her nature, albeit if she needed to, she could. She was also injured from the day before. Nothing would be accomplished if she performed such rash actions in the condition they were all in. Her Growlithe had woken this morning and had been whimpering in pain through the entire dawn. It pained her to hear his feeble whines. All she could do at this point was listen, watch, learn, and provide whatever assistance the others needed.

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(Its mostly for the character Xi.  Raikou's impatient)

"You'll be suprised, Duama, how much power you can utilize.  Even at your current level." Raikou said.  He was not suprised by their reaction to the first step, but he was disapointed by it.  Priests who refuse to fight in training could never truely fight in a real battle.  "Now, all of you came to me because you want to learn to fight alongside your partners.  The best way to fight with a partner is to know their strengths and weaknesses so that you can compensate for them.  And the best way to learn their strengths and weaknesses is to fight them yourselves!  How did you all get this far without sparring with each other?"

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((He may be impatient, but he can't make dawn come any faster than it will.))

It's simple really, we would either spar with wild pokemon on our encounters or not spar at all. Kari has lived the life of a fisher until recently. Lugia said so that all could hear.
Kari mumbled something than sounded like 'num num fish'.

Lugia rolled it's eyes and lowered his head, then dropped her from a distance safe enough not to harm her but high enough to certainly wake her. She jolted awake and shouted out a curse at her partner, then realize where she was and what was going on. She blushed and moved backward to stand by Lugia, making sure to stomp on it's toe as she did so.

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"All I've done since I was born was fight....what's one more I suppose." Duama pumps his fist toward Rayquaza, then flipping out his thumb he immediately points it down.

"Guess you'll have to go down partner."

Rayquaza grinned "We shall see." Rayquaza reared back and lunged toward Duama in a strike. Narrowly dodging with a sideflip he grinned.

"You're a bit quicker than I thought."

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"Ok then Lugia, you and Kari don't have to do the first part of the training.  You don't have to do any of the rest either.  Just do me a favor...  When the others HAVE completed the training and are ready to combat James, I want you and your priest to go find a lake or an ocean as far away from the battle as possible and catch fish until the battle's over."  Raikou said, smiling sarcastically.  He would not force the legendaries to finish the training, they would never achieve syncronization like that, not even a partial sync.  And Raikou wasn't about to waste time teaching people who didn't want to learn.  He turned his attention to Duama and Rayquaza's sparring match.  Rayquaza obviously had the upper hand, but Raikou knew not to underestimate a priest with that level of determination. 

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(oh damn, Poke-burn!  :D )
Duama smirked. He was starting to understand Rayquaza's attack pattern and was waiting for his moment. As rayquaza struck again a glint shone in Duama's eyes. He leapt up and turned in the air. Usong dragon claw his plunged the fingers of his good arm into rayquaza's back. Rayquaza roared in pain as he tried in vain to reach Duama.

"Heh! One of your strengths is your weakness...your size. Because of those arms of yours you can't reach me. I remember in our travel that you never once reached back but turned around." Feel confident Duama charged a hyper beam.

"Not yet."

 giving one good buck Rayquaza managed to dislodge Duama and in one fluid motion, with a swipe of his tail knocked Duama to the ground from the air. Hard. Duama bounced twice with a thud and came to a stop. The amount of pain was too much even for words. The wind was knocked out of him as he looked up at the sky blankly. Rayquaza's instincts told him to finish the match, but he found himself hesitating....

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(Don't mind the tl;dr-ness of this post. I was going to break this up into a handful of shorter posts, but I'm too lazy. And maybe this will make up for not being able to post all weekend.)

Ava winced in sympathy when Duama hit the ground. That had to hurt. Even though he’d been using Rest to speed his recovery, he still wasn’t back to one hundred percent. She hoped his broken ribs could stand up to the strain of his overlarge sparring partner and that massive tail—otherwise he would be taking the long road to recovery.

That must have hurt, Entei commented in a very offhand tone as he watched Rayquaza hover over the loudmouth priest, hesitating to end the fight.

In the back of his mind, the legendary beast mulled over the idea of sparring with his priestess. He and Ava had never sparred against one another—the chief of their fighting experience came from battling wild Pokémon, and much of the rest of their time together had been devoted to the fundamentals of control and self-discipline. They could contain a forest fire and extinguish it… but how would they manage against each other in a one-on-one battle? It would be interesting.

Entei slid a glance at Ava. She was still watching the match between Duama and Rayquaza, unaware of the direction her partner’s thoughts had taken. Through their link, however, he knew that she was uneasy at the thought of a sparring match between them, and more than a little self-conscious about putting her own lack of fighting skills on display. It fluttered at the back of her mind, like a moth to the flame, and nervous tension lined her still form.

That was a bridge they would have to burn if they ever wanted to make any progress in their teamwork. He eyed the young woman speculatively. He would just have to ambush her.

Ava was only vaguely aware of the shift in her partner’s attention, but their link was quiet; and Entei seemed lost in his own thoughts, so she didn’t scrutinize him. Whatever he was thinking, he would share it with her when he was ready. In the meantime…

This match was going nowhere.

Entei heaved a sigh. Oh, to hell with it, he uttered in exasperation, and turned to pounce on his priestess.

Ava only had a split-second’s advance warning before Entei lunged at her. She leapt backwards with a yelp of surprise to avoid being Stomped on, and her eyes went huge as the ground crunched under her partner’s paws when he landed—right where she had been standing.

The Legendary used the immediate force of his landing to propel himself forward, his front claws glowing bluish-white as he came at her with Crush Claw, turning the sidelines of Duama’s and Rayquaza’s match into his own practice field.

There wasn’t time to think. Entei was quick, and she hadn’t put enough distance between them to dodge him a second time. Ava took a step backward and to the right as he closed in, using ExtremeSpeed to put on a burst of speed and strength as she brought her arms up and around. Her hands were a blur as they connected just below the black cuffs around her partner’s front legs, redirecting his attack away and to the left of her body. She wasn’t physically strong enough to shove him away, but she could still sidestep him and alter the course of his attacks just enough to put him off-target.

Entei’s claws ripped several jagged furrows through the ground as he landed the second time, sending clods of dirt and grass into the air. He growled his approval and turned on his priestess, opening his jaws. The flames of Fire Fang dripped from his fangs and rippled along his muzzle as he came at her again.

He was expecting her to jump back as he closed with her the second time, not wanting to tangle with the flames, but she surprised him. She lunged forward to meet his attack, and as his Fire Fang grazed the length of her arm he felt a searing pain across that side of his face, mere inches below his eye—a Crush Claw. Snarling with pain, Entei reared, turning his face away from whatever had cut him, and then lunged forward, using his sheer bulk to knock her sideways and to the ground.

Ava gasped in surprise when Entei shouldered into her, putting his weight behind it and throwing her backwards with a force that knocked the air from her lungs. She hit the ground at an angle and was sent into a tumbling roll that left her sprawled out several feet away, beneath one of the outer forest trees. Her sleeve, which had been set ablaze by his Fire Fang, was extinguished during her tumble, and she lay there on her side, coughing and trying to catch her breath.

Entei grimaced as thin lines of blood trickled down his face. That’s what I get for not giving her time to think, he grumbled to himself, walking over to make sure she hadn’t been burned too badly by the Fire Fang.

A dark shadow fell over her head as Entei leaned over her, checking her for injuries. Ava rolled over onto her back and blinked, giving him a rather dazed look. “Ow.”

Your arm? he asked, glancing at it.

She turned her head to the side, also looking at it. “Still attached,” she replied in a calm, though somewhat bemused tone that told him she was still pretty out-of-it.

Entei leaned forward for a closer inspection. The once-white sleeve was charred black and had been ripped open from the cuff to the shoulder seam. He stared. Where the Fire Fang should have sliced open her arm, there was only a long, thin cut from the side of her wrist to the end of her elbow, surrounded on either side by a long strip of skin that looked like it had been sunburned. He glanced at Ava’s face, ready to question how she had escaped with so little damage to her arm, but the girl’s eyes were closed, and her breathing was deep and even—she had dozed off beneath the shady tree, unconscious to Entei’s consternation.

The legendary beast sighed and rolled his eyes. She must have been using Calm Mind when she lunged in with the Crush Claw. No wonder she was tired.

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Rayquaza closed his mouth as duama lost consciousness.

"Even in a sparring match you take things too far...sigh such a troublesome partner."

carefully scooping his partner up with his tail Rayquaza slithered over to Entei and and the sleeping Ava. He gently laid Duama's head in the resting priestess' lap and sighed again to himself.
"Had i been the same as I was 1000 years ago i no doubt would have ended such a boy's life without a thought....yet something in this boy mad me choose him....the more I think about it the more it puzzles me. Then I realized...he is the perfect deceiver." Rayquaza said this last part with a smile on his face. Something that truly confused Entei.

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"I'm impressed.  Maybe you people do have some potential after all." Raikou said telepathically.  The matches were more fierce than he had expected, and he was pleasantly suprised.  Raikou had not seen either of the priests harness that much of their pokemon's power before now.  "You all don't have to worry, we won't do this very often.  I just wanted to see how much work I had to do.  Now, for the second part of the training, I want you guys to isolate yourselves from the other groups.  Go off into the woods or the lake or something and meditate together on your experience today, as well as your past experiences.  At sunset tonight we will regroup here and discuss Syncronization more thoroughly." Raikou said. 

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After seeing Ava do it Kari though that maybe even she could give something like this a try. "Okay Lugia. We can totally do this."
Okay, then. Ready Kari?
"Yes" She said confidently, getting herself into an awkward and obviously inexperience battle stance. Lugia opened it's mouth and fired a swift hydro pump, and knocked Kari her feet and sent her flying backwards. She hit the side of a building hard, so hard the flimsy damaged frame gave way and collapsed after she has passed through it.
Lugia got a look of, 'oh shit' on it's face, which was very odd to see, and tentatively walked over to the new rubble that was once a building. Kari? It said, looking over at where she landed.
Her eyes were unfocused and her head was spinning. She was making some kind of odd noise that sounded something like, "Unya unya unya"
Too much? Lugia asked rhetorically, picking her up with it's mouth and placing her in the pile of incapacitated priests.

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Duama's rest had already begun to take affect as he slept, moments later he awoke in the mountainous terrain on the northwest side of town. Wincing again he sat up.

"UGH, where are we?"

"Outside town, the next phase was to separate ourselves from the others and mediatate on our past experiences to become closer."

Duama raised an eyebrow at the concept. When he thought about it he really didnt know that much about Rayquaza and vice versa. he honestly wasn't too keen on revisiting his own past however watching Rayquaza's numerous lifetimes over and over was something that was too good to pass up.

" we go."

Flying off the cliff they were on duama sat indian-style and hovered in midair. As he closed his eyes he noticed that rayquaza began to fly around him in a slow circle...the sound of him flying around him was soothing....almost rhymthic




slowly all other sounds faded away til only the sound of wind passing was in his ears



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After Raikou had given them their next set of instructions, Entei watched as Rayquaza picked up the still-unconscious Duama and took to the air, leaving the group behind. He shook his head and settled down in the grass beside his own sleeping priestess—just in time to watch the disastrously short sparring match between Kari and Lugia. He winced when the little priestess was sent flying, inadvertently knocking down the rest of an already-damaged building, and then chuckled at the ‘oh crap’ expression on Lugia’s face as it hurried over to check on her. A few years ago, that might’ve been him and Ava instead.

As Lugia carried the now-unconscious Kari over to the group, Entei glanced down at Ava, amused. He could let her sleep a while longer. The day was still young, and she had earned a short rest before the next phase of training began.


A lazy breeze stirred the air, rifling through the treetops as the leaves rustled and whispered overhead, carrying the sweet scent of wildflowers and berries mingled with wood smoke. Ava inhaled slowly as she began to come around, stretching out her limbs in a very cat-like manner and blinking sleepily. She was still lying in the grass, flat on her back and staring up into the thick, leafy branches of the tree she had landed under. It took her a moment to remember how she had gotten there. Then she tilted her head at Entei, who was lying next to her.

…how long have I been out?

Entei shifted, turning his head to look at her. He hadn’t realized that she was waking up. Three-quarters of an hour, perhaps, he replied, watching her thoughtfully. Not too long.

Ava sat up with a little groan, and winced when her right arm twinged. She glanced down at it, noting with some surprise the blackened sleeve and the thin cut and minor burns along her forearm. She had been too tired to really notice it before her impromptu nap. “Looks like I got off easy,” she remarked, eyeing the burns with morbid interest. “The heat from the fire must have cauterized the incision, while the Calm Mind kept the rest of my arm from being completely roasted from the flames.”

Yes, you were extremely lucky, Entei replied, sounding rather put-out. And it was a very stupid thing to do. You could have been seriously injured, and for what? A training match? He glowered at her for a moment before finally continuing, grumbling. Are you well enough to stand? There is more that we must do today.

The priestess smiled at him. Underneath all of his admonishments, she could tell he had been worried, and she couldn’t begrudge him for that. She pushed herself to her feet and stood, unsteadily but with determination. “What comes next?”

Climb up. We’re going to find a quiet place where we can meditate without interruptions.

Ava nodded and grabbed one of the spiked plates coming out of Entei’s back, swinging herself up in front of them. She took a moment to glance over at Lucario, who was dozing peacefully beneath a tree near Raikou and Espeon. She needed the rest, and she would be safe there. The priestess leaned forward against her partner, grateful for his strength. “Alright, let’s go.”

Without looking back, Entei plunged headfirst into the forest, leaving the others behind.

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"It looks like we'll have to teach this one to fight on top of everything else." Raikou said to Lugia.  He new Lugia to be a gentle pokemon by nature, so it made sense for his priest to be an inexperienced fighter.  But Lugia was still a powerful Legendary, so his priest should still be powerful.  It would be something they'd have to fix before the next fight.

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She won't be happy about it, but I agree. I don't know what I'd do if I were to lose her. Lugia said to Raikou, looking down at Kari as she lay. I, however am out of practice. I haven't participated in real combat in many decadess. It will take a while for me to get back into fighting shape.

Kari stirred a little, making a small moan, she turned on to her side and curled into the fetal position. Lugia let out a sigh, I'll take her to the ocean for a while for some reflection on things. I hope to see you tomorrow. it said, picking up Kari with it's mouth and lifted off for the short jaunt to the coast.

Once there Lugia set down in the water, almost like a giant blue swan. It set Kari down on it's back, then raised it's back fins so as to help keep her on. It moved slowly through the water in a relaxed fashion. Lugia poked at Kari's mind, delving into it and reliving their time together through their shared memories. Some points were confusing and unclear because of different perceptions or emotions the individuals had connected with certain memories, but for the most part their life together was crisp and focused.

Lugia could feel Kari's fear of combat, spawned from a fear of being left alone. She had become so attached to Lugia that life without it was beyond imagining. This touched the pokemon deeply. It gave her a mental embrace and continued wading through everything until the sun was low in the sky.

By this time Kari had awoken and was lounging on Lugia's back, sharing in the intimate mind meld. We should probably get back They each thought. When they were this unified their thoughts rarely were individual. Lugia changed their direction and began heading back for shore. They hadn't gone too far out, maybe a half mile or so.

They arrived back and Lugia walked up on to the beach, Kari still on it's back. Their minds were separating now, becoming their own again. We were supposed to meet back at sundown, and it's almost time.
We'll head back then.
Lugia carefully walked through the town to the place they were supposed to meet. Sat down and waited. Kari still on it's back stroking it's leathery skin.

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They had been winding their way through the forest for more than half of an hour before Entei finally slowed. They had come to a small, grassy clearing within the trees, where the treetops parted to reveal the brilliant blue of the afternoon sky. A small brook snaked through the trees that bordered the space, filling the air with the gentle sounds of running water, underscored by the quiet chatter of the forest Pokémon.

The legendary beast looked around the little clearing slowly, murmuring in a quiet voice, This should do nicely.

It’s beautiful, Ava replied through their link, following his gaze. She didn’t want to disturb the peaceful sounds of the forest by speaking aloud. She turned and slid down from his back with a light thud, taking a step out of the shaded trees and into the sunlight. It was warm, and she closed her eyes for a moment, turning her face up to the sky.

From across the clearing, a small blue-and-black figure crept out of the trees, watching Entei and its priestess with a mixture of curiosity and awe. The little Shinx had never seen a Legendary Pokémon in this part of the forest before, nor at such close range. There were stories of a powerful Raikou that watched over all of the forest Pokémon and kept them safe from bad things… but this wasn’t a Raikou. And it was traveling with a human, no less! The Raikou of their forest shunned humans—of that, it was certain. But still, it was curious. It ventured a little bit closer, eyes wide, keeping low to the ground in case they turned out to be unfriendly.

We really should begin, Entei reminded his priestess ruefully. He knew how much she loved sunlit afternoons, but this wasn’t the time for distractions. He stepped out of the shade and paced around for a moment before hunkering down in a warm patch of grass. Ava?

She opened her eyes with a soft sigh. Sorry, she replied, her eyes crinkling as she offered him a rather sheepish smile. She plopped down into the grass beside Entei, close enough to lean against his warm side. It took her a few minutes of shifting around to get settled as she fussed with her long skirts, tugging and rearranging them until she could comfortably assume a half-lotus sitting position. One she was ready, she looked up and locked eyes with a very startled Shinx.

The Shinx in question leapt back with a yelp, its fur glittering with little sparks of electricity. It hadn’t meant to be noticed. And now the Entei was looking its way, too!

Ava shaded her eyes against the dazzling display lighting up the little Pokémon’s fur. She smiled apologetically at it, keeping very still in the hopes that it wouldn’t panic. She’d heard stories of people that had been permanently blinded by frightened Shinxes, and she wasn’t eager to startle one and try it out for herself. “I’m sorry, little one; we didn’t mean to scare you,” she told it, keeping her voice calm and level. “We won’t hurt you—we’re just going to borrow your clearing for a little while. Okay?”

Entei squinted at the Shinx. I would appreciate it if you doused the lightning, he grumbled at it, leaning forward to rest his head on his front paws. He closed his eyes, relaxing into the beginnings of his meditative state. We’re not going to attack.

The Shinx looked between Entei and the human girl. They didn’t look like they were about to attack. Perhaps they were safe. Its fur dimmed considerably at this thought, though it still watched them warily.

“Thank you!” Ava beamed at it for a moment, the settled back against Entei when she felt him tug at her through their link. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and dove into their connection. This, at least, was something she knew how to do.

Still standing on the outskirts of the clearing, the Shinx continued to eye the meditating pair. The electrical sparks slowly faded as it stared; and as its initial fear started to diminish it began to find them much more interesting. It inched closer, and closer still, wondering at the strange sitting thing that they were doing. Finally, it sat down in the grass a handful of feet away and laid its head on its paws, much like Entei, and continued to watch.

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Celebi darted through the trees, singing a soft tune. She spun, landing in a tree next to a sleeping Noctowl. It opened it's eye and nearly fell from it's perch from the shock. Celebi giggled and waved as it floated on. The trees seemed to stand taller, the vines climb higher, and even the little blades of grass seemed as though they were trying to reach up to meet the little Celebi. She giggled some more, opening a portal and flipping through.

She popped up in the woods outside of a small clearing, pearing in she saw the majestic Entei napping with a little human girl. Curious, she's never seen Entei before. Why was he so far from home. Celebi grinned as she glanced down, taking notice of a little Shinx laying in a mirrored appearance of Entei. Being the clever little one she was she smiled and drifted down ever so slowly and nestled into the little Shinx's side, just as the human girl did with Entei. Sure to shock him when he woke up.

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(a filler post...)

When the priests and legendaries disbanded Raikou began his own meditation.  He stood, perfectly still with eyes closed, and attempted to clear his mind.  There was still alot the priests didn't know about their training, and about their enemy, but giving them the details all at once would sabatoge their efforts.  Raikou needed a plan.  Four hours passed in this way.

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(I'm back, here's a long post for lost time, but I think you'll enjoy it)

As the afternoon as passed into evening Duama and rayquaza remained in on the outside virtually the same, however inside much had past. It was amazing to see the centuries gone by in Rayquaza's stead. soaring through ancient skies rued completely by pokemon, quelling the feud of Groudon and Kyogre at the dawn of man and watching as the powers of those pokemon gave refuge to the was all very breathtaking. Duama in rayqaza's stead soared into the strata, wind whistling as he broke the the cloud layer the silence up here.....nothing human nor pokemone could hope to reach this height let alone live in it. Rayquaza's realm, his home. Duama-rayquaza closed his eyes and welcomed the peace.

Suddenly the familiar 'shoom' sound began to flood their ears. Slowly Duama's eye's futtered open and he broke the stance, floating upright in midair.

Rayquaza chuckled "So, I suppose this world is as bad as you think it is through my eyes, eh boy?" he questioned.

scoffing Duama answered his trusted partner. "Heh, I guess it wasn't so bad...I understand the hope you had for the humans Rayquaza and how unfair it would've been to deny them that chance to grow and learn as the pokemon had....but after all this time...war, deception, destruction of nature and pokemon alike, do you regret saving us?"

Rayquaza closed his eyes, taking much stock in the idea.

"I was the only one with the power to stop them, had I left it unchecked all would have perished, human and pokemon alike. I knew what needed to be done. But no, I suppose I don't regret it, I only regret what some humans have decided to do with that chance to live, I lament for their own sakes. That is why I chose you Duama, a boy in the darkest corner with no example of shined. You could smile and be happy, more than that you could laugh. *chuckle* oh how I do miss those times when you would beg me to take you with me into the skies. Often I wonder where that young boy went to." rayquaza trailed off.

pained by the accusation Duama looked away and mumbled bitterly. "Perhaps you should ask his mother."

"You must know by now Duama none of that was your-"

"let's head back, I'm sure Raikou is waiting."  he said cutting off rayquaza. As the serpentine pokemon sighed he soon follow

"One step forward in one way, and two steps back in another. Eh, boy?"

(Hey! finally I gave Rayquaza some real dialog! Yay!  :thumbsup:)

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(I see your long post, and raise you an even longer one. :P)

As the afternoon slipped away, priestess and Legendary sank deeper into their meditation, and their two minds slowly melded to form a single consciousness. Together, they fell into their shared memories and experiences, and time fell away.

They had been together for fourteen years. A long time, for a human; but to a Legendary, fourteen years was nothing… And though many of Ava’s memories had started to blur around the edges, Entei’s were still as sharp and clear as if they’d happened only yesterday. He could still remember their first meeting, on that hot autumn day when the land was dry and brittle, surrounded by a tide of roaring flames. It had been fate.

They were like-minded. Stubborn. Compassionate. Loyal. Determined. Kindred spirits.

They had already learned how to work together. Now they would learn how to fight together. It would be a challenge, Entei knew. He could sense Ava’s hesitation, her uncertainty, bubbling just beneath the surface. She doubted her abilities, her control. She didn’t want to disappoint him, or let him down. She was afraid… But she was more afraid of what might happen if she didn’t learn. Today was just the first step in many, and they would see it through.

Stubborn, as always… he thought to her as their minds began to separate, untangling their two consciousnesses from one another and reestablishing themselves as separate entities.

That’s the pot calling the kettle, right there, Ava replied lightly, amused. If I’m stubborn, and we’re kindred spirits… that would make you what?

Impudent girl, Entei admonished, opening his eyes and looking down at her with a chuckle. You youngsters have no respect.

Ava sighed as they fully separated from each other and her consciousness was returned to her physical body. She opened her eyes, feeling calm and refreshed—better than she’d felt in many weeks. “And that’s where you’re wrong,” she told Entei laughingly, turning where she sat to hug as much of him as she could fit her arms around. “I respect you heaps… and you know it.”

At the sound of the priestess’ voice, the little Shinx murmured sleepily and stirred, slowly coming back to itself. It hadn’t meant to doze off, but that’s obviously what had happened—and now the sun was low in the sky, as night began to creep up on the forest dwellers. Blinking a bit, the Shinx suddenly realized that there was something cuddled up to its side… something warm, and rather larger than it was. The Shinx turned its head and stared at Celebi for a moment, too shocked to react, until…


Its fur sparked, lighting up the entire clearing like it was high noon, and the Shinx leapt away from Celebi with a sharp yelp, bringing him much closer to where Ava and Entei were still sitting.

“Yeow!” Ava shaded her eyes against the bright lights of the Pokémon, wincing. “Entei, what is it?”

Calm down, little one, and put out that light, Entei growled, authority in his tone as he squinted at what had startled the Shinx. It’s Celebi.

The Shinx’s fur dimmed significantly at the Legendary’s order, but it still crouched low, facing Celebi and growling as tiny flickers of lightning raced along its body.

“Celebi?” Ava’s voice was wary, but also slightly awed. Entei had told her stories about Celebi, the supposed spirit of the forest. “Here?”

Yes, Entei replied, still staring at Celebi, somewhat surprised but not in the least bit afraid. What on earth are you doing here?

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Duama landed a few yards in front of Raikou, who he himself appeared to be meditating. "Taking a nap? Didn't think legendaries had a bedtime." he joked.

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"We do when we have to deal with insolent humans like yourself." Raikou spat.  His meditation was obviously over.  "Congragulations, you're the first ones back.  Should I continue to expect this punctuality from you, or is this some kind of ploy to annoy me?"

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"Eh, who knows? My ways are planned, just a force of nature." he said in a smarmy tone. "Don't tell me I get to you that much."

"Easy, boy. Raikou is known for his temper, and the patience he's shown you up to now....well it's a wonder he hasn't super heated all that hot air you keep spouting." Rayquaza reprimanded. He wasn't keen on the idea of raikou harming his priest but even he had to admit that at times Duama really had it coming to him.

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Celebi rubbed her tired eyes. Well, I was napping. she sent out mentaly with a giggle. She drifted down to the Shinx, poking it in the nose and flipping backwards through the are. She darted through the air, circling around the three, diving and flipping, teasing them. Celebi landed on Entei's back, snuggling into his fur. She watched the human with big eyes.

What are you doing here? I've never seen a human quite like you.

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Well, I was taking a nap.

Ava watched as Celebi danced around them, bemused. She had never met a Legendary quite like this one--not that she had such vast experience when it came to Legendary Pokemon. But Celebi was so... inquisitive, and she seemed rather playful.

The Shinx yelped as Celebi poked it in the nose, and jumped back into Ava's knees. It blinked, a little dazed, then crouched at her side, glaring at the Celebi as she alighted on Entei's back.

What are you doing here? I've never seen a human quite like you.

"Umm... I'm Ava," the priestess replied, blinking at Celebi curiously.

Ava is my priestess, Entei added, turning his head to look at the Celebi now perched on his back.

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Your priestess. Don't priestess' watch over temples and such?

Celebi giggled as the Shinx stood there in shock. Such a fragile little Pokemon. How did they ever evolve? They are just so little and adorable. Celebi looked back to the human girl with a soft smile, nestling into the warm fur.

(Short post is short.)

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(Ha ha, nothing wrong with a short post.)

Your priestess. Don't priestess' watch over temples and such?

“Ah, well…” Ava stared at Celebi uncertainly; had this forest spirit never heard of humans bonding with other Legendaries? “There are priestesses, yes, that watch over temples… but I’m a different kind of priestess. I’m—”

Ava and I have formed a bond, Entei interrupted her calmly. We have made a pact. She is a part of me now, as I am a part of her. He peered at Celebi curiously. Have you never taken a human partner before?

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Why would I bond to a human? Humans die. They are fragile and their little lives end so easily. She hovered above them, a serious look on her cute round face. I mean, us Pokemon can be fragile as well. She gestured to the Shinx at Ava's feet. And we can be ignorant and arrogant. But we can withstand much more. I couldn't bond to something that I wouldn't be able to spend eternity with...

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"Eh, who knows? My ways are planned, just a force of nature." he said in a smarmy tone. "Don't tell me I get to you that much."

"Easy, boy. Raikou is known for his temper, and the patience he's shown you up to now....well it's a wonder he hasn't super heated all that hot air you keep spouting." Rayquaza reprimanded. He wasn't keen on the idea of raikou harming his priest but even he had to admit that at times Duama really had it coming to him.

"You're lucky the world needs you, and luckier that it needs me to train you." Raikou said.  He looked around for the other priests who lacked Duama's punctuality.  "I wish I could say that finding the other priests could be part of your training, but this is one meeding they're allowed to be late to.  Their meditiation is more important than what I have to say."

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We don’t live forever, either, Entei reminded her gently. He looked down at Ava for a moment, then back at Celebi. It’s a risk, but there are times when the risk is worth taking. If you ever meet the right human… someone you are drawn to, as I was to Ava… I think you will understand it better. He turned his head and nuzzled Ava affectionately. We may not be together for all eternity, but I cherish the time we do have together now.

Ava smiled softly, leaning into Entei’s warmth. She understood how he felt.

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Just then as if out of now were only a few feet away from Duama and Raikou, Jacob road in on the back of an arcanine with ninetails running alone side him. He then got out and the arcanine transformed back into mew. Jacob looked at the ruined town in disbelief. "Mew what could have possibly happened here!?" He asked in an alarmed tone

Mew drifted back and fourth over Jacob's shoulders also staring at the town, "I myself do not know but it looks as is this place became a battle field. She replied to him in a sadden voice.

Jacob looked down at ninetails and back up at mew then plopped down on the ground in shock, "I cant believe it this was our home for a while and all those nice people that helped us when ninetails was sick, oh how they must be suffering." He said looking at mew with sad eyes "Well we can't just sit here we need to go and see if there is anything we can do to help." He said shooting up still not noticing that there was two legendaries and a priest behind him.

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"Thanks for tending to Arcanine's wounds for me." Ryo said as he bowed to a lady & begin to walk away. Arcanine was happy that his wounds was healed up to follow his master again. "Now where should I go now? Hey Articuno, you know of any places near-by to visit?" He said holding his crystal blue necklace. A bright shine came from it & out pop a beautiful blue bird whose wings shined with snowflakes slowly dropped from it.
"There is a town that is not to far from here." She said in a very soft spoken. "I can fly you there if you do not mind." She flew down towards him & landed in front of him. "That is an great offer Articuno but I must decline for now." He said as he rub her beak. "Now lets hurry along before nightfall, or we'll be camping again." He said with a smile as Arcanine follows with a graceful bark.

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Lugia looked at Kari, and Kari exchanged that look. Maybe the old Raikou was going blind because the two of them had been sitting and waiting for the other priests for quite some time now. Lugia and Kari shared a genius thought. Lugia picked up a rock with it's mouth and brought it around to give it to Kari. She grabbed the rock, smirked and lobbed it through the air.

It hit the back of Duama's head with a thwack. "Hey, dumb face! What took you so long to get here?"
I can't believe you didn't see us sitting here. If we're going to go so unnoticed we aren't very inclined to keep attending these sessions. We have things we'd rather be doing.
Lugia projected so that Raikou, Dua and Rayquaza could all hear.

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Turnin around and rearing back dam fired a hyper beam at kari's feet sending her flying. She rolled off lugia's back to hit the ground with a thud. "consider that a warning shot kid. Next time you feel brave I'll take your head off." he growled.

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"At this point, you'd be better off not attending." Raikou said.  Had they been there the entire time?  Did it matter?  If they arrived earlier than Duama and Rayquaza they probably hadn't understood the purpose of the exercise.  It was already unlikely that Duama and Raquaza got the full meaning from it.  But this, Raikou knew, was his closed minded prejudice talking.  "Once Entei gets back we can begin.  We need him to light the firewood." Raikou said.  Espeon had spent the day gathering sticks and branches to light and piling them infront of Raikou.

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Lugia let out a fierce roar and stamped it's foot forward. Watch who you're talking to you damned punk. You've tainted Rayquaza's ancient and noble nature with your rash arrogance. You'd best be wary of the seas from now on.
Kari put her hand on Lugia's foot, to stop it's advance. Then she smiled a sweet healing smile. In actuality she was using future sight, but Duama would have no way of knowing this.
Lugia lowered it's wing and Kari climbed aboard, sitting on it in an elegant side-sattle fashion. She shot Raikou a dagger look at his snide remark. "Funny you seem to coddle this arrogant fool, yet you completely dismiss Lugia and myself. I don't know who you think you are, but you certainly aren't as important as you seem to think."

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"ya know what, kid I've really had enough of u. You don't fight, you don't contribute to strategy, and on top of all that you insult the only person who is giving us a shot to survive this mess! People like you I hate the most. You hide all your anger behind pretenses and still claim to be noble at least you know where you stand with me. You aren't needed on this team you spoiled brat and far as I'm concerned you're not wanted either." he then turned to raikou, "I'm sorry but that needed to be said..."

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Kari quickly lept off of Lugia's back and Slapped Duama hard in the face. "Shut your poor ass mouth you uselessly aggressive male! I'll have you know that I've taken care of myself and my family for years before I left home. I rule the seas like no other could ever dream. Simply because I don't participate in the savage act of violence doesn't make me or Lugia useless! In fact, you're the one here who's not needed! You're stupid and reckless, and your skull is to think to learn anything that doesn't involve a beating you pretentious warmonger! And I'm so fucking sick of you calling me a kid!! I'm two years older than you dammit and it's time you started showing your elders some respect before you get hurt!"

Lugia's eyes were wide with shock. She had never seen Kari go off like this on someone before. This boy must have really been pushing her buttons. Kari was practically steaming, however she stifled herself, give a short bow to Raikou and stormed off toward the beach.
Kari! Wait up! Lugia moved to follow her after looking Daggers at Duama, and sadly at Rayquaza. Control your priest some, sky guardian. it said, before leaving.

Lugia arrived at the beach but saw nothing, until the sun reflected off of the water and it saw a figure out amid the waves. It waded into the water to find Kari floating on her back, her dress fanning out in an ethereal fashion as the ocean waves lapsed around her. Are you alright? it asked, it's concern flowing freely through their link. "How did we get mixed up in this, Lugia? And why is fighting always the answer for some people?"
I don't know. it said, sorrowfully. It seems some people just aren't capable of otherwise. Lugia snarled, I should have eaten him for saying such aweful things to you.
"But then your stomach would be upset. You know not to eat garbage." She chuckled. Lugia smiled, Kari, your parents taught you better than that. A lady wouldn't say such things and you know it.
"I do. It's just that some humans can be so arrogant and stupid some times. You don't see pokemon go around treating each other that way."
Lugia bent it's head down around Kari and the two of them floated out to the edge of the shallows for a while. Lugia drawing Kari into the deepest reaches of their link in an attempt to soothe and calm the young woman. We'll talk to Ava when next we see her. She and Entei seem to be a reasonable pair.
Kari nodded and wrapped her arms around Lugia's neck and snuggled it close. The lapping of the waves and Lugia's smooth leathery skin were beginning to comfort her, and she drifted into a half-sleep while Lugia kept her afloat.

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"I can't say you humans aren't an opinionated species." Raikou sighed.  The argument, however entertaining, made him realize some things that he was trying to ignore.  He looked at Rayquaza, and then Duama.  The sky-guardian's priest was arrogant, self rightious, and stubborn.  If his hair color were different, he could have been the splitting image of James.  Raikou shook away the idea and focused again.  "Its getting late.  We need Entei and Ava to come back soon.  I don't like repeating myself."

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As Jacob was about to set forth on his way to the town he couldn't help but hear the sounds of fighting and yelling coming from behind him. Then before he could even turn around say an image of a girl run past him and then a giant pokemon. All of which caught him off guard and caused him to cling to his ninetails for a moment until he regained himself.

Jacob Turned around to notice raikou duama and Raquaza. They all seemed faintly familiar but he couldn't remember from where... He then shrugged his shoulders and decided to walk up and say hello.

Mew however already beat him to it. Mew began to dance around them and then asked them, "Are you here to help this village?" She asked ignorant to the actual situation.

Jacob and ninetails got there quickly and waved, "Hello, may i ask what you guys are doing here?" Mew then floated back over to Jacob's side, When they looked at him like he was crazy he panicked a bit, "Sorry how rude of me i always forget that when meeting people for the first time you introduce yourself, My name is Jacob its nice to meet you." He said sticking out his hand for duama to shake. "Also i see you have already met my partner Mew, and this is my ninetails" He added on, he was always bad with people and never really had to deal with other legendaries.

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"I'm aware of what I am raikou...I've been raised to be a fighter and that's all I know. That's why I want to stop James...I understand him better than anyone in this group. A day will come when those around us will never have to fight again. Til then? I'll be the 'brutish warmonger' I'll fight so they won't have to." duama smiled genuinely back at raikou. And rayquaza nodded. Kari wasn't one for war by it looked like duama couldn't save her from the trouble, "no one should see the battlefield...killing is...unnatural."

Duama shook his hand "names duama and that's rayquaza."

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(Long post is VERY long.)

Entei sighed, looking up at the sky. The light of the sun was fading fast and the shadows of the forest were creeping around them. As much as I’ve enjoyed this little sojourn, we should be heading back, he said regretfully, shaking his head. He looked at Celebi, who was still perched on his back. The ruins of a small village lie just east of here. We will be meeting Raikou there, along with Suicune, Lugia, and Rayquaza… and their priests. Much has gone on in the last handful of days, while you have been roaming the forest.

“A little too much, if you ask me,” Ava grumbled under her breath. She pushed herself to her feet with a groan, feeling stiff and sore after sitting in one position for such a long stretch of time.

The Shinx, who had curled up against her knees during their conversation with Celebi, gave a whine of protest when the priestess stood up. It had just gotten comfortable again after being so rudely awakened by the forest spirit, and now it looked like its guests were getting ready to depart. The little electric Pokémon pawed at the hem of Ava’s skirt, batting at her ankles and looking up at her with a woeful expression. It was beginning to like this human girl and her large, somewhat scary companion—why did they have to leave so soon?

Ava blinked and glanced down when the Shinx began to paw at her skirt, batting at it and looking up at her with doe eyes. Its sad expression surprised her. “Aww, what’s wrong little one?” she asked, leaning down so she could stroke its back. As she smoothed her fingers through its fur, she noted that its hind paws were black—meaning it was male… and barely more than a cub, judging from his size. “Are you lonely? Would you like to come with us?”

The Shinx immediately perked up at her words. He butted his head against her fingers playfully, turning his head this way and that so she could scratch behind his ears and underneath his chin.

“Is that a yes?” she giggled.

Ava… Entei sighed, sounding slightly exasperated. Sometimes, she could be a little bit too soft-hearted, in his opinion… but then, that was also one of the things that he liked about her. How perverse. The Legendary beast shook his head and gently nudged her uninjured shoulder. Climb up.

Ava smiled at her partner, feeling the different tones of his emotions wash through their bond. They were muted, because neither was concentrating on their link, but she still had some idea of what he’d been thinking, and it amused her. She reached down and scooped the little Shinx up, cradling him in the crook of one arm. “Excuse me,” she said politely to Celebi, and she grabbed one of the plates on Entei’s back and swung herself up. She settled the Shinx in her lap, and he immediately tangled himself in her skirt, sinking his claws into the material to make sure he didn’t fall off during their ride.

Entei glanced back at Celebi, who now floated just beside them, having been displaced by Ava and the Shinx. You are more than welcome to join us, if you like, he murmured. And I’m sure that I speak for the others when I say, Raikou and the other Legendaries would be pleased to see you.

“Undoubtedly.” Ava smiled at Celebi. She hoped that the forest spirit would come with them. She seemed like a very interesting Legendary—a mixture of humor, curiosity, and innocence that was very nice to be around.

Shinx eyed Celebi warily. He didn’t growl or spark this time, but he was certainly suspicious of anything that took that much amusement in picking on him.

Entei nodded. I hope you’ll think about it, he told Celebi honestly. But now, we’d best return… the sun is almost completely gone, and we were supposed to meet at sundown. We’ll be late as it is.

“Do you think Raikou will mind?” Ava asked him apprehensively. She still wasn’t sure what she thought of the fierce lightning Legendary yet, but she certainly didn’t want to get on his bad side on their very first day of training.

Entei chuckled, rather than make a reply. With a nod to Celebi, he plunged into the darkening forest.


They reached the edge of the forest shortly after the sun had dipped below the horizon, just a scant handful of yards away from where Raikou and the others were gathered. The skies were still smudged with the lighter purples and blues of the fading sunset, and true night would be upon them soon. Entei slowed his pace to a brisk walk as they cleared the last of the trees, and they covered the remaining distance at an easy trot.

As they got closer, Ava scrutinized the group in the failing light. Raikou and Rayquaza were easily visible, as was Duama. Suicune and Ahri were also present, though they were still somewhat removed from the group, as they had been that morning. There was also an unfamiliar young man standing with Duama, and the two of them were shaking hands as a smaller creature danced around them.

Entei? she asked cautiously as they approached. Now that they had slowed down, she began to unhook the little Shinx's claws from her dress, taking care not to rip any of the fabric.

It’s… Mew, he replied silently, after a moment’s pause. He sounded a little surprised. And that youngster must be her priest.

“Ah… Hello,” Ava said, nodding to Jacob politely as she dismounted, just a few feet away from where he and Duama were standing. She paused, the Shinx still cradled in the crook of her arm, glancing around for a moment before her eyes came back to Duama. She quirked an eyebrow at him, frowning. “Where are Kari and Lugia? Have they not returned from their meditation yet?”

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"Wait, I remember you.  You were there at that raid a week or so back." Raikou said.  He saw Entei and Ava enter the clearing.  "If you must know, the village was deserted after the attack.  We just haven't decided to pack up and leave yet.  If there is anyone out there, we haven't seen them."

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Jacob Looked confused at Raikou's remembrance of him. "Raid?" He questioned for a minute. then  dropped it and looked at the girl that was walking up, "Hello," he said smiling at her, "My name is Jacob this is my partner mew and ninetails," He said introducing them.

Mew then went and danced around Ava and then Entei. "Hello its nice to meet you." Mew projected to the both of them. And snuggled Ava's cheek before floating back over to Jacob and snuggled his cheek.

Ninetails bowed to say her hello's to Ava Entei and the rest of the group. Jacob's eyes then went wide, "Wait a minute that raid on that poor village a while back where you attacked me when i went to help?" He said turning around to Raikou. Jacob's eye's then narrowed, "Is this also your fault?" He asked Raikou and then backing up seeing as these other priest's seemed to be friends with Raikou.

Mew then darted in front of Jacob to sooth him "Relax, i can feel that something that is not here damaged this place there is a lingering feeling of darkness around this place. and im not feeling it from any of them." She projected so everyone could hear her, "Am i right?" she continued as she turned to address everyone else

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"And my name, sir, is Ahrianna." At the man's arrival, Ahri had stood and grabbed Growlithe tenderly with her good arm, settling on Suicune's back, riding him off of the cliff. Slowly they approached, assessing the new arrival in appearance and in strength. 'He has a Mew, Suicune...' she said to him with awe in her voice to her partner. Back home, she had a plush Mew that she had slept with as a child. It was one of her favorite Pokemon. It was just so...cute....

She slide off of Suicune's back and landed on the lush grass, wincing slightly. The small fall had jarred her tender arm and it had not felt so pleasant. Her Growlithe had finally woken and was eagerly panting in her arm, his hind legs hanging to the ground, tail wagging enthusiastically. Ahri turned to face Raikou and stare him straight in his eyes. "I beg your forgiveness, but I merely was resting on that cliff not too far off. I personally do not see any reason to fight with my partner in the condition that I, and Growlithe, are in. Think what you will, I have my own reasons for not fighting." She bowed slightly and strode over to Ava and the newcomer named Jacob. "Where do you come from, Jacob?" As she spoke with him at Ava's side, she put Growlithe on the ground and he ran over to Suicune who had taken up playing a game of sorts with Jacob's Mew and Ninetails.

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Ava had to stifle a giggle as Mew snuggled against her cheek before floating back over to her priest. She smiled at Jacob. "I am Ava, and this is my partner Entei," she replied politely, gesturing to her large companion. The little Shinx wriggled in her arms and she chuckled, adding, "And this is Shinx." She paused, glancing around for a moment until she spotted Lucario, still resting beaneath one of the trees. "And that's Lucario over there, taking a nap."

The newcomer seemed friendly and relatively at ease, so it surprised Ava when his eyes suddenly widened and he turned on Raikou accusingly. It took her a moment to realize that Jacob thought that Raikou had been the one to destroy the village. However, before she could even open her mouth to tell him differently, Mew spoke up.

Relax, I can feel that something that is not here damaged this place there is a lingering feeling of darkness around this place, and I'm not feeling it from any of them. Am I right? she asked, turning to address their group.

"Yes," Ava replied firmly, frowning at Jacob. She didn't know of his previous encounter with Raikou, but she certainly didn't appreciate the suspicious look he was giving all of them. "We had nothing to do with the destruction of this village."

Suddenly, before she could say more, they were interrupted by the abrupt arrival of Ahri and Suicune, and Ava stepped back gratefully as the other priestess walked over to them.  She wasn't used to meeting so many new people in such a short span of time, and here she was now surrounded by people and Pokemon who were all virtual strangers to her. She sighed and moved back to stand beside Entei, leaning against him.

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Ryo stops as he felt a huge amount of energy gather in one spot. "Hey Articuno, do you feel that?" He said as the flying bird nested in a near-by tree. "Its seems that there are a few others bonded just like us. Care to find out what they are up to?" She said to him while looking towards the direction the energy came from. Arcanine begin to bark as he put his nose to the ground. Articuno begins to laugh to whatever Arcanine had said. Ryo, not knowing as to what was going on between the two, just shrugged his shoulders & being walking. "Not going to find out if we just sit here & wait for something to happen. Besides, we might just run into something interesting this way." Arcanine wags his tail & follows behind him while Articuno took to the skies.

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Jacob was shocked and then felt embarrassed, "My apologies." He said with a slight bow, "It is just that this village was once my home and they took good care of us." He told them with a sad expression. Mew then came and comforted him.

then the girl with the suicune appeared and asked him were he came from. This took him a minute, "Well to be honest i have no clue." He said rubbing the back of his head, "See i was raised by this ninetails parents and mew here, I grew up in a forest with pokemon, and then i met a hermit who taught me everything else and i never really payed much attention to the location of it all." he told her. He then chuckled a but when he noticed mew and ninetails playing with the others. He then turned to the group once more, "i must apologize again for accusing you but you have to understand that it was not entirely uncalled for." He said

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"So stranger, what do you intend to do?  The group here is training to fight the man behind this attack.  We won't be here for more than a couple of days." Raikou said.  This priest looked like all the others to Raikou; a kid who stumbled into some measly power without much thought, and Raikou naturally did not trust him. 

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"to be honest we could use the help...that is if you known how to fight." it was easy for Duama to forget that the vast majority of priests were passive in nature. James only seemed like the other priest besides duama who was naturally adept at fighting.

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"If fighting is what must be done, then i see no reason not to." He told Raikou, "Although if there is another method i would like to do that instead." he could tell that Raikou didn't trust him. Either way it didn't matter to him. He looked at Duama "Well i am against fighting but i have and will if other means do not work, me and mew do not do anything without discussing it with each other first though" Jacob then turned "Mew may i ask you something?" He called out to her while she was playing. With out hesitating mew was at his side in an instant. "Mew these priests and legendaries are planning on fighting the thing that did this to the town and asked if we would like to fight along side them. What do you think?" He asked her, "I am willing to fight if it means we can avoid this, however if your against it then we will move on and try to help in our own way."

Mew looked at him and stopped dancing around in the air and settled at the serious matter, "I would rather not fight but if fighting means that we can save the greater good, then i will." She projected to Jacob. She then projected to all the other legendaries, "If you think that the thing that did this is a threat to the good of the world then we would like to fight along side you, however if you think we can stop him without violence then we should do that."

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Duama closed his eyes"that depends, do you want to give up your bond? Never be able to talk to new again? James has no other way but his own. And that is to gain the powers of all the legendaries he can. We still don't know how many he can absorb."

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As Raikou and Duama spoke with Jacob, Ava leaned against Entei, listening to their conversation. It seemed as though their group had just gained three new members.

At Duama's final statement, she sighed. "I'm sorry, Duama, but that explanation was about as clear as mud," she interjected, frowning at him. "Jacob hasn't seen what James can do. He wasn't here when James showed us what he can do. He wasn't here when he wiped this village completely off the map."

Her gaze shifted to Jacob. "James is Raikou's ex-Priest, and he has somehow found a way to resurrect the ancient powers of Ru. He has the ability to take and use the powers of a Legendary Pokemon--multiple Legendaries, even--without forming the traditional Legendary-Priest bond," she explained quietly. She wanted Jacob and Mew to fully understand what they were all facing. She gave Duama a sharp look. "But there is no indication that James can actually break the bond between a Legendary and their Priest. Ying and Moltres' bond was still intact after they awoke, was it not?"

What she did not say was that it was not outside the realms of possibility. If James continued to become more and more powerful, she had no idea what he would be capable of... Perhaps he would be able to break their bonds with their partners. The idea chilled her, and she was grateful to have Entei's warmth at her back. The little Shinx snuggled under her chin, tickling her neck with his fur.

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Jacob Looked at her still slightly confused until Ru's name came up and Jacob's eyes showed immense hatred and Mew new exactly what he was thinking, "We are in" they both said simultaneously. It was clear Jacob knew who Ru was due to the link he shared with mew he happened to see some past memories of this man. And he hated him from the very beginning. Jacob turned to raikou, "What is it we need to do to destroy him?" He asked.

Mew now became silent she knew why Jacob Hated Ru even though he never met him, and the idea of a new one even made her agitated and she knew that there was no other way to deal with this problem then fighting.

Ninetails at this moment stopped playing around with Growlithe and Suicune and looked at Jacob and Mew. She new something was wrong with them even if they didn't share a link she grew up with them so she could sense when something was a miss with them.

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"Hell, what's one more gonna hurt?" Raikou sighed.  "The only way to hold your own against James is to reach the full extent of the priest-pokemon bond.  We in the business call it a Syncronized transformation, or sync mode for short.  You might be strong, and you might be very close to Mew, but you aren't even close to your potential."  he said.  "I might as well route this into the lesson I had planned.  Everybody take a seat around this pile of sticks.  Entei or Ava, would you be so kind as to light the fire for us?" 

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“Entei or Ava, would you be so kind as to light the fire for us?”

Ava glanced at Entei, who gently butted his head against her shoulder, urging her forward. A handful of steps brought her to the pile of sticks that Raikou had indicated, and she reached out with her free hand in silence, her fingers brushing against the dry timber. Flames jumped from her fingertips to the wood with a little crackle, the tiny Ember taking hold and quickly spreading to the rest of the sticks.

Entei settled himself near the fire and studied Raikou in the flickering light. His brother looked slightly better than he had that morning, though it was obvious to Entei that it would be a while yet before he was back to full strength.

Ava stepped away from the merrily dancing flames, moving back a bit to sit with Entei. Her eyes swept over the group once more, and she asked aloud for anyone to answer, “Where are Kari and Lugia?”

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It was then that Ava would notice duama's reddened cheek and the answer would become  abundantly clear. She gave duama an expectant look when he finally met her gaze "say what you want Ava but I needed to see if we could rely on Kari when push came to shove. I'll admit I was harsh, but I didn't say anything that didn't need to be said. Ahri, growlithe, and I are injured because she chose not to act: the next time we all might not be so lucky." Ava continued to stare at him and he began to grimace. "you...want me to go after her don't you?..."

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"You should," Ahri quietly said. Suicune bowed his head in agreement then looked to his beautiful priestess. "It is only the right thing to do. Explain your actions and yes, she may not like you for a bit, however...she will come to grow on you." The skies had begun to darken and thunder could be heard. Ahri smiled and petted her Growlithe. "Go find her before this storm hits. Suicune, we must run through this storm. It feels....wonderful." She shuddered and Suicune made a noise in excited agreement.

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“You… want me to go after her don’t you?...”

Ava sighed and looked away from Duama, staring off into the darkness. She wasn’t surprised. She had seen the look he had given Kari, when she and Lugia had returned to the demolished village. It was only a matter of time before the two had it out—and better now than later, she supposed. But before she could respond, Ahri spoke up, making her blink. She hadn’t even realized that the other priestess had followed them to the campfire.

“You should. It is only the right thing to do. Explain your actions and yes, she may not like you for a bit, however… she will come to grow on you,” Suicune’s priestess interjected. “Go find her before this storm hits.”

Ava raised an eyebrow, glancing up at the night sky. Goody, she thought to Entei silently. More rain.

It could always be worse, he replied dryly. It could be snow.

She rolled her eyes and leaned back against him, turning her attention away from Ahri and Duama. If it was going to rain, she wanted to enjoy being dry and warm for as long as possible.

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Ryo arrived at an unpopulated town. "Hello? Huh, that's strange. Shouldn't there be people around here somewhere Articuno?" She flew around to check out the town & land on top of a building. "I don't see anyone here young master. But I do feel the present of others here." She said as she look down at Ryo. Arcanine begin to growl, showing his fangs towards the shadows. "I guess this is where we find out where the other priests are. Articuno, hope you're ready to fight once more." She flew down from the building & started to laugh. "It has been a long time young master. Hope you haven't gotta rusty." He only smile as he waited for the shadow to appear in full form.

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"We realy don't have time for this.  For all we know James could be absorbing another legendary as we speak.  We can't keep going backwards" Raikou said.  It was dark now, their only light source being the fire.  Lugia could be anywhere by now, but he knew the humans wouldn't listen to him.  They were a compassionate group, they felt obligated to bring Lugia and Kari back.

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“We really don’t have time for this,” said Raikou, interrupting their discussion. “For all we know James could be absorbing another legendary as we speak. We can’t keep going backwards.”

Ava glanced at Raikou over the flames of the campfire. She’d been wondering when he would speak, guessing that he would also have an opinion on the subject. After all, they had gathered here to talk—not to have various members of their group scampering around through the night. At her back, she felt Entei sigh.

Raikou is right. We don’t have time to go chasing after Kari and Lugia, as much as some of you might like to. We’re all here for a reason… and it’s not to play nursemaid every time someone throws a tantrum. His gaze shifted from one person to the next, his amber eyes burning like molten copper in the firelight. His eyes lingered on Duama for a moment. As you are the one she fought with, I doubt she would be very pleased to see you, anyway. Let the little priestess and her partner cool off tonight, and we can look for them in the morning if they haven’t yet returned.

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Ahri sighed and nodded. "Yes I suppose you are right, Entei. We should find shelter. If we must travel, then Suicune and I should not run together this storm." She sat on the grass her dress flowing around her as Suicune's mane did around his neck and paws. Growlithe trotted over and plopped down next to Ahri, warming her thigh with his hot fur. She turned her head to Raikou and inquired, "What are we to do tomorrow? Do we begin our long journey searching for James?"

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Jacob Just watched as all this happened he did not really know any of them or the situation. He didn't even know that there was another presites out and about somewhere that was apart of there group, although he did agree with Raikou and Entei. "Umm, i dont mean to be rude and all considering i just kind of showed up," He began not really knowing if it was alright to talk, "But i agree with Raikou and Entei on this one." He said in a ind of hushed tone as to not really draw attention, "Although i disagree that if duama did upset this girl or whatever he should be the one to go get her, i feel like that would only be right." He stated, then again he had more the mindset of a pokemon then a person so he didn't really know what was best.

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*mind if I use James for a few post? Want to do alittle sub-plot to tie Ryo to where you guys are.*

From the shadows comes an injure man. He looks like he's been through a war or two. "Hey, you alright there pal?" Ryo said as he came to the injure man. "Ugh...damn them." He said kneeling to the ground. He look at Ryo & notice Articuno was watching them, a evil grin spawn across his face from everyone to see. "'re a priest right?" Ryo nodded his head as he help him up. "That Articuno is a lovely bird...I can tell she's very fond of you." Articuno only smile as Arcanine was still growling. " that so Arkie...Ryo..." She begin but quickly silenced by the injured man grunts & groans. "Are you sure you're ok man? You're look in bad shape, who did this?" Ryo sat him down in a corner. He slowly look at Ryo & back to the ground. "A group...of priests...attacked me...damn them." He said as he begin to cough. Ryo became angry as he stood up & looked at his pokemons. "I can't believe people would do this, priests even. We will go & find them & put an end to this...but...why did they do this to you?" Ryo asked as James leaped up & put his hand over Articuno's mouth & lifted him into the air. "Because I'm the one that takes their legendary's power away from them!" Articuno begin to slowly fade as Arcanine dash towards his helpless master & bit at the mysterious guy's arm. Ryo fell to the ground, out of breath & no energy remaining. "Arcanine...take town..." He said before collapsing. With that said, Arcanine picked him up by his teeth & dashed off.

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(its alright.  I'm just gonna change one tiny detail in your post; James takes the power from the pokemon, not the priest.  And next time you want to be attacked just send me a pm, I'm perfectly ok with doing that myself.)

James looked at his palms, and then pointed at a tree and fired an ice beam.  "Who woulda thought there'd be another priest in the area.  Raikou sure knows how to bait a trap." James said as Manectric caught walked up.  James thought about pursuing his latest prey and finishing Articuno, but he was headed back towards the village, and James still needed those pokemon to mature.  One icy and one fiery wing sprouted from James' back as picked up Manectric and flew off.  There were still dozens of Pokemon available for him to absorb.

(will write raikou's side later)

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Duama sat at the campfire eyeing the others "fine with me. Now what did you need to say raikou?" duama was paying attention more than that he uttered the phrase without the slightest hint of sarcasm

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Raikou became solemn, and spoke, "You three priests have choosen to embark on my training method.  You experienced the first day with some uncertainty, but you're all still here.  Now, starting tomorrow the training gets increasingly difficult.  We will begin unison training, and in three days embark on our next training segment.  I know that none of this will scare any of you away, so I must say this; In the event that you master syncronization, you will never use the technique again after we defeat James.  Is that understood?"

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"But...why is that?" Everyone turned to Ahri who was sitting against Suicune. They all hadn't seen her at the synch training, so Ahri wasn't surprised that they looked at her with a question on their faces. "Raikou," she asked again, "why must we not use it after defeating James? Will we become like he has? Greedy and power-hungry?"

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"Ahri's got a point, if you don't trust us that much with the technique why teach it at all?" then Duama realized, he thought back to his battle with James and the pain he felt after, not in his ribs....but his holy body. "The'd be too much for our bodies to handle...." he trailed off, he lost consciousness the last time he tried using two Hyper beams in rapid succession, he couldn't imagine the stress he would have to endure to sync with Rayquaza it could very well kill them.

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"Choose whichever reason you like.  You could very easily become power hungry, and the strain of using syncronization repeatidly could theoretically kill you.  But keep in mind; once you defeat James the only people left in this world who will compare to your power are the ones sitting in this circle.  If you all are as virtuous and worthy of my trust as you want me to believe, there should be no reason to use your power again."  Raikou said.  "Sync mode was not meant to be learned or taught.  It is meant to keep balance between life and death.  James and I skewed the balance when we turned the transformation into a fighting technique, and ironically enough the only way to return balance is to teach the technique to four new priests/ pokemon teams.  As long as Sync Mode exists, there can be no peace.  But at the same time, the only road to peace is through Sync Mode."  Raikou sighed deeply.  The group was silent for a minute.  Raikou wanted to make sure the message sunk in.

(Raikou's ramble)

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"you're right, sometimes the only way to stop a great power is with an even greater one.  James is strong but there's no way the power without the pokemon can measure up, that's why he collects so many, to compensate for that weakness." duama felt hopeful now that he understood how James could harness that much power he could beat him...he knew he could.

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"Don't get cocky kid.  The power you'll obtain from sync mode is nothing compared to the power that James can harness.  Why do you think I agreed to train ALL of you?  James can access his syncronized power from our bond now that he's absorbed me, and he's adding to it every time he absorbs another legendary."

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"that may be true, but if we all can take him in our snyc mode at full power we may just find a way to subdue him...there must be some way to break his concentration." duama stood up quickly. "our main problem is that few of us actually know how to fight...raikou-jiji. With your permission I'll teach the priests martial arts along with our sync training." a proud smile crossed duama's face he wasn't practically gifted mentally but anything that had to with battle strategy wad his forte. Some called him the brutish genius of Duos.

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Jacob sat there listening to everything that was being said, although he was still in the dark a bit. Like what sync mode was and why they couldn't use it after and other such things as that, but he figured an answer would come during their training. Although when fighting was mentioned he perked up a bit, "Actually thanks to gramps im already set." He said cheerfully now that he knew he actually knew something they were talking about. He looked a Mew happily knowing that he might not be all that much of a burden.

Mew merely giggled a bit knowing how excited Jacob was do to their bond with one another, "You get excited over the littlest things dont you?" She asked him through there bond.

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"ohhh so the new guy knows how to fight? Mind testin that out? Don't let my injuries fool you." a grin crossed duama while rayquaza only frowned however he relented to the ritual,  for he knew better than anyone that not only was this the only way duam could relate to people but it was how duama would come to respect those beside him. All the same rayquaza couldn't help but cringe when he though how much faster duama would heal if he only took it easy

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"Umm... i mean i guess if its only a friendly match ant everyone is ok with it?" he said looking around at everyone to see what they would say. Mew could feel that perhaps this wasn't the best idea but at the same time she knew that this would help Jacob prove that he wasnt a total waste of space in this group.

Jacob then heard what Raikou had to say and put his head down, "Sorry your probably right." He said feeling slightly ashamed for getting sucked into this without using his head.

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"Man, I've got a long way to go with you guys.  You'll fight each other plenty once we get farther into the training.  Biggest stick contests aren't going to help us right now.  And no, Duama, you can't train the others to fight.  All of you have to learn to fight the way their bound legendary fights, its the only way Sync is going to work successfully.  James used to fight on all fours back when we were bonded, and he'll probably do the same when y'all fight him again." Raikou said condisendingly.  "I'm sure both of you are great human warriors and all, but as we learned this morning the Legendary Pokemon are stronger."

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Ava and Entei were silent throughout the conversation, just listening to what was being said around them without making any comments or arguments. The more that was said about sync mode, the more difficult it began to sound… but they trusted that Raikou knew what he was doing, and they were resolved to see his training through to the end.

(Short post is short. Don't get used to it. XD)

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 The moon was high in the sky shining through even the cumulonimbus clouds that had set in. It started to come down in a light drizzle. The sound of it against the waters was like flapping angel wings to Kari's ears. She woke up from her snooze to find Lugia's head arched around and resting on it's back next to her, so that it looked like a great blue swan. She put her hand on it's face and it awoke, looked at her, and 'smiled'.

Are you feeling better? it asked, already knowing the answer. "A little bit, thank you. This rain is doing wonders for my nerves."
I think I know something else that would help, as well. Lugia said, happily. Kari grinned, knowing what it was thinking. "You know me too well." she said, then wrapped her arms around Lugia's neck and the great pokemon dove.

The two were a perfect team. Lugia would rush the magikarp, bite down, stunning the pokemon, then move forward for Kari to scoop it up into a large net. The two of them kept this up until just before dawn, narrowly avoiding a few angry mother Gyarados, until their net was full with around ten magikarp.

Kari and Lugia made their way to shore and headed back to where she saw Duama and Raikou last and hoped Ava and Ahri would be there as well. She was surprised when she got there to find a new boy and what looked like a mew sitting with them. Lugia was carrying the net of magikarp, which were still splashing around and wiggling inside the net. "Good morning!" She called out. "I brought breakfast, so I hope you're hungry."

Lugia set down the net, but kept it's foot over the opening so that their breakfast wouldn't escape. "Does anyone want to gather some sticks to cook these? I'd hate to burden Entei with cooking every ones, so if you have sticks you can cook your own. There should be enough for about one each."

((Just a note for perspective. Magikarp are about two feet high, so they are big fish.))

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(before xira's post.)
"I suggest you all get some sleep.  The actual training starts tomorrow.  Today was just to dip your feat in the water.  I'll see you all at sunrise" Raikou said.  He stood up and walked away from the fire.  He found a spot not too far away, stamped the ground down with his feet, and lay down to sleep. 

(After Xira's post)
"You humans disgust me." Raikou muttered.  He lifted himself off the ground and walked into the forest.  He came back a few minutes later with a branch of berries between his teeth.  He ate his fill grumpily and alone.  Espeon had already been awake for some time.  She had orders to set up the clearing for the day's training.

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"Thanks, but I'd rather not have to contend with the Gyarados soon to come." bonding with Rayquaza had actually ultimately eliminated his need for normal food, being that Rayquaza feeds off of air particles in the stratosphere. However he still like the taste of it just the same. His main problem was the fact that these pokemon were sentient, alive and eating them just seemed wrong. "thanks anyway." he repeated as he stood up and stretched, doing the breathing that Ava had shown him. He felt worl'd better than he had the night before, though still tender his injuries for the most part seemed healed. As he removed the splint from himself he smirked. "Just in time." he remarked as he looked at his body.  "Raikou-jiji, whats the agenda today?"

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Kari shot Duama a look. "Who says I was offering them to you? Here you go Ava" She said turning back to Entei's priest, smiling and holding out a flopping Magikarp. "Ahri and-" It was then that she noticed that they had a new member amongst their ranks, and that he had a Mew floating around him. She assumed he must be a priest and said to him, "Here, you can have some too, they taste pretty good when you cook them over a fire."

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Duama rolled his eyes "Sure sure. All I was saying was you can be useful in other ways buuut hey, if you wanna keep up with the whole 'I Hate you because you gave an opinion I don't like' then pout. I apologize that my words hurt you, but I won't apologize for what I said." With that Duama began to rise into the air to join his rayquaza when he stopped midair with a smirk on his face. "Oh, and next time keep a closer eye on the net."

Confused Kari looked down, the pile was short one magikarp with a noticeable hole in the back , one of which was in the jaws of Duama's Absol. Absol retreated into the nearby treeline and duama chuckled. "Absol always was a bit of a handful."

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Jacob looked at this new girl, "Thank you but i am ok, i stick to berries" He said smiling at her although he felt bad about it. He then saw Ninetails eying the magikarp. "Although if it alright with you my Ninetails would love some." He said patting his Ninetails on the head. "Although i suppose we should go and get some food shouldn't we Mew?" He asked her as she floated around.

"Yes your right i am getting a little hungry" Mew replied to him, as she rubbed her stomach.

"Well im going to head into the forest and look for some berries would any body else like some?" Jacob asked the group who had seemed to except him, so he wanted to make himself useful to some extent.

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As Absol made off with one of Kari’s catch, Ava sighed, looking between Kari and Duama with a somewhat bemused expression. If this was their idea of civility, she would hate to see them not getting along.

Entei rolled his eyes and padded over to where Kari stood with her net. Another Magikarp had begun to wiggle free through the hole Absol had put in the net, and he caught it by the fin as it slipped out. Taking a step back, the legendary beast slung the fish Pokémon up high into the air, just a handful of feet away from where Duama still hovered, and opened his jaws. Flames erupted from his mouth and shot straight up into the air above them, engulfing the fish whole. Though the flames were tightly controlled, Duama would be able to feel the rapid rise in temperature in that part of the sky.

Smartass… Ava thought to her partner silently as he closed his mouth a few seconds later, cutting off the fire and letting the now-roasted Magikarp fall back to earth.

Entei caught the cooked fish in his jaws and polished it off in just a few short bites. He tilted his head to look at Ava, a mischievously innocent expression in his eyes as he replied to her private admonishment silently, What? I was hungry. Turning his attention to Kari and Lugia, he nodded in a friendly manner, this time speaking aloud so they could also hear him, Thank you for bringing breakfast.

Ava shook her head, amused by her partner’s audacity. At her feet, the little Shinx that had adopted them pawed at her skirt, and she bent down to scoop him up. He snuggled up under her chin, but his eyes were riveted on the net full of fish; and even Lucario, who had woken during the commotion, was eyeing the Magikarp with keen interest. Just as she was about to ask Entei to cook another fish or two, she heard Jacob speak up, his voice refreshingly polite.

“Well I’m going to head into the forest and look for some berries would any body else like some?”

She turned to smile at him. With such dissension among the other members of their group, she could really appreciate his good manners. “If it’s not too much trouble, I would like some,” she replied, equally polite. “Although I can contend with fish if the berries are scarce… And I think my friends here would actually prefer the fish,” she finished laughingly, glancing at Lucario and Shinx.

Entei nodded to the watery net full of Magikarp, speaking to Kari and Lugia, I can cook the rest, if you’d like.

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Now floating upside down duama laughed at entei's spectacle enjoying it even if he wasn't supposed to.  he understood the frustration but duama had tried to be polite til Kari got vindictive, not that he necessarily blamed her. Sighing duama flew down to the net. Kneeling he grabbed either side of the net and began to pull them together to tie and mend it

"believe or not I really am sorry. What I said was wrong. If you're willing to fight beside us Kari then that's all the proof I need. So,"
Duama stood up extending his hand to the priestess with a childish grin after finishing the net "truce?" once again duama's sudden change confused the group, all except rayquaza who wore a knowing smile.

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"Everyone hurry up and eat.  Training starts in 10 minutes." Raikou barked.  He walked over to where Espeon was setting up the field.  A series of wooden targets were hanging from a rope that stretched between two trees a hundred yards apart.  There were 15 targets, and each had a series of carved circles psychicly engraved into them.  "Good work Es.  It looks like you had help."  "A couple of Apom tied the rope to the trees.  They saved me alot of time. Espeon answered telepathically.

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Kari and Lugia shared a chuckle at Entei's spectacle. I'll eat mine raw Lugia said to him, Kari however accepted his kind offer.

She was then surprised to turn around and find Duama mending her net. He was obviously new at this but the kind gesture caught Kari a little off guard. She didn't know what to say for a minute then a mental nudge from Lugia got her brain started again and she said, "Thank you...for the apology. I'm kind of sorry to for those nasty things I said yesterday. I can't say I'll be a great fighter but I'll help our cause however I'm able on this little journey." Kari looked at his hand and shook it sheepishly. Smiling shyly she asked him in an almost joking manner, "So are you really vegetarian or do you just not like fish?"

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Jacob Smiled and nodded at Ava as him and mew ran into the forest to fetch some berries. They took a few minutes but soon came out with Jacob Carrying them in his shirt as he chuckled slightly, "Well in my haste to find food and be needed i forgot to grab something to carry them with." He said trying not to dump them. Mew was floating next to him laughing at his clumsiness.

"You are useless sometimes, you know that?" she chuckled as she used psychic to carry all the berries around her.

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While Entei cooked several more of the fish, this time in a less spectacular manner than the first, he eyed the targets that Espeon had been setting up in their practice field with interest. It looked as though they were in for another busy morning. He glanced around at the small group of priests skeptically. With a little luck, maybe they would all stay conscious this time around. He sighed and tossed one of the roasted Magikarp to Lucario, who caught it deftly and tore into the meat with gusto—healings always left her hungry.

Ava laughed when she caught sight of Mew surrounded by the floating berries. “No hands, I see,” she commented with a smile. “It looks like your berry-hunting expedition was a success.”

Shinx, on the other hand, eyeballed the floating berries with a deep mistrust and leaned back into Ava’s hold as Jacob and Mew approached the group once more. After his close encounter with the forest spirit, Celebi, anything that could float on command was sure to make him wary. Rather than wait for the two to get any closer, he leapt out of Ava’s arms and bounded over to where Entei was roasting the fish, still glancing over his shoulder at the floating berries.

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Kari and Lugia shared a chuckle at Entei's spectacle. I'll eat mine raw Lugia said to him, Kari however accepted his kind offer.

She was then surprised to turn around and find Duama mending her net. He was obviously new at this but the kind gesture caught Kari a little off guard. She didn't know what to say for a minute then a mental nudge from Lugia got her brain started again and she said, "Thank you...for the apology. I'm kind of sorry to for those nasty things I said yesterday. I can't say I'll be a great fighter but I'll help our cause however I'm able on this little journey." Kari looked at his hand and shook it sheepishly. Smiling shyly she asked him in an almost joking manner, "So are you really vegetarian or do you just not like fish?"

Duama let out a laugh scratching his head. "This may sound silly but growing up in the place I did there weren't too many good people. Pokemon were only real friends I ever had. My old man wasn't exactly father of the year, and my mother....I lost her when I was young. I eat meat, just not pokemon." he said scratching the back of his head. The wound yesterday was nothing but a small itch now.

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Jacob Smiled as he saw the Shinx, pokemon made him really happy because well that was his family. Then the Shinx took off in a manner as if he didn't like Jacob. With that Jacob's head dropped and he became really sad. "Looks like he doesn't like me to much does he." He said obviously talking about the Shinx. He got to Ava and sat down still pouting, he then stood right back up worried, "Sorry i just sat down i didn't even ask if it was alright." He said bowing slightly in an apologetic manner.

Mew giggled at the spectacle, What she loved most about Jacob was his honest nature which always seemed to make him fluster. She then floated down to Ava to speak to her, "you will have to excuse him he has a hard time talking with humans." Mex told her and giggled a bit

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Mew’s laughter was so contagious that Ava couldn’t help but giggle with her. She smiled up at Jacob. “It’s okay; you can sit down,” she assured him, plainly amused by his antics. “This is not exactly a formal setting, so you don’t have to ask before you sit.”

At the sound of Ava’s laughter, the Shinx peeped out from behind one of Entei’s legs, staring at them. Not even a foot tall yet, the little electric Pokémon looked very tiny standing next to the legendary beast. Just as quickly as he looked, he jerked his head back, hiding again.

The priestess caught sight of the little Shinx’s head disappearing behind her partner’s legs and she chuckled, looking back at Jacob. “Don’t take it personally. Shinx is just very… skittish around people he doesn’t know,” she confided in them, smiling slightly. She nodded to Mew, who was still surrounded by berries. “And while we were in the forest we met a Celebi that bounces around a lot like you do, Mew. She played a little prank on him and gave him quite a fright, and I think maybe seeing you and all of those floating berries made him nervous.”

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Jacob Sat down feeling a little embarrassed that he made such a big deal out of apparently nothing, "Thanks you." he said to Ava as he plucked two berries out of the air around Mew and handed one to Ava. He then heard her comment about Celebi and the Shinx. Him and Mew immediately looked at each other and they both walked over to Shinx who was still hiding behind Entei. Jacob Bent down and put out his hand, "Hey there little guy I'm a friend, you know i used to have a brother who was a Shinx." he said smiling as mew floated down and tried to offer Shinx a berry as a peace offering

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“Thank you,” Ava replied, taking the offered berry. She bit into it, watching as Jacob and Mew cautiously approached the little Shinx. She really hoped that they wouldn’t get zapped, but she hadn’t known her new friend long enough yet to predict what he might do. At least Entei was standing right there with them; he wouldn’t let things get out of hand.

When Jacob bent down and offered his hand, Shinx eyed it warily. Still, the priest’s voice was kind, and he didn’t seem to mean any harm. He peered up into Jacob’s face and took a tentative step forward, only to jump backwards again, colliding with Entei’s forelegs as Mew floated closer, holding out a berry. With Jacob in the forefront, he hadn’t even noticed the Mew until she had floated in close.

Entei looked down at the timid little Pokémon, partly amused and partly exasperated. He nudged Shinx slightly with one paw. They aren’t going to hurt you, you silly boy. She wants to give you a berry and make friends. Quit being so shy.

Shinx looked up at Entei, startled. Then he looked back at Mew and Jacob, clearly still a little nervous, though it was also obvious that he trusted the Legendary’s judgment. His nose twitched and he eyed the proffered berry. His little belly was already plump with the fish he had eaten, but he loved berries. Slowly, he crept forward and took it from Mew. It was gone in three huge bites.

“Shinx.” The little Pokémon’s ears twitched a bit and he finally seemed to relax. He took another step forward, butting his head against Jacob’s outstretched hand before looking at Mew, his little nose twitching as he offered her a shy, cat-like smile. “Shiiiiinx.”

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Jacob Smiled and pet the Shinx as Mew snuggled up close to him. He felt better know knowing that the little pokemon trusted him enough anyways. Jacob stood up and gave one last smile to the Shinx and bowed to Entei as a thank you. He walked back over to Ava and realized that he might have picked to many berries if it was just going to be the three of them eating, "So does anyone else want some berries." He asked to everyone in the group.

He then noticed that Raikou was getting up which probably meant that it was time for training. "Mew can you put the rest of the berries someplace safe, and Ninetails make sure to be nice to everyone ok." He said as he pet his Ninetails head as she was finishing up her Magikarp

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now back to floating upside down duama grabbed a handful of berries and flipped them into his mouth one by one with his thumb.

"Thanks, new guy." he spoke between swallows. righting himself he landed on the ground. "well, I say we get started." He said walking toward the clearing stretching and flexing his muscles along the way.

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Ahri was amused at the little Shinx's tactics. She sat quietly in the background, slowly collecting her strength. She would not be participating in the training, however she may learn something from an observer's view. "Suicune? Would you like to eat?" Her friend turned to look at her and nodded. 'Climb on and we will all go.' Ahri nodded and stood gingerly but stepped wrong and began to fall...She caught herself on Jacob.

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Ava rolled her eyes at Duama’s back as he walked away from them. His apparent love of floating upside down greatly reminded her of the boys in her home village of En, and many of their silly antics. Boys will be boys, I suppose, she thought to herself, amused. Even in the middle of nowhere, and in strange company.

She polished off the last of the berries in her hand and stood up, dusting off her skirts. “Thanks again for the berries,” she told Jacob and Mew with a smile. “Shall we go see what Raikou has planned for the day?”

However, before they could turn and walk away, Ahri missed her footing and fell… straight into Jacob. Ava quickly reached out to help him steady Suicune’s priestess, a worried look on her face. “Oh no... Are you alright, Ahri?”

Entei glanced at the three priests and caught Ava’s eye, nodding to her silently; he would meet her in the clearing. Reaching down, he picked the little Shinx up by the scruff of his neck and swung him up onto his back. Lucario joined them as he started walking towards the practice area.

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Jacob Stood up only to get knocked right back down. He hit the ground with a thud, but wasn't all that upset because what knocked him to the ground was a beautiful girl. Although because he was no good at talk to people having a girl on top of him completely flustered him and he had no idea what he was supposed to do. Ava Bent down to help telling her pokemon to go on a head.

Once Mew had gotten her fill of the trouble her priest was dealing with she used her psychic and helped the both of them up giggling as she floated over to Jacob.

"Im glad you found that amusing." He said shooting her a playful but angry glare. "Im sorry i wasn't much more help." He said turning to the girl that had fallen on him

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Kari wolfed down one of the fish Entei had so kindly cooked for her, and Lugia polished off three whole ones, raw. At Raikou's mention of more training Kari grumbled something about it being no fun. Lugia said to her, We'll find a way to make it fun...what ever it may be.

((sorry for the short post, didn't have much to say at the time. ^^; ))

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"Ok.  Now that we've all eaten we can start timing training.  You can also call this power-balancing, but we'll get to that in a minute.  All of you priests will line up on one side of those targets over there, and the legendaries will line up facing their partners on the opposite side.  When ready, the pairs will run towards their respective target and strike it together with the same attack, I'd recomend a normal attack so we don't roast the targets.  If your target moves when you hit it in any direction, you will line up and try again.  Who would like the first attempt?" Raikou said.  He led the groups to their respective sides and waited for the first volunteers.

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We'll go first this time. Lugia said, quickly. Kari shot it a surprised and slightly pissed off look. What was it thinking volunteering like that. They knew hardly any damage dealing moves.

Follow my song, Kari. On the fourth beats we'll launch our attacks and we'll show everyone what we can do. Kari nodded. Dragon Rush then?
Sounds good to me.

The two of them took their places, Kari taking the nearest side and Lugia going to the far side. Lugia's voice begain emitting it's eerie tune, and Kari hummed along as well. On the fourth beat as planned the two let out a fierce Dragon Rush. They hit the target at almost exactly the same then, and then realized that this particular move was not a smart one to use. Lugia and Kari had hit the target at the same time, however Lugia's sheer mass had overpowered Kari's version of the attack and sent her flying backwards, and Lugia careening forwards.

"Owww...Why did you pick that move?" Kari groaned. Lugia stood up and if it were possible would have blushed. Sorry. I sometimes forget my own mass. But we did it though. Did you see?

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The target spun around the rope away from Lugia until it caught.  "Nice work using the song, the timing was great for the first attempt." Raikou said.  "Now you have to equalize the force."  An Apom dashed across the rope and reset the target.  "I guess you could use a water based attack for this, just not fire.  Now whose next?" Raikou looked at the group inquisitively.

(note: the target will move in the direction of the greater force)

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Duam stepped forward as rayquaza took place on the other side. Duama closed his eyes shutting out all sound except for for the sounds of both he and rayquaza's thoughts....his eyes flew open as they reared back and cry out in unison, "dragon pulse!"  two purple orbs head toward the target and strike it at the same time, however the application of the attack was different.  While rayquaza's attack hit the center and rippled outward duama's attack reverberated violently scoring multiple hits sending the target moving sporadically. "hmmmm."

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After watching Duama's attempt and waiting for the Apom to rest the target, Jacob looked around then at Mew, "Well?" He asked her indicating if they should give it a shot or not.

"Why not i see no harm in it." Mew replied to Jacob As she began to drift around to the other side of the target.

"Well if it's ok with everyone else me and Mew would like to give it a shot." Jacob said aloud to the group. He then walked up to his spot and waited for Mew to get to the other side. "Mega punch!" He called out to her. Then as if on the same queue the both began to bounce back and forth then charged in on the third bounce each. Jacob's hand flew back and he used a mega punch at the same time as mew on the other side, except Jacob's was far stronger and knocked Mew backwards, "Oh shi..." But before Jacob could finish the target came and hit him in the face and Jacob hit the ground out of shock, "Mew what happened?" He called out to her as he held his nose.

"Sorry about that i held back, i didn't realize your mega punch was that strong." She said giggling a little at the fact that she only got pushed while Jacob got hit in the face.

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Ava and Entei took their places on opposite sides of the target, waiting for it to be reset. While the other Priest and Legendary pairs had been busy taking their turns, the two had been silently reviewing which of their attacks could be used against the wooden practice dummy without setting it ablaze.

When the target was set and the Aipom dashed back into its tree, Entei glanced across the open ground towards his partner. He could feel the nervous tension stretching across their link, but he ignored it. Ready?

No. Ava’s face was unreadable, her eyes focused on the target, her mind focused on their link. She closed her eyes and visualized the practice dummy in her mind’s eye, taking slow, deep breaths to steady her nerves. She opened her eyes again, determined. But let’s do it anyway.

Entei bared his teeth in an approving grin, locking his eyes on the target and taking on a predator’s crouch. He breathed deeply, listening as Ava mimicked him, matching the steady rhythm of his lungs with her own.

On the third exhale, they launched themselves forward. A bluish-white glow surrounded right paw and hand as they lunged in close, striking the target simultaneously with their Crush Claw. The force on either side of the dual attack was roughly equal, with Entei being the stronger of the two by a hair, and the target twisted sideways between them as they each moved left, slowing their momentum.

Ava took an extra step to get clear of the practice dummy as it swung closer to her side than his. She turned and faced Entei, raising her eyebrow in a silent question. Plainly, she had expected to be walloped by the target after they made their pass.

You used Crush Claw yesterday when we sparred, he replied calmly. I took its strength into account and adjusted my own accordingly. Not a bad attempt, but we’ll work to put more force behind the attack next time.

She blinked. “Oh. Okay.”

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"Why are we doing this one at a time?  There's fifteen targets, and you've all had a run through attempt.  We don't have all the time in the world, stop waisting it!"  Raikou barked.  Their attempts thus far had been ammusing.  They all seemed to understand the importance of timing and equal power, and if their targets were stone that would be enough.  But the targets were made of wood, and were too light for just that.  The slightest error in the contact would move the target, the hit would have to be beyond perfect.

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Jacob Stood and moved to a different target and along with Mew on the other side, "Alright this time you need to put more power into it Mew im not a push over." He yelled out to her with a smile.

Mew giggled and replied, "If you say so." she stated then she began to bounce back and forth like before

At that time Jacob had also began to bounce and then as if one they charged in hitting the target with a mega punch again this time the target didn't budge at all. "Yes!!" Jacob Cried out, "Alright mew one more time" He said as they rest themselves and tried again to make sure it wasn't a fluke. The readied themselves again and once more bounced back and fourth then charged in at perfect timing. Although this time because of how excited Jacob was he was unstable and couldn't muster up enough power and got knocked back on his ass. "Damn it looks like that was just a fluke." He said to mew disappointed in himself for loosing his concentration.

"It is alright we will keep working on it until we can do that every time." she replied to help cheer him up. Mew felt that this type of training might actually be fairly simple for her priest because he grew up with pokemon and he acted just like them about ninety percent of the time. However he was still unexperienced in using Mew's attack moves.

They waited once more for the target to be reset and tried again this time there attack strength was closer but Jacob still couldn't keep his at a constant power. The fact that they even did it once was a miracle, in the first place. Jacob knew that he would need a lot more practice if he wanted to come close to Mew's strength and reach his own full potential.

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"Are you ok?" asked Ahri. She had watched Jacob and his Mew, fascinated by the way they had moved together so perfect. "Suicune...I should like to learn more of your past ventures and practice your moves..." She lookd at Jacob with resolve in her eyes. "I won't let anyone take my friends away."

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Ava jumped; she had almost forgotten that Raikou was still standing there, watching as everyone took their first turn against the practice dummy. She glanced at him for a moment, hesitant, before returning her attention to her partner. His solid, steady presence was reassuring.

Entei snorted. For his part, he wasn’t at all put-off by his brother’s gruff manner. It amused him, though he was serious enough about their training not to make jokes or otherwise undermine Raikou’s authority. He nodded to Ava, indicating the last target at the opposite end of the clearing, farthest from the group. Come on, he told her silently. We can work on our precision over there.

Ava fell into step beside Entei as they moved away from the others, heading for their chosen target. She had a feeling that it was going to be a very long and repetitive morning. Practice makes perfect, she sighed, taking her place in front of the dummy as Entei circled around behind it. She balanced her weight, relaxing, eyes on the target. Crush Claw again, yes?

And again, and again and again, he replied easily, settling into a crouch. Third exhale, ready or not.

As the morning wore on, Ava and Entei settled into their routine with relative ease. Their small chunk of the practice field became a bubble, and they ignored the other Priests and Legendaries as they sought to coordinate their timing and strength, trying to keep the wooden target from swinging between them—with mixed results.

It was a learning process. Though they were starting to pick up on some of the nuances of their link, learning to better read out each other’s intentions and predict their movements without any verbal communication, it was still very much a work in progress. Several times they landed simultaneous strikes on the target, almost equal in force, but the target would still sway one direction or the other—sometimes towards Ava, sometimes towards Entei. As easygoing as Ava was, there were moments that she found it maddening as she watched the practice dummy swing away from her, or as she ducked to avoid being clouted by it.

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Kari had jumped at Raikou's gruff bark, but Lugia seemed pretty static. It seemed to have gotten used to the aggressive pokemon's mannerisms already. As the other priest's dispersed to their own targets Lugia and Kari took up position at one about three away from Ava and Entei.

"Let's keep using your song, Lugia. That seemed to work great for the timing, then all we have to work on is our power ratios."
Sounds good. Let's work on more of our non-contact based attacks, I think that will be easiest to start with.
"Alright then. We'll take turns feeding which attack's we'll use." Lugia nodded in agreement and went to take it's place on the far side of the target. The three repeated various attacks such as gust, hydro pump, weather ball, and ancientpower until Kari was panting with exhaustion.

One more she thought to Lugia who could tell right away what she was thinking, and chuckled a little at the idea. The two of them just stood there and stared at the target for about thirty seconds, then relaxed. Lugia came over to Kari's side of the target and sat down. Do you think we'll get in trouble for this?
"Why? We're still attacking the thing, this one just takes a little while." Kari chuckled.

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Like the others Duama had practiced and hit the targets again, and again, and again. As he struggled to catch his breath Duama fell to one knee.

"Easy, boy. No sense in injuring yourself."

Smirking Duama looked up and spoke between breaths.

"C'mon now you old fossil, Dont't tell me you're tired....haha...I won't be left behind." he stood up and a determined glint was found in his eyes he charge the same purple energy  however when he opened his hand three orbs shone brightly.


three beams fired simultaneously from both Rayquaza and Duama. When they struck the targets all three didnt budge an inch.

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"You don't get points for luck guys.  Lets see you do that again." Raikou said.  All of the teams were advancing quickly.  They would have a good understanding of the training by the end of the day. 

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The teams had been training for a while and midday was approaching. "I'm going off to start preparing some lunch." Kari announced. "I should have everything ready in about three hours. If you want some gather around our fire around then."

With that, Kari told Lugia to go gather more fish for the meal, then she went off to gather any tasty herbs or berries she could find to prepare. She had brought with her a=two gathering sacks. One she filled with a wide variety of berries and some leaf based herbs she had found. And the other with a couple of Taillow, Spearow and Pidgeys she had managed to hunt down.

She had been gone for an hour and a quarter, then she and Lugia met each other a little ways away from where the others were still training. Using some flint and steel from her travel pack she lit up a fire and built it up nicely. Lugia used it's claws to gut and clean the magikarp it had caught, and Kari plucked the bird pokemon, Leaving Lugia to do the cleaning while she prepared the berries and spices. She put the mean on sticks and put them over the fire, leaving Lugia the responsibility of turning them and making sure they cooked thoroughly. While it did this Kari pulled her cooking supplies from the travel pack she had set out with. She grabbed two large pots and positioned them on a thick stick that was positioned above the fire like a spit. This way she could make two stews at once. In one she put the meat from three of her birds and in the other she put only berries and herbs.
While the stew cooked Kari set Lugia to salvaging bowls or eat ware from the wreckage of the town.

In total the process took a little over three hours, and the end result was two bubbling stews, three roasted birds and five smoked fish. Lugia returned with seven worn looking bowls with chipped edges and a little dirt on them, and ten iron spoons. Kari wiped the tools with her empty travel sack, then placed them in a pile and waited for the others to arrive.

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"Everybody stop!" Raikou called.  "We'll pick this up again once y'all have eaten.  You better enjoy this break, because its the only one you get until you can make the perfect hit consecutively." Raikou walked away from the training field and towards the picnic.  Normally he would have had the group work through the day without the lunch break, but he decided to take the different approach today.  Overexertion was the unhealthy path towards completing the training, and he hoped they could finish before their breaking points.

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"Ugh!' Duama dropped to his knees to try and catch his breath. Lunch sounded great if he could actually stand up. As he rose from the ground he hovered toward the delicious aroma of stew. Grabbing a bowl he sat down in front of it. No doubt it was made with pokemon, but at this point Duama just really didn't care anymore. He ladled the stew into his and spooned a mouthful into his mouth. He was in shock, it was delicious! "Well, I guess we found our resident chef." he joked.

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While the others headed towards the delicious aroma of the stews, Ava and Entei were slower to leave the training yard. They’d just completed what felt like their hundredth run at the practice dummy when Raikou called time, and it had been their best attack yet. Ava braced her hands on her knees, gasping for breath. It felt as though her very bones were humming with the force of that last strike, and her arms ached something fierce, but she felt a stirring satisfaction beneath all of that exhaustion—because their target hadn’t budged an inch.

Better, Entei commented. He sounded a bit winded, but he was nowhere near as tired as she was. Let’s take a break and get something to eat. You’re done in, and I could use a short rest. Then we’ll come back and try to do that again.

I’m ok— Her stomach growled loudly, interrupting the lie she’d been about to tell, and she blushed in embarrassment. Okay, maybe you’re right. I’m starving.

Entei chuckled and shook his head, amused. Then let’s go, before the food is all gone. He glanced around for Lucario, but she was already halfway across the practice field, following everyone else. Shinx, however, was still standing on the edge of their practice space, bouncing back and forth impatiently, but unwilling to leave without them. The Legendary snorted. And before our newest friend dies of starvation.

“Okay, okay, we’re coming,” Ava laughed, and she and Entei set off after the rest of the group, with the little Shinx eagerly racing ahead of them, anxious to get to the food.

By the time they reached the fire, Lucario had already helped herself to one of the roasted birds and was sitting down to eat. Shinx yipped with glee and bounded over to her, leaving Ava and Entei to fend for themselves. For her part, Lucario just rolled her eyes, offered Shinx a plump leg, and kept eating.

Ava grinned and grabbed one of the empty bowls, filling it with berry-and-herb stew and moving to sit down beside Lucario. She was beginning to feel faint from hunger, especially now that she was surrounded by all of the delicious smells that were wafting around the cooking fire. She put the first spoonful into her mouth and closed her eyes, humming in appreciation—it was good! But with her stomach growling like a menagerie of Ursaring, her savory pause didn’t last long… and though good manners wouldn’t allow her to inhale her bowlful, it did disappear very, very quickly. “Yum.”

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"Heh, if you can make stew like this Kari i think my days as a strict vegetarian are over." Duama said as he let out a contented sigh, he had eaten his fill, which had come to roughly three bowls of the stew. Rayquaza had returned to the stratosphere to feed and Absol no doubt was sleeping off his 'borrowed' magikarp. duama looked around at the others who seemed equally thankful for the break.

There maybe something to the relaxing thing Rayquza, guess living a life like mine you don't get to find that out often.

Rayquaza chuckled through their link. You'll find out there's alot more to life then just the battelfield, boy. Friends, family, even love

Duama's face silently became beet red as he stammered through their link L-like I think about that kinda stuff! he glanced around nervously to make sure no one could see he blushing and without realizing it his eyes lingered on Ava for a brief moment and he became redder.

Seems like you think of it more than you realize, boy. the ancient dragon bemused.

S-Shut up... he thought pitfully as he closed his eyes, his face still feeling hot.

Hmm, I don't hear a no....*chuckle*

"AHHH! WHAT DO YOU KNOW YA DRAGON GEEZER!" Duama looked around in shock. He was standing up and yelling at the sky. The others stared at him again in staunch disbelief. Duama's face felt so hot he swore a puff of smoke escaped his collar and floated skyward. "I uh...think I'll go back to training...." he said as he hurried to put the bowl down and ran back to the training field.

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Ava leaned back against Entei with a contented sigh, closing her eyes. Her stomach was pleasantly full, and she was in much better spirits after such a delicious meal. Now, all she wanted to do was relax and enjoy the mild weather… and maybe take a nap. But she knew that wouldn’t do; she was too damned responsible to sleep when there was training still to be done, and she didn’t want to disappoint Entei… or give Raikou an excuse to yell at her. She sighed again—sometimes being sensible was a pain in the behind.


Ava jumped, startled out of her reverie by Duama’s irate bellow. She stared at him, wide-eyed, wondering what the hell he was doing yelling at… the sky? She felt her eyebrows creeping upwards; he was, indeed, standing up and shouting at the sky. What a weird guy.

Entei cracked one eye open and eyed Rayquaza’s priest for a moment, his expression rather exasperated. Pipe down, you loudmouth.

Duama seemed to realize that everyone was staring at him after his sudden outburst, and he looked decidedly embarrassed. “I uh… think I’ll go back to training….” he muttered, and he hurried away without another word.

“That was weird,” Ava commented, sitting up with a very bemused sort of expression.

It was loud, Entei grumbled.

The priestess grinned and stood up, stretching languidly and wishing she didn’t have to return to practice. She smiled at Kari. “The stew was delicious. Thank you for sharing it with us.”

Entei pushed himself to his feet with a sigh, and then rolled his eyes as Shinx leapt to his feet as well, bouncing over to them. He and Lucario exchanged a silent look that clearly said, ‘Kids…’ before he turned his attention to Ava. Ready to get back to work?

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

Fair enough. Let’s go. He nodded to Kari and Lugia. Thank you for the meal. We’ll see you back on the training field.

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It made Kari happy beyond words to see people enjoying her food so much. She even chuckled a little when Duama mentioned about giving up being a vegetarian. She got herself a bowl of the meat and herb stew and ate it happily. The many thanks and compliments from the others would keep he smiling all day.

Lugia didn't eat with the group, it had gotten it's fill during it's fishing expedition. So Kari waited by the fire until everyone had eaten their fill then set to work on cleaning things up. Any leftover stew was poured into the larger of the two pots with a lid tied onto it with some rope. This way she could easily heat up leftovers to accompany another meal.

Once this was done she too resumed sync training. Singing their song Kari and Lugia had little trouble matching the timing. It was more the power balance the two seemed to have problems with. As the afternoon passed the two made little progress in this area. Little, but not none.

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(( Sorry life's been shit))

AS everything was being cleaned up Jacob was just headed over to the group. Both arms were covered in bruises and he was worn out like no other. Luckily for him Ninetales could support his weight and carried him to the food. Jacob Was to worn out to talk at the moment.

So Mew did it for him, "Forgive us for being late but he wouldn't quite till he got the hang of my attacks," She said to Kari, "You can continue I can dish him out his food." She told her. When Kari left Mew looked at Jacob And spoke through their link, "You are quite foolish you know that?" she said to him giggling slightly.

Jacob Cracked a half smile and replied "Yes but i merely want to pull my own weight that is all." He said there their link.

Mew dished him out food and also grabbed something for Ninetales as well. After eating Jacob Tired to stand up so he could go back to training but Mew used psychic to force him back down, "You know you have no more energy to work at the moment." She told him as Ninetales took this opportunity to lay down resting her head in Jacob's lap

"Fine" He replied with a slight pout as he closed his eyes for a second to rest.

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As the afternoon progressed, Entei and Ava kept to their little slice of the practice field, concentrating on their wooden target and ignoring the various shouts and crashes coming from the other priests and Legendaries on the field. They had resumed their efforts to improve their simultaneous Crush Claw attacks, working to match one another in speed, strength, and precision. It took several more runs at the practice dummy before they were able duplicate the perfect strike they’d made just before lunch, and Ava took a moment to savor the small victory. Her entire arm had gone numb this time. She shook it out, her blue-gray eyes focused on the target.

“Let’s have another go,” she suggest to Entei, turning and walking back to her starting position. “I want to see if we can do it again. It doesn’t count if it’s just dumb luck.”

Entei snorted, amused as he trotted back to his own mark. Fair enough. Third exhale. Take care not to get ahead of yourself.

A third perfect strike followed, and then a fourth, several minutes later. Ava braced her hands against her thighs, her breath coming in harsh gasps. Her right arm was beginning to ache, and she felt a little light-headed. “I think we may be getting the hang of this,” she breathed.

Her partner eyed her for a moment, considering. He finally nodded. Switch sides. Let’s see what you can do with your left arm, he replied, turning and walking back to his starting point.

Ava pressed her lips together, but she returned to her mark without arguing. She settled into position and concentrated on their link. On their third exhale, she launched herself at the practice dummy, this time extending her left arm in a mirror-image Crush Claw. Their attacks slammed into the target at the same time, but were quite unequal in force—and Ava had to roll out of the way to avoid being struck by the wooden dummy as it swung wildly on its rope.

With a groan, the young woman pushed herself to her feet, brushing dirt and leaves from her clothes. “Well, that was embarrassing,” she muttered as Entei dodged the still-swinging target to come check on her. “So much for getting the hang of things.” She felt, rather than heard, his answering chuckle.

It’s only the second day of practice. It’s a learning experience, he replied, amusement coloring his silent reply. You can’t expect to get good in just a couple of days.

“I’m so glad I have you to keep me humble,” she grumbled at him half-heartedly. She couldn’t be annoyed—he was right, after all. Glancing up, she saw that the afternoon sun hung low in the sky. Time flies, she sighed to herself. Soon, it would be evening… and then what?

Come. Entei’s voice cut through her thoughts. The afternoon isn’t over yet. Let’s see your left-handed Crush Claw again.

With another sigh, Ava turned and trudged back to her starting position. “Okay…”

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After several attempt Duama and Rayquaza had conquered the dragon pulse. They had become so adept in fact they even began firing off multiple in quick succession, but now they had to move on to their strongest move.

"If we can master this then no one will be able to stand up to our sync mode."

Try not to get killed boy, I don't like to hold back

"Tch. Bring it on you Ryu-jiji."

Duama and rayquaza both opened their mouths wide slowly a yellow-orange ball of energy began to form in their open mouths. What started as a faint hum soon became a dull roar of energy as they fired simultaneously. The hyper beams screamed toward their target and collided in perfect timing. However Duama's beam was instantly swallowed up and he took the brunt of the attack sending him flying through a tree and into the ground. Rayquaza cursed under his breath. After a moment of uneasy silence Duama stood and laughed! Surprisingly his body had no visible damage other than a few smudges on his face.

"Nice to see my body's back to its old resilience. But I think the hyper beam is a bit beyond us still...Let's go with Dragon claw."

Chuckling inwardly Rayquaza nodded then quickly spoke. "Perhaps, either way we're gonna need a new dummy."

Duama looks at where their dummy was only to see a singed rope hangin in its place.

" maybe we should've held back a little." ^_^6

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"To be honest, you guys won't be able to match a Hyper Beam until you actualy achieve Sync.  There's no way you'll be able to draw enough power, Duama, at least not yet."  Raikou said.  He remembered training with James and trying to match their Zap cannons.  The result was basicaly the same.  "Stick to the basic attacks.  You guys are doing good." He added before walking away.  "Don't kill yourselves today guys.  The real training doesn't actualy start until you can achieve a partial sync" Raikou barked out to the group.  The sun was setting now, the day's training was almost over.  Raikou sat down at the campfire next to Espeon, who had spent most of the day trying to light the wood with a psychic attack.

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Throughout the afternoon Kari felt very drained. Her body wasn't used to this kind of rigorous activity. By about five o'clock she was beat and needed to rest. So to avoid being scolded by Raikou Their last sync attempt was a Future Sight.

Kari sat down where she was and Lugia waddled over to join her. She chuckled, Kari often forgot how awkward Lugia was on land. The giant pokemon sat down next to it's priest. It didn't seem fatigued at all, but then it wouldn't be. It had been working at less than half power to accommodate Kari's weakness. After about five minutes a wind kicked up. Kari and Lugia watched the target and...nothing happened. "That was supposed to be our attack wasn't it?"
Yes it was. Maybe it was just synced up.
"Maybe but it should have at least-" But Kari was cut off as a long horizontal gash appeared on their target. "There it is." She said joyfully.

The two let out a couple more of these to allow themselves another fifteen minutes of rest before continuing on with other, more physical attacks.
By the time the sun started to set Kari and Lugia were the first off the field. Kari drudged over to the campfire, uttered "No dinner tonight." and then fell flat on her belly. Lugia shook it's head, picked her up with it's mouth and propped her in a more dignified position against it's tail. She won't be up for another training session for at least a day. it said to Raikou. I'm not sure it would be wise to stay here much longer anyway. There is no source of fresh water here anymore. The nearest rivers are by Mejiore and the well was destroyed by James' attack.

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As the others were coming in Jacob Was waking up. His whole body was stiff and ached like no other. He looked around to notice that it was almost dark, but he couldn't let that stop him. "Mew if you would be so kind as to grab some light." He said to her

"I dont think that is so wise, i mea..." Although Mew was cut off by a feeling that Jacob had sent through her link, she smirked, "I dont feel that is all that fair so why not just use Ninetales?" She asked

"I guess your right," he said rubbing his head then wincing at the discomfort. He shook it off and stood up, "Come on Ninetales lets go train, i still have yet to master this sync, im already a step behind everyone else, i wasn't even used to my legendaries attack moves." He said slightly disappointed in himself. Ninetales stood and nudged Jacob then went in front of him to show that she was ready to go. He smiled at her and they began to make there way back to the targets.

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"The next phase of the training isn't as physically demanding, at least not in its infancy.  She'll be fine for the next session.  But I was starting to think about moving as well.  Our enemies may come looking for us soon, and while this may be the last place they expect us to be, it is where they'll start their search." Raikou said.  The remaining teams should have been finishing their day soon, but they were still practicing.  "We'll pack up and leave in the morning and make camp early if we don't reach Mejiore.  We can start the next phase then."

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By the time the setting sun dipped below the horizon, Ava was tired, sore, and dirty—and she had yet to land a perfect left-handed Crush Claw. They had come close a time or two, but it still needed work. She dodged the swinging target and sat down hard on the packed dirt and trampled grass that made up their little section of the practice field. Propping her arms behind her, she slowly let herself slide backwards until she lay sprawled on the ground, her arms thrown out wide as she gazed up at the darkening sky. “Okay… I think I could use a little break,” she remarked, watching the swirls of violets, blues, and indigos clash overhead.

Entei padded around the wooden dummy as it spun on its rope, coming to stand over her. His eyes glittered in the fading light as he looked down at her. ‘A little break’ nothing. You need to have a proper rest. Let’s go clean up, and then we can heat up the leftovers from lunch. A hot meal will do you good.

“It couldn’t hurt,” she admitted ruefully. The priestess reached out and gripped Entei’s thick mane, allowing her partner to haul her to her feet. She leaned against him for a moment, burying her face in his warm fur. The night was turning cool, and the large Pokemon radiated heat. “Thank you… I suppose you’re right about that rest.”

Of course I am, he replied easily, leading her back towards the group’s campfire where they had stowed their belongings. Shinx, who had been sitting out of the way with Lucario, danced around their feet as they walked, while Lucario followed them at a much more sedate pace. You did good work today. You’ve more than earned a good rest.

“I’m so glad,” Ava chuckled, keeping herself tucked close against his side as they walked. Her arms and legs felt like overcooked spaghetti—without his extra support, she would surely fold in on herself and fall over. As they neared the campfire, she noticed Jacob brush past them, walking back out into the darkened practice field. She glanced at him over her shoulder, about to call out to him, when she noticed Ninetails was at his side. She stowed her remark and kept walking. He would be alright in the dark if Ninetails stuck with him. 

When they entered the light of the campfire, Ava looked around for a moment until she spotted Kari. The other girl was tucked up against Lugia’s tail, partially in the shadows, and completely zonked. Grinning, she turned away from them and looked for the large pot still full of the leftovers from lunch. It was sitting nearby, close to the fire so it would be easy to reheat. The hodge-podge of bowls and tableware had been stored beside it neatly. Thank goodness for small favors, she thought, dredging up the strength to leave Entei’s side so she could go heat up their dinner. Lucario and Shinx followed her—Lucario, to help; and Shinx, to bound around their feet and nearly light his tail on fire—while Entei chose a spot between Raikou and Lugia, where he could listen to the ongoing conversation.

Soon, the tantalizing aroma of the reheated stew filled the air around the campfire.  Ava stirred the contents of the pot, inhaling the wonderful smells coming from within. She was starving! “Mmm…” Turning to her companions, she smiled. “The food is ready, if anyone is hungry.”

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(Ok.  We're done beating around the bush.  I'm gonna temporarily auto-pilot the group so that we can get on with the story.)

     It was dark when Ava finished heating the food.  The rest of the training pairs had finished for the day.  "Get some food and sit, all of you.  There are some things we need to discuss before I can let you call it a night." Raikou said.  The priests and pokemon gathered around, and Raikou began.
     "I know I told you before that we'd be leaving here in three days.  I was wrong.  We're rapidly running short of water and supplies, and it won't be too long before someone comes looking for us.  But, just because we're traveling doesn't mean I don't have training for you.  While we are walking tomorrow, I want all of you to ponder the true reason why you bonded with your partners, and to think about what you stand for.  You can, and should, come up with this together.  When we make camp tomorrow I expect each of the teams here to have their answers."

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Duama looked dumbfounded by the prospect. "That's it? Just understand why we bonded with our partners?" after all the harsh training they had been doing this seemed like a piece of cake to the young priest. But rayquaza understood there was more to it.

It's more than you think boy, not just why you were chosen but why you accepted, and why you continue to be a priest with your outlook on humanity. Even the mightiest warrier can fall to the precise arrow. You need focus to harness your power better for it is your conviction and will that can make you strong.

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Lugia had woken Kari up before Raikou's announcement and the two shared an inward smile. This wouldn't be a difficult task for them. In fact they were much more concerned about the coming trek than anything else. It would be awkward for Lugia to walk through the wooded area they would have to go through to reach any major town, however if it flew there was a chance it might be spotted. Kari would discuss it with the group when the time came.

For now she nodded to show she understood, then propped herself into a comfortable position and got ready for the coming night.

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While Raikou outlined his plans for their journey the next day and read out their next assignment, Ava leaned against Entei, quietly finishing her bowl of stew. The coming task sounded deceptively simple… but she knew better than to put stock in any of the easy answers. This was an opportunity to look past the day-by-day and to remind each other of why they’d come together in the first place—and why they had remained together in the passing years since.

She shook her head, clearing away her thoughts; this was tomorrow’s assignment… not tonight’s. They could ponder it in the morning. Glancing sidelong at Entei, she asked silently, Are you up for some meditation before bed? We’ll probably be up at first light in the morning, and there may not be time then.

The Legendary inclined his head towards Raikou to show that they understood what he was asking of them, and then the pair excused themselves from the campfire. They would find a quiet place not far from the group where they could meditate and then bed down for the night. Morning would come soon enough.

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"This is the first step into entering syncronization.  Don't take tomorrow's lesson lightly." Raikou said before retiring for the night.  The next day's meditation would be easy enough to find an answer for, but if they screwed it up, it could become impossible to finish the training.

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Jacob and mew looked at each other and smiled slightly. This almost seemed like it would be enjoyable. So instead of wondering about it now, Jacob decided to rest his body so that tomorrow's long walk wouldn't be such a burden. Although his body was already screaming out in pain so that wasn't looking to good anyways.

He woke the next morning feeling refreshed, that was until he decided to move and shooting pains ran through his sore and stiff body. He stood up and stretched out a bit and then took a little walk before the others could wake up just to loosen all his joints that had stiffened up on him during his sleep. This woke Ninetales, however Mew was still sound asleep. He then noticed that everyone else still seemed to be asleep as well, so he decided to take this chance to go gather breakfast for everybody. Him and Ninetales walked into the woods and gathered some berries and herbs that he found around, also an egg or two from a nest near by. He inspected the inside of each one with the help of Ninetales flame to make sure that there was no life. He then took of his cloak and tied it in the center and then at each end creating two pouches, "You think you got this?" he asked Ninetales, as he filled up each side with all the stuff he gathered, she gave off a slight bark indicating that it was ok. He then rested this on her back and the walked back to the camp site and began to make some breakfast.

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Not long after Shadow started breakfast Kari awoke to the smell of food. She got up and did a few preparations before assisting the in preparation of the meal. Just before it was finished people started to stir and awaken to the smell. They all indulged in the meal and went over the plan for today. They would be traveling to Mejiore to resupply and then decide where to go next.

When the meal was done they all worked to package it up into meals that were easy to travel with and eat on the road. Then they set off North-East into the woods towards Mejiore. There was no distinct road, but instead a worn foot path that the residents used to take between the now destroyed town and Mejiore. This made travelling a little easier and assured that they wouldn't get lost.

As they walked each person and pokemon contemplated their bond and Raikou had instructed the night before. This made for a silent trip until around noon thirty when people's stomach's started rumbling. The group stopped to rest and eat the meal they had packed. "At this relaxed pace we should reach Mejiore just before sundown." Raikou informed them as they were finishing up and preparing to set off again.

The rest of the journey continued as the first half had. Everyone was silent doing the homework they were assigned, or at least pretending to. The sky was starting to turn orange in preparation for sunset when they saw their first farm, and then off in the low wooden walls of Mejiore.

The town had no gate, but rather an opening in the walls where people would enter from. Everyone was coming in from the fields after the day's work.

By the time the group reached the town the streets were starting to clear as the workers were entering their homes for supper and bed. This allowed them for a fairly clear view of the center of town. The ground was unpaved, and the earth had been trampled over so much use to make a distinguishable circle shape in the town square. Across from the entrance to the city was a pair of shops that sold farming tools and supplies, near them was a warehouse where seeds were stored until their planting season came around. Down a road to the left were some small, impoverished looking houses. A large grainery and several silos could be seen a ways down where the road turned right.
And to the right were more high end looking houses and a small inn located nearest to the center of town. The houses down this street appeared to be much nicer than on the left side. This road ended and turned left and in the center a mansion of a house could be seen peeking over the farm tools and seeds shops. The set up was obviously meant to be impressing.

People in the town were giving the group odd looks and hurried a little as they entered their homes. Lugia and the larger legendaries had not entered the town with their priests, as they didn't fit through the gate. "How about we find some lodging for tonight." Kari said, obviously uncomfortable about getting so many stares from the locals.

((And there is our epic travel post. :3 ))

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"I was origionally planning on setting up camp outside of the town.  With this many Legendaries traveling together, and my wonderful reputation with the towns in these parts, we're sure to attract attention." Raikou said.  He had noticed the stares from the locals, and had made an attempt to snarl at everyone who looked at him.  "I'll definately be staying in the forests outside town.  You guys can join me if you like, but it doesn't realy matter.  How about we meet in an hour, at the waterfal outside just beyond the south gate?" Raikou proposed promptly.

(I hope this place has a waterfall)

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Duama looked around as he gave a little laugh. "People fear what they don't understand. Priests like us are meant to be a form of balance to the crazy world. But it's a thankless job, all humans these days associate us with is destruction and chaos because of the pokemon we chase. Sometimes I wonder if the day will come when the humans deem us false prophets and strike against us." Duama had seemed very jaded as of late. No doubt the trip had had some affect on him. He now questioned if it was all possible could balance really be brought to this world in their lifetime? They could defeat James...but would that really solve the rest of the world's problems? "Heh, just when I need your answers you don't chime in eh, ryu-jiji?" he mumbled low enough that only he could hear. "Im with Raikou-shisho. Abso isnt the socialable type and I dont feel right leaving him and the drago-geezer alone at night." he said to the others

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"I was referring to the villages I raided over the last three months, but you're not wrong either." Raikou said.  Duama's homework had apparently given spark to more troubling thoughts, more than Raikou could have ever hoped for.  "I'm heading out.  Everyone whose leaving come with me.  If you're staying in town, it would be great if you could trade for some supplies." Raikou added before leading Duama, Absol, and whoever else was following to the waterfall.

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Kari and Lugia agreed that it would be best for it to go with Raikou to this waterfall. Lugia's skin was getting uncomfortably dry anyway. Kari and Lugia both agreed that it would be most beneficial for her to sleep in a proper bed for a change. "I'll be staying at the inn in town." Kari announced to the others. "Lugia will be going with Raikou for the night. I'm going to go see if there are rooms available if anyone wants to join me. Maybe we can pool our resources and share rooms."

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Upon entering the city proper, Ava's eyes lit with interest as she took in their new surroundings. Though she and Entei had done a fair bit of traveling in the past, they had never visited any of the larger cities on the map... and compared to her home village, Meijore was positively huge. Still, their group stood out from the local populace, glaringly different and earning them a multitude of stares as people scurried past. She frowned at the mix of emotions she saw on people's faces: there was curiosity there, to be sure, but there also shades of fear, anger, and disgust present, and that bothered her.

You would think they've never seen a Legendary before, Entei quipped silently, sensing Ava's discomfort and trying to lighten her mood. He stood beside Raikou, listening to his brother snarl at the gawkers. He watched as the humans closest to them scattered, his own expression that of mild indifference.

Ava pressed her lips together, only half-listening to Duama's and Raikou's conversation as she looked around. Few of the townspeople would meet her eyes directly, and most gave their group a wide berth as they passed by.

"I'm heading out. Everyone who's leaving come with me. If you're staying in town, it would be great if you could trade for some supplies," Raikou commented as he turned to exit the same way they'd come in.

"I'll be staying at the inn in town," Kari announced. "Lugia will be going with Raikou for the night. I'm going to go see if there are rooms available if anyone wants to join me. Maybe we can pool our resources and share rooms."

Entei glanced at his priestess. Ava?

The young woman sighed. Staying, for now. We don't have to meet for another hour, and I've a bit of coin so I can look into supplies while I'm here. And if there's time enough, I'd like to visit one of their bathhouses and have a proper soak and scrub. But I'm not sleeping here.

Fair enough. I think I'll toddle down to the waterfall with the others while you take a look around here. He turned his head to look at Lucario. You'll stick with her?


Good. I'll see you in an hour, he replied, and he turned and followed his brother out of the city.

Ava shrugged and bent to pick up Shinx, who had huddled close to her ankles at Raikou's first snarl. She looked at Kari. "I'm staying to have a look around, but I'll be sleeping outside the walls. I'll visit the merchants and see about gathering some supplies, and then I'm going to visit a bathhouse and get cleaned up." Then she arched an eyebrow at Lucario, who shrugged her shoulders in return, and together they set off into the city.


The staring townspeople gave Ahriana the fidgets. It had been several months since she and Suicune had last set foot in a city of Meijore's size, and she'd since grown accustomed to the much smaller populations of the much smaller towns and villages that they usually stayed in during their travels. She wasn't used to the sights, sounds, or commotion that came with a big city--even one so new as Meijore. She also didn't like the way the clusters of cityfolk hurried by them, whispering and glancing at their group with wary, mistrustful eyes--or the way others eyed them, open hostility or distaste written in their features. The girl gritted her teeth and edged a little closer to Suicune, seeking comfort in her partner's presence.

Be calm, Ahri, he murmured to her silently, projecting steady waves of calming emotion through their link to soothe her nerves.

There are just so many people. And they are all staring at us. She shifted, uncomfortable, until Raikou's gruff voice broke through her unease.

"I'm heading out. Everyone who's leaving come with me."

Ahri bit her lip, watching him turn away from the buildings spread out before them. She still wasn't sure what she thought of their Legendary, from his mannerisms to his teaching methods, but if he was happy to sleep outside the walls...

Suicune gently nudged her, urging his priestess forward, and they fell into step behind Raikou, with Growlithe fast on their heels.

(Okay,now that THAT long-as post is out of my system, I'm off to ice my fingers. Typing all that on my phone hurt. XD)

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As they walked to the edge of town duama's ear twitched. Stopping his advance he stepped with his left foot as he quarter-turned, catching a large sized stone effortlessy that almost hit his absol. Looking back into the direction it came he spied a gruff-looking bear of a man. He wore thick gloves and a soot -covered leather apron. The blathsmith no doubt. He then spoke in a voice as course as the coals he worked atop.

"It's bad enough having priests like you in our city but then to top it off you bring.....that"

his finger point indignantly at absol which warranted a snarl and a low growl from the pokemon.


Duama put out one hand in front of absol as a signal to stay. For a while he was silent looking at the stone deep in thought. However this was not long to last as the smith bellowed

"Hey!!! Don't you priests have any respect for those talkin to ya?!"

Duama smirked a bit

"Sorry, I never met an Ursaring who could talk before."

quiet laughter erupted behind the man, which he quieted with one look behind him.

"I'll make you pay for that!" he said crackin his knuckles as he advanced toward them. "Heh heh, I bet I'll make you squeal. Eh? Bishounen-! Ah...." the man was interupted as the stone he just threw collided with the bridge of his nose with a sickening Thwack! The bear of a man laid spread eagle on the ground. It was at this time the others noticed Duama had a protruding vein throbbing on his forehead. he tried to force a smile but it only came out as a menacing sneer.

"Call me that again.....I dare ya to call me a bi-bi-bi....rrrrrrrgh A pretty boy who cries at the sight of a sunrise!!!" Duama yelled at the top of his lungs. That did it! What the hell did he care for fixing people's problems? So long as the world was safe from people like James so what if a couple of idiots survived! Hell he supposed pests had a place in the natural order somewhere right?

A sweat drop form on everyone in the party's head.

(Hope you guys got the FMA reference ;) )

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"You can exterminate the world's blacksmiths later Duama.  For now let just get to the campsite." Raikou said.  He led the group out of the gates and to the waterfall just off the path they traveled on.  Raikou reached the shore of the lake and plopped down into the sand.  He couldn't hide his exaustion any longer.

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"You've been exerting yourself Raikou-shisho. Having your abilities drained by James mustve taken alot out of you." Duama seemd to show some form of concern for the legendary. He had to admit enjoyed some of raikou's comebacks and jokes. In some ways he was alot like the drago-geezer. he then came to a realizaton. "Yo raikou-shisho....just how much of me is like James....well the James you knew?"

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"Sit down." Raikou said.  He moved to straighten himself, but stayed with his jaw resting on the ground.  "When I met him, James was a dreamer. He was a fiercely talented trainer and fighter with the resolve and confidence to back it up.  He thought he could protect everyone, especially after he became my priest.  But as we traveled together he started to lose faith in his dreams.  He realized that he couldn't protect everyone, that there were stronger fighters out there than he and I.  He started questioning the world around him, and it tore away at him until we discovered syncronization.  Thats the stage you're at right now, right?  The more you understand the less everything else makes sense?"  Raikou said in his deep story-telling voice.  He had meant to tell the priests about James for some time now, and this seemed as good a time as any to start.

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Duama looked down and nodded. "There's so much wrong with the world Raikou-shisho....wars, corruption, and humans seem like so much of the cause of it. Growing up in Karesh I realized just how dark humanity could be. I think I could make an honest living. Even make a name for myself....but I soon realized that the only thing that waited at the top for me....." Duama shook of these thoughts. It had been a long time since he mentioned Karesh, or even thought about it. Last he ever heard was the new leader of the Karesh blacksmith guild. A lecherous old man with skill that couldnt be denied....he laughed to himself a bit as he reflected on it. "I just know the cost of the elite's solitude. I understand james because I was where he is....but I'll never go the same place. Im sure of that much..." he said continuing to look at the ground, deep in thought on how his sync mode would affect him.

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"You're where he was.  James said almost exactly the same thing to me just over twenty years ago." Raikou said.  He thought for a moment, formulated his words, and spoke, "The thing is; you priests are given a rare opportunity when you make bonds with legends.  You recieve the ability to change the world as you see fit.  Most priests, like their partners, are introverted and never maximize their potential.  They don't do much in the big scheme because they don't realize that they can.  But you know how strong you are, you have seen how strong you can become, and you know the price of that power.  The only real difference between you and James is that you don't have to make the sacrifice alone as he did."

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Duama closed his eyes and smiled

"You're right, I have friends...and for the first time in a long time I don't feel alone anymore. Kari's meals, sparring with Jacob, Ahri's quiet but a good listener, and Ava....I'm different because of them and I wanna protect them....that's it..."

Duama stood up clenching his fists

"I became a priest because I didnt want to be alone anymore...and now that I've found those bonds I wanted....I'm going to protect them, that's why I fight!" he said as he threw a right jab that cut the air sharply. A chilidish grin spread across duam's face, one that had not been there since he was a boy. Absol gave a sharp bark in agreement and rayquaza allowed the semblance of a smile spread across his maw.

Welcome back, Duama.

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"Great" Raikou said.  He rolled his eyes.  The thought of sitting down with all the other priests indivudually and talking them through their assignment had creeped into Raikou's head; and it disturbed them.  "Now that we've had that epiffany, lets gather some wood and make a fire.  We're rapidly running out of daylight."  Raikou barked from his lazy position in the sand.

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Jacob looked around the town and paid no attention to the stares that he was getting. He looked around but ended up deciding that he didn't need anything. "Im actually just going to go straight to the Waterfall," he told the group and looked at mew he was almost excited about telling why he became a priest and his life with mew and ninetales even.

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"Great" Raikou said.  He rolled his eyes.  The thought of sitting down with all the other priests indivudually and talking them through their assignment had creeped into Raikou's head; and it disturbed them.  "Now that we've had that epiffany, lets gather some wood and make a fire.  We're rapidly running out of daylight."  Raikou barked from his lazy position in the sand.

Duama grimaced. "Y'know Im startin to understand James reasoning more by the minute." he joked as walked past the down pokemon. "And by Im sure you meant me. Right?"

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As everyone declared their intentions Kari was left with a lonely night at the in, not that it bothered her much. She was starting to feel a need for some genuine alone time anyway. She decided to accompany Ava with a few errands before she departed. Stocking up on certain food items such as cheeses, some local grown vegetables and plenty of water. They followed this up by a much needed trip to the city's bathhouse.

Once the two women had finished Kari saw Ava to the gate, bid her a good night and went to buy herself a night at the inn. Her funds were running dangerously low after buying the supplies, but she had just enough for a small, single-person room. Happily she went to the upper level of the inn to her room, closed the door behind her and flopped down on the bed. It felt so good to be on such a soft surface she couldn't help but giggle with joy. She could even hear the sounds of the ocean off in the distance, and she very quickly fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

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"Everyone who hasn't syncronized with their bond partner before; I don't care who makes the fire!" Raikou growled.  "You'll probably need Entei to light the thing though.  Unless your dragonbreath or some other attack can do it." He added.  Raikou watched the water on the shoreline ripple into the sand as the others worked.

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Duama sighed and flew off into the woods, within minutes he returned withe several sizable branches. His complete gloves had one again become fingerless, no doubt due to the use of his dragon claw. He set down the large branches he had carried on his shoulders and went to work slicing them them up into managable pieces as his finger took on that familiar purple hue. we he was finished he threw them into a pile.

"I dont know dragonbreath yet." He half expected raikou to make a crack about what kinda dragon couldn't spew fire. When he didn't Duama reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a rectangle piece of flint that he used to sharpen the blade of the lance he always carried on his back. Again, his fingers took on a purple hue. With a flick of his wrist his fingers on the flint created a spark that danced into the wood and a faint glint of embers could be seen. Blowing on them gently it wasn't long before duama was successful in creating a fire. As he smiled in triumph he looked at the others around him. He had also brought a sizable log which he cut into three makeshift benches. Each big enough for one legendary or several priests for the rest of the priests who had decided to join them. Duama sat down with a smile on his face.

"Fire's ready! Everyone grab a seat while you can." as yelled as he sat down. Absol leapt to his side and barked happily at his master's feet warranting a pat on the head from Duama. Rayquaza lay a few feet away, his gigantic body coiled up.

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(xi, I'm just gonna go ahead and bring you to the campsite so we can move along)

"Excelent.  Lugia, call your priest.  The hour is almost up, she should have found a room by now."  Raikou said.  He lifted himself from the river bank and found a seat at the fire.  Xira arrived nearly ten minutes later. 

"Now that we're all here, I want each pair to take a turn and tell us about their thoughts throughout today.  Which experiences, which memories, brought you to your conclusion.  And then, answer the question 'why?' you bonded with your partner.  It does not matter to me who talks first, so long as you all say something." Raikou said. 


Deep underground, in a cavern long forgotten by man, another meeting was starting.  The cave was barren except for a embroidered carpet and throne with a few candles lit on its sides.

First to arrive at the meeting place was a boy dressed in rags.  He rode on Latios' back like a horseman riding towards his next conquest.  Latios dashed into the clearing and stopped abruptly.  The boy flipped off of Latios' back due to inertia and crashed onto the rock floor.  He quickly corrected himself and took his place next to his Legendary.

Next was a hooded man accompanied by the volcanic Heatran.  They walked slowly together to their spot in the meeting.  Red heat radiated off of them, as if they were walking bonfires.  The man's cloak was slashed and torn; the medals of his numerous victories in battle.

Third to arrive was an old man long, flowing hair.  He was dressed in the black overcoat and atire of a noble, and walked with exquisite posture.  The Alakazam and Gardevior that accompanied him moved with equal grace. 

James, the new Ru, sat atop the throne.  He still bore Raikou's fangs and forehead plate, and the purple clouds from Raikou's back ran down his own like a cape.  His skin, undernieth his pale grey kimono, had faint black lightning bolt marks on it.  The icy and fiery wings from Moltres and Articuno were folded at his sides, and cast a glow around him.  James sat, scratching the back of Manectric's head while he waited.  

"Good, you're all here." James began, "The moment when I solidify my destiny is arriving fast.  You all remember the prospects I told you about, no?"
"The priests that Raikou is training?  Yea, we remember." The cloaked man said.
"Do we get to fight them soon boss?  I havent had a good challenge in forever!?" The Latios rider exclaimed.
"Would you calm down for a minute, Cloud.  Let the man speak before you bombard him." The older man said sternly.  Cloud rolled his eyes and pouted.
"Thank you Sanders.  Yes, Cloud, I do want you to fight them.  I need you three to test their abilities.  I'm sure Raikou is searching for a good challenge to give them besides shooting targets." James said.  
"Test their abilities?" The cloaked man groaned,  "Wouldn't it be easier to just kill them?"
"I need them alive, you know this Jackson.  Attack them however you want, just don't kill them.  And don't lose, that looks bad on me." James said.  Cloud cheered with joy and started climbing onto Latios' neck.
"Don't worry guys, I've got this no problem.  You don't even have to come if you don't want." Cloud said.
"You wouldn't last 3 minutes against that Rayquaza and you know it kid.  We're coming too." Jackson said.
"Yes, it would be a shame if you got yourself killed in a skirmish because you were stupid." Sanders added.  
James rolled his eyes.  "Just get out there and report back to me."  I'm sure a group of 5 legendaries won't be too hard to find.  Dismissed," He said.  The priests and trainer nodded and left the cavern.  "What am I going to do with those guys, Manectric?" James muttered.

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Duama thought long and hard about what to say and then began.

"Growing up in Karesh you learn there's no real time to waste hoping or dreaming. 'The world depends on the children of the mine' Like my old man used to say. Though being a blacksmith himself I doubt he knew what the hell he was talking about." For the most part duama's story just seemed like ramblings.

 "In a city surrounded by people I felt something...lonliness. No one so much gave you a second look unless they felt they could use you. And even then you'd just be thrown there was one mother." an earnest smile came to the priest's face as Rayquaza continued from his perspective

I shared the same feeling of that town. Nothing mattered but the here and now to those people. Lords only thought of a corrupted future and schemed to make theirs so while the mines choked the air was stifling. the legendary shook off the idea of the town.

"I wanted I needed more for myself. I saw humans for what they truly were and I didnt want the same. That lonliness that grips your heart...I wanted to get away from it. Heh, I still remember the question you asked me drago-geezer."

In unison both rayquaza and Duama spoke.

"Finding it hard to breath here, boy? I're different. Well, how about accepting my wings then? Let's fly away and finally breathe."

They exchanged a knowing glance and smirk as Duama continued.

"I took those wings because I was alone, I didn't care about the balance of the world. Hell I even hated humans, but...." Duama looked around and smiled. "The escape from that lonliness has always been right here, with you all. You drive me crazy but I guess you're not bad." he glanced at Ava and looked away blushing at what he's said. He continued still beet red. "I know the lonliness James feels...and the world feels. I'll stop that power and bring the balance to the hearts of the humans and pokemon alike. I'm Duama cross, the Priest of the Strata." a determined glint took a hold of Duama's was then Raikou noticed something. Was it a trick of the light?, he was sure. For a brief moment Duama's eyes shone the same brilliant gold hue as Rayquaza's.

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Raikou smirked; the opportinity had come sooner than he expected.  "Alright guys, lets run with this.  Both of you digest everything you just told us, fill your consciousness with it, and answer the question with a statement." Raikou stood, his volume was increasing as he spoke.  "Just a couple of words, thats all it will be.  Think... Now give it to me, why did you guys form your bond!" Raikou was excited.  It was time to see if his training program worked.

(Duama: read ooc before you reply)

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Kari woke to Lugia's mental prodding. Her eyes were heavy and her vision blurry with sleep seeds. She drug herself out of the bed and stumbled along the road outside of the city to where Lugia said everyone was gathered, cursing the whole way.

When she got to their little camp she gave Raikou a look that would make Satan piss his pants. Then she sat down in a huff by Lugia's feet. She listened politely to Duama's story, her eyes drooping and her mind zoning for short bits of time. When he was finally done with his story, Lugia nudged Kari's back with it's toe to wake her more fully.


Once Dua had given his response to Raikou's question Kari spoke her peace. She wanted to get done and go back to her room. Sitting there on the beach was a waste of that money she spent on said room. "Lugia and I have been together for as long as my memory extends. So I had to learn from Lugia how the two of us actually bonded."

Lugia projected so all could hear. "Kari was a very small child, likely no more than three years of age when I found her. Her parents were wandering performers with a fear of pokemon. They were in town performing that day and had left Kari alone at their temporary home on the beach. She had wandered out and the tide came in. I found her curled up on a large rock surrounded by water. I being sexually androgynous alway wanted a child to raise as my own but could never have one. Finding this lost little girl gave me my chance. I bonded with her when I rescued her from that rock that day."

"She led me to her home, where her parents were searching the house for young Kari. When they saw me they panicked and fled, leaving Kari and everything they owned behind in that house. Neither of us have seen them since."

"I'm much happier this way." Kari concluded, I got to see the world in ways no young could have. And I learned early on how to take care of myself, which gives me a great feeling of peace and accomplishment most days. And when I'm on the water I feel like Lugia and I are one and the entire sea is just an extension of our being. It's pure bliss."

Kari's eyes had glazed over and she was lost to her memories.

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Hearing what kari said Duama nodded it was no wonder she became the way she is now that he thought about it, she wasnt operating against james on thought but instinct. Everything in her told her to run, and had duama actually listened to himself he probably have done the same. He Thought over raikou's words and thought carefully. what he had said seemed way too long but some of it responded to him.
"I accept your fly free!"

Again Duama's eyes shone a brilliant gold and the whites of his eyes became jet black ; a wind kicked up around him. Something began to glow under his jacket. As he took it off baring his chest he noticed the same golden line markings on Rayquaza now shown brightly on his own skin. He was in shock.

"No way....this is...!"

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"If I had hands, I would clap for you.  You guys have done it."  Raikou said.  Rayquaza's eyes and yellow marks were also glowing.  The group watched the pair in awe for a few minutes... until the lines on Duama's skin faded away and Rayquaza's eyes stopped glowing.  Duama looked at Raikou, confused.  "What?  Did you think it would be easy to maintain?  Thats phase two"

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"Gah!....hah...hah" duama was a bit winded but he couldn't help but grin. He'd done it!! He achieved syncronization! Now his fight with james...their victory seemed all the more real. He stood up and smirked "It's all thanks to you master."

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Kari woke to Lugia's mental prodding. Her eyes were heavy and her vision blurry with sleep seeds. She drug herself out of the bed and stumbled along the road outside of the city to where Lugia said everyone was gathered, cursing the whole way.

When she got to their little camp she gave Raikou a look that would make Satan piss his pants. Then she sat down in a huff by Lugia's feet. She listened politely to Duama's story, her eyes drooping and her mind zoning for short bits of time. When he was finally done with his story, Lugia nudged Kari's back with it's toe to wake her more fully.


Once Dua had given his response to Raikou's question Kari spoke her peace. She wanted to get done and go back to her room. Sitting there on the beach was a waste of that money she spent on said room. "Lugia and I have been together for as long as my memory extends. So I had to learn from Lugia how the two of us actually bonded."

Lugia projected so all could hear. "Kari was a very small child, likely no more than three years of age when I found her. Her parents were wandering performers with a fear of pokemon. They were in town performing that day and had left Kari alone at their temporary home on the beach. She had wandered out and the tide came in. I found her curled up on a large rock surrounded by water. I being sexually androgynous alway wanted a child to raise as my own but could never have one. Finding this lost little girl gave me my chance. I bonded with her when I rescued her from that rock that day."

"She led me to her home, where her parents were searching the house for young Kari. When they saw me they panicked and fled, leaving Kari and everything they owned behind in that house. Neither of us have seen them since."

"I'm much happier this way." Kari concluded, I got to see the world in ways no young could have. And I learned early on how to take care of myself, which gives me a great feeling of peace and accomplishment most days. And when I'm on the water I feel like Lugia and I are one and the entire sea is just an extension of our being. It's pure bliss."

Kari's eyes had glazed over and she was lost to her memories.

ooc: and now to make all of this cronological

"Don't be a suck up kid.  Anyone here could have achieved sync first had they talked first at this meeting." Raikou said to Duama.  Xira and Lugia gave their story next, and they had reflected well on their past experiences.  "Well guys," Raikou began, "This is definatly a good start.  We have all the foundation laid out, but I'm curious as to what you believe your purpose to be.  Do you have one?  Or better; do you think you guys can do what Duama and Rayquaza just did?"

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"I have no doubt that we could pull of what Duama did," Kari said without hesitation. "but I want to wait."

Lugia even sent out a wave of confusion through the link but quickly realized why Kari had said what she did. She didn't like being put on the spot, especially in the even that she failed. The truth was that Kari and Lugia were perfectly content continuing their wanderings and living their life in peace. That reality coming to a close had brought unrest to Kari's mind, and it made it hard for the two of them to perform this sync training.
So to cover for her Lugia explained. "We want it to be a special moment when we do it for the first time. Showing off here would be far from ideal for the two of us."

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"I think there's something all of you need to hear.  If you don't mind, I'll take the next turn.  Its about time I told you all James' story; our story." Raikou said. 

"I met James twenty-seven years ago, in the prime of the great Galvis Pokemon Arena.  At the time, James was a trainer-contestant, and one of the best.  Back then he had Luxio; a true pride to electric type pokemon everywhere.  But one day, James and Luxio defeated the wrong guy.  A group of thugs had bet heavily on James' opponent, and lost half a fortune on the fight.  That night the thugs followed James and Luxio into an alley and attacked him.  Luxio could hold off their pokemon for a while, but was eventually pummled by their Graveler.  The beating on Luxio continued long after it was able to fight, and James eventually stepped in and defended Luxio with his own body.  I passed through the city that night, and chanced upon the alley where James was attacked.  The group dispersed almost immediatly when I entered the alley, and I was left with a 12 year old and a pokemon laying limp on the ground.  James was still conscious, and looked up at me curiously.  I was curios too, he was the only human I had ever seen take a hit for his pokemon.  I asked him, "How would you like the means to defend the people and pokemon around you without getting your ass kicked?"  James nodded.  After they had rested a few days, James and Luxio began traveling with me; and James became my priest.

"About eight years passed in relative peace.  James grew into a powerful priest, and the evolved Luxray could fire thunderbolts that nearly matched our own.  One night, while we were staying in a small settlement, the legendary Regigigas was awakened by an evil priest.  It attacked the floundering village and laid waist to most of the townsfolk and nearby forest.  James and I attempted to stop the enraged Pokemon, but our power was no match for Regigigas.  In our weakness Luxray was killed along with the town.  It was that night that James and I accidently discovered syncronizatioon with the kicker 'no one else gets hurt.'  We defeated Regigigas, and after burying Luxray James swore to become stronger; that no one else would die because of his weakness. 

"Within two years we had absolutely mastered syncronization.  Our legend was growing.  People were whispering about "the unstopable priest and legendary."  We were challenged by trainers and priests almost daily, and sent them all home with their tails between their legs.  But it was never enough for James.  He still believed that there was something more out there; that there was some greater evil that he had to prepair for.  And then we learned about Ru.  We heard the story from an old man and almost immediatly set out to find Ru's tomb.  We found it within the month, and James spent the next two years deciphering the texts on the coffin.  I was doubtful at first, but James was determined.  He thought that he could end suffering with this power, that he was still doing it to protect the world.  If only I had known better.  When James felt that he had learned Ru's technique, we set out to test it.  We encountered Regirock and its priest and defeated them with almost no effort.  James absorbed Regirock, and was prepaired to kill the pokemon.  I stepped in at the last moment, unable to stand what we had become.  My inaction had created a monster, and I was prepaired to die if it ment fixing my mistake.  James defeated me, but I was still able to wound him and take my power from him.  That was fifteen years ago now.  If I have any regrets, its that I stood by and watched our enemy be born and didn't act until it was too late.  Now my mistake falls to you."

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"You were bound to James, Raikou...You did what any of us would do in your shoes old friend. You were unsure but you trusted your priest. None of us will ever fault you for that."

Duama nodded in agreement. "Im glad you told us, for the longest time I wondered what could cause someone like him to go so wrong. But now that I think about it, he just got harder to beat. In James' mind I bet he still thinks he's doing the right thing, he isn't going to be swayed with just words either....we hadn't really talked about what we would do, but we may be forced to kill James." Duama said as he leaned forward placing his chin on the backs of his hands, his fingers interlaced.

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"James' mind was poisoned by the events during our time together.  With syncronization comes the ability to read and predict your partner's thoughts, far beyond what you are capable of now.  But since he aquired Ru's power I haven't been able to predict his thoughts like he can mine.  I don't know his master reason for all of this, I can only guess the small parts." Raikou said. 

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Jacob listened to the story intently he had never gotten his chance to truly speak up but he wasn't all that discouraged by it. He understood what what Raikou meant by saying that James was poisoned. He also could imagine what having Ru;s power had meant. He had heard stories from the pokemon growing up through Mew, because some where even skeptical of him staying there. Then even more from the old man who taught him everything else. However in this type of situation and still feeling like the new guy with this group, he didnt dare speak up.

Mew and even Ninetales could sense that Jacob was uneasy and tense to they made there way over to him to relax him a bit.

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Duama looked over at Jacob "Hey, new guy. If you're with us then it doesn't hurt for you to speak your mind. Im kinda curious how a guy like you ended up with Mew."

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Jacob looked around at the group then looked at mew. He smiled slightly, "Well to be honest im not really sure." he began, "what i mean by that is i have been with Mew and even Ninetales all my life, i don't have a single memory of when i wasn't in the forest with the pokemon." He said he felt a little sad about this, not because he didn't have a family but because his upbringing was happy and fun, while some of the other priest's had to deal with hardships.

He looked at Mew once more then took a deep breathe and let it out, "Well i guess that isn't quite true, about 3 years ago Mew let me see through her eyes where i came from, or at least how i wound up with her and the rest of my family." he looked around this time with a half hearted smile, "From what i can tell my parents took me to the edge of the forest only months after i was born and left me there, in these memories of my there is vague talking about not having enough money to feed another mouth." Mew came and landed on his head, and Jacob's smile became sincere, "That was when Mew come out of the forest to see what was in this blanket only to have a tiny little hand reach out and touch her head."

"After that i was raised by the pokemon of the forest, and now that i think about it i think i may have always been bonded to mew, back then i didn't really understand it and i also didn't understand, that i wasn't one of them, i just assumed like Mew i was a one of a kind pokemon." He said with a slight chuckle, "However eventually we had to leave because some of the elder pokemon were concerned about the birth of a second Ru, that was the gist of what i got from my link with Mew. Then a few days later we left, Ninetales here decided to tag along with us as well, which made me happy."

Ninetales came in and nuzzled Jacob and gave off a very affectionate bark, "That is when i happened to run into a house in the middle of no where. This is when i met gramps. From his stories he seemed to be from a fallen noble house. This is where i learned everything from the written and spoken language. This is also where i heard the tale of Ru," He said as he gripped his hand tightly into a fist, "He was a man like me who had been raised by pokemon, a man who once fought for unity of everyone, then eventually power corrupted him and almost wiped out every legendary, all in the pursuit of power, thinking that to unite the world he needed to destroy it all and reform it once more. He thought that through obtaining all the powers of the legendaries that he would be able to call the god pokemon down and destroy it as well stealing the powers of god and being able to recreate everything in his own image." It was evident Jacob we angry. Every part of his demeanor screamed it. "That was when i vowed that i would become a priest who protects one who will make sure that no other human tries to play god."

"Although i guess this entire story doesn't really answer the question as to why Mew chose me. I am no fool i know that Mew bonded with me at an early age so that i could live in there world, she is two kindhearted to have left me there. However she claims that as a baby i seemed aware, that it had been destiny that brought us together, that i was meant to be her first human priest. When saved my was my instinct to reach out as a baby. However we now share the common goal to protect everyone."

He said as he looked around once more this time and for the first time being with this group,spoke with determination and confidence, "Please do not think to rash of me but i know i am not as skilled a fighter as Duama, and i may not be as useful in the fight with James as the rest of you, but please allow me to be your shield, in this fight and fights from now on" He said standing up with the last part of hos little end speech then as if all his fire went away got really embarrassed and sat down and mumbled, "If that is ok with everyone"

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"Duama's human fighting skills will become more and more trivial as he develops as a sync-ed priest.  What we need are warriors with resolve, and that you can find within yourself." Raikou said.  Jacob was still timid, but he had a purpose.  He and Mew were definitly capable of syncronization.  "As long as both the priest and pokemon believe in it, anything can be a trigger for syncronization.  Start with the 'no human plays god' thing and see where it takes you." Raikou added.

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"No human plays god..." Jacob mumbled to himself, he then thought about it, and shared these thoughts with Mew. Even though him and mew felt this was true and shared the same thoughts about, this concept didn't seem to be what made their bond strong. Then like hurricane, it hit him, "I shall become this worlds shield." As he stated that, he began to rise off the ground, not in flight but just hovered there. His normally silver hair grew a pinkish purple tint to it mixed with the sliver. He could feel it like he was looking through two sets of eye's. Like him and Mew were the same person.

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"This sure has been a productive conversation." Raikou said.  Jacob's transformation faded away just as quickly as Duama's and he dropedd back onto the ground.  "Like I told Duama and Rayquaza, getting here's the easy part.  You'll learn to control it in time.  Now would anyone else like a shot?"

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     "Where is Cloud?  We're running out of daylight." Sanders said.  He stood with his arms crossed in the intersection of two dirt roads.  Gardevior and Alakazam were sitting on the ground, back to back.  Jackson sat atop of Heatran, who was laying in the road.
     "He'll get here; if he knows whats good for him." Jackson answered.  Cloud had never been punctual.  "Do you think these guys we're looking for will be strong?"
     "Can't say.  According to James Raikou won't give up easily.  He'll push those priests until they snap if he has to, but I don't know how far they've gotten in the past week." Sanders said. 
     "I hope they're strong.  I haven't had a good challenge since James.  And now that he has all this power I need to keep up."
     "You really think you can beat him?  You've seen what he's become."
     "He's still a man, which means he has a weakness."
     "Just find it BEFORE you challenge him.  James isn't the kind of opponent you can figure out while you fight him.  He'll destroy you." Sanders said.  Cloud and Latios sped into the intersection. 
     "I found them.  A merchant on the road said he saw a group of legendary pokemon traveling towards Meijore.  He said Rayquaza and Lugia were with them." Cloud said.
     "Its about time.  Lets get going." Jackson said.  He dismounted Heatran and lead the group on the road to Meijore.

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“Now would anyone else like a shot?”

Ahri hesitated for a moment, glancing across the fire towards Ava, but the auburn-haired priestess didn’t seem inclined to jump in. She felt Growlithe’s weight settle in against her side, warm and comfortably solid. Suicune had already placed himself on her other side, his manner relaxed, patiently waiting for her to begin. She looked down, idly tracing a whorl in the seat of the makeshift wooden bench as she considered her next words.

“It was a little over eight years ago when Suicune and I first met. There was a creek I liked to visit, about a mile’s walk outside of town. It was a pretty spot—quiet, with plenty of scope for imagination.” She smiled wistfully. It had been her favorite childhood haunt; and she had spent many stolen afternoons there, reading, playing, and just being a child. “The water was crystal clear, and it sparkled where the sunlight touched through the trees. I used to think it was magic.

“But that day, something had gone wrong… The water was a murky purple-brown, and the grass on either bank looked sick—it was all yellow and brown, like it was dying.” Her lips twisted into a grimace. “The local farmers had been complaining about their well water going bad—being poisoned, making them and their families sick. Some of the crops were starting to turn, too, but no one knew what was causing it. When I saw that my stream had also been affected, I knew it must’ve come from whatever had been poisoning the wells… and I decided to follow it to the river, to see if I could track down the source of the muck.” Suicune gave a muffled snort and Ahri ducked her head, making a face at him. “In hindsight, it probably wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done. I should’ve gone for help. But it all worked out alright in the end.”

Suicune’s blue eyes sparkled with amusement. He told the group, Ahriana stumbled into the middle of a rogue band of hostile Grimers.

“And one massively oversized Muk with a nasty temper…” the dark-haired girl added in a mutter.

They had been traveling in a pack across the southern farmlands, polluting water sources and sickening crops as they went, Suicune continued, his mental voice light and cool. I picked up their trail somewhere around Jhove and followed the marks of pollution west, towards Vertan. I’d been tracking them for about a week before I finally caught up with their pack at the Sivony River. Judging from the degradation of the soil and the muddy color of the water, they’d been there a while. He shook his head in disgust, and then turned to Ahriana. Of course, no sooner had I arrived than it became evident I was not the only one hunting them. This one emerged from the trees and started shouting at them to stop poisoning the river.

Ahri blushed. “I was only eleven,” she protested, staring down at her lap in embarrassment. “I didn’t know any better. I thought that if I could make enough noise it would scare them away and they would go somewhere else.”

Suicune chuckled. But they didn’t.

“No,” she agreed in a very small voice, ducking her head even more. “The Grimers looked at me for a moment, and then they all rushed at me all at once and I… panicked. I started to turn, to run away, and I caught my foot on an exposed tree root. Twisted my ankle on the way down and went straight into a patch of smelly mud on the riverbank. Then, all of the sudden I heard this silvery cry from across the river and this huge jet of water comes out of nowhere and blasts the Grimers out of the way.” Her voice took on a slightly awed tone. “It was… the most amazing thing I’d ever seen.”

Well, I couldn’t just stand there and stare at them while they attacked you. You wanted to stop them from poisoning the river, and I wanted to put a stop to their pollution spree—and the enemy of thy enemy is thy friend, after all, Suicune replied in a reasonable tone of voice. He gave a mental shrug and continued the tale. I disabled the Grimers easily enough, but I didn’t spot the Muk in time to blast it with a Hydro Pump. It oozed out of the river behind Ahri while I was busy with its cohorts, and it was nearly on top of her before I realized it.

“Suicune jumped across the river and collided with me just as I was trying to stand up,” Ahri added in a very dry voice, giving her partner a dubious look. After all, he was at least a foot taller than she was and he outweighed her by about three hundred pounds. “I hadn’t seen the Muk yet, and I had no idea what was going on… so down I went, again, tumbling out of the way, and all I heard behind me was this huge sucking sound—”

I crashed into the Muk when I landed on the bank and got stuck in the sludge in its torso, Suicune explained. It took me a moment to pull myself free, but the Muk didn’t seem inconvenienced in the least—it used the opportunity to hit me with its Poison Gas and a Slime Wave. Ahriana shuddered, wrinkling her nose like she was remembering a really, really horrible smell. I don’t know if it was sheer size or experience, but it was strong—much moreso than a normal Muk—and its poison attacks were very… potent. I was able to put it down eventually, but by the end of the battle I was extremely sick from its poison and too weak to help myself. The Legendary grimaced, staring into the fire. I’d forgotten about Ahriana during the turmoil. I assumed she’d run as soon as I engaged the Muk’s attention… so it was a complete surprise when she returned with an armful of Pecha berries.

“Well, I couldn’t just sit there staring while the poison made you sicker and sicker,” Ahri replied in a patient, reasonable tone reminiscent of the one Suicune had used during his earlier explanation of why he had rescued her from the Grimers. She smiled at him.

Suicune rolled his eyes. Of course, I was too delirious at that point to know what she was offering me… but she was a persistent little kid, and she insisted on spending the next week nursing me back to health until I was recovered enough to contend with the pollution the Muk and the Grimers had left behind. She helped me track down all of the troubled farms and watering holes around Vertan and I set the water back to rights, and when I was ready to leave the city and backtrack back to Jhove to finish purifying all of the polluted water sources I asked her to join me. We’re kindred spirits, Ahri and I.

Ahriana leaned over and hugged Suicune with her good arm, overcome with a sudden, powerful affection for her partner. She hid her emotional reaction by burying her face in his mane, her voice slightly muffled as she agreed, “Yes we are. We’ve been traveling together ever since, looking after the lakes and the rivers all along the countryside, and taking care of people and Pokémon that need our help.”

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"Well; we know HOW you guys got together." Raikou started, "But do we have a WHY?  We need a purpose for the training to work, we don't need a story.  This is a start; something we can build on in the upcoming days."  The sky was completely black now.  Espeon dropped another log on the fire.

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"Just try to think of the reason you joined him. Im sure you never wanted others to feel the destruction of polution like you did. Maybe you should try thinking of something like that." For some odd reason since being able to do it himself Duama seemed to want to help the others accomplish snyc mode almost much as he had himself. To bond with rayquaza felt like all he ever wantedto do could be accomplished simply on a whim. his insides burned with power from every was scary but....intoxicating. In the face of this power it's no wonder James thought he could fix the world....if he just had a little more of it.

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Ahriana blinked at Duama, then frowned slightly, glancing back at Suicune and considering this. She had never tried to put the why of their bond into words. It was harder than she thought it would be.

"Well..." she said slowly. "I suppose you're right. Pollution can be a terrible thing... it can make people and Pokemon sick, and it can damage crops and water sources. I'd like to put a stop to it, if I can, or help correct the damage that's already been done."

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"You gotta be more confident than that Ahriana.  Whatever ends up becoming your trigger has to be something you believe in fully.  Its ok if you don't find one tonight.  We can't rush this." Raikou interjected.  He listened to Duama's guiding advice with a sort of cautious curiosity.  If he tried to help too much he could throw off the entire purpose of the conversation.

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"You gotta be more confident than that Ahriana. Whatever ends up becoming your trigger has to be something you believe in fully. Its ok if you don't find one tonight. We can't rush this."

Ahri looked down for a moment, going quiet. After a few seconds of silence, she murmured, "I... you're right. I don't think we have it yet. I'm sorry." She stared at her lap, feeling disappointed. Not only was she no closer to knowing what their trigger could be, but she felt like she was letting Suicune down.

Suicune nudged her leg gently. It's alright, Ahri. We will find it eventually, he murmured to her silently.

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"Well then; that just leaves Ava and Entei.  Are you guys ready to give this a shot?" Raikou said.  They had two groups break the barrier that night; two more than Raikou expected going into the campfire.  He had to wonder: could they get one more?

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“Well then; that just leaves Ava and Entei,” Raikou said, his voice breaking through the silence that had fallen around the campfire. “Are you guys ready to give this a shot?”

Up until that point, the pair in question had quietly followed along with the different stories and discussion without offering any input of their own. Ava stirred slightly, roused from her thoughts by Raikou’s question. She glanced down at Entei, but her partner had stretched out on the ground between her seat and the fire and had, by all appearances, gone to sleep. She rolled her eyes.

“Growing up in a mountain village, you either learn to be resilient… or you leave and find someplace easier to live.” The words were no-nonsense, but there was a touch of humor in the priestess’ voice. “I lost my mother when I was very young. My grandparents raised me as best they could, but I learned early on that there’s always work to be done—and if you want it to get done, most times you’ve got to do it yourself.

“We were pretty much cut off up there from the big merchant caravans and the major cities, and so we had to be self-sufficient to survive.” Ava tapped her fingers on the log bench idly as she spoke. “We grew most of our own food, made a lot of our own medicines, and everyone in the village pitched in whatever they could. I grew up doing all sorts of different chores, from the time I was big enough to walk and follow simple directions.” She smiled. “It wasn’t the most conventional upbringing, but I like to think that I learned the value of hard work, community, and independence in the process.”

“Lucari-o…” came a pointed-sounding comment from the girl’s side, and Ava paused for a moment, turning to blink at her long-time friend and companion. Then, with a sheepish smile at being caught in the midst of such a reminiscent ramble, she shook her head and seemed to recollect her thoughts.

“Right.” The priestess cast another glance at Entei. “When I was about ten there was a terrible drought. The lands around my village were hit especially hard and everything withered and dried out… which left us all vulnerable to sudden fires.” Her eyes lingered on the campfire. “That summer, entire villages burned down to the ground. Forest fires were the biggest problem because they could smolder for hours and hours, building up into monsters before anyone realized the danger... and we were surrounded by forests.

“On one of those days, the village healers sent me out to hunt down ice berries to turn into burn salve. Naturally, there was a fire. Fast-moving. It was in front of me before I even smelled the smoke. I blew the alarm and made a run for it. Most of the local Pokémon had already moved on, in search of food and water, so I didn’t realize…” She sighed, shaking her head. Shinx jumped into her lap, turning around in a circle before curling up and closing his eyes. Ava absently reached down to scratch behind his ears and he made a happy, buzzing noise. “I stumbled across a nest of Pachirisu and I stopped to try and save them. I thought I had time, but the fire was moving faster than I thought—or maybe it had already spread that far, I don’t know. Anyway… we were cut off from the village, surrounded by walls of flame—and that’s when Entei showed up. He walked right through the middle of that huge fire like it was nothing, and he came up to me and said—”

‘I didn’t realize humans had any interest in fire walking.’ Entei’s voice rumbled around the campfire. He lifted his great head, turning amber-colored eyes on Ava. ‘Follow me if you wish to live, little fire sprite.’ And then I led her and that family of Pachirisu out of the burning forest—

“—dispersing of the fire as we went,” Ava interrupted with a grin. “By the time we got back to the village, I think you’d done for the entire forest.” She looked at the other priests and Legendaries gathered around the fire, adding, “I asked him later what on earth he’d been doing walking around in the middle of such a giant blaze like that—”

Entei snorted. I was making sure the forest Pokémon that remained were able to escape the fire unharmed. The humans and their villages were none of my concern—or they weren’t until I caught this one in the middle of that self-same fire, risking her own hide to rescue those Pokémon. Very few humans would have done such a thing, and certainly not for wild creatures they bore no previous, personal attachment to.

His steady gaze fixed on his partner. I held no particular love for humans up to that point. But Ava was different. Even when she was a pint-sized, mischief-making, stubborn little snot— the girl in question stuck out her tongue at him —she was able to recognize the importance of a life not her own—not even human—and take steps to protect it. He turned to Raikou, settling himself back down in front of the fire. She may be a pain in the ass sometimes, but she’s sincere… and she’s got the fire and the passion to back it up.

Ava ducked her head, quietly pleased with his good opinion. It meant a lot to her, despite his frequent teasing retorts. Smiling slightly, she looked up at Raikou from across the crackling campfire, and there was something serious and direct in her gaze that belied her easy manner. “I’ve always believed that it’s one thing to be able to help yourself… but it’s something very different—something much more important—to be able to help others. There’s long been a rift between the hearts of Pokémon and humans. If we allow that rift to deepen it will eventually tear our two worlds apart, forever and irrevocably… unless we can do something to stop it. Well, that’s what I want to do—mend the gap. If we don’t stand together now, the powers of Ru will continue to divide us, devouring our strength until there’s nothing left but pain and suffering in all the world.” She shook her head, her eyes almost glowing in the firelight. “I may not be the best fighter or the smartest strategist, but I’m tenacious, and I’ll be good for the distance.”

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Jacob looked at her, with a soft smile, in fact he looked around at everyone with that same manner. This had probably been the first time in his life that he felt close to other humans besides gramps. He felt that everyone at this camp fire was important and that he wanted to work hard so that he could protect them from whatever would try to harm them. However Jacob did not speak up at the moment, he wanted to hear what Raikou had to say to the pair first.

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"You're absolutely right.  The rift between humans and pokemon is growing.  I chose to begin my campaign against the human villages not only to bring James out of hiding, but because I believed at we Pokemon were already suffering enough, and we would suffer more if James rose to power.  But everyone suffers now.  What the world needs are people to bring the species back together, people like you.  Entei, Ava, you guys have the resolve, you have the history.  Do you have what it takes to find your trigger now?" Raikou said.

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“Do you have what it takes to find your trigger now?”

Ava went silent, considering. Entei still sat on the ground before her, his back to the campfire, and the shifting light from the flames lit the air around him, casting his body in a golden, ethereal glow. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, feeling for the thread of awareness that linked their two halves together. The words were there, as well as a fierce, burning determination that pulled at her, urging her forward.

“I… will not turn my back,” she murmured quietly, eyes still closed.

The campfire blazed and heat washed over Ava’s face, beginning at her temple and slowly spreading outward. A three-pointed yellow crest glowed as it formed along her brow and swept up to cover her forehead, its three points ending just beyond her hairline. Crimson lines began to darken around her eyes and arched out into three-pointed designs on each side of her face, covering her temples and dripping down both cheeks in mimicry of Entei’s bright facial markings. Entei watched in silence, his own markings shimmering as they appeared on his partner’s still features.

Like the other two transformations, this one only lasted for a few minutes before it began to fade. The fire slowly shrank back to its normal size and Ava opened her eyes, the reddish amber hue of her irises gradually lightening to become her normal blue-gray stare. She took a shaky breath and sat back in her seat, weary from the exertion… but also elated. For a brief moment in time, it had felt like she and Entei were truly one being, with one heart and one mind. She smiled tiredly.

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"I didn't come into this meeting expecting any of you to achieve your first syncronization, and here six of you did it.  Congragulations, for you the real training begins tomorrow.  As for the rest of you; we've gotta find something to get you caught up.  We'll figure that out tomorrow.  Until then you're all dismissed." Raikou said.  He stood up and walked away from the fire, found a place in the sand near the lake, and lay down to go to sleep.

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Finally. Kari thought as she stood and rubbed her cramped up rump. At this point it felt too late to go slinking back to her room. She didn't want the people of the town suspecting her of anything or worse yet following her trail back to the legendary's location. Lugia could feel Kari's mixed irritation and exhaustion and said to her, Lets go to the ocean. Kari nodded and climbed up Lugia's tail on to it's back. "I'm going to take Kari to a place she can sleep. We'll see you all in the morning." Lugia projected to everyone, then walked off towards the shore.

Lugia and Kari rested in the ocean like a little mouse on the back of a great swan. As the waves lapped up against Lugia's side and gently rocked the pair Kari fell into a very peaceful sleep. Her mind and Lugia's were swimming together in the deep crevasses of the sea, where Kari always longed to go but her human body couldn't. She nuzled against Lugia's smooth rubbery skin and murmured contently, "Let's be one with mother ocean." After saying this Lugia's eye markings and back fins began to glow a soft blue as blue spread around Kari's eyes in the shape of Lugia's markings and blue fins emerged from her shoulder blades. Not even aware of what was happening Kari and Lugia's minds continued to swim together. Not even aware of what was happeneing and the two of them managed to maintain this state most of the night. They could be seen from shore as a faint blue glow floating in the water.


Morning came all too quickly for Kari. With no foliage to shield the pair from the sun they were up at first light. Stretching and stroking Lugia's skin she said, "What do you think my friend. Bath then breakfast for everyone?"
Sounds good to me. it replied before diving under the water where Kari rubbed herself to wipe off any sweaty nasties from their travel yesterday.
When she felt clean enough she surfaced and had Lugia tow her to shore where she drudged to where Raikou was camped, picking herbs and berries along the way. Lugia was even kind enough to reach into the trees and steal a few pidgey and taillow eggs where it could find them.

It was about fourty minutes after she woke that Kari arrived at the camp. "Good morning! Anyone here?" She called as she began setting up her supplies and preparing a fire. She diced the berries and herbs and mixed them into a salad, then scrambled the eggs and cooked them in some rice and oil she had bought from her errands the day before. The end result was fried rice and salad. She tended the fire keeping pleasent conversation with the current company while she waited for everyone to show up and eat.

((sorry about the long and rather rushed post. I felt it was time we moved things along ^^; ))

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(and move along we shall)

"Where else would we be?" Raikou asked retorically.  He wandered over to where Kari and Lugia were prepairing breakfast and sat down.  "So much for the room at the inn, how was the ocean?" He said half-sarcastically.  The ocean seemed to be all that these two cared about; and Raikou thought it might become important in their syncronization later.

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"Simply wonderful." Kari replied in a sing-song tone. She was in a much better mood now that she had gotten some rest and a bath (of sorts). "Kari and I were completely in sync the whole night, so to speak. It was bliss." Of course Lugia didn't mean this literally, the two were still unaware of what had taken place while they slept. "Care for some egg rice, Raikou?" Kari asked, holding out a wooden spoon filled with food, tempting the great pokemon with the smell. She was back to her bright eyes self and eager to start another day...for now.

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"You're telling me you syncronized in your sleep?" Raikou asked sceptically.  Raikou and James had reached the ability to syncronize on command, and to maintain the state for hours at a time when necisary, but they never thought to do it while they slept: there was never a reason to do so.  It made some sense, assuming their minds were at ease they could tap into the other's mental state.  But it brought up the question 'why would it happen?'  Syncronization was the stabilizer of the balance of life, a battle state that before he and James was only ever activated by accident.  Why would it happen spontaneously in a moment of relative peace?  "Are you sure you guys slept last night?  Otherwise how would you know?" were Raikou's first questions.

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Kari was caught a back by what Raikou had said. That wasn't what Lugia had meant at all but now that he mentioned it could it be possible? Kari dismissed it with a chuckle. "No no no, that's not what Lugia meant. Our minds were just swimming together last night. You know, dreaming together while we floated on the ocean." Kari's eyes glazed over momentarily as she remembered last night, then roughly snapped back to the present. It was clear she had a hard time keeping her mind away from the ocean. She waved her hand dismissively "There's no way we could have synced in our sleep, you know how much effort it takes to do. Syncing in your sleep..." Lugia didn't dismiss the thought so readily but put it out of his mind for the time being and put his effort into simply enjoying the morning.

I'm going to go catch my self some breakfast while you all eat. I'll be back in a couple hours. Kari nodded to it and Lugia slowly plodded off back towards the ocean. Meanwhile Kari looked around for the other priests, if they didn't hurry along the egg rice would get cold.

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Raikou sighed with relief.  The last thing he needed were two pioneers fighting James in their sleep.  At least for now he could dismiss sleep sync as a purposless venture.  "Well todays a new day.  You never know what could happen.  Now where is everyone else?" Raikou said.

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In spite of the previous day’s exertions and their unusually late bedtime, Entei and Ava were awake with the dawn. Quietly, the pair slipped away from their still-sleeping companions and made their way towards the lakeshore. The ghostly light of morning twilight filtered down through the foliage, illuminating the stretch of sandy shore that wound around the dark lake. They took the path that led away from Raikou’s chosen sleeping spot, walking along in comfortable silence until they were far enough away from the others that their meditation would not be disturbed.

Ava settled onto the sandy ground, folding her legs lotus style and resting her hands palms-up in her lap. Beside her, Entei lowered himself to the ground as well. There was no need for idle chatter as they made themselves comfortable; this had been their morning routine for years now, and they knew it by heart. The priestess and the Legendary closed their eyes and opened their minds to each other, allowing their breathing to deepen and letting the outside world fall away.


About an hour later, Ava opened her eyes and squinted up at the sky. The sun had risen some time ago and she was sure that at least some of the others would have awakened by now... including Lucario and Shinx. She stretched her arms over her head with a groan and clambered to her feet, shaking sand out of her skirts. She was still somewhat sleepy, but she was also feeling quite relaxed after their meditation session. “We should probably head back to the group...” she mumbled, walking to the edge of the lake and scooping up a bit of water to splash on her face. “I don’t know about you, but I’m getting hungry.”

I can smell food. Perhaps Kari is cooking breakfast, since she seems to have appointed herself head chef.

“Mmm,” was Ava’s only response as they began the walk back to the campsite.

They arrived on the outskirts of the camp just in time to see Lugia depart in search of its own breakfast, and then they were joined by Shinx and Lucario. Shinx bounced around their feet, very much awake and excited to see them, startling a laugh out of the priestess. “You must be a morning person, too.”

While Ava smiled at Shinx’s antics, Entei and Lucario were apparently having a silent discussion of their own. After a moment, they seemed to come to some kind of agreement, and Entei nodded to his partner. Lucario and I are going to follow Lugia’s example and forage for our own food. We will return shortly.

Ava blinked. “Okay,” she murmured, watching them for a moment as they disappeared into the trees. Then she reached down and scooped Shinx up in her arms, following her nose to the food. “Good morning, Kari.” She smiled at the other girl and helped herself to some of the egg rice. “Oooh, this looks good~”


Much like Kari and Lugia, Ahriana and Suicune had chosen to spend the night away from the rest of the group, bedding down on the opposite side of the lake from their traveling companions. That night, in spite of her exhaustion, Ahri slept poorly. She tossed and turned, unable to fall into a truly deep sleep, and she only became more restless with the approaching dawn. At last, sometime just after sunrise, she threw off her blanket in disgust sat up, trying to disentangle herself from her twisted-up bedroll. Suicune watched her from where he lay just a few feet away, his ruby eyes troubled.

You are unsettled, Ahriana. Be still for a moment and tell me what is bothering you so.

The priestess sighed and quieted her agitated motions, meeting his eyes. “You don’t need me to tell you,” she finally said, looking away. “Even without the bond, you know me too well.”

Yes, but I want you to acknowledge it. There was something of a sigh in his voice. Don’t suppress your irritations, or internalize them. Speak up. Let them out and clear your head.

Ahri frowned at him, but his words made sense—they usually did, at times like this. “I couldn’t achieve the sync mode last night and... it really bothers me. I don’t even know where to begin searching for whatever our ‘trigger’ might be.” She plucked at her blanket, adding in a softer voice, “It never occurred to me that it would be so... difficult. I feel like I fell off the wagon somewhere. Maybe... maybe I shouldn’t be a priestess.”

Growlithe looked up at her and whined, not liking the despairing tone in her voice, and Suicune shook his head. Ridiculous, he responded, dismissive. I do not choose to bond with humans lightly. When I met you, I saw something inside of you that called to me. We are cut from the same cloth, you and I, and our inability to sync last night has no bearing on your current qualifications as my partner. I am just as much at fault—perhaps even moreso.

She looked down, feeling rather foolish when faced with Suicune’s unwavering resolve. “I’m sorry... I just wish that we could’ve synced last night, with everyone else.”

Be patient, Ahri. It will happen when it happens, when we are ready, and not a moment before then. He fixed her with a stern gaze. And in the meantime, I think it’s time that we joined Raikou’s training. I know you do not care to fight, and neither do I... but if you truly want to achieve this synchronization, we will have to put in the time and the effort.

“I... suppose you’re right...” Ahri sighed again, pushing herself to her feet with her good arm. Her left arm was still tender and she took care not to jostle it as she got up. Her eyes strayed longingly towards the lake and she turned to Suicune. “I think I’d like a bath before we return to the others... Would you mind standing watch for me?”

Growlithe can stand guard. I am going to find some Berries for our breakfast. You should be eating more Lum Berries anyway, to help with that arm, he remarked, his eyes lingering on her splinted arm for a moment. Then he turned to go. I’ll be right back.

Ahriana shook her head as he disappeared, then raised an eyebrow at Growlithe. “Stand guard for me?” she asked, already tugging at her clothes. The fire Pokémon yipped his assent and bounded over to leap onto one of the nearby rocks, his eyes alert. She smiled, glad that he was feeling better, and waded into the water. It was a bit chilly, but she scarcely noticed it—one of the small perks to being bonded to Suicune—and she splashed around happily until her partner emerged from the edge of the forest with several large branches full of Berries.

Reluctantly, the priestess returned to dry land to dress, and then she joined her companions for their simple meal, obediently eating the Lum Berries that Suicune nudged towards her. After they had eaten their fill, she packed up the few scattered belongings still lying about, as well as the remaining Berries, and they set off along the shoreline in the direction of the main campsite. Ahri was still very apprehensive at joining in on the more physical aspects of Raikou’s training, but she knew that Suicune was right—she had to at least try if she wanted to go anywhere with this sync mode.

And hell, maybe getting out of my comfort zone a little bit will be good for me, she thought with a sigh as they rounded a bend and the camp came into view. Maybe.

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Glad to see some life, apart from Raikou, Kari greeted Ava with enthusiasm. "Good morning. I hope you and Entei slept well." Kari was already nibbling away at her own egg rice, but slowly so she won't finish it all before everyone else arrived. She though it might be nice for the priests and priestesses to start sharing meals together, she found doing so had a sort of bonding experience to it. When Ahri came around the bend and into view Kari again greeted with enthusiasm, Ahri looked like she needed it. "Good morning, Ahri!" She called to her. "Come share some egg rice with us."

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A second, smaller group of priests and pokemon arrived in Mejore late in the previous night.  They too made camp outside the city, to gather as little attention as possible, but only slept a few hours.  Before sun rose the team had woken up and scouted the surrounding area.  Jackson found Raikou's camp, Sanders formulated their strategy, and Cloud focused most of his effort on making as little noise as possible.  Their targets were still asleep, after all.  An hour after sunrise the bonded pairs had begun returning to Raikou's camp.  Cloud could hardly contain his excitement, and covered his mouth so that he wouldn't ruin the suprise. 

"Double Heat Wave" the combined voices of Heatran and Jackson echoed through the forest.  From opposite directions two identical fiery waves engulfed Raikou and his subordinates.  The waves collided and exploded with flames.  The campsite was set ablaze.  As the initial attack subsided Cloud and Latios bolted from their hiding places and dashed beelines around the clearing.  The commotion ceased as Sanders entered the clearing alongside Alakazam and Gardevior.  Cloud and Latios stopped their buzzing around and took places on the side nearest the lake.  Heatran and Jackson entered from the sides, so that Raikou and the bonded pairs were completely surrounded. 

"So you must be Raikou.  Its an honor; James has told me soo much about you.  I am Sanders, a pokemon breeder." Sanders said, taking a bow. 
"I figured he would send someone after us eventually.  But I didn't expect they'd be so polite." Raikou answered. 
"What're you doing Sanders?  Introducing yourself to the target.  This is a battle, not a dinner party!" Jackson exclaimed.
"Thats more like it.  Everyone be on your guard," Raikou muttered.
"You say something, mut?" Jackson spat.
"I don't like what you did to my yard!" Raikou called sarcastically. 
"I haven't even started yet, Stone Edge!" Jackson dashed foward with good, but not great, speed towards Raikou.  Raikou prepaired himself to dodge the attack. 
"Earth Power!" Heatran raised his head and roared.  The ground below Raikou cracked, lit up, and exploded with energy.  Raikou was forced into the air to avoid the blast, but was now set up for Jackson.  Jackson's newly formed stone fist pounded into Raikou's chest and sent him flailing into the ground.  Jackson touched down next to Ava and smiled synically at the priests. 
"Whose next?" he said.

(You guys haven't been attacked yet, directly anyway.  I realy just didn't want to fight both sides of the battle)

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Ahriana, Suicune, and Growlithe had scarcely arrived and returned Kari’s greeting when two unfamiliar voices echoed through their camp—“Double Heat Wave!”—and fire exploded everywhere. Ahri shrieked in surprise and fear as Suicune drew close to her, shielding her from the initial burst of flames. Growlithe howled a challenge to the interlopers, his eyes darting furiously around the circle of the camp as they were surrounded.

Be calm, Suicune’s voice commanded in her mind, his silent voice cool and unruffled by the sudden chaos. Water against fire.

Ahri shuddered. The heat made her feel dry and brittle, but she stood up straight and faced the fires. With the lake nearby, they had plenty of resources to work with, and she reached out to it with her mind… only to gasp when the ground near them convulsed, then exploded beneath Raikou’s feet. Bits of the forest floor rained down around them and she watched in horror as Raikou was thrown to the ground by one of their attackers, her concentration broken.

Ava skipped back when Jackson landed beside her, putting some distance between herself and the other priest. The flames devouring their camp did little to inconvenience her, personally, but they had also served to cut her off from Kari and Ahriana. We have company, she called silently to Entei, hoping her partner had not ventured too far away from their camp. She eyed Jackson warily; though he was only one of several opponents, he was the nearest and most direct threat at the moment… And if he was working for James, there was no telling what he and his Legendary partner were capable of. At her feet, Shinx hissed at the enemy priest, sparks dancing across his fur.

“Who’s next?” he asked, a sardonic smile on his face.

Suicune growled and opened his jaws, spraying the fires surrounding himself, Ahriana, and Kari with a BubbleBeam. The flames hissed under the water attack and were quickly put out, leaving the scorched ground blackened and muddy. He held up his head and stared at their opponents, defiance in his gaze. Why have you come here? he demanded coldly. Are you the James’ errand boys, come to teach us a lesson?

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Jacob had woken up about 10 minutes after Ava had, feeling completely refreshed and ready to go. He was not the only one though, Mew and Ninetales were also up and ready to go. He smiled at them and stretched and looked around making sure not to wake anyone up. He then noticed Ava was gone but didn't think to much of it. They walked quietly away and when they reached a distance Jacob thought they couldn't be heard spoke. "You guys want to go for a run like we used to?" he asked in an excited tone. Ninetails yipped in excitement.

"Sounds good to me!" Mew exclaimed. It had been a while since they had done this and it was one of Mews Favorite things to do especially with how they did it.

"Alright then its settled." Jacob stated as he took off in a run, Ninetails and mew close behind. They ran right into the woods and began to weave through the trees, Mew and Jacob escalated and began to climb up higher, while Ninetailes followed them from the ground. Jacob was in incredible shape due to the fact that he had been competing with pokemon all his life. Eventually They reached the tree tops jumping from branch to branch using psychic on himself to help him a bit. They finally reached an edge that came to a small pond. Mew and Jacob Dove for the pond while Ninetails ran out as well, Jacob Slowed himself with the help of Mew using Psychic and then the both dove right into the water swimming. While ninetails sat around the edge.

Jacob and Mew swam around with the other pokemon for roughly ten minutes and then got out. "That Felt great!" He Yelled out. This was how Jacob really was spirited and energetic, but this was only the case when he was with nature and pokemon. He was truly a man of the wild.

"Im glad to see you like this again, you have seemed rather stiff since joining this group." Mew said to him as she shook off the water right in Jacob's face. "I think you can be yourself around the other's im sure it would be ok." She explained

"Your right and im starting to see that now," He said as he took off his cloths and sat down By Ninetails stroking her fur. As she began to dry his cloths for him. "I feel they are not that much different from myself, i hope i can become stronger so i can protect them." He said with a genuine smile. Mew giggled and nuzzled against him.

Once Jacob's clothes were dry he got dressed and they went back to the camp, arriving right after Ava, "Morning" He called out to the two Girls, "Great day today isn't it." He told them with a smile, "Need any help?" He asked but then noticed that they were already eating.

However not long after that before Jacob could even finish any of his food they were attacked by a group claiming to be with James,. And the attack on Raikou ensued. When the man asked who was next Jacob looked around, He was helpless in the surprise attack but he was not going to let his new friends get hurt. "If you do not mind I will be your opponent." Jacob Said stepping up, "My name is Jacob priest to Mew, forgive my inexperience." He said taking a slight bow never taking his eyes off the opponent. He had been taught how to fight in the same manner royalty would, so he thought such a thing was common to do.

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As jackson went to answer he was cut off as he took a dragon pulse at point blank range that sent him flying several yards away where he regained his footing. In his place stood duama. Rayquaza, using his massive size coiled himself defensively around the rest of the group, giving them the time to gain their bearings. "Nice of james to send us a wake up call. Shame I'm already warmed up, so ill guess ill have to leave you scorched." As the others looked at dua they would noticed his torn clothes bruises and the bags under his eyes thatg suggested he hadn't slept a wink.
"Sorry kid but the hot heads mine, ur too polite for his kind. I think that breeder's more your speed. Just becareful...he's strong...they all are."

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Heatran charged forward and attacked Duama with Iron Head from behind, knocking him into the ground half a dozen yards away.  "Leave us scorched?  You must be halucinating.  You're the one about to get burned, kid." Heatran said.  Jackson jumped to his feet almost as quickly as he fell.  He wiped a small trickle of blood from his mouth and spat.  "Get up.  Lets see what you're made of." he said.

Cloud and Latios bolted into the middle of the battlefield.  "We'll play with the others!  Don't burn all this down Jack." They said in unison.  "Step aside Rayquaza.  Your priest needs you more right now than these guys."

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Standing up quickly duama spat as well a grin to his lips. Quickly growing serious he exchanged a glance with rayquaza.  The dragon uncoiled himself and was at his priest's side in an instant. "I don't make idle promises. Not anymore, before long you'll know the fury of a dragon." Duama almost didn't sound like himself in that moment. It was almost as if rayquaza had spoken thru him. He took a stance and he beckoned his opponent forward. Offering him the first move.

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Raikou looked up weakly to see Duama and Rayquaza facing off against the attacking priest.  "Thats interesting." he said to himself.

Jackson was glad to make the first move.  He ran forward with a mouthful of fire, a Fire Fang technique, towards Duama.  Heatran opened its mouth and let out a horrifying metalic screech, a Metal Sound.  Jackson lunged forward and attacked Duama with his Fire Fang.

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“Always with the dramatic entrances,” Ava commented on a sigh, but she was grinning. She was actually glad to see the loudmouthed priest for once, although his appearance was a little startling. Had he gotten any sleep that night? Shaking her head, she listened to the sounds of even more fires fizzling out under the force of Suicune’s BubbleBeam spray. She could sense that Entei was nearing the campsite and would be joining them within the next few minutes. Maybe this would be a fair fight after all.

Then Heatran entered her field of vision, slamming Duama with an Iron Head. Its priest stood up, wiping blood from his mouth, looking none the worse for the wear. He’d taken Dua’s Dragon Pulse at close range and had hardly a scratch to show for it.

Or maybe not.

“We’ll play with the others! Don’t burn all this down Jack,” came a second set of voices. “Step aside Rayquaza. Your priest needs you more right now than these guys.”

As Duama faced off with Heatran and its priest, Suicune regarded Cloud and Latios with narrowed ruby eyes. Ahriana and Growlithe flanked him, though Ahri looked a little pale at the prospect of a fight. If you wish to play, I will be happy to oblige you.

Ava sighed, turning her attention to Sanders and his Pokémon. Though he was no priest, the fact that he worked for James was troublesome enough that it was probably not a good idea to ignore him in favor of his companions. She scowled, flames licking at her fingertips. “What do you hope to accomplish by this?

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Cloud smiled.  He and Latios disapeared in a burst of speed and attacked Suicune and Ahrianna each with a Zen Headbut.  "You might want to ask one of those other pairs to help you.  I want to be entertained, after all." Cloud said.

"Accomplish?  By attacking our leader's enemies?  Did you realy ask me that question, dear?"  Sanders chuckled with smug superiority.  "Don't you see; we're at war.  James and Raikou have assembled their troops and are fighting it out with the oldest of human traditions.  Why else would we be here?"

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AS cloud went to strike Arhi and Suicune a barrier when up around them deflecting the attack, "Forgive me for interfering but i was taught to never let harm come to a female." Jacob said facing his eyes on both Sanders and cloud. "However in this situation i do not think i can take on two of you, so if you do not mind ladies would you please pick an opponent to work together on, it would really help me out." He said with a smile not realizing that this sounds entirely sexist.

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The attack happened almost too fast for Kari to process. All she felt was heat and in her shock heard muffled sounds that were most likely voices, then the earth shook and she dropped her rice. This is what brought her out of her shock and into the now. She found a grungy looking Duama kill stealing a meek looking Jacob, Ahri being urged by Suicune into the fray, Raikou laying on the ground and a massive Rayquaza encircling the entire party.

Without even needing to be told Lugia cut it's fishing trip short and took to the skies. As soon as it was out of the water it could see what was going on. It closed a bit of distance before sniping Heatran with a powerful hydro cannon. Take that you flaming bastard. It projected over the field and it soared up above them and doubled back like a giant blue fighter jet. Kari cheered from the ground while she made her way over to where Raikou lay. "Are you going to be alright?" She asked, kneeling over him.
Duama we should leave the ground enemies to the ones who can handle them. Suicune and Entei have no chance of taking on Latios and it's priest, and Jacob's mew will be drastically out matched against Alakazam and Gardevior together.

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“Accomplish? By attacking our leader’s enemies? Did you really ask me that question, dear?” Sanders chuckled with smug superiority. “Don’t you see; we’re at war. James and Raikou have assembled their troops and are fighting it out with the oldest of human traditions. Why else would we be here?”

Ava rolled her eyes. “Please, spare me the condescending bit,” she replied calmly, watching the older man and his Pokémon with cool blue-gray eyes. “I’m just curious as to why you would choose to serve James in the first place. Pray, do tell me—what’s in it for you?”

As she spoke, Entei and Lucario emerged from the trees just a handful of yards behind Sanders, Gardevior, and Alakazam. As they stepped into the clearing they parted, wanting to avoid giving their enemies a large, single target to focus on. Neither tried to be quiet; they didn’t care if the man or his Pokémon were aware of their arrival.


On the lake-side of their campgrounds, Suicune and Ahriana braced themselves for the twin Zen Headbutts... only to blink as a pinkish-purple barrier appeared out of nowhere, blocking the attacks. Ahri glanced aside as Jacob stepped forward, his attention focused on their opponents.

“Forgive me for interfering but I was taught to never let harm come to a female,” Mew’s priest said. “However in this situation I do not think I can take on two of you, so if you do not mind ladies would you please pick an opponent to work together on, it would really help me out.” He was smiling, oblivious to the fact that his words were rather insulting.

Ahri’s cheeks reddened slightly and she opened her mouth to make a tart reply, but Suicune beat her to it.

It might be more prudent for us to work together, as Ahri and I are already here... and Ava and her companions seem rather too busy to pay attention to us right now, he told Jacob, though his ruby eyes were fixed on Latios and Cloud, speculating. He added silently to Jacob, Mew, and Ahri, Their speed is the real problem here. If we can nail them down, Ahriana and I can put a freeze on them and do some real damage. What do you say—shall we work together?

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(question: when does Lugai learn Hydro Cannon?  Its not the same thing as hydro pump)

"I'll be fine; worry about yourself." Raikou said.  He struggled to stand and then backed away from the conflict a few steps.  "My powers still haven't returned from when James took them.  If I get involved in my current state I'll only slow you guys down.  Trust me, guys can take these three." he added.

Heatran took Lugia's blast with grace.  He made an effort to appear unscathed.  "Lava Plume!" it thought as it unleashed a torrent of volcanic fire that washed over Lugia, Rayquaza, Duama, and Jackson. 

"You've seen his power, have you not?  Its marvelous, only a fool would oppose it.  James has become the being that will change this world.  We as mear mortals can follow him, or perish." Sanders said.  His voice was calm, confident, but somehow fake.  It was hard to tell whether or not he truely believed in what he was saying.

"Oh, so we have a hero now.  Thats fine, I'll fight all of you.  Dragon Dance." Cloud and Latios said in unison.  The pair glowed with Dragonic energy that spun around them like a twister and then disapeared.  They then opened their mouths and fired a simultaneous Dragon Pulse at Jacob and Mew.

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(question: when does Lugai learn Hydro Cannon?  Its not the same thing as hydro pump)
((Oops, that was a typo on my part. That's how my mind has always registered hydro pump thank's to blastoise. I actually didn't even know there was a move called hydro cannon ^^; Question though. How do you train for withstanding an elemental weakness? That move should have hit heatran for double damage.))

Kari nodded, glad Raikou would be okay then backed away from him towards Ava. "How well does Entei do in the rain?" She asked. "I have an idea that might help our flow of battle."
Mean while Lugia tucked itself and barrel rolled through the flames, minimizing them damage. Then it made another pass at Heatran pummeling it with hydro pump from above.

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"Tch, guess there's no helping it. This battle just got harder for you, assassin."  Crouching low Duama fired off like a shot With speed and force he collided with jackson with a sickening crack. Then as he begun to spin he hurled the assassin toward the lake. The damage from the hydro pump clearly had taken it's toll more than jackson had realized as he was taken off guard by the assault. As Duama reared back he charged a hyper beam and fired it at the plummeting opponent, now even if he blocked it, it would only serve to force him toward and into the water.

Rayquaza winced from the metal sound. Seeking a favorable distance he climbed skyward and when he found a suitable range circled high overhead. He then fired a dragon pulse directly toward heatran.

It was clear that one on one battles wouldn't be ideal right now. Duama needed was an opportnity to back up ava.

Not missing a beat Rayquaza projected directly and only to lugia.

Lugia, Duama's attack likely wont slow him for long. It appears Jacob and Ahri can had the latios priest. Keep the hot head down and we'll aid Ava in her battle.

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(god this is confusing.  I thought heatran was the one getting hit by hydro pumps)

Jackson used a stone edge fist to deflect some of the Hyper beam's force.  He then clawed his hands and feet into the ground and dug to a stop before the lake.  Heatran turned and took a grazing blow from the Hydro Pump, and then retreated to its partner's side.  "Lets give these fools a taste of real strength." Heatran said quietly.  Jackson nodded and laughed quietly to himself.  Together they closed their eyes and chanted the words "I will be more powerful."  A burst of hot wind and light errupted from where they stood.  As the light faded the wind stayed.  Heatran's eyes glowed with fury.  Jackson had shed his jacket.  His skin was red like Heatran's with the same grey metal plates on his arms and back.  He wore a mask identical to Heatran's face, and his eyes also glowed with the same rage.  Without warning Jackson and Heatran dashed forward with speed that matched Rayquaza's and delivered a shoulder Stone Edge to Duama and Rayquaza respectively.

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Jacob and mew threw up a barrier at the last second getting thrown back by the blast and tumbling. "We should be able to take them but there speed is incredible." Jacob stated then quickly glanced around then noticed Rayquaza  "Mew you thinking what im thinking?" He called out

"I dont exactly know why you asked that, you know i know what your thinking," she stated with a small giggle.

"It was a rhetorical question but anyways lets go." Jacob stated then mew completly transformed into a second rayquaza. Jacob stood up and then in the blink of an eye vanished. Using extreme speed which was a move mew now knew thanks to the transformation. Then with the boasted speed flew into the air accelerating greatly. This put a strain on Jacob's body due to the fact he was not used to these moves. When he was close enough to cloud and Latios he used an air slash. However this was sloppy and could easily be avoided.

Jacob flew right past the two after his attempted air slash leaving for an almost pitiable display, had he not been more than a distraction. With all the focus on Jacob Mew now in the form of Rayquaza had positioned herself for a hyper beam, that if making solid contact would send them right to the ground.

After the shot Both Jacob and Mew landed, "Remind me to shake Duama's hand after this, how he has managed not to kill himself so far is beyond me." He said with a slight chuckle as sweat dripped from his face. Using another legendaries moves that he had not trained for really took alot out of him. As they caught their breaths Ninetails was keeping a look out ready to make a move.

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Latios was distracted by the air slash, but Cloud saw the Hyper Beam coming.  Without hesitation he flung himself infront of Latios, spread his arms, and created a Protect barrier between them and Mew.  The beam collided with the barrier and exploded.  When the blast cleared Cloud was left kneeling on the ground, breathing heavy.  Latios had dashed behind Mew during the blast.  He attacked Mew with a Dragon Pulse.  There was one drawback to Jacob and Mew's plan; they were now weaker against Latios' attacks.

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After tumbling some distance duama regained his balance in the air. Because he and jackson were similare sizes he was moved by the attack, rayquaza wasn't, though he felt the damage just the same. The dragon was at duama's side once again. "Heh, looks like we won't be able to keep up as we are now...."

On rayquaza's maw resembled a smirk. "Perhaps not. Should we show our allies the progress of fortitude."


Both beings closed their eyes and they too spoke in unison.
"I accept your fly free."

Green light poured from the two as the wind around them began to rip and tear violently, however unlike jackson the wind did not subside as the transformation completed. The gold markings shone on duama's arms and legs through his clothes. And something new....a round golden ring on his face that peaked below his hairline went over his eyes and connected just above his chin. His golden irises stood out on the encompassing black that was now where the whites of his eyes had been.

In a second duama appeared in front of jackson, stirking with great speed and precision. His palm thrusts were enhanced with dragon pulse in smal compact blasts. The damage may not have been much but duama used the speed advantage he and rayquaza naturally had over the assassin. The damgea was adding up fast.

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Jackson's newly heightened defense and weight helped him defend against Duama's attacks.  He was able to keep the fight in close quarters, using stone edge to enhance his own punches.  Heatran inhaled and spewed a Fire Spin around the two human combatants that trapped them in a blaze.  Duama was now trapped in a close quarters fight while Jackson thrived in the flames with Heatran's flash fire ability.  Jackson then began attacking with Fire Fang as well as Stone Edge. 

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"I don't think so."

acting fast rayquaza conjured a vicious twister who's width sat just outside the blaze the vortex created sapped the oxygen and the strength of the inferno. With little oxygen duama found out he had still broken into a cold sweat, he tried his best to put it out of his mind. Duama began to levitate in the vortex, out of breath but yet still comfortable.

"You're strong but before this battles through." he said through gasps for air. "I'll take you into the strata!" he exclaimed pointing up.

Thanks to rayquaza's intervention Duama felt the heat of the fire spin but did not fear it. However he would have to rely on his defense in the battle and hope for an opportunity. For now, he was twisting with blows to reduce damage and parrying what blows he could....waiting.

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AS the dragon pulse came closer it was met with a flamethrower which Ninetails had launched in order to protect her two friends. The blast had sent Mew and Jacob tumbling backwards. "Well what else we got?" Jacob said as him and Mew shot each other a glance, "Well I guess it's worth a shot." Both Jacob and Mew preformed a little dance then spun around and went to use the move the metronome had given them... sadly it was attract. Both Jacob and Mew winked trying to seduce there male opponent, "You have to be kidding me!" Jacob yelled not a second after he preformed the move, "That is why I hate relying on that move." He said to mew. "We are sticking to ever other attack but that one" With that said both began to glow and the ground shook as rocks rose from the ground as they shot at Latios and Cloud, AS both Jacob and Mew were orchestrating a different ancient power attack trying to deal with these two.

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Kari was looking for some sort of sign or anything she could do during this fight. Lugia stopped doing it's fly-by water attacks because quite frankly Duama and Rayquaza didn't seem to want any help and Ava seemed to be trying to resort things with Sanders in a diplomatic fashion. Kari, what should we do? it came down to hover above her and the two surveyed the field for a few moments. Kari looked up as something blue wizz by over their heads and were again reminded of the third attacker. Following it was a second Rayquaza. Kari did a double take, then a quick glance between one Rayquaza and the other. The one on the ground was obviously Duama's because it's markings were still glowing, so the other must be a transformed Mew. Kari and Lugia watched as they performed a rather sloppy air slash then came down to the ground to do a funny dance.

"They look like they could use some help." Kari said, grabbing on to Lugia's toe and climbing up it's like to sit comfortably on it's shoulders. I agree. Let's go help them. The two went over to where Mew and Jacob were raising rocks hurl at Latios and Could. "Need some help?!" She called to him? Then she held on tight to Lugia as it soared at Latios. Crying out it's attack in standard pokemon fashion, Dragon Rush!

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“You’ve seen his power, have you not? It’s marvelous, only a fool would oppose it. James has become the being that will change this world. We as mere mortals can follow him, or perish.”

Ava met his eyes levelly. Sanders sounded calm, confident… but there was a faked quality to his tone that she couldn’t pin down. She couldn’t tell if he actually believed in what he was saying, or if he was just throwing the words out to justify their ambush.

Don’t drop your guard, Entei cautioned her silently, settling his feet into the ground, prepared to move on the slightest provocation from either of Sanders’ Pokémon. Opposite of him, Lucario did the same.

I’m not; believe me, she replied, half-listening to the battles raging around them. It felt strange to be standing there, in the midst of so much chaos, having a rational conversation with this man. She raised an eyebrow. “That’s far from the truth,” she replied, watching Sanders. For all of his bold words, she was having trouble reading him. Why hadn’t he attacked with his companions? “James may be strong, but he is not all-powerful. For all of his strength, he is still a mortal man… and he can be defeated—just as his predecessor, Ru, was defeated in the past.”

As Kari and Lugia flew to Jacob’s aid, Ahriana hung back from the fighting, clearly uncertain as to what she should be doing or how to go about doing it. Growlithe stuck to her side, his eyes darting around, trying to keep track of everything that was going on at once. I… what can I do to help? I feel so useless just standing here, she thought to Suicune. Watching everyone else leaping into action made her feel small and insignificant in comparison—a terrible thing to feel at such a moment.

Duama’s got to be getting tired, trying to fight and still maintain sync mode. If it looks like he’s in trouble, douse that enemy priest and his Heatran with a Hydro Pump, or hit them with a BubbleBeam, Suicune replied briskly. He crouched low, his eyes on the fight against Latios and Cloud. A slight wind circled his body, stirring up the dirt and ash around his feet—a Tailwind, to increase his speed. Don’t engage in close combat—if they come after you, head for the lake. I’m going to help the others bring down Latios and its priest, and then we can attack Duama’s opponents all together.


Suicune watched as Jacob and Mew threw an AncientPower at Latios and Cloud, followed by Lugia’s Dragon Rush attack. He waited, poised to leap back into the battle, until just before the attacks landed—then he lunged in, using the Tailwind to double his normal speed. Even if the pair managed to dodge or deflect his allies’ attacks, he wasn’t going to give them a chance to regroup and return fire. Ice glittered around his open jaws—Ice Fang!—and he darted in just seconds behind Lugia’s Dragon Rush. His target: Latios.

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Jackson and Heatran retaliated at Duama and Rayquaza with their heat wave attacks.  They then rushed towards Rayquaza together.  Heatran let out a Lava Plume attack That spread outward more than towards Rayquaza.  Jackson used the plume as a cover.  He lept through his partner's attack and struck Rayquaza with his Stone Edge.  

Cloud jumped onto Latios' back and together they flew upward near the edge of the trees.  The Ancientpower rocks were easily avoided.  Cloud jumped off of Latios and met Lugia's Dragon Rush with a high speed Zen Hedbut.  Cloud richocheted (rick-o-sheyed) off of Lugia's face and was caught by Latios.  "That wasn't exactly smart." Latios said through their private link.  "I wanted to see how strong Lugia is." Cloud answered simply.  Suicune then attacked them from behind.  Latios took the bite and blasted Suicune away with his Psychic attack.  They stayed in the air a moment to regroup before the next assault.

"The truth is subjective, dear.  It's different in everyone's eyes." Sanders said.  He saw Cloud struggling to juggle his multiple opponents and nodded to Alakazam.  The pokemon grunted with delight and dashed past Ava and Entei.  A mass of electricity formed in his hand as Alakazam lept towards Suicune and blindsided it with ThunderPunch. 

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Once again rayquaza felt the attacks but was unmoved because of his massive size. Taking a deep breath Rayquaza blasted the two back with a deafening hyper voice. And as the duo flew back duama awaited and with the help of extreme speed delivered a crushing knee to the base of Jackson's spine and followed up with an elbow to the throat knocking jackson to the ground with a sickening thud. Duama fell to one knee where he was quickly joined by rayquaza that coiled around him. Starting a dragon dance and preparing or the coming assault.
"*gasp* *gasp* we need to...end this."

"Save your breath boy....We'll need it for what we shall do next."

both bruised and battered Duama and rayquaza clearly showed fatigue, yet their eyes were still alive and still waiting.

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Ninetails attacked Alakazam with payback after its attack on Suicune, "Good job!" Jacob cried out to her, then proceeded to power up an aura sphere while mew used psychic to aid in Suicune's landing. Jacob then launched his attack at Cloud hoping that with all the chaos around them that he had been caught off guard.

"I feel this is getting us no where" Mew told Jacob through there link. "I feel this fight has become almost pointless."

Jacob knew exactly how Mew felt for he had thought the same thing, He did not wish to hurt another for such a reason as it was commanded of them. "I realize this but is there a way to get through to them?" He asked her.

All the while Ninetailes attempted to deal with Alakazam.

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Jackson stood up and rotated his arm backward to stretch his back.  "You may be strong, but you're nowhere near strong enough to beat us.  You're just a stepping stone," Jackson said.  He and Heatran stood together and glowed with hot energy.  They took turns firing off Heat Waves at Duama and Rayquaza.  

Alakazam blasted Ninetails with a Psychic attack.  He winced a little, having been injured slightly by the Payback assault.

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Kari was honest to God surprised that Latios and Cloud had tried to headbutt Lugia head on. It had to be at least three times Latios' size. Suicune's bite gave Lugia and Kari enough of a pause to launch their next attack. Kari stood and readied herself on Lugia's back. The two began to hum their haunting song and came swooping at Cloud and Latios. Kari ran along Lugia's neck to build up momentum. When Lugia was close enough she lept off if it's head and came flying at Cloud and the pair attacked with Punishment in type to the song, hitting the face of both priest and pokemon. Kari with her fist and Lugia with it's head.

Lugia flew low to catch Kari as she lept off of Latio's back and away from Cloud. She landed hard on it's rubbery skin and rubbed her knuckles, "Ow, mother f*** that hurts!" She yelled. "My hands were so not made for this." Lugia chuckled lightly, circling around Latios and Cloud in a guarded stance.

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"The truth is subjective, dear. It's different in everyone's eyes," Sanders stated. His attention strayed to something happening beyond their circle of calm and he nodded to Alakazam. The Pokémon let out a pleased grunt and dashed through the gap between Ava and Entei, heading for one of the other confrontations.

Ava pressed her lips together. This was getting them nowhere fast, and she could sense Entei's agreement through their bond. She opened herself further to the link, letting her breathing deepen, and she could feel her senses sharpening. Thoughts came in rapid succession as the line between their minds began to blur.

"It is certainly different to both of us," she replied quietly. As she spoke, the tiny bits of flame that had been flickering at the tips of her fingers began to grow, gathering around her hand and spiraling up her arm. She really regretted the necessity of this battle, though it had no effect on her resolve. She could not turn her back and just walk away.

Ava directed the fire at the ground right in front of Sanders' feet and it flared, snaking around him in the fiery circle of Fire Spin and effectively cutting him off from his Pokémon. At the same time, Entei lunged in with his superior speed, his jaws snapping at Gardevoir in a powerful Bite. A half-second later Lucario fired off a Dark Pulse at the enemy Pokémon from target and then she darted away, not wanting to remain a stationary target.

Suicune snarled in pain as Alakazam's ThunderPunch sent a powerful jolt of electricity coursing through his body. He leapt back to put some distance between them and Jacob's Ninetails darted in, engaging their new opponent's attention to herself. Growlithe, who had seen Alakazam's attack on Suicune, launched himself into the fray to assist Ninetails. He roared a challenge and attacked the Psychic Pokémon from behind with a vicious Crunch.

Suicune! I think Duama and Rayquaza are going to need some help, Ahriana cried out, watching as the pair were assaulted by Heat Wave after Heat Wave.

Suicune glanced aside at Jackson and Heatran and his ruby eyes narrowed. You might be right... He joined Ahriana and knelt to let her climb up on his back, and then they headed towards the lake. It looked like Duama and Rayquaza had an attack started, but their oponents were obviously just as bent on victory as they were.

Concentrate your attack on Heatran, he told Ahri, stopping at the very edge of the lake so that the water lapped over his paws. The girl was trembling slightly, bit she kept her chin up, her breathing deep and steady. He turned to face the battle. Ready... aim... Hydro Pump!!

"Hydro Pump!" Ahriana followed suit just a beat behind her partner, sending a second, less powerful Hydro Pump attack at the Heatran.

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"I will be free" Cloud and Latios said together as Kari and Lugia charged towards them.  The pair glowed with blue light as the Punishment attacks made contact.  The light faded after the assault.  Latios and Cloud were floating in the air.  Latios' eyes were shining, and he stretched his neck.  Cloud's coat had fallen off.  He how had blue jet-like wings on his back, a blue helmet like vizor over his eyes, and round forearms like his partner.  "That was a good attack, but I think we can do better." Cloud and Latios said together, but Lugia and Kari were already circling away. 

Gardevior teleported away from Entei, which left him in the path of Lucario's dark pulse.  Sanders stood where he was, not shaken or suprised by the tactic.  Gardevior reapeared three feet from where it was previously.  She spread her arms and stood infront of her trainer. 

Latios and Cloud were quick to descend on the scene.  They attacked Entei and Ava with a powerful Dragon Pulse that created a crater in the ground where it hit. 

Heatran and Jackson avoided Suicune and Ahrianna's hydro pumps.  They both used Earth Power Simultaneously, destroying the ground benieth Suicune, Ahriana, Duama, and Rayquaza.

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Entei dodged the errant Dark Pulse with ease and turned his head towards Gardevoir, who had reappeared in front of her trainer and taken a defensive stance. He opened his jaws, intending to let loose with a Fire Blast, when Lucario screeched a warning—she had seen Latios and Cloud break away from their opponents to come to Sanders’ aid.


Alerted to the incoming Dragon Pulse attack, Entei and Ava were able to leap out of its way just before it smashed into the ground. Ava glanced over her shoulder at the crater it left behind, wide-eyed. “Damn that was close! I thought they were busy fighting the others!”

As Latios and Cloud passed overhead, Lucario trilled angrily and fired off a Dragon Pulse at the pair, while Entei returned his attention to their original opponents, Gardevoir and Sanders. He unleashed an intense blast of fire at Gardevoir—a Flamethrower—that the Pokémon would have to block or risk her trainer getting roasted.

Ahriana shrieked when the ground beneath them began to shudder and split under the force of the Earth Power, but Suicune had prepared for such an attack when he’d backed them up against the shoreline. At the first rumble, he leapt backwards into the lake, kicking up a fine spray of water around both of them as he used Surf to stay afloat. Suicune turned on Heatran and blasted it with another Hydro Pump.

Ahri held onto Suicune tightly to keep from tumbling into the lake, her heart pounding at the near-miss. She lifted her head when her partner fired off another Hydro Pump at their attackers and tried to summon up her courage. “BubbleBeam!” she cried furiously, aiming her own attack at Jackson.

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Kari saw that Ava and her partners were working on taking down separate opponents so she and Lugia went to backup Lucario. Kari waited to see where Latios would try to dodge to, then once he had, unleash another punishment, made all the more powerful by Cloud and Latios' synchronization. Then as the two enemies were recovering Kari herself foresaw an attack on the pair using future sight as Lugia got the two of them into a defensible position yet again.

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(punishment is an interesting attack)

Heatran and Jackson were washed over by the surf and bubblebeam.  After the wave passed they stood up.  "Its getting hard not to  kill these guys," Heatran said via telepathy to Jackson.  He nodded.  Even with the boost of power from syncronization, Raikou's students were keeping up.  "Lets stand our ground.  If these guys die before Sanders pulls the plug, its not our problem." Jackson replied.  They stood together, ready to retaliate their opponents' next attack.

Latios defeated Lucario's dragon pulse with his own.  He and Cloud stayed airborne and, when Kari and Lugia attacked with Punishment, were able to counterattack with a blinding Luster Purge.

Gardevior used hypnosis when Entei attacked, taking damage to ensure that the move connected. 

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A second after he’d unleashed the Flamethrower, Entei began to feel the effects of Gardevoir’s Hypnosis. There was no time to block the attack, or dodge it. The great volcano Legendary swayed on his feet, dazed, his eyelids drooping; it felt like a giant weight had been placed on his shoulders, weighing him down, making him exhausted. He sank to the ground where he stood, his eyes closing.

Ava felt it when her partner went under, but there was little she could do but wait for it to wear off. The Hypnosis had hit him hard, and he had already fallen into a deep sleep. She turned on Gardevoir in that instant, a brief glow lighting her features as she used Calm Mind, and then she quickly launched her own attacks—another Flamethrower, followed by a huge Fire Blast, both of which had been strengthened by the Calm Mind. With Gardevoir still standing in front of Sanders, the Pokémon would have to either take the attacks or block them to protect her trainer. She didn’t want to kill either of them, but this was no time to be merciful, and she wasn’t holding back on her attacks.

Nearby, Lucario was undeterred by the fact that Latios had counteracted her attack so easily. When the pair turned away to attack Kari and Lugia, who had swooped in to help, she sent another Dragon Pulse attack at Latios and Cloud, harrying them from the ground as Lugia and Kari attacked from above.

At the sight of their combined attacks washing Heatran and Jackson off their feet, Ahriana wanted to cheer. However, she held back her exaltation—the pair were already getting to their feet, and the priest looked annoyed. She took a deep breath and asked Suicune quietly, “Again?”

Again. The water around Suicune’s feet blew outward, waves rippling towards the shore as the Legendary used Tailwind to boost his speed… just in case they needed to dodge an attack in a hurry. He whipped his head around, opening his jaws and releasing another powerful torrent of water at their opponents. The Hydro Pump was immediately followed by a second BubbleBeam jet from Ahri, as the girl’s determination to help began to override some of her fears.

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Duama used the chance presented by Jackson's need to dodge the attack from Ahri. As jackson side leapt right he was met by a vicious spinning roundhouse to his liver boosted by the centrifugal force and extreme speed , a move that sent both intense pain and effectively moved him back into the path of the attack.

"let's finish this guy, Ahri! He's got no chance against us both!" Rayquaza and Duama exclaimed in unison

Rayquaza opened his maw wide as an orange orb began to form and grow in his mouth. He then fired a hyper beam that tore any obstacle in the way as it barreled toward Jackson.

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Jacob and mew watched this and any that would notice them would see a dark aura about them, as if killing intent was seeping out through there skin, as they both used nasty plot. Jacob then fired an aura sphere at Latios and cloud while mew shot one at Gardivour.

Meanwhile Ninetails still was dealing with Alakazam. She had used willow whisp to burn her opponent, then incresed the heat with a fire blast.

"Mew!" Jacob called out as they noticed retaliation, "We will become this worlds shield" They exclaimed in unison Jacob's hair changed to a pinkish silver, as he rose into the air. Mew along with Jacob then created a barrier around the group that was close to him in order to protect them, allowing holes to open up only when his own team wanted to attack. This group consisted of Ava, Entei, Lucario and a moment later Ninetails as she broke away from Alakazam. "We are tired of this fight and watching our friends get hurt" they continued to say in unison, "It has become pointless and tiresome, please finish this up soon" they stated to the rest of the group

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Jackson and Heatran were surrounded by incoming attacks, and their allies were slowly losing their battles.  As water and a minaiture Rayquaza rushed towards them, the bonded pair prepaired their counterattack.  They stood together and shouted the words "Magma Storm." The pair spewed volcanic fire from their mouths and spread their assault across the battlefield.  The entire camp clearing was enveloped in Jackson and Heatran's attack.  Latios and Cloud bypassed their opponents attacks and rescued Sanders, Alakazam, and Gardevior from the ground.  The group was suspened above the battle, watching their teamates' devistating attack.

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Those in the barrier were protected by maga assault and with suicune and Ahri surfing on water they were only inconveneced by taking a step back. Duama spirk as he and rayquaza took to the air before the attack landed. "You're getting desparate assassin. That attack won't to you any good"

Rayquaza even managed to scoop up Raikou  just in time.

"Ahri, pour it on don't hold back!!

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Suicune’s and Ahriana’s attacks met with the Magma Storm in a violent hissing of steam, delaying the incoming flames but unable to completely douse them. Ahri’s BubbleBeam was instantly vaporized by the rising temperatures, and the priestess clung to Suicune’s back as he Surfed along the lake’s surface, speeding them away from the storm of volcanic fire. He circled around, sending up a spray of lake water in their wake, and sent another Hydro Pump into the heart of the blazing camp. A second stream of water followed the first—Ahri was still trying, though her Hydro Pump hadn’t the power or the range that her partner’s did.

“Growlithe!” she gasped, swaying with exhaustion and a sudden rush of fear. “He was in the middle of that!”

I’m sure that he’s alright, Suicune assured her, readying another Hydro Pump. He’s too smart to get caught in something like that.

Growlithe, who had dashed into the surrounding wilderness to avoid the massive Magma Storm, was barking at the many wild Pokémon who still remained nearby and trying to herd them out of the danger zone. The fiery attack that had filled their campsite was licking at the edges of the forest, threatening to start a forest fire of its own.

Ava and Lucario drew closer to Entei, watching from within the protective barrier that Jacob and Mew had created as the firestorm blew through their camp. Though the shield saved them from the worst of the Magma Storm, they could still feel the crackling heat that emanated from the roaring flames. It was then that Entei began to stir, the effects of the Hypnosis finally wearing off. He shifted sleepily, basking in the warmth of their enemy’s attack, and slowly opened his eyes.

I see I’ve missed a few things. How long was I out?

While Ava silently brought her partner back up to speed, Lucario moved closer to Jacob and Mew. The heat from the Magma Storm was turning the air uncomfortably warm and she closed her eyes, concentrating, as she created an aura shield around herself, Mew, and Jacob to protect them from the rising temperatures. She felt like it was the least that she could do, since they were protecting everyone from the attack itself.

Entei heaved himself to his feet with a grumble at Psychic Pokémon, and for the move Hypnosis in particular. He and Ava stood together—unconcerned by the heat—and watched the firestorm outside, waiting for it to die down. He was ready to have a rematch with that damned Gardevoir.

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Jacob had been getting dizzy due to the heat in the air. However his conviction was strong. He watched as the fire storm engulfed the area around him. He could see the wild pokemon fleeing from the forest and this whole thing only made him and Mew sadder. " This is a horrible sight!" they both exclaimed, "They have no right to power, neither the human nor Heatran" They finished. Just as the heat was really getting to them, it then cooled off, When Jacob turned around he noticed Lucario, "We thank you." They said with a smile on there face

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"Jackson, I believe we've seen enough.  Lets be on our way." Sanders called.  Latios and Cloud placed Sanders and his pokemon on the ground.  Latios' eyes stopped glowing and Cloud returned to his human form.  He fell to the ground with a thud.  Jackson spat and looked at Duama.  "Don't die before I find you again.  He may want you alive right now, but next time I won't be so obedient." Jackson said.  He and Heatran turned and walked off the battlefield, still syncronized.  Sanders took a bow and teleported from the site with Gardevior and Alakazam.  Cloud jumped onto Latios' back, waved to the priests, and flew away.

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Suicune and Ahriana remained at the center of the lake, watching as their attackers exited the charred, smoldering battleground. The group’s campsite was in ruins and little fires still burned everywhere, sending trails of smoke up into the air. Suicune shook his head and Surfed back to the shoreline, stepping onto the sand. We need to put those fires out before they spread to the forest and head for Mejiore’s farmlands.

“Right.” Ahri slid from his back, wobbling a little when her feet hit the ground. Exhaustion pulled at her but their day was only just beginning. With a sigh, she set her sights on the nearest fire and went to work.

“Such charming people we keep running into,” Ava muttered once their opponents had departed. The camp was a mess; the smoke from the fires could probably be seen from Mejiore—although how soon anyone from the city might come to investigate was anyone’s guess.

Well, that was an interesting little ‘test’ James sent us.

“D’you think we passed?” Ava responded dryly, glancing at him and raising an eyebrow. She could hear the sizzle and hiss of the flames as they were doused by Ahri and Suicune, and the sound roused her to the presence of their other companions. She turned to Jacob and Mew, offering them a friendly, somewhat tired nod. “Thank you for your help, Jacob, Mew. Do you think you could lower your barrier now? It looks as though the worst is over, and now we’ve a lot of cleaning up to do.”

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Jacob and Mew turned around to look at Ava after everything had passed, Jacob merely smiled at her then his hair color turned back to normal and he collapsed on the ground, out cold.

Mew her self was a little tired, but she responded to Ava and The others for Jacob, "He will be fine you can go help the others we will take care of him." She said then looked down at her partner and giggled knowing that he was happy that he helped out his new friends even though he was exhausted.

Ninetales came of to Jacob and bent down so that Mew could use psychic and place Jacob on her back with more ease. Ninetales then barked something at Mew and Mew nodded.

"Well it appears Ninetales will take care of him, how may i help you guys?" She asked

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"You can put me down anytime Ray" Raikou grunted.  He felt weak, and he was.  He knew that it was very likely that his full power may never come back, but being defeated so easily still hurt his pride. 

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"Of course."  rayquaza relented after he set Raikou down. His very voice sounded like he had allowed himself to put down a heavy load that had caused him great pain. The battle was hard fought and heknew that it had affected him greatly As the light faded from his markings rayquaza moved quickly as he laid his head down to catch the now sleeping Duama. As Duama's body began to to shone pink a smile formed on the legendary's red maw.

"I suppose we all have done alot today perhaps finding somewhere to rest would be ideal."   

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Still in the air Kari and Lugia decided to help Suicune with extinguishing the fire. Lugia did a fly by hydro pump and soaked a line of trees, keeping it from spreading any further towards Mejiore. Then they continued working inwards. With Suicune extinguishing from one end and Lugia the other the work got done in half the time.

((sorry about the short post. I got my 3DS today and haven't exactly been motivated to post. This should at least help us keep moving. ^^; ))

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“Thank you Lugia!” Ahri called, spraying the last of the little fires with a BubbleBeam to extinguishing it. She looked up, squinting against the sun, and waved to the bonded pair soaring overhead. With their help, she and Suicune were able to put out all of the remaining fires before the damage could spread to the neighboring forest or farmlands. “And you too, Kari!”

Ahriana, came Suicune’s calm, steady voice in her mind, calling her attention.

The girl blinked, turning around, and saw Growlithe barreling across the ruined campground toward her. He leapt on her with a delighted bark, sending her tumbling backwards into the soot-streaked mud. “Oof!! Growlithe!” she cried happily, laughing and trying to fend him off as he began frantically washing her face. “Hahaha!! I’m okay! I’m okay! Get off, boy!”

Ava smiled tiredly and shook her head, looking around for Shinx. The little electric Pokémon darted out of the brush a moment later, damp and covered in soot, but otherwise unharmed. He hit a patch of mud and slid into her feet with a squeak of alarm, making her grin as she bent down to pick him up. “Glad to see you made it through alright,” she murmured, tucking him into the crook of her arm and stepping over a mud puddle. She surveyed their camp with a frown. “What a mess…”

Entei picked his way around the cracked, muddy battlefield. Rayquaza is right; we should find a place to rest, and let everyone recover a bit.

“Mmm,” Ava hummed, thinking. She followed in Entei’s wake as he joined Raikou, Rayquaza, and the unconscious Duama, and she took a moment to look them all over with a critical eye. Although they had all been greatly weakened by the battle, none of them appeared to be seriously injured—not even Duama and Rayquaza, who had taken on possibly the most formidable of their opponents during the fighting. All they had to show from the surprise attack were a collection of scrapes, bruises, and some minor burns. It was a bit of a surprise, but she wasn’t one to count blessings. “I don’t think we’ll be going far, with two unconscious priests and everyone as tired as they are.”

There is another clearing around the north side of the lake, perhaps a fifteen-minute walk from here, Suicune commented, walking up to join their small gathering. It’s not quite as big as this one, but it should be able to hold everyone well enough. If that will suit you all?

Ava shrugged. “It’s either that, or camp in one of the fields… and I doubt Mejiore’s farmers would be very happy with us if we did that.”

(( C'mon Xi, don't flake out on us now. XD ))

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"It'll have to do.  Lets get moving, this smoke isn't good for anyone." Raikou said.  Ninetails carried Jacob, and Rayquaza picked up his priest and laid him over his back.  "Lead the way Suicune." Raikou said.

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a singular black horn pierced through the brush as absol walked out behinf it. His pristine ivory fur was mingled with black splotches of soot, he had made sure that there were no stragglers within the woods after the battle and had elected to take a spectator position in the battle he knew that he would be little help to his master and the humans?....well as a pokemon absol had an unconscious respect for all the legendaries, not just rayquaza...but humans...the superstitous lot of them were always a point of irritation for absol. His master may have come to respect these humans but absol did not trust them. Yet and still he would follow duama and only him. He trotted up next to rayquaza and passively the singed hand of his unconscious master.

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At Raikou’s request, Suicune and Ahriana led the way north along the lake’s shore, with Growlithe bouncing happily at Ahri’s heels and everyone else following tiredly in their wake. They walked in near-silence for almost twenty minutes before the path abruptly widened into a small, rounded clearing that backed up against the lakeshore. It was not quite as large as their original campgrounds, but there was room enough along the shoreline and the edges of the clearing for both Lugia and Rayquaza to rest comfortably.

The land sloped up from the shore and flattened out into a wide, grassy expanse. Forest trees lined the clearing’s edge, dampening sounds and affording them some cover from the Mejioran farmlands that bordered the outer forest. Over the treetops, tiny columns of smoke—most likely from chimneys—rose up from the direction of Mejiore, marking the city’s location.

As everyone spread out within the clearing, once again dividing themselves into their own little groups, Ava sighed. Almost all of the group’s supplies would have to be replaced since nearly everything had been destroyed during the ambush. And in the meantime, it was nearing lunchtime. The fire priestess sighed again and dragged herself back to her feet so she could go talk to Kari and Ahriana about arranging a meal.


Over the next few days, an exhausted stupor seemed to settle over their camp which limited their conversations and activities to just the bare essentials. During this time, the girls slowly began accumulating a collection of Berries, herbs, and other edible plants that could be used in cooking and medicine-making. Kari and Ava, accompanied by Entei and Lucario, also visited Mejiore to look into replacing some of the camping equipment that had been lost during the fight. Having the two Pokémon along turned out to be a great advantage, since the city folk were so eager to get rid of them that they didn’t waste a lot of time haggling with the girls over price. As a result, the priestesses spent much less than they’d anticipated on—which was a huge relief to both of them—and they were able to replace the majority of the group’s camping supplies.

Jacob, under the care of Mew and Ninetails, was unconscious for about a day... though even after he had woken up he was still groggy and fatigued. However, when Raikou didn’t express any particular concern over the priest’s condition the others assumed that it was probably just a side effect of his synchronization with Mew... and that he would recover with time and more rest.

Duama, who was being carefully guarded by Absol during this time, was out for nearly two full days... and when he awoke he also showed signs of being exhausted from the sync--though that was not the only thing troubling him. While he’d been unconscious he had dreamt of his father and his home in the north. He didn’t remember much from the dreams once he’d awakened... but he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong back home in Karesh.

Though neither of them were fully recovered, both Jacob and Duama were both up and sneaking off with their partners within a day or two of regaining consciousness. Ahriana and Suicune also began spending quite a bit of time off on their own, working on their own attacks and contemplating whether they would be able to learn synchronization. All of them had their own reasons for wanting to train and become stronger and more capable; and with them up and about it was only a matter of time before Raikou decided to put them all back to sync training again. Six days had passed, and the priests and Pokémon were getting stronger with each passing day. Most of them were already back to full strength or close to it... and all of them knew that they could not stay idle for very much longer. Not with James and his followers still on the loose.

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Raikou spent most of his time during those six days at the old campsite, which was now a desolate crater.  There he trained and meditated in solitude, and recovered almost half of his power from before the bout with James.  But his own strength was not his primary concern.  Raikou spent hours on end contemplating his history with James, searching his forgotten memories for something he could use against his former partner.  If James could use his memories of Raikou to predict his movements, why couldn't Raikou do the same?  On the morning of the seventh day Raikou returned to the camp to check on his students' progress.

*3 days after the battle*
"What do you have to report?" a refreshingly human-looking James said as Sanders and Gardevior entered the cave meeting place.
"It's as you suspected.  The strongest of the pairs is still at the same level as Cloud and Latios.  There are five pairs instead of four, and during the battle only two used their syncronization: Rayquaza's and Mew's teams.  The rest appear to still be ordinary priests and legendaries." Sanders answered.
"Mew, hu?  They must have picked that one up after our last encounter.  No matter.  What of your team; how did Jackson and Cloud perform?"
"Again, as you expected.  Both of them were able to handle multiple opponents, but Jackson and Heatran are still by far the most powerful pair.  But on a personal note; it seems that Jackson has found a rival in Rayquaza's priest.  They are training with Latios and Cloud now trying to prepair for the next battle."
"Good, good.  Jackson still seems to be maintaining his usefulness.  Maybe I can wait before exercising my final plan for them."
Sanders sighed.  "Are we done, then?" he asked.
"Strictly business as always I see," James chuckled.
"Something like that..." Sanders said as he turned to leave.

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(( Thank you. I try. ))

For Ava, the time that passed during the recovery period was fairly quiet. Once their camping supplies and foodstuffs had been seen to, she spent little time among her fellow priests outside of mealtimes. It seemed like everyone had things to do and she was happy to let them be—because she knew that when Raikou returned from his solitary musings they would all likely be thrown back together when their official sync training resumed. So she spent her free time with Entei, Lucario, and Shinx… conversing, meditating, and practicing what they had learned so far.

On the seventh morning of their stay in the clearing, Lucario was the first to look up from her game of ‘chase the floating aura sphere’ with Shinx to see Raikou enter their new campsite. She trilled quietly to alert Entei.

The Legendary had been sitting with Ava on the far side of the clearing from the lake, deep in a form of linked meditation. Though his ears heard Lucario’s call and comprehended it right away, it took him a few minutes to disentangle his mind from Ava’s. They opened their eyes at precisely the same time, looking up.

Time to get back to work, I would say, he commented mildly.

Yes, it probably is. The boys will be very happy, she added dryly. I can practically hear the gears grinding in their heads when we sit down for meals. They’re very determined.

Entei chuckled as they both got to their feet and walked forward to join Raikou. Shinx trailed after the pair, though he stayed partially hidden behind the hem of Ava’s skirt once they stopped. Even only at half-strength, Raikou intimidated the little Pokémon.

Ava smiled slightly; she was glad to see how much better Raikou looked after having some time to rest. Not that she would say anything of it aloud, of course. Entei might be comfortable enough around their gruff teacher to make idle comments on his appearance, but she wasn’t. “So… where do we go from here?”

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"My role in your training is realy only to point you in the right direction.  I can show you all what to practice to prepair for James, but now that everyone is at different levels you need to develop as a syncronized pair on your own." Raikou said.  The truth was; Raikou didn't know what to do next.  When he learned syncronization he and James had months to practice and fight against other teams and perfect their transformations.  Whatever James was planning, he had already spent a week working on it.  Time was not on their side.

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Being one of the least beat up of the group Kari spent the days during the recovery period helping Ava keep the campsite livable by hunting, gathering and running errands. It was refreshing to have the pace slow down and it helped Kari get her mind around things. Even Lugia would spend time floating out in the middle of the lake like a giant blue swan reflecting on the pair's bond and the task ahead of them.

During the nights when the others were either asleep or away doing their own secret things Kari and Lugia would steal away into the lake and meditate, trying to achieve the illusive sync mode. She wracked her brain for the phrase that would be her trigger but none came to her. She tried losing her self in their link and that didn't work. Night after night Kari had no success but after each night of failure she felt a little closer in some unexplainable way.

On the seventh morning Raikou told them that essentially it all depended on them now. Kari felt a little discouraged by this. Her progress felt slow and each time she tried to sync she felt hesitant because she knew if she did it would only serve violence in the foreseeable future. Through the link Lugia felt her concern and promised her that night that the two of them would discuss her concerns and try to work something out.

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"Everyone gather around," Raikou called, "We need to figure out our next move."  Raikou sat down and waited for the group.  When they assembled he said, "As you may have guessed, the attack from James' soldiers was simply a measurement of your abilities.  Had they been serious, some of you may not have come out of that battle alive.  We're fortunate that James is arrogant, but I doubt our fortune will last very long.  I don't want to say in one place for too long.  I'm worried we've already been here longer than we should."

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Duamahad been in a daze for what seemed like ages since the rest, after he awoke he seemed to just be going thru the motions of day to day activities. What had his dreams meant? And why did he dream of his father, a man he hadn't seen in ten years?....wait ten years.

Damnit that's gotta be it.

A golden iris that belonged to rayqaza fixed itself upon Duama and he nodded solemnly.

Standing up Duama adressed the group that gathered. "I've got some business that needs addressing in Karesh, I don't think I can focus on James til it's done. You can join me or dont. Either way, Im going." Duama seemed uncharacteristically more rude than he had recently. To the others he was sure it seemed he was just being himself...but Ava couldnt shake the feeling that duama's more worried than agitated.

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Ava frowned slightly upon hearing Duama’s declaration. Over the past few days, she had noticed that he seemed a bit more… distracted than he’d been before. She’d originally put it down to exhaustion from the sync, and maybe preoccupation with figuring out more about the synchronization technique itself—but now, with his sudden interest in going to Karesh… Although his tone was as abrasive as ever, something felt off to her. He seemed worried about something.

“Karesh…” she murmured thoughtfully, more to herself than to anyone else. Abruptly, she got up to fetch a set of maps from her bag, leafing through them for the right one as she walked back to the group. When she sat back down she went silent again, her eyes scanning the topmost page.

The city that Duama spoke of was a great distance away—at least eighty miles northwest of Mejiore. The most direct route would take them through, or close to, the farmlands of both Mejiore and Vertan; past Rozino and the fishing port of Letona; and through the mountainous region of the Dalmiond Expanse and the militaristic city of Galvis. Even accompanied by the Legendaries, it would take them a while to reach Karesh… and it would afford them a variety of different landscapes to train in.

After a couple of moments, Entei sent a silent inquiry to Ava through their bond. He was amused. Why don’t you share your thoughts with the rest of the class?

“Hmm…?” The priestess looked up from the map and blinked, and then she blushed slightly when she realized she was being rude. “Oh, I’m sorry... I was thinking.” She turned her clear gaze on Raikou and the rest of their group. “Karesh is a long ways from Mejiore. If we make that our destination, it will keep us on the move… as well as give us different opportunities for sync training along the way. And unless James sets a tail on us, or his henchmen get lucky, they may as well whistle to the wind for our direction once we’re on the road.” She shrugged. “Those are my thoughts, unless someone else has a better plan?”

Ahriana couldn’t help but change colors at the mention of Karesh. Her cheeks reddened slightly and she looked down to keep anyone else from noticing her agitation. She hadn’t thought of that place in the last eight years… but old grievances die hard, and having that city’s name come up irked her.

Suicune gave her shoulder a gentle, covert nudge and she slid her eyes towards him. It’s okay. I’m not going to shriek—it wouldn’t be ladylike, she replied to his silent question. She pressed her lips together. Karesh is one of the last places that I want to go… but if the others decide that we should go there I won’t raise a fuss.

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"I see the logic in that," Kari said, but then she and Lugia hung their heads in unison and she said, "but it's sooo hot and dry out there." Lugia nodded it's great head for emphasis. "At the very least, We'll have to stock up on food before we get too far from Letona. The Expanse is a very barren place."
"I'm not keen on going, but we're safer in numbers so if everyone else is than I guess we are too."

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"If you must go, then lead the way.  It sounds like the others are willing to follow you, Duama."  Raikou said.  He was happy as long as the group was moving, but Xira's mention of the Expanse gave Raikou an idea.  "I will follow along too, at least for a while.  Some of you babies still need your hands held." he said with a slight smile.

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"Umm i realize the need for sync training, however..." Jacob began to speak up, "Well i will be the first to admit that Duama is our strongest fighter at the moment, however with his distraction i feel that he would not benefit from this at all, and with the sound of urgency in his voice i doubt he planned on waiting for us to travel on foot." Jacob then realized this is the most he had talked in the last few days still worried about the battle from before, and realized that if theoretically Duama was this groups sword he needed to be a sheild strong enough for the sword to be used most effectively and for that he would need Duama.

"Well basically my sujestion is to find an abra or ralts near by so that me and mew may transform and use teleport to get us close to Karesh, that way we can cover that distance quicker and we wont have the chance to be followed." He said looking at everyone else, "This is something me and mew have used quite often to make travelling light easier on us."

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Ahri ducked her head. She had a feeling she was one of the ‘babies’ that Raikou was talking about, because she had yet to achieve even the simplest form of sync. She had spent the last several days away from the camp, meditating and training with Suicune, but they were no closer to finding their trigger than before… and she was feeling frustrated, both with the training and with herself. For a moment, she forgot her irritation with their travel plans. Why couldn’t she reach sync?

While Suicune’s priestess was lost in thought, Jacob used the lull in the conversation to speak up, offering them a rather… interesting alternative what would otherwise be probably a three or four week journey. Ava listened to his suggestion, absently tapping the map that rested on her lap. If Jacob and Mew could teleport their group even part of the distance… she glanced around the circle, considering. Even though their numbers were fairly small, there were some large Legendaries in their party—Rayquaza and Lugia being the largest. And none of the three Legendary beasts were lightweights, either.

“That’s a good idea, Jacob,” Ava murmured slowly, still thinking. “But—and please don’t take this the wrong way—but would you and Mew be able to move a group of our size over that far a distance? I know you and Mew are used to teleporting yourselves, and Ninetails as well… but there are a lot of us compared to that and” she glanced at Rayquaza and Lugia “some of our companions are… sizable.” She looked back at Jacob and Mew, hoping that she hadn’t offended them. “I don’t pretend to be an expert on Psychic powers but I’d hate to see you strain yourselves unnecessaily. Karesh is a long ways from here, after all.”

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Jacob looked at her then around at the group than back at Ava and smiled, "I have no idea," He said as if it was nothing, "Me along with Mew can take the three of us anywhere we can think of, however this is the first time I have travelled with this many people." He then sat down and thought about it for a minute, "well I suppose that we could do it in groups or in steps taking stops to train for the day and such." He said throwing out yet another solution to the problem.

Mew floated over to Ava and rested on her head as she looked at the map. Once Mew had looked at the map she floated closer to it, "Well for our sake three jumps should be fine allowing us to regain our energy within 24 hours to make another jump." She explained to the entire group as she pointed out roughly the two spots that the would stop at.

"However now we need to find a pokemon that would be kind enough to stick with us for at least those two three days." Jacob finished

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"Ava's right, it doesn't do us any good to be down one member just for everyone', for my sake. Everyone....thank you for following me, but I think you all deserve to know why I need to go back, you can decide from there if you'll continue to help me." Duamas voice was solemn as a sad smile was on his face, it was clear the memory wasn't pleasent.

"You see...I told you all that I left karesh to be free...but I didn't tell you why. 10 years ago on the eve of the Kareshian blacksmith showcase my father, dusago cross was the favorite to become guild leader. In Karesh the guild leader holds a lot of power, he estentially deals out who and how the blacksmiths deal out their jobs. Needless to say several of the nobles see this as somethin....profittable. so they tried to strongarm my old man...but that damn fools pride refused to be beat. Heh, when he beat assassin after assassin they turned to his one weakness....his family" duama felt a lump in his throat and continued. "I was the one who was gonna succeed the old man but....I ran. I ran away from my responsibilites and joined up with rayquaza because I was tired of rules...and my mother paid for it with her life. My old man won and he's been the only leader since. The city is finally gaining some stability but...those damn nobles....I can't shake the feeling he's in danger. I ran away once and my mother died because of it...I won't have his death on my soul too." Tears began to flow from duamas eyes and his shoulders shook. Yet he waited silently for their answers. Ready for the nos that could follow.

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Jacob looked at Duama and almost started laughing, the strong and hard head Duama was actually crying, "Just as you have to go back to protect your family now I want to be there to protect my new family." He said in strong manner not normal to his usual self. He then realized that he may be standing out to much and almost hid behind mew who chuckled and left Jacob's side to pat Duama's head.

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Ava and Entei exchanged glances, but they knew each other well enough that they didn’t have to say anything. Neither of them felt the need for further discussion. Lucario, on the priestess’ other side, trilled her own agreement. Ava only nodded and looked back to Duama. “We’re coming with you, too,” she said quietly. She smiled slightly. “If your father is really in some kind of trouble, perhaps we can help set it right. And if not… well, it’s better to have backup and not need it than to need it and not have it. Right?”

On the opposite side of their circle, Ahri fiddled with the hem of her long tunic-style dress. “Us, too,” she added, glancing at Suicune and seeing him nod. She felt like she should be remembering something… but she just didn’t know what it was. “We’ll go, too.”

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Kari had no interest in political matters, however it was dangerous on her own and this provided an opportunity for diverse training conditions. To lighting the mood a bit Kari said, "If the rest of Karesh is anything like you, you'll need our bit water type moves to cool some heads. How could Lugia and I pass up an opportunity to drench a whole city?" Lugia chuckled beside her and playfully shoved the back of Kari's knee with it's toe.

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(Lightning the mood?)

"See, wasn't that easy?  Now that we're all agreed on going, lead the way." Raikou said.  Raikou wore a slight grin on his face.  This would make it easier for him to follow through with his plans down the road.

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Wiping his face duama stood up and smirked. Hopping on rayquaza, duama thrusted fist forward "let's go home. We'll travel for about half the day get you some more rest before we do the group port."

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(( I think she meant to say "lighten"... Don't pick on her too much. XD ))

Ava laughed and shook her head, getting to her feet and walking back to the section of clearing she’d claimed as her own. As she began to put away the few belongings she had collected, tucking them into her traveling pack, she called over her shoulder, “Slow down, you hotheaded boy! At least let us get our things together before you go dashing off into the stratosphere!”

Shinx, who’d apparently picked up on some of Duama’s enthusiasm, danced around Lucario and Entei excitedly. Lucario rolled her eyes and went to help put away the food and cooking supplies they’d gathered, while Entei joined his partner.

He’s so hasty. We don’t even have a psychic Pokémon that’s willing to let Jacob and Mew borrow its teleportation powers yet, the Legendary grumbled, shaking his head. He didn’t actually sound irritated, though.

Ava smiled at him. I’m sure everything will be fine, she replied calmly, a touch of humor in her thoughts. And at least he seems like he’s in a better mood now. He must have really been worried that we would change our minds about going to Karesh... but I can’t really see anyone here turning their back like that.

Entei snorted, but she could tell that he’d seen the situation in about the same light. His next words were silent, meant for her hearing only. Eh, he’s still a loudmouthed idiot... but he’s not all bad, I suppose.

Careful, she teased, grinning as she slung her bag over one shoulder. People will say you’re getting soft in your old age.


Ahri smiled a little bit when the serious air around their gathering dissipated, thanks to Kari’s lighthearted comments and Raikou’s and Duama’s apparent good moods. It was good to have a little levity, after everything that had been going on over the last couple of weeks. She withdrew from the group in silence to retrieve her own traveling gear, with Suicune and Growlithe following close behind her.

Are you going to help Kari and Lugia “drench” the city, if it comes to that? Suicune’s voice was amused.

She put away her bedroll, pausing for a moment. Her thoughts were in turmoil, as Suicune well knew. But he knew her well enough—he wouldn’t press the issue, not right then. “If it comes to that, I suppose...”

There are some cliffs near Karesh that overlook the sea. Perhaps we can visit them while we’re there.

“Mm...” The priestess looked up, this time with a genuine smile. She knew he was trying to lighten her mood. She began tying back her long, dark hair, pulling it out of her face. “I think I’d like that. Are you ready?”

Ready when you are.

Growlithe yipped his agreement, and Ahri looked around the clearing, trying to determine if everyone else was ready to go. There wasn’t much to pack, so it wouldn’t have taken the others very long to put their own belongings away.

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((I are slow dun pick on meee T.T))

Kari easily threw all of her stuff into her largest cooking pot, tied it shut with rope and slung it over her back. It's contents making muffled clanging sounds as the cookware mingled with her spare clothes. Excited she ran around to Lugia's backside and ran up it's tail until she reached it's head and was relatively level with Duama on Rayquaza. "Hey, if you're a blacksmith's kid couldn't you make, you know, armor for everyone?" Kari's eyes twinkled as she saw herself in beautiful, sexy silver scale armor gleaming in the sun light as she rode astride Lugia, plated in cobalt coloured steel.

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Hearing Kari’s question and seeing the twinkle in her eyes made Ava giggle. “I have a feeling that making armor takes time,” she told the other girl, her own eyes sparkling with amusement. “And we haven’t had much of that lately, have we?”

(( HA! So I can write short posts after all. XD ))

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"Aww, you're no fun Ava. I'm sure a Kareshian blacksmith could do it." Kari said, lathering on the sweetness with that last remark. Lugia made an audible chuckle, that sounded a bit like a whale going 'whoop whoop'. "Kari, don't think you can make ridiculous suggestions and expect it to happen just because you bat your eyelashes." Kari glared at the back of Lugia's head, and beat him with her fist. Lugia hummed "Ooh, it's tense there, that felt good."

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"Think of it this way Kari," Raikou interjected, "When you're up against an opponent with the combined speed of myself and a legendary bird, do you really want a heavy plate of armor weighing you down?"  Raikou imagined Kari woddling around a battlefield in an oversized bronze breastplate and shoulders, and laughed to himself. 

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Jacob Looked around "Well if you guys want to go on a head i can catch up soon enough, i am just going to go check the forest to see if i can find a pokemon willing to help us." He said in with a smile as Mew darted back over to him and him Mew and Ninetales left for the forest.

A few minutes later the entered the burnt entrance to the once vast and beautiful forest. "Well i hope we can find a pokemon willing to help us here, i mean it is sort of our fault that there home was destroyed." He said slightly worried. The thing Jacob was afraid of more than people was pokemon hating him. As the walked into the still standing part of the forest they would notice shadows disappearing into the tree line and grass. "that answers that question," he said as he took a seat.

Mew Began to look around then called out to the pokemon in the forest, "We do not mean to intrude or cause harm, but we are looking for the assistance of a pokemon who can use teleport." She started, "We wish to go after the mean who did this to your home so that they may not do this again." She kept up

Then a ralts came walking out from behind a tree line slowly and carefully ready to retreat at any moment. As Mew approached this ralts a figure jumped down in between the two and stopped any further interaction. This pokemon that had come from no where happened to be a Gallade. His cry told Mew that he wished them to leave.

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Duama chuckled at both Kari's attempts at charm and punishing Lugia.

"Well armor may not be too practical...but how would guys feel about weapons?"  Duama unsheathed the lance on his back  holding it in both hands upisde down
"I've been working on this."  Duama's brow furrowed and the wind began to pick up around him. At the butt of the lance two small twisters connected at the the bases resembling what looked like a hammer head made of air. Swinging the would be mallet against the trunk of a burned tree the two whilrwinds dislodged upon contact and swirled violently, slicing off branches and leaves sporadically. Triumphant Duama sheathed the lance ending the demonstration.
"When I was in sync mode I realized how to channel some of our attacks into my fists and feet."

Rayquaza interjected. "With a bit of work it wasn't long before we adapted the same concept to weapons."

Duama nodded and continued. "In the last battle I managed to hold sync longer than even I thought possible. But it was so draining, so our answer was if I could be more versatile in regular form I wouldnt have to rely on sync as much, hell maybe even better control it. In Karesh I'm sure I'd have the resources to make everyone their own respective weapon and with once I teach you guys the basic mechanics maybe you guys could do the same." Duama had a genuine smile on his face as he was explaining this which Absol yip with pride at his master's discovery.

"What do you guys think?"

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“It certainly is an interesting idea,” Ava commented, sounding rather thoughtful as she shouldered her pack. She swung herself onto Entei’s back with practiced ease, and then reached down to take Shinx from Lucario. The little Pokémon settled himself in front of her, sitting up straight and looking around from this new height with bright, interested eyes. She continued, “Although if this technique depends anything on proficiency with the weapon itself… well, the only thing I’m at all practiced with is a bow.”

“That’s more than I can say,” came Ahriana’s quiet voice. She and Suicune had rejoined the group during Duama’s display with the lance, just in time to hear his latest idea. The dark-haired girl frowned at his sheathed lance and then looked away, scuffing her foot in the dirt. She was feeling odd and out of place again… and she didn’t care for it. “I don’t know how to use any sort of weapon.”

Ava blinked, her gaze shifting to the other priestess. Ahri was usually so quiet that it always took her by surprise when she spoke up. “You could always learn,” she suggested, absently scratching behind Shinx’s ear. “If you want to, that is.” Silently, she thought to Entei, She seems so uncomfortable around us!

I think she’s just—

Suddenly, Lucario gave a low murmur of alarm, interrupting their silent conversation. Her reddish amber eyes were fixed on the edge of the clearing, right around the place where Jacob, Mew, and Ninetails had disappeared into the forest a short while earlier. She seemed to be staring at something beyond the trees, although there was nothing in sight.

“What is it, Lucario?” Ava asked in a level tone as she followed the Pokémon’s gaze.

Lucario launched into a quick round of dialogue, which Entei and the others followed in polite silence. Though none of the humans present would be able to understand what she was saying, the concern in her voice was evident. When she finished Entei gave a ‘whuff’ of a sigh.

She said that Jacob and Mew have run across the self-styled “guardian” of the forest. He seems to be warning them off his grounds. She doesn’t sense anything violent in his aura, but she thinks that one of us might do well to go check on them all the same… just in case.

Ava sighed, rubbing her forehead. Of course things wouldn’t just go smoothly, for once. There always had to be some kind of complication. “Alright, I guess—”

“We will go,” Ahri interrupted, before she could even finish her thought. She and Suicune were already moving towards the forest, with Growlithe following along at their heels, and she didn’t look back as they disappeared into the trees.

“Mmkay… What a strange girl,” Ava muttered, shaking her head. She hoped this wouldn’t turn into a rescue mission later.


As Ahriana, Suicune, and Growlithe ventured deeper into the forest, they saw the shadows of the other forest Pokémon as they darted out of their path. Ahri frowned; it was obvious that the local Pokémon were spooked by their presence, and she felt guilty for invading their safe haven and making them feel threatened… and she felt doubly guilty for being part of the group that had drawn James’ lackeys in and nearly got the forest burned down in the first place.

Slowly, Ahriana, Suicune cautioned her silently. He could sense Mew’s presence nearby and he knew that they were approaching their comrades—as well as the Pokémon that had confronted them. We don’t want to startle him into attacking.

I know, she replied, just as they stepped into view.

They had come up behind Jacob, moving slowly, but deliberately making noise to let the Gallade know there was someone else coming towards them. Ahri spread her hands out at her sides so they forest’s guardian could see that she was unarmed. “Please,” she said quietly, keeping her voice calm and even. She stepped up beside where Jacob was sitting in the grass, keeping her eyes on the Gallade. “We aren’t here to hurt anyone, truly.”

(( Sorry that took so long, Shadow. It's been kind of a long day/night. ))

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Duama smilied as ahri ran off. "She just has her own way of doing things. I thinks she likes us all just fine. I think a shield would suit her better than a sword. And as for your bow ava....I may be able to do something...long as you ask me nicely." He said grinning childishly.

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Ava blinked at Duama, a little caught off guard, and then she grinned back at him. “Okay then. How about if I don’t scorch you?” Her eyes sparkled mischievously. “Is that nice enough?”

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Duama let out a loud laugh. "I think I can live with that for now." His eyes also gleaming mischieveously.

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Kids… Entei rolled his eyes, sharing a look with his fellow Legendaries. Play nicely, you two.

Shinx craned his neck to peer at Duama from around Entei’s head, sparks rippling along his fur. He growled lightly, seeming to echo Entei’s sentiments, and startling a laugh out of Ava. “Oh, but I always play nice.”

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"You humans and your innovations.  I guess it can't be helped.  For a while James used a straight sword when we were together, but I broke the thing with my Thunder Fang during a training session.  Still, while you don't have fangs or claws, I guess having something sharp wouldn't hurt." Raikou said.  He ignored Duama and Ava's playful scwabbles and prepaired to leave.

Cloud crashed into the rocky ground with a thud, and was soon followed by Latios.  The ears and wings Cloud gained from syncronization disapeared as he sat upright.
"Get up.  We're not done yet.  You have alot of power that you haven't tapped.  You got lucky in that fight with Raikou's team.  We both know you were about to lose hold of your transformation.  Now get off your ass and try to last longer than three minutes!" Jackson barked.  He stood with Heatran in full syncronization without a scratch between them.  Latios and Cloud had a good number of bruises and burns, and Cloud's shirt had been reduced to ash and rags. 
"Get lost, Jackson." Cloud spat.  A stream of blood ran down his cheek. 
"Shut it kid. You'll never be 'free' if you aren't willing to fight for it!" In an instant the blue blur of Cloud's syncronized form exploded forward with psychic energy and attacked Jackson's facemask with Zen Headbut.  Jackson was taken back a few steps by the attack, but immediatly came back with his own Iron Head headbut.  Cloud matched Jackson with another Zen Headbut, and the two of them were locked in a standoff. 
"Go f*** yourself Jackson, we will find freedom one day.  We won't answer to anyone!" Cloud yelled.  Latios came from behind and glowed with energy for a Helping Hand, but Heatran lunged forward towards the dragon and attacked with Crunch.  Latios dodged with a mid-air roll and blinded Heatran with a Luster Purge beam of light.  Cloud and Jackson bounced off each other and landed next to their legendary partners. 
Cloud and Latios rose into the sky and yelled "Psychic Dragon Pulse!".  Latios combined its Dragon Pulse with Cloud's Psychic blast and fired the resulting purple energy wave at Heatran and Jackson. 
"Double Heat Wave!" Jackson and Heatran pooled their energy together and countered with a glowing red wave.  The two attacks collided in mid air and locked for a few seconds before they exploded and consumed everyone at the training site. 

Sanders sat at a southern ledge of Mt. Kaotl, were he could see plains and forests for miles on end.  He was scribbling in a book of parchment, stopping to think about his past experience every once in a while.  Gardevior and Alakazam sat against the wall of the mountain nerby, meditating.  Sanders put the book down and raised his head.  He saw Rozino, the city at the foot of the mountain, buzzing with people.  Beyond that, the green trees and grass swayed in a wind gust that blew Sanders' hair to the side.  A Pidgey and Tailow flew across the blue sky together.  It had been the first moment of relative peace for Sanders in some time.  Then he heard an explosion from behind that jolted him back to reality.  Cloud and Jackson were training just past the second peak behind him.  Sanders sighed and returned to his book.  "Electric, Rock, Fire- Flying, Ice-and Flying.  Electric is resistant to Flying, Steel, and itself.  Its weak against..." Sanders muttered softly to himself as he scratched numbers and letter symbols into the paper.  After a while he heard footsteps behind him.  Jackson walked up, carrying an unconscious Cloud on his back.  Heatran followed slowly with Latios, who was barely able to keep itself floating.  
"How'd it go?" Sanders said without looking up from his book.  Jackson sat Cloud next to Alakazam and Gardevior, who didn't even twitch at his presence.
"He's getting better, but its still not enough to challenge me.  I'm not getting any stronger like this." Jackson answered.  He walked over and stood behind Sanders.  
"Who else is there?  Other than James and yourself, Cloud is the most experienced person in world with syncronization that you can train against.  I guess you could go find Raikou's group, but those fighters aren't any better.  You saw them for yourself.  That and I doubt they'll welcome you right away after the last encounter."
"You're right.  This is my best shot right now.  What are you working on?" Jackson paused for a while before speaking.  James flew over the group like a jet with his stolen wings, and sped off to the south.  Sanders watched as he disapeared into the distance.
"Just running a few numbers.  C'mon, lets get the kid back to the camp." Sanders said.

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At the mention and demonstration of weapons Kari's mind was off in a fantasy world. Thinking up how cool she would look in a sexy dress with an exotic weapon. Lugia decided to be funny and probed into her fantasy, making a snarky comment about how unrealistic her imaginings were. Kari frowned and came back to reality. She suddenly felt awkward asking Duama for favors and the like because of how they had gotten off of such bad footing. She decided to take a deep breath and just say what she was thinking, "Duama I want to use a glave ( will you teach me how to fight with polearms?" She said, quickly, and with her eyes squinted shut like a child taking some sour medicine.
Lugia smiled, glad that Kari was starting to step outside herself and make an effort to try and work with her group members.

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This time Duama was a bit caught off guard, yet he  smiled to himself. After the way they started off it's no surprise she wouldnt be fond to ask him a favor. But Duama decided to acknowledge the effort. "Sure, but I'm no easy teacher. Polearm weapons require total mastery to be effective in all scenarios and I won't teach anyone who won't fully commit or make them a weapon for that matter. Are you willing to take my training?" he said a resolute smirk on his face. 

Rayquaza exchanged an approving glance with Lugia. Though it came out a bit brash it was clear that Duama was more than willing to aid Kari in her training.

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Jacob Looked as Arhi came to help him, "Hey," he said in a calm and friendly matter to her, "glad your hear maybe you can help me convince this guy that we only want his help." He said motioning to Gallade "I don't really blame him for thinking we are the bad guy though."

Mew looked at Gallade, "We don't want to hurt anyone, we just want to help save the world from another Ru," She said hoping that he understood. "We wish to barrow your strength so that we can stop this all." Then Mew realized she wasn't completely honest. "WE wish to use teleport so that we can travel faster to a town were an ally of ours needs to go before we can go on, after that you can come right back." She tried.

Gallade was still not completely convinced, although he wanted to avenge all the pokemon who had lost there homes, he could not bring himself to trust these people.

Jacob looked at Ahri and gave her a little nudge, she was a sweet girl so he figured she could get through to Gallade.

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Ahri blinked when Jacob nudged her, looking first at him and then back up at the Gallade. She knew what Jacob was prompting her for; they would have to convince this wary and suspicious Pokémon that they meant no harm, and that they needed his help. She just wasn’t sure how they could earn his trust.

Growlithe barked. It was a short, friendly-sounding yip. He stepped up to Ahriana’s side, his tail wagging slightly as he looked at the forest guardian, and yipped again. His bark would sound familiar to the Gallade, since Growlithe had barked to warn the forest Pokémon of the potential forest fire and as he helped evacuate the area around their old campsite. The fire puppy sat on the ground between Jacob and Ahri, his plumed tail stirring the grass as it wagged happily.

Ahri smiled and gave his ears a little scratch, suddenly feeling a little bit more confident. On her other side, Suicune stood in silence, calmly watching the proceedings and waiting to see how things would unfold. The girl turned her attention back to the Gallade and she inclined her head respectfully. “Please, sir, my companions and I really don’t mean you or the Pokémon of this forest any harm. We were attacked by some bad people last week, and I’m very sorry that it scared everyone… but we tried very hard to put the fires out and to make sure everyone was safe. It was never our intention to cause you any trouble.”

The ones who attacked us and started the fires work for a man named James. He has been running amok, stealing the powers of other Legendary Pokémon and using them for his own personal gain—and he must be stopped. There was a trace of iron beneath Suicune’s words. We are going to put an end to this destruction.

“Please… will you help us?” Ahri asked quietly, looking at Gallade.

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((Dammit! NA died on me and I lost all that I posted. Let's see if I can remember what it was.))

Kari was a little put off by Duama's brash tone, but quickly thought up a response. "Alright, train me. But don't expect any fancy meals for a while." She said this with a very small smirk, thinking herself rather clever for thinking that up so fast. "So..." She said, "you'll have to tell me how to do this when we have time to train next. I've never really used a weapon before, and I don't own one, obviously." Kari drummed her fingers. She was bad at small talk, and waiting, and that was about all there was to do until Jacob and Ahri returned and they set off.

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Duama smiled. "alright you seem enthusiastic, let's not lose that." Duama pulls out a pair of shackles with only 4 or five inches of chain link. As Duama locked them only Kari's wrists she gave him a look. Smiling he answered her question "The most important thing to understand about fighting with polearms is that your arms must move as one. This is how you will practice your stance."

(My sensei actually never used chains but this was actually how I was taught to use staff weapons at first.)

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((Lol! I thought something totally wrong when I first read that post, Dua. XD))

"If my wrists chafe I expect full compensation from you." Kari said as Duama locked the shackles. The cold iron felt unnatural against her delicate skin, were far from flattering of her girlish wrists. They had weight to them that Kari wasn't use to, so it was more work moving her hands and arms. She swung her arms around a little, playing with the momentum and trying to get use to them, and entertained herself a little with the idea of 'accidentally' gonking Duama on the back of the head during a swing, but dismissed it as it was probably a bad idea.

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"The weight you feel from those chains is easily what the lightest of polearms will feel like. Remember the weight. Ill show you the three most basic forms essential to fighting with these weapons." Duama unsheathes his lance and take a stance. "The thrust" Stepping forward with his strong foot duama's lance shoots forward and cuts the air. Then using the same foot as a pivot he spins and horizontally swipes at the air. "The slash...and finally." Sliding his grip wide duama places the lance diagonally in front of him. His legs were still wide but now his feet were right next to each other again. "The block." Relaxing he looked at kari. "Now its your turn. Oh and by the way, if you don't shift your weight and stop it just the right way...that chain will hit you."

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Kari, slid off of Lugia ((I never posted she had gotten down) and mimicked Duama's movements as best she could with an imaginary polearm. The thrust gave her little trouble, it was a pretty simple movement. Her biggest problem was balance, and the weight on her wrists throwing her off. The thrust easily transitioned into the slash, however again, balance was a problem. She klinked the shackles, unable to achieve the wide grip used for the block, but she was pretty sure here feet were at the right width.

Kari did everything at maybe a third regular speed, so when she did make a mistake it was easy to easy to spot and correct. She was way more focused on form than power to be sure.

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Kari winced as the chain on the block form rapped her in the chest, the chain felt heavy and hit heavy. "Without total mastery of body control and power a polearm is just a stick and a novice's hands. You'll  do this a hundred times, no a thousand times if you have to. A polearm user will always be at a disadvantage up close so you must master these basic skills ready for any attack."

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((You do realize four inches is barely enough to separate the hands, let swing around and hit things, right? Could it be you meant four feet?))

Kari, grunted as she was hit, and rubbed her chest and breasts. "Ow, these are delicate you know." After a little rubbing it didn't hurt so bad and she tried doing it again, slower this time so she could watch each of her movements as she made them.

((I like how it's just you and me for the past six posts, Dua. XD))

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((nope. if you had four feet of slack itd be way too easy. the purpose of this exercise is to undestand that your hands must move as one . Its not supposed to be easy to do.))

Duama rolled his eyes at the sensitive comment. "You'll get used to it. I told you my methods weren't easy, now focus! Use your body to distribute the weight. Your hips, legs,  everything must be utilized. And if you waste time looking at yourself your opponent's already won. ONly look forward."

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Jacob Looked at Ahri and smiled, she was so sweet and innocent that no matter who you were you couldnt help but trust her. Gallade was one of those people that felt as though he could trust her. Gallade began to talk to Mew so as to state his side of the deal.

"Well he says he will help us however he would also like to fight as well, he does not wish to merely be used, he wants to help beat the people who destroyed his home." Mew told the two, leaving Suicune out due to the fact that he could understand Gallade anyways.

"Im really glad to hear this," Jacob said as he extended his hand as to shake Gallades to seal the deal. However Gallade just walked past him to Arhi and bowed to her. then waited for her to start walking back. This action left a slight sting in Jacob's chest.

The five of them made there way back to the group to notice that Kari had her hands bound by chains and that Duama seemed to be coaching her, "Umm... did i miss something?" Jacob asked looking very confused by the scene, but before either could answer Jacob remembered he needed to introduce Gallade to the group, "Everyone this is gallade and he is going to help us on our journey." Gallade Seemed to Ignore Jacob and duama and walked right up to the remaining girls and bowed to them, "And he apperently doesnt seem to car for men at all..." Jacob finished.

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"Well, there's a pokemon who knows what he wants.  I wouldn't deal with you males either if I didn't have to either,"  Raikou yawned.  He had layed down and taken a nap during the waiting period.  "So, are we ready to go now?  For all we know James is absorbing another legendary right now.  We don't have time to waste."

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Ahri watched Jacob introduce their new friend to the rest of the group; and she watched as Gallade proceeded snub the two young men, brushing past them to bow to Kari and Ava. He had done the same thing while they were in the forest, ignoring Jacob and bowing to her. He must really prefer women... she thought, bemused.

The girl hesitated for a moment, and then she placed a hand on Jacob’s shoulder, offering him a quiet smile. It would be plain to him that, no matter what the Gallade thought, she was grateful for his help in the forest. She gave a little squeeze and then let go, returning to Suicune and Growlithe. She scarcely noticed Raikou’s gruff tone as she picked up her bag and slung it over her shoulder, but Suicune was nodding his agreement.

Come, Ahriana. He knelt to let her pull herself up onto his back. She had shed her bandages a few days earlier, but she was still favoring her left arm some. Raikou is right about wasting time.

Ava, who had been studying her set of maps while they waited for Jacob and the others to return, respectfully inclined her head towards the Gallade. It was hard to keep a straight face after seeing the Pokémon’s blatant partiality towards the female members of the group, but she managed not to snicker. “Thank you very much for your assistance. We appreciate it..”

Entei glanced at Raikou and stated calmly, We are ready to leave whenever you are.

Ava pressed her lips together, shuffling through the maps for a moment. After a moment’s pause she glanced down at Jacob and Mew. “We’re getting rather low on supplies. There’s enough food and water to last us through the next day and a half, but...” She smiled slightly. “Would it be possible to land somewhere near a large town or city? Then we could replenish our stores while you’re resting.” Her eyes traced the lands on her map. “The city of Ronzino, perhaps? That is fairly neutral ground.”

I don’t think it matters so long as we begin making progress, Suicune commented, watching as Growlithe pranced around their circle, clearly ready to be on his way.

True. Entei watched the other priests as they prepared to leave. There was nothing that really needed to be done since everyone was already packed, ready to go at a moment’s notice. He waited a moment for everyone to get settled and then he glanced back at Jacob, Mew, and Gallade, nodding courteously. I believe the next move is yours… Whenever you’re ready.

(( Let’s get moving, shall we? ))

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Jacob looked at the map and looked at Mew, "Well with the amount of people and sizes," Jacob then caught his eyes wondering to the lager of the legendaries, "We may be a little short, maybe a mile or two." He said, to be honest he himself was unsure of this whole thinkg he had never once had to do this with so many people and pokemon, "If Mew, Gallade and I combine our power into one to grab the whole group i feel it would be better then trying to split up the groups to teleport." He stated but again was unsure so looked to Gallade for any sort of advice, only to not be ackowledged at all, "Excuse me Gallade? how do you think it is best to teleport?" Jacob asked to get nothing but short snipit that was roughly translated into an i dont know. "Well i guess we will give it a shot both ways," Jacob finished with a somewhat nervous smile, "Well whenever the group is ready to go"

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Ava nodded her understanding and folded the set of maps, smoothing her fingers over the creases. She shifted her pack slightly so she could slid them into an outer pocket on the bag. “I’m ready.”

Suicune and Ahriana drew close as they spoke, trailed by Growlithe. Ahri smiled at Jacob. “So are we. Ready to go, that is.”

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Kari, was flattered by the feminine favouritism Gallade showed, inclining her head in her own small bow in exchange to his. When Ava suggested visiting Ronzino Kari had no objections, and made sure to vocalize as such. Then she looked to Duama, and held out her hands waiting for him to remove the shackles for travel.

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Duama rolled his eyes at the gallade. Way he saw it he really didn't care if the pokemon acknowledged him, to Duama he was simply a means of getting home. It was similar to having a rude carriage driver. Chuckling to himself at the thought he went to kari to unlock her shackles but then stoopped "wouldn't you rather wanna learn as we travel. That way you could at least hold your weapon once I finish making it."

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Kari thought for a minute, he was right, but her wrists were starting to get sore. "Alright." she said. "But reach into my pack and hand me my dish rag. I need something between me and the metal during travel." She was getting excited at the prospect of having a weapon of her own, fantasizing herself standing on a rock amidst stormy waves doing fancy moves. A dreamy smile spread across her face at this image.

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Duama chuckled, he could only imagine what she may be thinking. "You're passionate about learning, if you hold onto that then you'll go far." He said hand her the rag.

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Ava watched the exchange between Duama and Kari with a slight smile on her face. It was nice to see them getting along so well, especially after their initial disagreements. Then she grinned as Kari’s smile became rather misty, clearly lost in her own imaginings. She’d had that same shiny-eyed expression, Ava had noticed, when she’d asked Duama about making armor.

Entei, who could sense his priestess’ amusement, rolled his eyes and fixed Kari and Duama with a stern look. Whenever you two are ready, he commented in a tone of exaggerated patience.

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Duama made a conseting gesture "alright Entei, we're ready." He laughed he managed to give Ava a glance that seemed to ask if she had to deal with this before smirking and climbing onto rayquaza.

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Ava grinned from where she sat, settled comfortably on Entei’s back, and met Duama’s gaze with a conspiratorial little wink. She was used to Entei’s gruff expressions. Then she slid her eyes to Lugia’s priestess, who still seemed lost in thought.

“Come on, Kari.” There was a touch of laughter in her voice as she said it. “Daydream about your future weapons prowess later. Let’s get going.”

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Snapping back, Kari took the rag from Duama and stuffed it between the shackles and the skin on her wrists. As a result she couldn't rattle them as much because it would fall out. "Right." She said, running over and scampering up Lugia's back like a squirrel before leaning over and saying, "Okay I'm ready!" to the rest of the group.

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Gallade watched Duama seemingly flirt with both Kari and Ava, alike and soon realized that Duama was his greatest love rival. He then looked at Jacob and scoffed a bit, basically implying that Jacob was no competition at all.

With that little scoff Jacob grew incredibly irritated, "I dont know why but i have the sudden urge to kill." He said making a fist. However Mew's giggling calmed him down rather quick. "Any ways if everyone is ready lets get a move on, shall we do a jump right from here?" Jacob asked the group.

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Ahri fidgeted slightly, struck by a sudden wave of apprehension. She had never been teleported anywhere before, and the idea of suddenly being whisked off and deposited heavens-knows-where was rather unnerving. What would it feel like? Would it hurt? Surely not, if Jacob and Mew used teleportation to get around from place to place… but they were Psychic, and she was only Water…

Calm down. Suicune’s silent voice reverberated in her mind, cool and soothing. Let the world flow around you. Teleportation isn’t that bad.

And you know this through your vast experience with it? she teased, though there was still a tense edge to her thoughts. But she trusted Suicune’s judgment; he wouldn’t lead her astray. She took a deep breath and settled herself, looking towards Jacob and Mew. She was as ready as she was going to get.

Ava scratched behind Shinx’s ears. “Leaving from here is fine with me,” she replied, shifting slightly to look at Jacob. “I don’t really see any purpose is moving to another location if we’re going to teleport out of here anyway. So… whenever you’re ready, I suppose.”

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Jacob looked around at everyone, "Well then gather closer so we can make this easier." As they all got close, Jacob took one last look to make sure they were not about to forget anyone. Then He gave mew a slight glance and she used transform to turn into Gallade. This shocked Gallade for a slight moment, but he got over it quickly. "Alright lets all mkae sure we have some physical contact with each other," Jacob stated then noticed Gallade make his way to the three girls. Jacob could only shake his head. "Alright i guess we are good... well here goes nothing." With that last statement and everyone making contact the group shimmered out of sight only to appear about 3 miles from Ronzino not a moment later.

As the group all shimmered back into this plane of reality, Jacob fell to his but and mew turned back. Jacob was drenched in sweet and looked exhausted, "Well looks like everyone made it in one piece," He said with a half smile because that was all he could muster, Gallade was also tired from this along with mew, although out of the three Jacob was probably worse off. "If you guys don't mind i think im going to sleep." he chuckled a bit then passed out.

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A mighty thunderbolt struck the ocean waters south of Vertan.  The legendary Kyogre, who was hit directly by the bolt, wailed in pain.  James was flying overhead in his winged-human form, amused.  Kyogre's priest, a young woman wearing a white hooded robe, rocketed out of the water towards James. 
"Aqua Tail!" she cried out.  The ocean water formed a tail around her legs as she flipped in the air.  She dropped the tail on James and knocked him into the water.  James recovered on the water's surface and laughed.  Kyogre followed up his partner's attack with Hydro Pump.  James directed his open palm at the blast and destroyed it with his own Zap Cannon.  The electrical blast pierced Kyogre's water bullet and struck Kyogre, who was knocked back and skipped on the water like a stone.  The priest fell from the sky towards James, attempting a double-edge attack.  James dodged easily and blasted the girl with a Discharge. 
"Its a shame.  You two could have been very strong some day.  But I have enough prospects in training.  Its time I stopped sparing the pokemon I find." James said.  He flew over to Kyogre, who growled weakly.  "Maybe in your next life." James said softly.  He placed his hand on Kyogre's head.  The hand glowed with blue light, and Kyogre's color faded to grey.  Kyogre's priest screamed with anger as she darted towards James and attacked again with Aqua Tail.  This time, however, the water around her legs dropped into the ocean water.  James caught the priest's kick with his hand.  Electricity gathered in his other palm. 
"Zap Cannon," James said coldly.

Sanders and Cloud walked through the Ronzino city market with Gardevior and Alakazam.  Each carried a basket for food or other supplies.  Gardevior stopped at an apple stall and picked a few for her basket.  Cloud did the same.  Sanders gave a small handfull of coins to the merchant, who was an old woman.
"Thats one handsom grandson you have there.  You must be very proud," the woman said.
"What?  Oh, yes.  Very proud." Sanders smiled.  Cloud laughed quietly.
"Grandson?  Please, you're too old to be my grandfather." Cloud said after they left the stand.
"I'm not sure that matters Cloud.  Let the woman think what she wants.  Better grandfather and grandson than grunt henchmen for the man trying to destroy the world." Sanders replied.
"I guess," Cloud paused for a while, and then asked, "You ever have a family, Sanders?"
"I was married once, a long time ago.  Back when I was a breeder.  I guess you could say my wife and pokemon were my family" Sanders said.
"What happened?"
"There was an earthquake."  Sanders said, and then quickly added, "I'd rather not talk about it."
"Ok.  I wouldn't know anything about family anyway.  I've only ever had Latios.  And you and Jackson I guess.  Ya know, you might actually be the closest thing to a grandfather I'll ever have."
"That may be.  Family isn't an easy thing to come by."

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“Oh,” Ahriana murmured faintly, after they’d all been safely rematerialized. “Well. That wasn’t so bad.” 

She slid down from Suicune’s back, letting her feet hit the ground with a light ‘thud.’ Her legs trembled slightly when she landed and she had to steady herself against his side. Her knees suddenly felt all watery and she was glad that teleportation wasn’t their only means of transportation. After taking a moment to compose herself, she took a look around to see where they had ended up.

The group had arrived on the side of a wide, well-trampled section of dirt road—one of the continent’s main roads, it seemed. Their entire party stood in a large, grassy expanse off to one side of the road, which was dotted with young trees and tree sprigs and backed into a much thicker layer of mature foliage farther off from the main thoroughfare. The ground beneath their feet sloped very slightly, and every direction they looked would show the gentle rise and fall of the land—they were on the fringes of hill country—with the Akeski Mountains looming in the distance. Luckily there was no traffic on the road when they appeared, so they were able to take in their new surroundings without alarming any local travelers.

Entei lifted his head, looking around with interest. The Akeski Mountains. I wonder how near we are to civilization... he murmured, more to himself than to anyone in the group. Overhead, a Spearow swooped low and voiced a harsh call, seemingly answering his question. The volcano Legendary nodded to the bird Pokémon as it winged its way over the treetops, never breaking stride. Ah. We’re about three miles south of Ronzino, if our winged friend is correct, he said, speaking aloud for the other priests’ benefit.

“Mhmm.” Ava scanned the area with some interest, feeling slightly more at ease here than she had in Regos or Mejiore. This was familiar ground. “Just a short distance up the road, then.”

Convenient. Entei glanced aside at Gallade, Mew, and the unconscious Jacob. He was impressed that they had actually managed to bring their group so far north in one jump, and deposit them in such a useful location. Ronzino will be a good place to replenish our supplies.

“That’s fine with me.” She was already gazing down the road, mentally reviewing the list of things they would need to buy. Entei listened to her thoughts for a few moments, amused, and stepped out of the grass and onto the road. The motion shook her out of her thoughts and Ava glanced back at the rest of the group, remembering her manners. “We’re going to visit the city market while Jacob has his nap. Would anyone like to come along? Ahri?”

Ahri smiled languidly. She was sitting cross-legged in the grass between Growlithe and Suicune, basking in the early afternoon sunlight. “No, thank you.”

Ava shrugged; she didn’t mind going by herself—she was used to it just being her, Entei, and Lucario. Her eyes wandered to Kari and Duama. She knew that they would probably rather continue their training, but it would be rude not to ask. “Kari, Duama?” she asked, smiling. “Raikou? Last chance.”

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Duama smiled. "Yeah I'll go, I figure kari could use the time to practice without me barking orders." He walked up beside Ava "shall we?" He said grinning slightly. Duama felt relaxed here the land seemed to strech on forever here. Waves of land that seemed to ease the heart.

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Kari slid off of Lugia's back like a giant slide and did a clumsy summersault landing on her butt. "Teleporting is not for me." she said, looking pale. Lugia however looked fine. Kari figured it was simply because it too was a psychic type. Ava asked if any of the group wanted to go into town with her and when Duama responded Kari felt a little relieved. This training wasn't exactly tough, but it did test her endurance having to do it over and over, and her focus by making her pay attention to what she was doing. "I'm fine with staying here." Kari said aloud.

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Gallade looked over at Duama as he smiled at Ava and stepped in between the two expressing his interest in accompanying them to the town. He then gave Duama a smug look and turned to Ava and offered his arm to escort her into the town.

Meanwhile Ninetales walked over to Jacob and curled up around him, and not a second later Jacob curled up and used her as a pillow. Mew also did the same and the three become a big blob and napped to recover their strength.

Gallade should have been just as tired but decided to use heal pulse only on himself. He still did not like Jacob so he did not feel the need to help him recover.

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Ava blinked at Duama, surprised. She hadn’t expected anyone to say yes. Still, having company wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Through their bond she could hear Entei’s mental sigh and she grinned, thinking to him, Be nice.

I’m always nice, the Legendary replied silently, amused, as Duama joined them. And he’s not so bad, really. I just think he’s a bit of an idiot.

She chuckled, glad that Entei had kept his remarks private. She wasn’t sure that Duama would appreciate being called an idiot before they had even made it to the market. Turning, she slid down from Entei’s back, landing on the ground beside Rayquaza’s priest. If he was going to walk, it was only fair that she did too. She left Shinx on his perch, much to the little Pokémon’s dismay, and smiled at Duama.

“Yes, let’s,” she replied, but before she could say anything further the Gallade stepped smoothly between them and offered his arm. She blinked again, completely taken off guard by this gesture, and took his arm after a moment’s hesitation. Mentally, she shrugged to herself. “Um… thank you, Gallade.”

Entei snorted in amusement and set off down the road, followed by Lucario. It was clear that he meant them to follow. Ava smiled slightly and waved to Kari and Ahriana before they set off down the road. “It’s not a very long walk to Ronzino, but the market is quite large, and I have a feeling we’ll end up doing quite a bit of walking before the afternoon is over,” she remarked, speaking to Duama and Gallade both. She smiled, her eyes following the length of the road as she waited for their first glimpse of the city. If she remembered correctly, it should come into view at the top of the next hill.

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Duama rolled his eyes slightly at the gallade smug expression. He was actually amused at the little pokemon's attempts to woo Ava. He decided to let the little pokemon be...that was until absol had his way. Sensing the annoyance his master absol swiftly nudged himself into his own spot in the trio. Separating gallade and ava. Duama chuckled at the pokemon as they continued walking. "You sound like you've been here before Ava." Duama added to the priestess' words.

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They had only been walking for a few minutes when Ava felt something push in between herself and the Gallade, and she instinctively released the Psychic Pokémon’s arm to make room for Absol. She arched a brow at Duama, her gaze flicking between him and Absol, plainly amused by this purposeful separation.

“You sound like you’ve been here before Ava.”

She smiled and cast her eyes down the road, staring off into the distance for a moment. The top of Ronzino’s great city was just beginning to peek out at them from over the top of the next hill, and she could just make out the tiny dots of color that made up the city’s flags. “Oh, I have,” she replied in quiet, peaceful sort of voice. She smiled, reminiscing. “I grew up in a village about fifteen miles north of here, and I’ve traveled all over the Akeski Mountains at one point or another… so I guess you could say that this is home ground for me.”

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Duama nodded smiling sadly. "Home...its a weird feeling. Its scary because you don't know if things will be how you left them. Back home maybe they see me as a coward....maybe they think I'm dead like Mother....but despite that I'm excited." He now looks at Ava "let's both look forward to returning home." ^_^

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Ava smiled slightly at his words. It was a bittersweet expression as she thought back to the day she'd left En behind. She wasn't sure if she and Entei were still welcome there, but that didn't stop her from wondering. Maybe...

"You're no coward, Duama," she said after they'd been walking in silence for a few moments. "None of us think so. So... don't let what anyone in Karesh might have to say bother you. We know better."

They were nearing the city's gates now, and Ava shook her head, shaking off the memories of her childhood home. The large wooden gates of Rozino were open, and the road led them straight into the hustle and bustle of the city. The marketplace spread out to their left, full of stalls and open-air shops. It was a noisy, colorful sight that was filled with good cheer. She smiled, pleased to see that not much had changed since the last time she'd been there.

Woven baskets were stacked on either side of the market entrance, available for travelers and shoppers who didn't have their own baskets to bring along. They were cheap, sturdy things and Ava and Lucario each took one. Entei waited patiently, standing out of the way of traffic while he waited for all of them to pick up a basket.

Ava glanced at Duama, smiling. "It looks like business is booming today. Do try not to get lost," she teased, her eyes sparkling for a moment. Then, she stepped into the marketplace.

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Duama's face felt hot for a brief moment before he recovered. Then walked up to meet her "just try and get rid of me." He said nudging her playfully. Looking around he was truly impressed, the sounds of merchants crooning in a sing song tone about their goods brought a bit of a smile of his face. The hurried pace of the customers alluded to the fact it was getting close to dinner time. "Its amazing, and I thought Kareshian marketplaces were busy but this....its a different feeling. Each sound mingles with one feels varied....alive." he concluded astonished by it all.

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Ava laughed, enjoying his astonishment. “Ronzino is the intellectual capital of the entire continent,” she told him comfortably, smiling as she watched a pair of children chasing each other through the market stalls. “People come from far and wide to study at the university here, or to visit their enormous library. They also do a fair bit of trade here, if the schools weren’t enough diversification for you. You’ll meet all kinds of people and Pokémon here.”

Lucario was busily loading her basket with a variety of fresh fruits—oranges, apples, pears—as they wandered down the main thoroughfare, taking in the sights. Ava followed in her wake, paying the merchants in coin and smiles and listening to their cheerful thanks. All along the street people were calling out, raising their voices over the din of the crowds to advertise their wares.

The priestess paused by a baker’s open-air shop, looking over their loaves of cinnamon and raisin bread. She smiled. “I think we should bring back a treat or two,” she told to Duama, pointing to the loaves of bread. “Just a little reminder for ourselves that the world isn’t just about the battles, and this race to become more powerful. What do you think?”

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Duama nodded "I agree.." though he didnt look it Duama had a ridiculous sweet tooth and he was trying his best to hide the excitement of eating sweets"uh we better try some first...w-we dunno what everyone likes so its best to get some variety right?" he said with a childish grin.

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Ava grinned mischievously and grabbed Duama's arm, pulling him into the baker's open-air shop. The scent of fresh breads, spices, and sweet fruits permeated the air, tempting passing shoppers to step into the shop for a closer look at the baked goods displayed on the counters. "I know for a fact that the spice bread and the apple raisin turnovers here are heavenly," she replied, pulling him toward the counter. Her eyes sparkled with amusement as she added in a very knowledgeable tone, "Although nothing that Mistress Verna makes is ever bad. She's one of the best bakers that I've ever met."

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Duama's eyes were alight with childlike wonderment. The smell and sight of everhthing was bewitching. Then he realized he was gawking and cleared his throat after blushing slightly." Well you understand I can't just take your word for it..." he retorted, returning the same know it all tone "so I guess we should try and see." He said this time with porrly disguised glee. As he reach for one of the turnovers pain shot through his body. He pulled back his hand and rubbed the back of it grudgingly as the stared down at a small yet stout elderly woman hold a wooden spoon. The hardened expression of the woman softened as her eyes fell on Ava.
"Why is that lil Ava I see? Such a beautiful woman you've become! Though your taste in men appears to be....lacking" he said eyeing the brash priest who's arm she still held.

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Ava’s eyes lit up when she saw the little old woman. “Mistress Verna! As sharp-tongued as ever, I see,” she replied with a laugh, not in the least bit offended. “Clea couldn’t mind the shop today?”

“No, no, not today. She and her husband are moving into a larger house this week, and she’s been rushing around trying to pack everything last-minute like. You know how she is, dear,” Mistress Verna said, and there was a twinkle in her eye as she spoke. “She’ll be sorry to have missed you, though. It’s been much too long since your last visit.”

“I can’t argue that. Entei and I have been traveling.” Ava let go of Duama’s arm and picked up two of the apple turnovers, setting a few coins on the counter. She offered one of the pastries to him with a wink; Verna hadn’t so much as twitched the spoon in Ava’s direction when she’d reached for them.

The elderly woman watched this exchange, pursing her lips. “Traveling, eh?” she asked in a disapproving tone, examining Duama from head to toe with an expression she normally reserved for burnt cakes and dirty floors. “With this young man?”

Ava smiled. It was obvious that she was very fond of this tart old woman, no matter what sharp remarks Mistress Verna might make; and it was just as obvious that the baker had a soft spot for her. “This is Duama, Mistress,” she said calmly. “And yes, we’re traveling with him, as well as a handful of others. Don’t you worry about me ‘n Entei, mum. We won’t get into any trouble.”

From the doorway, the volcano Legendary made a sound somewhere between a snort and a sneeze. Verna turned on him with a very stern expression, brandishing her wooden spoon in one hand. “Now you listen to me, you old firetrap,” she told Entei in a very no-nonsense tone of voice. “If this young man makes even the slightest wrong move towards little Avarianna, I want you to light a fire under his rear post-haste, d’you hear me?”

Ava smothered a snort and quickly turned her face away before the old woman could see her amusement, her shoulders shaking with silent laughter as the baker continued to lecture her partner about the ‘proper’ behavior of young ladies. It was almost too much to take, but Entei bore it all with an air of the utmost patience; and by the time the Verna began to wind down Ava was able to school her expression into one of tolerable seriousness.

When the old woman turned her quick, dark eyes back to them, Ava managed not to snicker. “Really, Mistress Verna, I think that was a bit unnecessary. Still,” she quickly held up a hand to forestall the beginnings of another speech, “thank you for your concern. Now,” she held up a copper piece and smiled, “d’you suppose we could get a half-dozen each of the spice buns and apple turnovers? And… a loaf each of your cinnamon and raisin and your honeyed nut bread, please.”

Like any good businesswoman, Mistress Verna was distracted by the sight of Ava’s coin and their sizeable order. As she busily began pulling out turnovers, buns, and loaves of bread and wrapping them in thin sheets of muslin to keep off the flies, the priestess turned to Duama and arched a brow. Her lips quivered in amusement and she hoped that he hadn’t been too offended by the old baker’s talk. “Aught to add to the order, Duama?”

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Crossing his arms Duama thought for a bit. True enough the old bag did make some remarks about him but nothing worse than he's heard the others call him when he first met...he didnt exactly give off an air of poise and intelligence wherever he roamed. So instead he focused on the delicious matter at hand. "I think I'd know better than anyone that you shouldnt have too much of a good thing. But I'll make sure everyone finishes these treats off..." he takes a bite of the turnover and stands there in shock. "Heh, you'll make a regular outta me yet Mistress Verna...despite your unique customer service." He joked winking as he finished the turnover in two big bites then smiling childishly.

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Mistress Verna set their order, now wrapped, on the counter for Ava and eyed Duama critically. “Hmph. You’re an impudent little rascal,” she told him, fingering her wooden spoon as if she was thinking about whacking him with it again. “But at least you know a good pastry when you’re eating it. Maybe there’s hope for you yet.” From her, that was considerable praise, even as she scowled at him and waved the spoon in a finger-shaking gesture. “You just take care that you don’t mistreat my little Avarianna, or I’ll mince you up and sell you in a pie.”

Ava smiled quietly to herself and shook her head, taking the wrapped breads and placing them in her basket. Then she took out her coin purse and began counting out coppers. “Let’s see… that’s how much, mum?”

Verna turned away from Duama and looked at her, and then her face scrunched up when she saw the coins. “Oh no, missy, I’ll not take one copper from you! You just make sure to come back and visit us soon, and we’ll have a cup of tea and a nice long chat!”


“No buts!” The old woman pushed the coins back at her and began shooing them towards the open side of the shop, where Entei, Lucario, and Gallade were waiting. She stopped them on the edge of the market street, long enough for Ava to lean down and give her a kiss on the cheek and a murmur of thanks. Verna waved her off, shooing them out the door. “I’ll tell Clea that you said hello. Now, do come back soon, Ava!” And then she bustled off to the other end of the counter to deal with another set of customers.

Ava blinked and brushed her hair out of her face, shaking her head again. “That woman is something else,” she commented, chuckling. “I guess I’d better make it back here in the next couple of months or she might smack me with a spoon next time.”

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The stand across the road from the bakery belonged to a fisherman.  At the time Duama and Ava went inside the bakery, Sanders had been barganing with the stall owner over the price of a Magicarp.  Cloud and Alakazam had engaged in a series of rock-paper-scizzors games, and Gardevior pranced about near the stand. 
"Sir.  500 is simply too much to ask for a Magicarp of this size.  You won't sell it.  But I'm prepaired to give you 300 for it right now." Sanders said in a factual tone.
"500, or no deal.  Don't think your tricks will fool me! The trader said.
"You have to be kidding me!  How did I lose twenty games in a row!" Cloud exclaimed and threw up his hands.  Alakazam shrugged, and then raised his fist for another game.  Cloud rolled up his sleeves and stomped his feet on the ground.  Both players shook their fists three times and then made their signs.  Alakazam made the sign for paper, Cloud for rock.  He shouted in anger.  It was at that moment that Gardevior turned and saw Duama and Ava exiting the bakery with Entei.  She tugged on Sanders' sleeve.  He turned, saw the priests, and froze.  Cloud continued his shouting fit.

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Duama  locked eyes with Sanders and froze....Ava had not yet noticed the duo across the way so Duama needed to act fast. He looked at Sanders and lowered his head as he gave a consenting gesture. From what he heard in the middle of battle sanders seemed somewhat reasonable...albeit the most obscure motive wise. he then mouthed the words. "Not today." earnestly.

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Ava was in a cheery mood when they stepped out of the bakery and onto the busy market street. She could hear someone nearby shouting something about cheating at rock-paper-scissors and she rolled her eyes, turning to look up at Duama. “So, where should w—” she broke off, blinking, when she saw the serious set to his expression. She turned her head, following his gaze with some confusion. “Duama, what’s wro… Oh.” The priestess went very still as she spotted Sanders, with Alakazam and Cloud at his side, standing at the stall directly across the street from Verna’s bakery. Several other shoppers had to dodge around them when they stopped moving, giving their group dirty looks, but Ava didn’t seem to notice. “Oh drat, what are they doing here?”

Fighting here would be bad, Entei remarked quietly to the two priests, stepping up to Ava’s side. His ruby eyes were fixed on Sanders, wary but not openly hostile. Lucario was just a step behind him, calmly standing at attention and waiting to see what would happen.

It doesn’t look like they’re here for trouble. She had noticed that they were also carrying market baskets loaded with goods, a sight that she might have found amusing in any other situation. Maybe we can avoid a fight.

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Grabbing her by the hand Duama began to head off toward the right. "You know there's still alot of the city I haven't seen, let's enjoy what time we have...before...."Duama tried his best to put on a cheery mood. It was clear he was enjoying himself for the first time in a long time and he didnt want something as trivial as a battle ruining that. If a battle was truly unavoidable he wouldnt fight it here.

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Ava was more than startled when Duama grabbed her hand and strode off to the right, purposely leading her away from their adversaries without another word. She glanced back over her shoulder once and saw that Sanders and Alakazam still standing there, staring after them, while Cloud ranted on about the rock-paper-scissors game, completely oblivious to their close encounter. “D-Duama… what…?”

“You know there’s still a lot of the city I haven’t seen, let’s enjoy what time we have… before…” he trailed off, his voice full of forced good cheer.

She blinked, letting him pull her through the crowds as she tried to sort through her thoughts. She was extremely surprised that, out of all the people they could have run into, they had happened upon Sanders, Cloud, and Alakazam. And she was confused. Normally Duama was the first person into the fight, but today he seemed to be going out of his way to avoid a confrontation—even after coming face-to-face with three of James’ lackeys. Somehow, she got the feeling that it wasn’t just out of a desire not to wreck the market.

I think he was having fun. Entei’s comment was for her alone, and he sounded more thoughtful than confused. He and Lucario had followed along behind the two priests when Duama had walked off, sweeping Gallade along with them before he could spot Sanders, Cloud, or Alakazam. Maybe he doesn’t want a fight getting in the way of such a nice afternoon.

Wha…? Ava still wasn’t sure she completely understood it, but she did know that starting a battle in the middle of Ronzino’s market would be a very bad idea… and she didn’t mind avoiding it, if they could. But if Sanders and Cloud were here, did that mean that James was also nearby? And that other priest… the one paired with Heatran, that had taken such a dislike to Duama. If he showed up a fight might become unavoidable. She shook her head, shaking loose strands of hair out of her face, keeping a firm grip on her basket. They would cross that bridge if they came to it.

“W-well…” she began tentatively, speeding up a bit to match his pace. “There’s still plenty of sights to see here in the marketplace… but if you want to see other parts of the city…” She paused for a moment, clearly thinking about what the rest of Ronzino had to offer. “There are some shops on the second tier, as well—mostly book stores, and some tailor shops. Mm… and the council building is on the fourth tier. It’s fairly impressive, if you like to sightsee architectural buildings. And at the very top is the academy, and the Grand Library—the biggest, most complete library on the entire continent.” She tried to put a smile into her voice, lightening her tone.

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"Tailor shops huh? haha well maybe a change of clothes might be kinda fun. Lead the way." he said briefly letting go of her hand.

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Ava smiled slightly and led him out of the market area, dodging the late afternoon crowds as she headed for the wide set of stone stairs that would take them up to the second tier of the city. The farther they walked from the marketplace, the less crowded it became. There were still plenty of people out and about, but they weren’t clustered so tightly together—nothing like the groups of shoppers that vied for first choice at the shops and stalls of the market. “You’re the first person I’ve ever met that considers tailor shops a diversion,” she commented with a quiet laugh. “Although I wouldn’t mind visiting one of the book stores, if we’re going upstairs.”

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While Ava and Duama were out Kari continued work on the three moves Duama had shown her. Lugia sat to the side watching over her, Ahri and the unconscious Jacob. It would occasionally give pointers to Kari about ways she was doing the moves wrong. Lugia had a fantastic memory and had a clear mental image of how Duama had demonstrated them.

She would occasionally get tired and sit on Lugia's tail to take a break, rubbing her wrists until they felt better. "We are definitely going to need to visit Antev when we get the chance. I'm in serious need of their moisturizing solutions." Lugia smiled at her through their link, which is good because a physical smile would probably have looked rather intimidating.

After three or so minutes of sitting Kari went back to training, slowly adding speed to her movements as she got better at them. Don't forget our sync training, Kari. Lugia said to her. "I don't know if we'll be able to get it tonight. I have been doing this all day and if I want to defend myself I have to keep doing it."
Then shave some time off. You know this is important for us too. I'm sure Duama will understand. Kari thought about it for a little, then agreed Lugia was right. But she didn't want to practice something like that in front of people, so she came up with an excuse. "Ahri, Lugia and I are going to go hunting for dinner in a little bit. Are you okay with watching things around here when we do?"

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Cloud looked up and noticed Duama and Ava just as they turned to walk away.  He jumped to his feet and began to build energy for a dragon pulse, but Sanders stood infront of him.
"Let them be.  We only fought them the first time because we were under orders.  There's no reason to start round two with all of these people around." Sanders said.
"I was just making sure, gosh.  You never know what could happen." Cloud protested.
"Lets just leave.  There could be more of them around." Sanders began walking towards the nearest gate of the market, in the opposite direction that Duama and Ava went.  The pokemon, and eventually Cloud, followed behind.

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“Ahri, Lugia and I are going to go hunting for dinner in a little bit. Are you okay with watching things around here when we do?”

Ahri, who was playing tug-of-war with Growlithe over thick, sheared-off limb from one of the trees, glanced up from her game to look at the other priestess. She was surprised to hear Kari’s voice addressing her—she had been so absorbed in weapons practice that she’d scarcely spoken a word to anyone other than Lugia since they’d arrived. She thought for a moment and then shrugged, keeping her expression neutral. “I don’t mind. It’s not like this has been a very lively afternoon so far,” she replied, indicating the still-sleeping Jacob and Mew with one hand. “And they’re likely to be out for a while, yet. Although I’m sure Ava and Duama will bring some supper back with them, if you want to wait.”

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Ava smiled slightly and led him out of the market area, dodging the late afternoon crowds as she headed for the wide set of stone stairs that would take them up to the second tier of the city. The farther they walked from the marketplace, the less crowded it became. There were still plenty of people out and about, but they weren’t clustered so tightly together—nothing like the groups of shoppers that vied for first choice at the shops and stalls of the market. “You’re the first person I’ve ever met that considers tailor shops a diversion,” she commented with a quiet laugh. “Although I wouldn’t mind visiting one of the book stores, if we’re going upstairs.”

 Duama blushed a bit at her laughter of his perception. "W-well i never really could afford clothes on my own so I just thought itd be nice to just try some on every now and then. But the book stores sound interesting. Let's go." he said smiling again.

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Ava smiled a little bit when Duama explained his fascination with tailor shops. She supposed she could understand it when he put it that way. “The village I grew up in was so small that we never had a tailor’s shop,” she confided, tucking her basket of goods securely under one arm as they climbed the stairs to Ronzino’s second tier. “The first time I visited Ronzino with my grandmother, I was amazed when we went into one of the tailor shops… there were so many fine clothes and pretty fabrics. She nearabout had to drag me out of the store so we could watch the fireworks. I think I was eight or nine.” She chuckled, shaking her head. “So, why not visit both?”

They were nearing the top of the stairs and Ava was relieved—and somewhat surprised—to find that Sanders and Cloud had not followed them out of the market. She knew that she should probably feel more concerned over the run-in, and then the lack of a fight, but she was tired. The last couple of weeks had been stressful—leaving En, meeting Raikou and the others, getting mixed up in the battle to master sync mode and defeat James… All of it seemed to have fallen on them at once. And this afternoon has been so nice—so normal—that she didn’t feel like letting the rest of the worlds’ problems spoil it. Surely they had earned a little bit of fun, even if it was just one afternoon. They would have to get back to the rest of the group soon anyway so why waste more time worrying?

Ava set foot on the second level of the city and looked around for a moment. The tailors’ shops and the book stores were on the right side of this tier, with the residential homes situated more to the left, and though there were plenty of people walking along the cobblestone roads it was not nearly as crowded as it had been downstairs. She glanced at Duama when he stepped up beside her and grinned. Then she tapped him on the shoulder—not with quite enough force to call it push, but harder than a regular tap. “Tag! You’re it.” And then she darted away from him, dashing through the crowd as she set off for her favorite book shop on the far end of the tier. She was fairly certain that Duama would be able to keep up. Or at least keep in sight, she thought wickedly, glad to have Entei’s speed on her side. Rayquaza might be fast, but Entei was still just a little bit faster.

Entei and Lucario shared a look, both of them rolling their eyes. They maintained a steady pace, heading for the shops on the right side of the tier without rushing around, and Entei sighed. Children.

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Smirking Duama took took chase "Stay with the others Absol!" he yelled as he took off after her he was surprised that she was this fast slowly but surely he was closing the distance. He reached his hand out "Almost....there..."

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Ava glanced back over her shoulder and was surprised to see that Duama was gaining on her. He was quicker than she’d thought. Still… Laughing, she made a sharp turn and slipped into one of the shops set on the cobblestone street, just barely dodging his outstretched hand. The painted wooden sign than hung over the door read ‘Edgebrand Books & Scrolls.’ Made it!

The inside of the shop was all over books. There were books and scrolls as far as the eye could see, lining the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that circled the walls of the shop and overflowing from the rows of freestanding bookcases that filled the floor space. In fact, the only flat surface that wasn’t stacked with books was the sturdy wooden counter just to one side of the door, where people could pay for their purchases. A few shoppers milled around inside of the store, as well as the older couple that owned the shop—helping customers and organizing the masses of books on the shelves.

Ava took all of this in at a quick glance and then stepped neatly into the shelves, disappearing into the stacks before Duama could catch up with her. She was just starting her perusal when Mr. Edgebrand himself appeared around one of the bookcases, to see if she needed any assistance. “Yes, I’m looking for books about famous Legendary priests,” she replied, and after she thought for a moment she added, “Particularly any stories about the priest named Ru.”

Mr. Edgebrand looked rather startled by her request. He adjusted the spectacles perched on his beak-like nose and peered owlishly at her, but he made no other outward comments than, “Follow me, please,” before leading her through the bookcases towards a dim section of shelves in the very back of the shop. There, he scanned the row of books, squinting in the poor light, and after a few minutes of searching he plucked one, two, three books from the shelf and handed them to her. They were slim, worn-looking volumes cased in leather. “There aren’t many books around anymore about that priest,” Edgebrand told the priestess in a low voice, so they wouldn’t be overheard by any of the other customers in the shop. “These are the only ones I have in my shop, and probably the only ones you’ll be able to find anywhere else… except perhaps the Great Library.”

Ava frowned at this slightly, but she chose not to comment as Mr. Edgebrand led her up to the front desk to pay for the books. He nudged aside the store employee that was already stationed at the counter, insisting on handling the transaction himself. He wrapped the books in brown paper—whether it was to protect them or to cover up the titles, she couldn’t say for sure—and set the package on the countertop. There was obviously something about Ru that made him nervous, even though he was long-dead and gone.

Surely no one here knows of James’ powers, she thought as she counted out her coins and paid for the books. It was more than they’d spend in total at the market, a reminder of why she didn’t buy many books, and she cringed inwardly as she placed her money on the counter and took the parcel. There goes a large chunk of my savings.

Mr. Edgebrand wished her a good day and a hope to see her in the shop again soon, a wish that lacked any real enthusiasm, and she stepped away from the counter to look for Duama.

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Stepping up Duama met with her. His initial smile faded as he saw her face in thought "Penny for your thoughts?...hey you ok?"  He said genuinely concerned

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Ava tucked the package of books into her basket, placing it underneath the breads they’d bought to keep from squashing anything… and to keep anyone from noticing the brown-wrapped parcel. She was glad when Duama stepped up to meet her, but she was still troubled over the book seller’s strange attitude and she didn’t want to speak while they were still inside the shop. She took hold of Duama’s arm and flashed him a quick smile, one that clearly said ‘not here,’ and they stepped out of Edgebrand’s store.

Standing directly outside of the store, off to one side so they wouldn’t block the doorway, were Entei, Lucario, and Gallade. It was plain that the Pokémon had been waiting for them, and Ava strode out onto the cobblestone walk, wanting to put some distance between them and the bookstore. Entei could tell that she was concerned about something, and he and Lucario flanked the two priests as they walked.

It took Ava a few minutes of walking to gather her thoughts enough to want to share them with her companions, and when she did she kept her voice low, not wanting any passers-by to hear their conversation. “I wanted more information on Ru. Maybe if we study the original, it will give us further insight into James’ motives—what he’s planning to do with all of this power he’s been collecting, for instance. Maybe it will help us predict his movements. Either way, more information is never a bad thing.” She spoke calmly, keeping an eye on the people walking past. She didn’t really know where they were going—she was only interested in looking like any other shopper or city person out and about for the day, so as not to attract any undue attention. They were lucky that Pokémon and Legendaries weren’t feared in Ronzino or Entei would have stuck out like a sore thumb. “But when I told the book seller what I was looking for, he acted very strangely. Afraid, maybe, or at least wary. I don’t think he knows that someone else has figured out Ru’s powers, but maybe there’s more to this legend than just the ability to consume multiple Legendaries’ powers.” Her mouth twisted into a frown as she said this, not liking the possibilities this could imply. James was bad enough just going around the continent stealing powers from the Legendaries; but if that was only the beginning, or part of the power’s use, it could be very bad.

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"Well I've had a theory about that all along. No matter how strong james is his body can't possibly contain all that power...what if what he's really doing is only destroying himself. Like maybe he'll get to a poinnt and explode from the mass of power?"

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“That… might be a possibility,” Ava said slowly, considering. “But when Raikou told us the story about how they discovered the synchronization technique, after Luxray was killed… well, it sounded like James became kind of… obsessed with becoming more powerful. Maybe his intentions got twisted along the way, after he discovered that he could harness Ru’s powers, but I have a hard time seeing him intentionally trying to destroy himself. I don’t think he recognizes the fact that he’s doing anything wrong.”

Entei snorted quietly. Perhaps he doesn’t realize that this ability could kill him? If it even could. We don’t know enough about Ru’s absorption technique to really say what sort of damage it does to the one using it. Or perhaps he is becoming less and less human each time he absorbs another one of us.

Ava shivered. “Priests are already powerful enough just with one Legendary partner. He’s throwing everything out of balance by attacking other Legendaries and stealing their power.”

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“Ahri, Lugia and I are going to go hunting for dinner in a little bit. Are you okay with watching things around here when we do?”

Ahri, who was playing tug-of-war with Growlithe over thick, sheared-off limb from one of the trees, glanced up from her game to look at the other priestess. She was surprised to hear Kari’s voice addressing her—she had been so absorbed in weapons practice that she’d scarcely spoken a word to anyone other than Lugia since they’d arrived. She thought for a moment and then shrugged, keeping her expression neutral. “I don’t mind. It’s not like this has been a very lively afternoon so far,” she replied, indicating the still-sleeping Jacob and Mew with one hand. “And they’re likely to be out for a while, yet. Although I’m sure Ava and Duama will bring some supper back with them, if you want to wait.”

Kari thought quick. Ahri was likely right about Duama and Ava bringing back food, but Kari didn't want to be up all night with sync training again. Duama's weapon training was too demanding on her for that. "There are a few wild ingredients I'd like for our meals." she said. "And I'm sure Lugia would like a place to wet it's skin. I'll be back in a few hours." She waved to Ahri, then headed off in an Eastish direction.

Kari waited until they had gone over a couple of hills and were sure they were out of sight from anyone before she stopped to survey where they were. "There aren't really any bodies of water around here, Lugia. And the ocean is at least twenty miles away. What should we do?"
The two thought for a minute. Lugia's rubbery skin was becoming dry and cracked looking. "I can't wait until we reach Karesh, Kari. I need moisture now."
"Alright then. The others may not appreciate it, but they don't need to know it was us. Go ahead." Lugia raised it's head to the sky and used the move, Rain Dance. Dark clouds quickly rolled in from the East to rain on a three mile radius, with Lugia and Kari at the center. The priest smiled, feeling rejuvenated by the cool falling water. Lugia's skin too was sucking up the moisture and looking smoother by the minute. "Alright. Let's get to this. We only have a few hours before we need to be back."

Lugia sat down, folding it's wings in, and looking down towards the ground. Kari sat underneath it's head so that the water running off it's head fell on her, giving her something to focus on so her mind wouldn't wander.

They opened up their link and allowed communication to flow freely, and as the rain came down their minds both went to where they felt most at home. The ocean. The let their thoughts rest there for a while then some words came to Kari, and accompanied by Lugia she said, "Let us be one with mother ocean".
This was the trigger. Kari's eyes began to glow light blue. Lugia's eye markings appeared on her face, and ghostly blue fins appeared out of her shoulder blades.

The connection only lasted a moment though because Kari realized what was happened and squealed. Her excitement breaking the connection. "We did it! We did it! We....oh." The wave of exhaustion hit her. She wobbled, and Lugia raised it's tail to steady her. "Indeed we did it. But let's work on perfecting it more before we come out about our success." It said, softly, trying to calm it's partner. "Do you think you can do it again?" Kari nodded, and assumed her previous position. Squelching her excitement was hard, but eventually her mind went back to swimming in the sea with Lugia's. Staying there again until the words came. This time when she said them she didn't do anything. She didn't move and didn't deviate from the thoughts of the sea.

This allowed her to keep it going for a much longer time. It was about ten minutes before Kari became too tired to keep up the connection. "Let's call it a day." She said. "If we do much more I'll be too tired to bring back those ingredients I said I was getting." Lugia agreed. They had done enough for today. Kari was wobbly as so stood and had to rest on Lugia's tail to walk.

They looked around the area for some sort of ingredient they could add to the group's meals but could only find a few bushes with some small barely ripe Oran and Pecha berries on them. They were good enough and their time was running short so Kari picked some, using her dress to hold them, and then made her way back to camp, Lugia trailing right behind in case Kari became unsteady again.

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Duama looked at Ava "we'll stop him. More than our duty as priests....he's hurting innocent pokemon and people...I won't let him do as he likes." Ava then felt duamas arm flex and tense as he clenched his fist.  He smiled at her relaxing. "I'm sure the others are wondering where we are by now....but today's been a lot of fun." Duama smilied genuinely again looking ava in the eye as he began to blush a bit.

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Ava looked up, meeting Duama’s eyes with a smile of her own. “You’re right… all things considered, this has been a very good day,” she replied happily. She could feel herself slowly relaxing as they walked along the cobbled streets, and she wished that they could stay a while longer—but evening was drawing near and she knew that they would have to return to the others soon. “It was nice to do something so normal for a change.” She shook her head with a slightly wistful expression as they reached the stairs that would take them back down to the ground level of the city. “Ah well. Perhaps after all of this is over we can come back and explore the rest of the city. After all, we never made it to the top tier, and one of Ronzino’s greatest attractions is the Great Library and its academy.”

You have aspirations to become a tour guide, Ava? There was a wicked hint of amusement in Entei’s tone that made her flush with embarrassment. He had noticed that she still hadn’t let go of Duama’s arm, even after their conversation had taken a less serious tone. Shinx, who was still perched on the Legendary’s back, had also noticed this and he glared at the link with disapproval—but he was too small to jump down and shoulder his way between them, as Absol had done with Gallade.

“Shush, you,” Ava responded, speaking to Entei as they made their way down the stairs. “There’s nothing wrong with seeing the sights, and even you have called the library ‘impressive.’”

The Legendary beast snorted. Are you sure it’s the city that you’re interested in? he asked, this time speaking to her alone. Or are you hanging on to his arm because you’re afraid to fall down the stairs?

Ava blinked in surprise, and then comprehension dawned and she blushed crimson. They had reached the bottom tier of the city by this point and she immediately let go of Duama’s arm, putting a bit of space between them again. “I’m sorry,” she said quickly, still blushing. “I wasn’t paying attention.”

Entei snorted again. Come on, he interrupted, nudging her towards the gate before either of them could say anything further. We’ve dallied long enough, and the others are bound to be getting hungry. Let’s not make them wait any longer.

“R-right…” Ava quickened her pace to catch up to her partner as he walked through the city’s gates and out onto the main road.

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Duama blushed himself scratching his head "uh n-no its ok...I really didn't mind. It was kinda ...." he trailed off getting redder. It wasn't until absol nudged him in the back of the knee that he realized he was fallin behind. Instinctively he levitated off the ground and flew to catch up with the others as he grabbed the back of her pack startling her. "It'll be faster if I fly it back, and easier....on, on you." He said stammering crimson faced as he felt it hard to meet her gaze now.

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They were well on their way down the road when there was a gentle whoosh of air at their backs and then Ava felt something grab the back of her pack and tug. She jumped in surprise and turned to see Duama levitating there, one hand on her bag, having used Fly to catch up to them. “What the…?”

“It’ll be faster if I fly it back, and easier… on, on you,” he stammered, looking about as embarrassed as she was feeling.

“Oh, um…” Ava was startled, and her first instinct was to say no. She was perfectly capable of carrying the pack, having done so all afternoon, and she wasn’t used to people offering to carry things for her. But before she could find a tactful way to tell him so, Entei interrupted.

Faster? He sounded amused, and when he turned his head back to look at the priest his ruby eyes glinted in the late afternoon sunlight. Who do you think you’re talking to about ‘faster,’ boy? Climb up, Ava.

Ava blinked. “Okay.” This conversation had taken an interesting turn. She gripped one of the spiked plates on Entei’s back and swung herself up with ease. Shinx buzzed happily and shot Duama a smug look as the priestess settled herself.


Lucario trilled with laughter and handed Duama the collection of goods that she had picked up during their market jaunt. It was clear that she, at least, didn’t mind handing over her burden to Rayquaza’s priest—even though he hadn’t made the offer to her. Then, before he could protest, she swung herself up onto Entei’s back behind Ava.

Entei gave Duama a quick once-over, then nodded to him. See you back at the camp, he said calmly, and then he dug his paws into the travel-worn dirt road and took off like a shot, leaving Duama, Absol, and Gallade in his dust.

Ava let out a whoop of laughter as she ducked her head and hung on, while Shinx shrieked in protest at the Legendary’s pace. What’s gotten into you?!

Just getting my exercise, Entei replied, amusement rolling through their link as they hurtled down the road at break-neck speed.

Show off. The priestess grinned.

Never me.

The wind whipped around them as they went, dodging the few carts and travelers that were still out of the road. At the pace they were going it would only take a couple of minutes for them to reach the place where they’d left their companions. Ava closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of the world rushing past. In a way, this was almost as soothing to her as the quiet afternoon in Ronzino had been. It was too bad they couldn’t just keep going, but that was the price one pays for being responsible. Entei slowed as they came upon the rest of the group, knowing that Duama probably wouldn’t be far behind them.

Ava forced a smile onto her face and slid down from Entei’s back. Shinx tumbled down after her, still grumbling. “We’re back!”

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Just two seconds behind Duama landed and rolled across the ground Picking himself up and rubbing the back of his head he groaned. "Ok, I'd like to add I meant faster for US, not you Entei...but thanks for the humble was delicious."
Opening one golden iris Rayquaza awoke from his slumber, chuckling to himself

"Really now Entei, Challenging a flyer to a foot race? hmm hmm, it would seem my boy's brashness has rubbed off on you more than you you're not such a fire stone in the mud." The great dragon snorted at the thought. Whether the others had noticed it or not it was no secret to Rayquaza that Duama....slowly but surely had thought of more and more original ways to use his gifts after achieving sync mode. Perhaps Duama wouldn't be much of a fool for long.

while this thought transpired lowered himself to the ground. "Be nice, ryu-jiji." was all duama managed chuckling to himself as he felt pride course through him...and then stop. "Hey...didnt we forget someone?" and almost as if to answer Absol ran up with gallade on his back the two obvisously not enjoying the company of one another.

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“A fire stone in the mud?” Ava asked with interest and more than a bit of amusement, glancing at Rayquaza for a moment and then back at Entei. “That’s a new one.”

Entei snorted, but it was obvious that he wasn’t at all offended by the dragon’s comments. Fire is not a tame element, by any stretch of the imagination. Just because it can be controlled doesn’t mean it won’t do something brash or irrational every now and then. He nodded to Duama, and there was a small glimmer of respect in his eyes that hadn’t been there before. You, boy, are faster than I originally gave you credit for. Remind me to dump you on your behind the next time we race.

Ava coughed to cover a laugh. “Be nice, Entei,” she said, although there was not much reproof in her tone. He’d been trying to give a compliment, however backhanded.

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"Heh, thanks i think. Im honestly just proud to be able to keep up with a legend. Now as for dumping me on my butt...let's not get ahead of ourselves." Though entei may be faster it was no secret that Rayquaza's sp atk power the highest of not only the legendaries of this group but most legendaries in general.

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Considering I’ve already gotten ahead of you, I don’t think that will be a problem. Entei looked rather amused.

“Pfft… honestly…” Ava giggled, shaking her head. It had been quite some time since she’d seen her partner joking around with anyone else, and it was rather fun to watch. “The pair of you may have more in common than I thought.”

Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?

The priestess only grinned at him, her eyes sparkling as she looked from Entei to Duama. “Nothing, nothing at all…” she drawled mischievously. She walked over to Duama and plucked the collection of fruits and vegetables Lucario had forced on him out of his grasp. She added them to her own wrapped parcels and said with a cheeky smile, “Thank you for carrying these. Now, if you and Entei are finished trying to one-up each other, perhaps this would be a good time for everyone to sit down and have dinner?”

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Kari arrived back at camp just in time to see Duama rush into the camp after Ava. Based on what was said she assumed there had been some kind of race. "Welcome back, guys." She said, moving into the camp to find a place to put her skirt full of berries. Lugia lumbered along behind her, looking awkward walking (more like waddling) on the land. "I hope you brought food with you. I'm starving."

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Jackson and Heatran looked out at the ocean to the north of the mountain, as the orange fire-ball on the horizon sank into the waves.  Sanders and Cloud had just returned from the market.  While Cloud, Alakazam, and Gardevior sorted the groceries, Sanders approached Jackson.
"I didn't know you guys watched sunsets," Sanders said mockingly.
"We don't," Jackson answered, "The way I figure it, James should be back any minute now.  His next target is in that village down there, I want to see why James decided to fly all the way to Vertan before catching the legendary in his back yard."  Jackson pointed to a small settlement at the foot of the mountain.
"In En?  I think I would've seen a legendary so close to us, after we've been here for so long."
"Rumor is Groudon hides in the mountain while its priest lives on the surface.  A little place like that; they must have moved there when Raikou was still raiding villages looking for James.  Probably don't want to attract too much attention. Heatran said. 
"Well if that's the case, then they must know we're here.  We've been acting like nobody's around.  That whole village must know they're priests on the mountain." Sanders said.
"But they still live there, so they must seriously underestemate the fighters up here, or seriously overestemate that Groudon. Jackson added.  James flew over the mountain like a bullet, towards the village.  Cloud and Latios dashed over to see what was going on.
"Show time."

James returned to Mt. Kaotl under cloud cover.  He passed directly over Ronzino and the group without so much as a glance.  Instead, he headed towards his next target.  En was a small village, surrounded by forest on three sides, the mountain wall on the fourth, and a wooden wall that seperated the residents from the natural surroundings.  The buildings were made of stone and logs, with the largest being the town hall at the center.  James poured a flamethrower over the village on his first fly by, immediatly setting a row of buildings and some of the forest ablaze.  He turned and came back over the village with Ice Beam.  He landed on the village's temple, on the mountain wall side, and rain fell over the village.  James raised his hands and unleashed random Thunder attacks on the villagers.  
"I know you're here Groudon.  Come out, you've hidden from me long enough."  James yelled into the night.  People ran through the streets in an uncontrollable panic as the lightning strikes continued.  
"AncientPower!" a voice from inside the mountain echoed.  The mountain wall behind James broke open and attacked the incarnate.  James rocketed through building after building, having caught the full force of the attack.  He stopped in a pile of dirt and logs near the village's opposite wall, where he stayed for almost thirty seconds.  Jackson, Sanders, and Cloud looked at each other in confusion.  The rain clouds cleared as Groudon emerged from the rubble of the mountain wall with his priest, a grizzly grey-haired man, standing at its feet.  James blasted from his burial mound with extreemspeed and attacked Groudon with a two-finned tail of water that formed around his legs.  He was now in his fully transformed form.  Groudon was knocked into another wall of the mountain while the priest lept forward and attacked James with a Hammer Arm attack.  James dodged and countered with an Ice Beam, which knocked the priest in the other direction.  Groudon and the priest recovered and each gathered energy for a Solarbeam.  James pointed a hand at each of them and charged a Zap Cannon in each.  All three combatants fired simultaneously.  The two energy collisions exploded and shot two clouds of dust into the air.  Groudon and its priest were then knocked down, each hit by a Hydro Pump from James.  The priest hit his head and was knocked unconscious, but Groudon was able to get back up.  He attacked James with a last resort Fire Blast, but James nullified it with his own.  
"You're finished.  You did well, better than your ocean counterpart anyway.  But you'll still share the same fate."  James said.  He flew towards Groudon, who was too weak to move, and placed his hand on its nose.
"So you're the re-incarnate I heard about.  No wonder you're so powerful.  But there will always be someone stronger, and they'll defeat you.  Trust me, Kings never rule forever." Groudon said as his power, and then his physical body, faded away.  James turned and flew into the ground, causing an Earthquake that ravaged the rest of the village.

"Well, now we know why he went to Vertan.  He took a water legendary's power to make this fight easier." Jackson said when the battle finished.
"I would guess Kyogre.  James was able to cause a rainstorm without moving; Kyogre's the only one who can do that." Sanders added.  His voice was distant, lost in thought.
"James gets stronger every time I see him.  I guess there really isn't a limit to Ru's power." Cloud gulped.
"Nonsense.  Everyone has a weakness.  But he is getting stronger.  If this continues, we'll be the only ones who can put him down." Sanders stood up and walked towards his tent.  Heatran, Cloud, and Latios followed sequentially.  Sanders stayed, eyes fixed on what was En five minutes before.  James flew past, but stopped when he saw Sanders.  
"Beautiful, isn't it?" James asked.  He was still in his transformed state.
"Thats... not the word I would use." Sanders answered, eyes still fixed.
"Which word would you use?" James smirked.
"Divine, Sanders looked up at James, As if God himself just passed judgement on that village."
"You always know exactly what to say, Sanders.  Its a unique talent, but this time I disagree with you.  I haven't passed judgement on anyone yet." James flew off towards his cave higher on the mountain.  Sanders sighed.  Gardevior approached him from the side and hugged his waist.  Sanders placed his hand on her head.  
"What am I doing here, Gardevior?" Sanders asked softly.  They stood there together, watching the scattered flames dance over En's rubble.  Then the pair vanished without a trace.

Raikou awoke from his nap with a jolt.  His body shivered and his fur stood up, but Raikou didn't know why.  He stood up and shook himself to calm his nerves.  Then the dream came back to him.  Only flashes, images of a wooden village, of fire, of flying, explosions, Hydro Pumps and Zap Cannons.  The memories seemed real, but Raikou dismissed them as a dream.  Duama and Ava had just returned to camp, and he was hungry.  Raikou walked over to the dinner group.
"Your trip was a success, I hope." Raikou said.

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"Yeah, we got food, some supplies, and even a few treats."

Duama went on about the trip while Rayquaza sat distrubed. Being the balance between the earth and water legendarie Rayquaza knew full well what happened. Slowly he felt Kyogre and Groudon's lifeforce fade, yet could do little about it.

"Raikou...may I request a word? in private?"

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Raikou nodded and led Rayquaza outside the campsite.  He was tense; partially because Rayquaza was so solemn, but also because of the images from his dream moments before. 
"What's up, Ray?" Raikou said when they were well clear of the others.

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"I sensed a shift in the balance...groudon and kyogre have been overtaken. For the longest time I wondered about james' motives...he never seemed to be the one gaining leadless power but one for purpose with the powers he's gained now...should he fully tap into and master ru's power he could easily remake the world." rayquaza wore a grave expression. He felt that james seemed to become much much harder to defeat by the day. Duama felt a wave of doubt hit him from his partner and he was shocked.

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"So then it is true..." Raikou said.  The dream really had been a vision of James' battle.  Groudon had actually been defeated.  "I don't believe James' intent is to master Ru's power.  I think he's trying to surpass him.  There were no priests, thus no syncronized super-powers like you and the others during Ru's reign.  But now there are, and he can take more power from a legendary than Ru could ages ago.  I'm sorry to say this, but Groudon and Kyogre were likely only stepping stones on James' path to even greater power.  Your power."

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Ava smiled as she listened to Duama describe their shopping trip for Kari and Ahriana. It was clear that he’d enjoyed the afternoon, and she was glad for it. They needed a bit of fun every now and then to offset the seriousness and the stress that they were facing just now. She and Lucario began sorting through the baskets of goods they’d brought back, separating them into two piles: now and later. They had bought at least three to four days’ worth of food and supplies—all of which would keep during their journey to Karesh.

As they worked, Entei sat nearby... also disturbed, though for a different reason than Rayquaza. Shortly after their race back to the camp he had sensed a small vibration in the earth—something so faint that none of the other priests or Legendaries seemed to notice it, and that he had very nearly missed as well. It could be nothing; perhaps a Dugtrio was burrowing somewhere deep beneath the grounds of their camp... but with the knowledge that James was still on the loose, it could also mean something more sinister. He didn’t want to be an alarmist, though, so he kept his council and simply watched as Raikou and Rayquaza slipped out of their campsite for a private word of their own.

“You look awfully tired, Kari,” Ava commented, inspecting the other girl closely for the first time since they’d returned to camp. Lugia’s priestess looked exhausted, and she couldn’t help but wonder what Kari had been up to while they were away. “Please don’t worry about cooking. We brought back plenty of provisions,” she gestured at the food she and Lucario had left out for their dinner—a variety of fruits, vegetables, smoked meat and cheese, and one of the loaves of bread, “so everyone can just shift for themselves tonight.”

“Oh wow, you really did buy a lot, didn’t you?” Ahriana raised her eyebrows; she had been watching Ava and Lucario sorting through the market baskets and she had been surprised by the number of things they’d put away. She plucked an orange from the pile of fruits and began peeling it. “Although I suppose there are a lot of us...”

“You could say that,” Ava said with a laugh and began slicing the bread—it was the cinnamon and raisin loaf from Mistress Verna’s shop. She offered Kari and Ahriana each a slice, and then glanced over at Jacob and Mew. Both of them were still sleeping and she wondered briefly whether she ought to wake them for dinner... but she knew they probably needed to rest, so she decided to let them be. She took a slice of bread for herself, breaking off a piece and popping it into her mouth. It was then that she noticed that Entei was still sitting on the edge of the camp, staring off into the distance. She could tell there was something on his mind, but for once he had not alerted her through their link. She reached out to him silently, not wanting to draw anyone else’s attention just yet.

Hey... what’s wrong?

The Legendary didn’t reply with words; instead, he sent her a mixture of thoughts and sensations. She felt the ground tremble slightly and she looked down at her feet in surprise, only to realize that she’d felt the tremor in her mind. She stared at Entei, slowly sorting through the thoughts that flowed through their link.

What was that?

It could have been a Ground-type tunneling beneath the camp. He kept the conversation private, just between the two of them. Or some kind of quake somewhere in the mountains.

Ava went still for a moment, and then reached for an apple as though nothing was wrong. En?

When Entei remained silent, letting her think things over for herself, she frowned. Her home town had already been in her thoughts, as Ronzino was so near to the village where she had grown up. Now she just had to make a decision

I want to go home... make sure everything is alright,
she said finally, taking a bite of her apple. I’ve been thinking of going anyway, since I talked to Duama about it this afternoon. We don’t even have to go into the village, just... check on things.


Ava glanced around, considering. Rayquaza and Raikou had taken themselves off somewhere, leaving the rest of their group at the camp… and with Jacob and Mew still passed out she knew that they wouldn’t be making a second jump tonight—but the morning would probably be a different story, if the pair had awakened by then. She hesitated for a moment; she didn’t want to ask their companions to make a detour to En on only the strength of a single tremor that might have been caused by something completely innocent.

She chewed on her bottom lip for a moment. Seems as though the best time to go is right now.

Alright then. Make whatever preparations you need to, and I will speak to Lucario and Shinx. It would probably be best if the little one remained here, since we will be traveling quickly, but En was Lucario’s home as well... so I will let her decide whether she wants to come along or not.

“Alright,” she muttered, finishing the rest of her apple. She checked her pack, sliding the books she had purchased into the main compartment with her other belongings.

Ahriana watched as the auburn-haired priestess began rummaging through her travel pack. She had noticed Ava’s distracted silence during dinner and she and Suicune exchanged curious glances. She wasn’t eager to pry into the other girl’s business, but it was starting to look like she was getting ready to go somewhere. “Is something wrong, Ava?”

Ava slid an orange into her bag and closed the flap, securing the buckle that would keep it shut. “My home town, En,” she began to explain in a calm, neutral tone of voice, “is very nearby, and since I don’t know what we’ll be doing in the morning, Entei and I are going for a visit before it gets any later.” She slung the bag over her shoulder and smiled at the other three priests. “We won’t be gone long, though—maybe a couple of hours?”

Entei nodded. Not long at all, he agreed, this time speaking aloud so the others could hear him as well. He inclined his head to Lucario and Shinx, who he’d been chatting with silently while Ava readied her pack. Lucario and Shinx are going to stay here, since this is only going to be a quick trip there and back.

Lucario trilled her agreement and picked up Shinx, who looked less than pleased with this arrangement... but he also remembered the race back to the camp that had scared him out of at least three of his nine lives, and so he didn’t make any more vocal complaints. Ava grinned and scratched his ears, guessing at the reason he’d elected to stay behind, and then she swung herself up onto Entei’s back.

“We’ll be back before you know it.” She smiled and waved to Ahri, Duama, and Kari, then added teasingly, “And play nicely while we’re gone, of course.” Then she and Entei slipped out of the camp and faded into the growing darkness of oncoming night.

Their journey across the countryside was swift and uneventful. Few wild Pokémon wanted to tangle with something that moved that fast—doubly so, since the Pokémon in question was also a Legendary. The local Pokémon had noticed the other Legendaries that had been coming and going on that side of the mountain recently and they knew well enough to keep their distance.

Ava couldn’t help but enjoy herself as their route took them through the rolling hills and sprawling forests that had once been her home ground. The night air had turned pleasantly cool and the skies were clear, affording them a perfect view of the stars overhead. It was comfortably familiar and she felt herself relaxing as they traveled along, in spite of the worries that had spurred them into making this trip. It was only when they came nearer to En that she felt her confidence begin to waver.

The ground had obviously been disturbed. The terrain grew noticeably rougher as they approached the village, and as they trekked through the forest she saw with some concern that many of the low-lying plants and shrubbery had been overturned… and as they came closer still they saw that many of the smaller trees and saplings had also been uprooted. Entei was forced to slow their pace, carefully picking his way over the fallen greenery and torn ground.

“What on earth…” she breathed, disturbed as they traveled onward. Bits of the forest showed scorch marks—the signs of a recent fire—and a damp, smoky odor lingered in the air. Through her link to Entei, she could feel her partner’s mood becoming decidedly grimmer the further they went.

At last they reached the edge of the forest and stepped out into the small clearing that would lead them into the village. Entei froze. 

The village of En was in ruins. Ava slid down from Entei’s back without a word and walked forward, slowly making her way over the rocky, broken ground. The tall wooden walls that once surrounded the village had been demolished. The wood was splintered and charred—some sections were simply gone, blasted into tiny fragments. The pieces crunched beneath her feet as she slipped past the broken gate and into town proper. She stood there for a moment, caught on the threshold of hell, and silently took in the destruction.

There were no more buildings—only debris—and the bodies of the townspeople littered the ground like so much trash, motionless and terribly silent. Some of them had been burned, others crushed or torn apart by horrible, unseen forces. Some of the still forms were children. She looked away, feeling a cold sort of numbness settling over her. She could not face their small bodies, so eerily still with their little limbs all flung about.

I’m sorry, Ava.
Entei’s voice was quiet, somber as he approached.

“I should have been here, Entei. I should have been here.” She took a deep breath and stepped forward, venturing further into hell. She headed for the nearest of the crumbling structures. “Come on… let’s search for survivors.”

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((Oh my God! O.o))

"I haven't been sleeping well lately." Kari said to Ava's comment about her exhausted appearance. "Thanks for getting the food"
She picked up some bread and a few strips of the meat as well as a peachy looking fruit. It was a little difficult to rip pieces of the bread apart to eat with the shackles on, but everything else was easy to eat. Kari particularly relished in the juicy sweetness of the fruit. Lugia sat contentedly at the boarder of the camp. It would have to wait for it's meal. There wasn't a large enough body of water to hunt fish out of for quite a distance.

Kari was curious when Rayquaza took Raikou away to talk, but didn't want to be too nosy, but when Ava left too she began to wonder if something might be wrong. I'm sure they'll tell is what's going on if it's really important. She thought, and continued to happily munch her simple meal.

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A pang of shock ran through Duama and rayquaza nodded calmly. Without a word, Duama stood oup and joined his partner and raikou.

"Before you said a word raikou this concerns me now. If we are the next then we may have our own counter measure. With rayquaza's power we may be able to sense when James is near! Especially since he has Groudon and Kyogre's power.

Rayquaza mused on this bit of info Hmm interesting. I do still sense those two faintly....but there's something else. In my prescence, the strongest powers of Groudon and Kyogre won't work.

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"Don't feel too special.  James wants the others' power too.  Otherwise we wouldn't be traveling in this caravan.  The safest thing for us to do right now is keep the Legendaries we know together.  Expecially now that some of you can use syncronization.  People start wandering off and it'll be like us giving James more power on a dinner plate," Raikou said.  He spoke quietly, and very seriously.  "Now, there's something else I need to talk to you two about.  I need you to step up and lead this team.  You guys are the strongest right now, and I need you to keep getting stronger.  If the best improves the lesser will follow.  Once we get a little farther down the road I'm going to split away from the group and visit Ru's tomb.  You guys need to take over for me until I return.  Keep the group together, I'll catch up with you in Karesh when I'm finished."

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Ava and Entei worked their way through the ruined village in silence, slowly, methodically searching through the rubble… but it soon became clear that there were no survivors—only bodies. They were the only two living souls to set foot within the fallen gates of En since the attack, and all that surrounded them now was death and destruction.

Ava reached down, plucking a worn, dirty ragdoll from the wreckage. Very gently, she wiped some of the dirt and soot from the doll’s face and carried it with her as she walked through ravaged streets, making her way to the place where the shrine to Enten once stood. The small building that had surrounded the shrine was gone—not even a burnt-out shell remained—but the small stone statue was still there, chipped and scorch-marked, but otherwise undamaged. She knelt in front of the stone figure and gently laid the doll against the base of the shrine. Her fingers trembled slightly as she pulled away, getting to her feet and glancing around the small space.

There was another body laying nearby—a man that she did not recognize, with straggly gray hair and weathered features. He was marked with burns and bruises… but that wasn’t what caught her attention. No, there were faint traces of power on the body. Entei’s warm, solid presence stepped up beside her, looking down at the fallen man.

Another priest. He must have tried to protect the village when it was attacked.

“James… he was the one who did this.” Ava’s voice was flat. She tore her gaze away from the dead man, looking up at her partner. “I should have been here.”

Then you would likely be dead, too. And I with you. His voice was still quiet, but this time there was a hard edge to his words. James is much more powerful than we are, my dear. I doubt that we could have stopped him, even if we had been here, even with another priest’s help.

Ava took a breath. There was cold truth behind his statement, but it still hit her hard. She swallowed, feeling her eyes burn, but she could not cry. “This must stop.”

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Duama took stock in the words that Raikou uttered to him and after a long time he finally nodded "I understand, I'll get stronger and stronger so that the others can have someone to look up to."

The flashes of the carnage James caused with groudon's power swam in his head the screams of so many faceless people. The general relishment he had felt through was disgusting and physically made him ill. It was then that the dragon and his priest spoke in unison again.

"....we will stop you." The green aura of their sync mode surrounded them and completely faded. Their syncrophrase had been changed and refocused, much like their conviction

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"Good, now lets get back.  I'm starving." Raikou said.  He led the group back to the camp and looked around.  Kari and Ahrianna were eating, but Ava and Entei were nowhere to be seen. 
"Where's Entei?" Raikou asked the priests.

"I don't know where he went, Alakazam.  Don't worry, there's no way he'd leave you behind." Jackson said to a very worried Alakazam.  They and Heatran searched the campsite looking for their comrade, but were without luck.  Heatran walked toward the cliff that overlooked En and scanned the scene. 
"Jackson, we might have a problem," Heatran said.  Jackson looked over the cliff.  Entei and his priest were walking among the ruins of the city.
"Crap.  Lets go Heatran." Jackson groaned.  The pair jumped and slid down the mountain wall, feet grinding against the rock as they descended.  They landed and approached Ava and Entei together.
"What are you doing here?  Do you want to get yourselves killed?" Jackson called abruptly.

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The sound of something sliding noisily down the face of the cliff alerted them to Jackson and Heatran’s presence before the pair even reached the ground. Entei and Ava turned simultaneously, a wave of heat rippling through the air around them. As they watched the pair’s approach a low growl rose in Entei’s throat, but Ava laid a quelling hand on his side, her pale eyes focused on Jackson.

“What are you doing here? Do you want to get yourselves killed?”

Ava scowled at him. “That’s very funny coming from one of James’ pets,” she remarked in a very chill tone of voice. She was tired of playing games, and it was becoming very obvious to her that there was more going on with James’ lackeys than meets the eye… especially after Cloud and Sanders has let them go in the marketplace without so much as a word. “Tell me, why do you care? Unless you don’t want him to get any stronger.”


“Where’s Entei?”

Ahri looked up from peeling a second orange, blinking at Raikou in surprise. “Oh… Entei and Ava left a while ago,” she said, offering Suicune a slice of fruit. “She said something about her home town being nearby, and that they wanted to go for a visit before we left the area. They said they would be back in a couple of hours.”

Suicune glanced from Raikou to Rayquaza. Why…? Is something the matter?

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"Like your measly power would do anything for him.  Don't flatter yourself.  He'd kill you for sport.  I'm just giving you a chance to leave before he notices you're around." Jackson said.  Heatran braced himself for battle, seeing the anger in Ava's voice. 

"Duama, do you know where Ava's village is?" Raikou said.  He was showing signs of worry now.  Just after he said the group needed to stay together, one of the stronger pairs runs off on their own.

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Ava smiled, though there was little humor in her expression. At least the anger that hummed in her veins was a pleasant distraction from the cold emptiness that had filled her upon discovering En’s horrible fate. Beside her Entei stood, tense, his eyes focused on Heatran.

“As if you cared a jot,” she retorted, meeting Jackson’s eyes. “Somehow I can’t see you coming all the way down here just to warn us away, all out of the goodness of your heart. It doesn’t wash, and you know it.” She paused for a moment, silently reigning in her temper. In a somewhat quieter voice, she added, “He’ll turn on you, you know. You’re just another stepping stone on his way to power… you and Latios’ priest.”

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 Duama thought for a moment then nodded. "Yes, she said she was from a small vilage just a few miles north of rozino called...!" Duama's body went cold as the realization of what had transpired finally hit him. He could only utter in a quivering voice one word. "En....."

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(( Actually, En is about 15 miles north of Ronzino... a bit more than just a few miles. ;) ))

Ahriana frowned and glanced at Kari, wondering if Lugia’s priestess was feeling as lost as she was. She looked from Raikou to Duama, worried. “What’s wrong? Are Ava and Entei in some sort of trouble?”

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Ava smiled, though there was little humor in her expression. At least the anger that hummed in her veins was a pleasant distraction from the cold emptiness that had filled her upon discovering En’s horrible fate. Beside her Entei stood, tense, his eyes focused on Heatran.

“As if you cared a jot,” she retorted, meeting Jackson’s eyes. “Somehow I can’t see you coming all the way down here just to warn us away, all out of the goodness of your heart. It doesn’t wash, and you know it.” She paused for a moment, silently reigning in her temper. In a somewhat quieter voice, she added, “He’ll turn on you, you know. You’re just another stepping stone on his way to power… you and Latios’ priest.”

"Don't pretend to know things you have no connection to.  Your perceptions aren't as keen as you think they are,"  Jackson said.  He turned and walked away from the conversation. 
"Too many Legendaries and priests have died already.  If you are as wise as they say your are, Entei, you'll take your priest as far away from here as you can and never return.  The responsibility of dealing with James does not have to fall onto you," Heatran said before he also left. 

"Lets go.  Suicune, stay here and watch over the others." Raikou said.  He ran off towards the north, hoping that Groudon hadn't been defeated in En, and that James was already long gone.

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Ava watched Jackson and Heatran disappear into the darkness, listening to their receding footsteps until they had entirely faded away. Finally she sighed, feeling some of the tension easing out of her body now that the abrasive priest had gone. “I never thought I would meet someone with fewer people skills than Duama,” she said at last, “but that one fits the bill.”

True enough. Entei’s voice was thoughtful. Though I agree with Heatran on one point, at least—far too many of us have died. And the destruction here is recent; if Heatran and his priest were close enough to find us, James may also be nearby. We should not linger here.

“I know,” she replied, taking another slow look around her former home. Then she began to pick her way through the wreckage, walking silently towards the ruined gate.

Entei followed in her wake, making his way slowly around the wreckage and the bodies. The wanton destruction that surrounded him made him sick. It had been so… unnecessary. Whatever James’ original intentions had been when he took up Ru’s powers no longer seemed to matter—only that he had become something monstrous, and he needed to be stopped. He felt a surge of overwhelming sadness flood through their link, though Ava’s shoulders didn’t so much as twitch in acknowledgement. There was guilt there, too; as well as anger at the man who had caused so much devastation… but beneath the tumultuous blend of emotions, there was also a new sense of resolve. He could feel it there, a small change; a shift in her consciousness. It flowed through their bond, strengthening their connection. It was then that Ava stopped, turning to look back at him. They were standing just within the threshold of the village, with only a handful of feet to separate them.

“Leaving things like this,” she said, choosing her words carefully, “and just walking away… it feels wrong—like what happened doesn’t matter.” She paused for a moment, swallowing hard. “I grew up with these people. They deserve better than that.”

Entei regarded her for a moment, meeting her eyes. A tiny spark of flame leapt between them as he held the gaze. We don’t have time for a burial.

“No, not a burial,” she agreed without looking away. Heat began to trickle through her veins, sinking into her very bones. She could feel the pull of the fires that made up their bond, drawing them down into the flames. As Entei’s markings began to shimmer she closed her eyes, letting the sync take over.

“Fire to ashes… ashes to dust…”

Flames engulfed the pair, rolling over them and racing outward, into the ruins of En. The fire spread quickly… the fallen buildings, the lifeless bodies—all were quickly consumed by the fiery inferno, until there was nothing left but scorched earth and a fine layer of powdery ash. Ava and Entei kept the blaze confined to the village alone, reining it in to keep it from jumping into the surrounding forest. The flames died out almost as swiftly as they’d begun, leaving only burnt and blackened ground behind.

When the last traces of fire were extinguished, Ava came back to herself with a start. Her eyes snapped open, traces of amber fading from her irises, and she swayed unsteadily on her feet. Entei stepped forward to brace her and she gripped his side to keep from falling over. Her bones felt liquid.

“That was… we should probably go now,” she mumbled, her face pressed against his warm fur. She could feel the heat from the charred ground seeping up through the soles of her shoes.

Probably. His voice was a low, rumbling growl in her mind. He knelt to let her climb onto his back from an easier height. Hang on to me, and don’t fall off.

Ava smiled tiredly and leaned forward, tangling her fingers into his fur. I won’t. Let’s go, she murmured, closing her eyes. She felt the familiar jolt of movement as they dashed off into the night and she hung on, numb to all but the sensation of the wind as it rushed around them.

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((Kadri that post was epicly awesome.))

Kari was feeling confused, and from the look of things so was Ahri. An uneasy feeling was growing in her gut as Raikou, Duama and Rayquaza were being so secretive, and then Raikou going after Entei and Ava made Kari almost certain that something was wrong. After Raikou had gone Kari stood up and approached Duama. "What's happened?" She asked, her carefree demeanor gone.

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((I'm speechles kadri-nee. That was so heartfelt and amazing. The char development within that one scene was breathtaking and the imagery... If only this were an anime))

Duama looked at kari for a long time, thinking hard if he should say something then finally relented, he spoke with heavy words. "James attacked a village that groudon and his priest was protecting...but this one...." duama clenched his fists. He didn't want to say it, if he said it then it was real. With a. A pained expression he continued. "It was Ava's home."

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Raikou dashed between the forest trees, following Entei's scent around Mt. Kaotl.  The scent was soon overcome with smoke, and Raikou had to squint to see through the smog from Ava's fire.  Then Raikou collided head first with a six foot furry bullet: Entei.  Raikou, Entei, and Ava were knocked to the ground.
"What the?  Oh, its you.  What the hell were you guys thinking, running off on your own?" Raikou said as he climbed back to his feet.

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(( Aww, thank you guys. I’m glad the time I put into that last post was well-spent. ))

“You mean… what happened to her village, then?” Ahri’s eyes were wide. She suddenly had a very bad feeling as she recalled what had happened to Regos when James had first shown himself. “Is it…?” She looked at Duama, unable to put her fears into words. She knew that En had probably been destroyed, but she didn’t want to say it. She didn’t even want to think about it.


Oomph! Entei grunted in surprise and a bit of pain as they collided headlong with something large and very fast-moving. As he fell backward he felt Ava lose her grip on his back and he rolled to one side to keep from landing on top of her. He grimaced when he recognized Raikou’s voice cutting through the darkness.

“What the? Oh, it’s you. What the hell were you guys thinking, running off on your own?”

“Ouch…” Ava grumbled, struggling into a sitting position as Raikou spoke, demanding to know why they had struck out on their own. She winced. This was not something she wanted to discuss, especially not while they were still so close to En. “Raikou, we…”

Later, Entei said, brusquely cutting off the beginning of her explanation. We need to get away from here first. James may still be nearby, and I don’t feel like finding out firsthand just how strong he’s gotten. Come, Ava.

The priestess pushed herself to her feet with a little hiss of pain. “Right, you’re right… I’m sorry, Raikou,” she murmured, clumsily pulling herself back up onto Entei’s back. Her vision swam for a moment when she settled; she was exhausted, and her body, already aching from channeling so much of Entei’s fire during their sync, was vehemently protesting her most recent tumble. “We’ll explain when we get back.”

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Raikou looked back to where Entei and Ava had just come from.  James was close, very close, but still miles ahead of them.  He turned and followed behind Entei and Ava with full speed.  They returned to the camp without any problems, and Raikou was able to breath easy now that they were back.

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(( Because I can… and because I’m bored, since no one has been online today. –sadness- ))

Their journey back to the camp passed by in a blur. Ava was scarcely aware of the scenery flying past; it was all she could do to just stay on Entei’s back. When they arrived at last she managed to lift her head enough to notice that the others seemed to be engaged in a rather serious-looking discussion, and Lucario jumped to her feet with an alarmed look, hurrying over to meet them.

“Goodness!” Ahri exclaimed as both she and Suicune rose to their feet as well. Her blue eyes took in Ava’s exhausted appearance with obvious worry. “What happened? Are you alright??”

“I’m fine,” Ava mumbled, turning to slide down from Entei’s back. Her feet hit the ground with a thud and she probably would’ve sat down hard if Lucario and Ahri hadn’t grabbed her. “We’re both fine.”

Ahri helped her to a seat near the campfire, frowning. “You don’t look fine,” she replied sternly, setting a hand to the other girl’s forehead. “Are you running a fever? You’re burning up!”

“Fire hazard.” Ava waved her off. Entei sat down behind her and she leaned back against him with a grateful sigh, closing her eyes. “I’m just tired.”

Duama told us your village was attacked.
Suicune’s gaze settled on Entei, questioning. By James.

Entei shot a sharp look at Duama. How had he known about En? Now wasn’t the time to question the boy, but it was something he’d like to revisit later. He sighed and returned his attention to Suicune. Yes, and destroyed. There was nothing left… no one survived.

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"We should feel fortunate that you two survived.  What would have happened if James stuck around after the raid?  He was one to stop and "admire his work" back in the day, you're lucky he wasn't there!" Raikou said.  He paced about the camp to calm his nerves.  The lurking danger of an attack from James just became much more real to him.  "We need to pack up and leave at first light tomorrow.  Its anyone's guess who saw us running back to the camp," he added.

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Entei said nothing, only rolled his eyes at Raikou’s agitation. He wasn’t going to argue, because he agreed that they should leave as soon as possible. Ava heard none of this; she was already fast asleep, exhausted from the evening’s exertions.

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Kari couldn't understand what Ava was feeling but she could only imagine that it was awful. Having traveled for weeks with these people, she was starting to feel a connection to each of them in a small way, almost like an odd sort of family. Knowing that one of her companion's homes had been destroyed made Kari feel anger towards James. She wanted to jump him and kick his ass for hurting so many people. This was an unusual feeling for her, normally she was more concerned with herself and had little interest in the problems of others. Lugia sensed through their link that Kari's self absorbed nature was beginning to branch out to include the young people in this rag-tag group of travelers since they spent that week of recovery near Mejiore.

Ava, Entei and Raikou returned and the fire priestess looked about as burnt out as a a log that's been the target of a flamethrower. Kari felt concern but Ahri was quickly there to assist and Kari knew that the best thing for Ava would probably be a good night's sleep. Then Raikou said, "We need to pack up and leave at first light tomorrow.  Its anyone's guess who saw us running back to the camp."
Kari was too concerned with the well being of Ava to really pay what the Thunder Dog said much mind but Lugia caught it and was feeling uneasy about staying a potentially compromised location.
"Would it not be better to just move west a couple of miles before resting for the night. Rayquaza and I could easily carry Jacob or any other weary priests so that you, Entei, and Suicune could run unhindered."

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Duama nodded. " I agree, its dangerous. With our mode of transportation still out and Ava spent there's not much we could do if we encountered james or his flunkies now." Duama couldn't help but think back to sanders who gladly let them go without a fight. There was something that didn't read right. He couldn't shake the feeling that these priests weren't loyal to james olr at the very least not as loyal as they claim to be. He dismissed the thought for now. "We need to focus on getting Karesh and training. Without either I don't think we can challenge James."

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"Moving now won't change our situation.  If James' soldiers want to find us, they'll find us.  They didn't have a problem last time, and traveling any other way besides teleporting will leave a trail for them to follow.  The best thing we can do right now is rest and make the next jump as far as possible.  I'll keep watch tonight; you guys eat and go to bed.  We'll be fine tonight, trust me," Raikou said.  He found a tall rock and perched himself ontop of it. 

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Kari was still uneasy but she was tired and wasn't going to push the idea of moving tonight. Lugia sat down and Kari grabbed a smallish loaf of bread to munch before laying against the massive pokemon, wrapping it's tail around her. "Thanks, Raikou. Good night." She said curling up against Lugia's rubbery skin and dozing off into a restless sleep.

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The night passed away quickly. It felt as if she’d just lain down to sleep when Ahri felt Suicune prodding her into wakefulness. She made a muffled sound of protest and rolled over, opening her eyes to glare blearily at him. What she could see of the sky was just beginning to turn light as the deep blues of the night gave way to the hazy purples and pinkish orange of first light. The priestess dragged herself into a sitting position with a quiet groan and looked around, wondering if anyone else felt as awful as she did.

Was this really necessary? she grumbled at Suicune, using a bit of the water from her flask to rinse out her mouth. She used a bit more to splash on her face, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. It’s early.

When Raikou says ‘first light,’ he means it,
the Legendary replied calmly, watching her fuss with her hair and clothes. Ahriana had never been much of a morning person; and between the stress of yesterday and their late bedtime, coupled with such an early morning, he’d known she would be rather cranky. We should be leaving soon, I think.

Leaving? What about Jacob and— oh, she broke off mid-thought as she caught sight of Jacob, very much awake and sitting near their burned-out campfire, wolfing down several slices of bread and cheese. Mew sat beside him, working her way through a large pile of berries. When did they wake up?

Entei roused them just before dawn, and Raikou spoke to them about making the next jump as soon as everyone was properly awake. Seeing Ahri’s skeptical expression, Suicune added, Don’t worry; they said that they’re well enough to make another jump.

Mm… was all she said in reply, her mental voice rather dubious.

Rather than argue the point, Ahri got up and sneaked an orange from the food supplies. As she ate she made sure that her few belongings were packed away and listened as the others made their own preparations for the jump. It was fortunate that there wasn’t much to pack, aside from their camping and food supplies—and it looked like Kari and Lugia had them well in-hand already. She was just licking the orange juice from her fingertips when she noticed that Jacob, Mew, and Gallade gathered in the center of the camp.

“Alright everyone, gather in close so we can make the next jump!” Jacob called, while Mew hovered in the air beside him, putting some space between the priest and the Gallade.

Ahri grimaced and picked up her pack, slinging it over her shoulder and following Suicune over to where the others were gathering. She wasn’t looking forward to teleporting again, but there wasn’t much choice—this was obviously the fastest way to get to Karesh, and it made it that much harder for James’ to follow. She felt a sudden pang of guilt when she remembered this and she glanced at Ava, wondering how her fire counterpart was feeling after such a horrible night. She was a little bit surprised to see the other girl on her feet, even with Lucario and Entei lending her their support.

Jacob and Mew waited patiently while the rest of the group closed in around them, and then Jacob glanced at Mew and gave a slight nod. In the next instant, she used Transform to turn herself into a mirror image of Gallade—a move that had shocked the other Pokémon the first time she’d done it. This time he didn’t even twitch.

“Okay…same thing as before—let’s all make sure we have some kind of physical contact with each other…” Jacob rolled his eyes when he saw Gallade make his way over to the three girls. He waited for another moment while everyone got situated, and then he took a deep breath. “Alright then… here we go again…”

And with that last statement the group shimmered out of sight, reappearing in a small clearing not a moment later. They were surrounded by wilderness, with forests stretched all around them and not a speck of civilization in sight—not even a road. To the west were mountains, distant, and rising high above the treetops as far as the eye could see.

As the group rematerialized into this plane of reality, Jacob plopped down onto the ground and Mew’s transformation vanished. The priest was again drenched in sweat and looked absolutely exhausted. “Second jump down,” he said with a tired smile. He wavered for a moment before flopping back into the grass and closing his eyes. “I think I’m going back to sleep now.”

“Me too…” Ava murmured weakly, tugging Lucario and Entei away from the group’s tight cluster to a spot near the edge of the clearing. She still ached from head to toe, and the teleport had left her feeling decidedly unsteady and rather ill. Shinx trailed after her, whining quietly, but Entei didn’t argue—he just settled down in the grass and let her curl up against him. Shinx grumbled a bit before tucking himself under one of her arms and closing his eyes.

Ahri frowned, watching Ava withdraw from the group. She turned to Suicune. “Where are we?”

Probably somewhere just south of Galvis… he replied after a moment of thought. Those are the Glaess Mountains, if I’m not mistaken.

Mew floated down to rest on the ground beside Jacob, blinking tiredly. You’re right; we’re on the eastern side of the Glaess Mountains. We should be about ten or fifteen miles southwest of Galvis… and a little under ten miles west of the main road. She snuggled up beside her sleeping priest, closing her eyes. It’s a bit out of the way, but that should make our group harder to spot.

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((No worries, good travel post, Kadri. :3))

Kari wasn't happy about regaining consciousness so early, but it had to be done, and getting out of this location would definitely put her mind more at ease. Still unused to the sensation of teleporting, Kari felt a little queasy after they arrived in the clearing, but managed to avoid feeling totally sick. "Well, since I'm already awake..." she said, looking to Lugia. "What do you way we do a bit of scouting?"
Lugia gave a nod. "My skin is getting uncomfortably dry anyway."
"We'll be back in a little while then." Kari said, climbing onto Lugia's back and taking to the skies.

Lugia flew high, high enough that the two of them flew in and out of the clouds, which moistened Lugia's rubbery skin. Below Kari saw where they had arrived in the forest, and the tall Glaess mountains that looked like large piles of gold in the growing light. Looking to the south Kari saw a vast empty looking landscape that shone like a sea of glass in the sun. The Dalmiond Expanse, hot and unpleasant a place as it was it looked phenomenal from the air in the morning sun. Kari even spotted a small speck in the distance to the north which she assumed to be the town of Galvis.

She was gone scouting for a little over an hour before returning to the group. She was soaked and covered in goosebumps from flying through the freezing clouds There were even a few melting ice crystals in her hair. "The landscape looks beautiful," She reported "and everything seems quiet on the roads and in town."

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"Well let's hope things can stay that way, I don't like how james seems to be having his way with this land." Duama stood up shaking off his dizziness. Duama managed a sad glance at the resting ava and continued "now that you've scouted kari what can u tell us about the terrain?"

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"Well apart from this forest we're in, the land around us looks pretty barren. Beautiful, but dry and not very green." She said climbing down from Lugia's back and wringing the moisture out of her hair. "Galvis looks pretty quiet, but that may be because it's still quite early."

While Kari discussed the lay of the land with Duama, Lugia moved to the edge of the camp and sat down, looking very content now that it's skin was properly moistened.

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Ahriana sat a handful of yards away, silently listening to Kari’s description of the lands that now surrounded them. While she and Lugia had been off on their reconnaissance mission, Ahri had taken the time to clean up and have a proper breakfast—two things that she had always taken for granted before she and Suicune had gotten tangled up in this rush to defeat James... but the last month had taught her a great appreciation for little things like food and clean clothes.

If Mother could only see me now... she thought to herself, smiling wryly. She didn’t know why she was suddenly inclined to think of her family. It wasn’t that she felt homesick—not after traveling with Suicune for the last several years. Perhaps it was because they were going to Karesh.

Ahri plucked at the edge of her tunic, looking down at her newly-healed arm. She had shed the sling and bandages the night before, earning herself a reproving look from Suicune and Growlithe, but she knew that they would only become more of a hindrance as time went on. She just hoped that she wouldn’t break anything else anytime soon—because unlike Duama, she didn’t have Rest to fall back on.

I wish we had something to do, she confided to Suicune privately as Duama and Kari talked, other than sitting around waiting for Jacob and Mew to wake up. If we could just sneak off...

I doubt that Raikou would take kindly to such a stunt after... Suicune trailed off as he glanced toward Entei and the still-sleeping Ava.

I know... Ahri followed his gaze, feeling troubled. Do you think she’ll be okay?

With time, probably... Just let her rest.

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After discussing the lay of the land duama came to kneel beside ahriana. "How are you holding up ahri? I can't shake the feeling that something's wrong." He peers into ahri's eyes its at this point it occurs that in all this time he and ahri have had very few conversations.

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Ahri was more than a little surprised when Duama joined her, looking her straight in the eyes and asking how she was doing. She hadn’t expected it, any more than she expected to suddenly grow wings and fly... because although their group had been traveling together for several weeks now, she had never had a real conversation with any of the other priests or their Legendaries. She had become accustomed to having them around, but they were still almost complete strangers to her.

She blinked at Duama, at first not really registering his question, and then she managed a small smile. “I’m fine… just a bit worried about her.” Her blue gaze flicked to Ava’s still form for a moment. “She’s pretty out of it. Other than that…” Ahri trailed off, not really sure what else she wanted to say. She was worried about a lot of things—getting attacked again; the sync training, and being able to pull her weight within the group; visiting Karesh, a place she thought she would never have to go… Finally, she said, “I guess I just have a lot on my mind right now, that’s all.”

She went quiet after that, sitting in silence for a couple of moments before she felt Suicune give her a mental push. Then she remembered her manners, and she tried another smile. “What about you? You’ve been pretty busy since this trip began. Are you… are you looking forward to going home?”

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Duama smiles "Yeah I am, but at the same time Im afraid too." Duama chuckled as the surprise spread across her face. "I dont know how theyll receive me. When it comes to fighting Ill always find a way but with people?...." he scratched the back of his head laughing "I suppose I could do better. But Ive learned we're all meant for different strengths. And maybe yours isnt the same as mine. But I think you'll understand once I finish your weapon." ^_^

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Ahri folded her hands in her lap. “It’s true… You don’t really seem to be a ‘people person’—but you’re not nearly as much of an ass as I thought you were, either,” she told him, remembering their first meeting. Then something dawned on her and she stared at him. “Wait, weapon??”

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"We got all the way to Galvis?  Thats impressive.  Jacob and Mew must be getting stronger," Raikou said when the teleport ended.  He listened to the others' conversations for a while, until it annoyed him.  Then he walked towards the forest and said, "I have another training exercise for you all.  Meet me on the top of this hill, and bring alot of cloth.  We need blindfolds." 

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“I have another training exercise for you all. Meet me on the other side of this hill, and bring a lot of cloth. We need blindfolds.”

Ahri gave a little jolt of surprise when Raikou’s gruff voice cut through their quiet conversation. She glanced at the lightning Legendary as he disappeared into the trees that led up one side of the aforementioned hill, momentarily confused by his instructions. “Training…?”

There’s no time like the present. Suicune stretched his long, sinuous body as he rose to his feet. There was a hint of amusement in his voice when he added, You did say that you wanted something to do.

She made a face at him and got to her feet, feeling a bit nervous. This would be the first time that she had actually participated in one of Raikou’s training exercises—but she knew that she couldn’t back out. She had decided that she wanted to do this, and she was damn well going to do it.

Ahri began rummaging through the group’s medical supplies until she came up with a bundle of rolled cloth that could be used as bandages. It had been cheap and there was quite a bit of it. She held it up for Duama and Kari to see. “This should do for the blindfolds, don’t you think?” she said, though it was more of a statement than a question, and she headed towards the forest without waiting for either of them to answer.

Suicune paused for a moment, looking at Entei. The other Legendary inclined his head slightly. We will be fine here. Go on.

Suicune hesitated a second longer, then glanced down at Growlithe. Stay with them, please. Help guard the camp while we’re gone, he told the fire pup, and then he followed Ahriana into the trees, heading for the appointed meeting spot.

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"Absol...protect Ava." was all duama said as he walked forward to follow the others. After everything thats happened he was eager to get his mind off everything that had transpired. The destruction of En, the plight of his own home, not to mention the constant threat that James and his lackeys represented. All of them pointed to only one solution that Raikou made evidently clear: Become stronger.

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Kari was startled by Raikou's gruff tone, but followed the other members of the group after Ahri had found the bandages, with a quick backward look at Ava. Kari honestly didn't feel like training, but the lightning legendary was intimidating and could more than likely kick her and Lugia's collective asses. She wasn't going to be the one to argue with him. "Wonder what the blindfolds could be for." She mumbled, then realized the weight on her wrists and jogged to catch up with Duama. "Should we take this off for Raikou's training?" She asked, holding up her still shackled wrists.

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Ahriana and Suicune were the first to reach the appointed meeting spot on the other side of the hill, although they knew that Duama and Kari would not be long behind them. Ahri halted a handful of feet away from the lightning Legendary, still holding the bundle of rolled cloth and trying to conceal her apprehension. She wanted to ask him what they would be doing and why they needed blindfolds, but she hung back. She knew that Raikou would explain everything in due time—once Duama and Kari had arrived.

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Duama smilied as he unlocked the shackles "No, I suppose not. No since making it harder on yourself."

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(awww, you should've kept em on lol.  Minor take over post, I don't want this to take forever.)

Raikou was sitting on the hill when the trainee's arrived.  When the group was assembled, he said, "Good, that should be enough.  Now, the purpose of this exercise is to practice your mental communication abilities.  You all know how to talk through your mindlink, but if you complete this lesson you'll be able to do more than that.  Now, before I explain the game, I need the humans to blindfold themselves."  The group looked at each other uncertainly as the priests used the assembled cloth to cover their eyes.  "While you were gathering cloth I made scratch marks on some of the trees in the clearing behind me," Raikou motioned to the tree-surrounded meadow behind him.  The trees were indeed marked, but the marks were only noticable from the top of the hill if one was looking for them.  "All the pokemon have to do is lead their priest to the tree with the designated number of scratches.  But there are rules.  The Legendaries cannot speak vocally and cannot move from this hill.  Do you understand?"

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Ahri handed Duama and Kari each a length of cloth to tie over their eyes before she unrolled her own bundle and began wrapping it over her eyes. She fumbled with it for a moment before tying off an efficient knot at the back of her head. She let her hands drop to her sides, restlessly twitching her fingers as she listened to Raikou describe their next task.

“All the Pokémon have to do is lead their priest to the tree with the designated number of scratches. But there are rules. The Legendaries cannot speak vocally and cannot move from this hill. Do you understand?”

Despite the fact that this wasn’t going to be a physical test, Ahri could feel her nerves multiplying. She nodded to show her understanding, not trusting her voice.

I understand, but I do have a question. Suicune’s cool voice drifted through the group from Ahri’s left. You said that you marked multiple trees down in the meadow… so which is the ‘designated tree’?

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"Yeah, unless we're supposed to guess at that to." Duama noted sarcastically, finally securing his headband. He had communicated in his mind with Rayquaza on several occasions, flying at almost all times in a zone defunct of oxygen made it almost a necessity to speak through their link, lest his lungs collapse from the lack of oxygen.

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"Don't be ignorant.  There are multiple trees so that we can practice this multiple times.  Your first objective is to locate tree number one, obviously," Raikou said.  The smart mouthed priests annoyed him a little, but he had a counter measure.  "The first tree will be a practice run.  Once you all have gotten the hang of this kind of communication, we'll raise the stakes.  You may begin,"  At the bottom of the hill, in a small meadow surrounded by a square box of trees, tree number one was located in the farthest left corner, north east of the priests' starting position.  Raikou pointed towards this tree with his paw, but did not say anything so he wouldn't give away its location.

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Kari smiled as the instructions were given and she secured her own blindfold. Little did the rest of the group know that Kari and Lugia had done a similar technique before. When Kari swam with Lugia in the ocean her eyes had to remain shut because of the salt so Lugia developed a way to help her experience the ocean's beauty without her eyes.

Kari stilled herself, cleared her mind and opened herself up to Lugia's presence. From the darkness came an image, it started out fuzzy but quickly became clearer. Lugia raised it's head and Kari's vision rose with it. Lugia's eyes followed Raikou's paw to the marked tree, Kari "saw" it too. Lugia then looked down at Kari, who began to move towards the marked tree, using Lugia's transmitted vision as her eyes. Walking was harder than swimming, so she was a little wobbly, but Kari made it to the marked tree with little trouble.

((Woot. Something Kari's actually good at that make sense. :3))

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"Alright rayquaza, lead the way.." was all duam said as he exhale and began to focus. His minds eye opened to him as the forest faded in. Smirking duama began to stroll thru the forest with relative ease. Weaving his body left and right along with rayquaza's vision all the while, he eventually reached the tree and placed a single finger against the trunk, grinning childishly.

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Ahriana was dimly aware that Kari and Duama had already begun their descent into the meadow below. Although she couldn’t see anything with the blindfold securely in place, she could hear the grass rustling against their feet, and she imagined that she could even sense their presence moving away from her. For a moment she felt panic bubble up in her chest—

I’m not ready! I don’t know if I can do this! I—

Suicune leaned against her side, crisply cutting off her agitated inner-monologue. Focus. Open your mind to me, Ahri. His voice felt like cool rain to her mind, distracting her from her agitation. Use my eyes to see the path and I will guide you. This is not the time for self-doubt.

She exhaled and the bubble of fright popped. Why did he always have to be right?

Ahri took another deep breath, forcing herself to relax and forget about the tree, and Raikou, and the other priests and Legendaries and just focus on Suicune. Slowly, she let herself sink into their bond, like a swimmer submerging herself in the water. The images in her mind paled, blurred, and then Suicune blinked and suddenly everything came back into focus—and she realized that she was seeing everything through her partner’s eyes.

As she looked on, Suicune’s gaze traveled down the hill and across the meadow—she saw that Duama and Kari had already reached the bottom and were heading through the grass—finally settling on a tree on the far side of the meadow. Through Suicune’s enhanced vision, the priestess could see that it was one of the trees that Raikou had marked… and their first target.

Right, she thought as she stared at the tree, determination beginning to sink in now that her anxiety had subsided. I… I think I can do this.


Under Suicune’s guidance, Ahriana began her own journey down the hill and across the grassy meadow. Her partner’s borrowed vision helped her avoid the trees and larger obstacles in her path, but he couldn’t see everything and so she took it slow, carefully minding her steps. Twice, she caught her toe on a partially-buried bit of stone and pitched forward. She managed to stay on her feet the first time, but the second time it happened she wasn’t so lucky—she fell, scraping the palms of her hands when she reached out to catch herself. Another time, she almost turned an ankle when she stepped into a small hole that one of the local Pokémon had dug. Through it all, Suicune stayed with her—a calm, steady voice in the back of her mind, encouraging her and patiently coaxing her across the meadow until at last she could “see” the tree she had been walking towards. Duama and Kari were already there, and had been standing there for several minutes, but she scarcely noticed them in Suicune’s eyes.

We did it, she thought to him, feeling both tired from the long, stumbling walk and giddy that she had finally made it. Gratefully, she placed her palm on the tree trunk and said aloud, “Thank the gods.”

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(relative to main group)
Raikou watched closely as the priests stumbled across the meadow.  Ahrianna slowness and uncertanty was exactly what he expected, and also one of the chief reasons why he brought her out.  Duama also performed as expected.  As a syncronized priest and legendary, the ability to see through their partner's eyes was a natural part of their new level.  But Kari's proficiency was both pleasantly suprising and disapointing for Raikou.  He walked next to the legendaries and said, "I need to be completely honest with the three of you.  This training was more of a test than anything.  Suicune, your partner is still nervous.  She would benefit greatly by continuing this practice.  Just go through the numbers, there are twenty marked trees in all.  I would suggest switching roles after every five trees or so.  Don't let Ahrianna depend on you too much.  Rayquaza, this exercize won't help you.  I used you as the control group to compare the others' performance.  I'm sorry.  But I would like you and your partner to stay here and work with Suicune.  Ahrianna needs help getting to the syncronization level, and I can only teach her so much.  Duama seems to like mentoring, maybe he can give her a different perspective." Raikou paused.  He phrased the next part of his analysis carefully, because it still confused him.  "Lugia, your's and kari's performance was the only one I didn't expect.  A pair capable of syncronization will pass this test without trouble, like we saw with Rayquaza and Duama.  A team who isn't ready, like Suicune's, will have much greater difficulty.  But Kari was able to walk through the meadow easier than Duama was, and she isn't able to syncronize.  Your team won't benefit from this training.  If it is alright with you, I would like to fight you and Kari instead.  You guys are physically capable of syncronization, but your team is lacking the resolve.  I want to see what happens when you're pushed to the limit." 

(events in james' camp)
Jackson and Cloud stood on their training plateau, facing each other at twenty paces.  Latios and Heatran stood, or floated, next to their respective partners.  A light breeze blew past the combatants.  Simultaneously, both pairs shouted their syncro-phrase,
"We will be more powerful," and,
"We will be free."  
Both teams lit up with energy.  Jackson's steel mask and bumps formed over his deep red burning skin.  His hands and feet turned to metal as well.  Cloud's skin turned grey-white and scaly.  He formed a blue mask with pointed ears, like a super hero, blue forearms and wings like Latios', and even the red triangle on his stomach.  Cloud had never before resembled Latios so closely.  Cloud and Jackson charged at one another, colliding as usual with Iron head and Zen Headbut.  Heatran attacked from behind Jackson with Lava Plume.  Latios intercepted the wave and countered it with Dragon Pulse.  He then flew down and attacked Jackson with Luster Purge.  Jackson avoided, but lost track of Cloud in the light.  Cloud combined a Psychic attack in his hands with a dragon pulse from his mouth and attacked Jackson with the energy blast from his blindside.  Heatran managed to block the hit with his body.  Jackson came from behind his opponent and attacked Cloud with Stone Edge.  Latios attacked Jackson with a Psychic-Dragon pulse from the air that forced him into the ground.  Jackson rose slowly to his knee, spat, and whiped the blood from his mouth.  He looked at his hand; he had never bled in training before. 
"Its about time you reached this level, Cloud.  I hope you enjoyed it while you could, because we're not holding back anymore!"  Jackson shouted excitedly.  He and Heatran stood together and unleashed a Magma storm around the whole of the battlefield.  Cloud and Latios protected themselves, but when the storm ended and the protect barrier fell Jackson was there to deliver a Stone Edge to Cloud's stomach.  Heatran followed Jackson's attack with a Heatwave that struck all three of them.  Latios and Jackson were knocked back.  But Jackson's Flash Fire ability activated.  His energy glowed brighter than ever as he attacked Cloud and Latios with his own Heatwave.  Cloud negated the attack with a Psychic blast and Latios charged forward at Jackson with Zen Headbut.
Meanwhile, James sat in his lair with his robe top removed and his legs crossed.  He was surrounded by a glowing ring of water, and meditating.  A massive purple bruise covered his middle back.  Manectric guarded the cave's enterance, ordered to make sure that no one entered.

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Lugia was surprised by Raikou's words. It was happy about the praise, entertained by the knowledge that Raikou was unaware of their secret training, and anxious about the idea of fighting the lightning dog. Largely because of it's dominion over electricity and also because of Raikou's sheer experience in combat. Kari and I have used this technique before when swimming in the deep, Lugia explained, so this was nothing new to us. But of course we'll accept your challenge.

Lugia reached out and called Kari back. Kari turned, took off her blindfold, and started jogging towards the pair of legendaries. Lugia spoke only to Raikou saying, Please don't be too rough with her. Neither of us are very use to combat and I anticipate Kari will be greatly hesitant to land a blow on you, being that she knows you. When she arrived Lugia explained Raikou's challenge to her. Kari looked at Raikou, obviously intimidated by this idea, but agreed none-the-less.

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"I'm sorry, but I can't agree to that fully.  The only way to prepair for real combat is to experience real combat, or as close to real as you can get.  You may resent me for what is about to happen.  You may even come to hate me.  But one day you will thank me.  Now come," Raikou said solemnly.  He lead Kari and Lugia through the forest at the end of the meadow, through to the forests edge, until they reached a field.  Raikou dashed a short distance ahead and then stopped and turned to Kari and Lugia.  He let out a loud roar.  Electrical energy shot upward from his body and came down as a Thunder attack, equal to if not more powerful than Raikou's Thunder attacks from when he met Kari and Lugia.  The bolt struck a tree behind Lugia that immediatly started a forestfire.  "Tell me Kari, Lugia, why did you join this caravan?" Raikou's voice boomed over the flames. 

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Kari and Lugia followed to the designated duel spot. Lugia badly wanted to step in and show some muscle. It didn't appreciate seeing Kari in a position to be hurt or frightened. Raikou's impressive roar was a stunning start to the bout, Kari however was intimidated by this, and had fire not exploded behind her, would have back away into the forest and striven to disappear. Lugia wasn't phased so much by the fire, but was made discomforted by the electricity. It mentally prodded Kari, prompting her to adopt a brave face. "We're here because it's safe!" She shouted across to him over the roar and crackle of the fire.

Kari wasn't sure what to do, if she climbed on Lugia's back and took to the skies Raikou's electricity could take them both down without much trouble. At least on the ground they had more time and could attempt to dodge. Lugia took initiative and used Future Sight on Raikou. Kari was beginning to feel frantic and overloaded. With another gentle prodding from Lugia, she held on to herself long enough to use Calm Mind. She took a steady breath, feeling much better, then began tentatively moving to her left, away from Lugia.

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Raikou dashed forward, leaping into the air between Kari and Lugia.  "You really think THIS is safe?" Raikou roared.  He gathered energy and attacked both of his opponents with an electrical field, a Discharge attack.  Raikou landed on the ground before the forest.  "There's a maniac on the loose that can absorb legendary pokemon.  Putting his already fantastic power aside, he has two powerful syncronized pairs and a tactician at his disposal.  Nowhere is safe.  Lets try again, why are you here?" his voice was stern.

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Lugia recoiled from the painful lightning attack and Kari fell on her butt, her hair seriously mussed and her dress minorly singed at the hem. Kari didn't like this already, Raikou was asking questions she hadn't thought of and couldn't answer. "It's safer than out there on our own." She retaliated, attempting to inflict her own attack on Raikou with Extrasensory. Lugia took the opportunity to try and swipe at Raikou with it's large tail. Using their stable, Rain Dance, would only serve aide Raikou as much as them in this match.

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Raikou lept up and caught Lugia's tail as it hit him.  His teeth sparked as he plunged a Thunder Fang into the tail.  Raikou was thrown upward into the air.  He attacked Lugia with Thunder from above.  Raikou landed on his feet and used Extreemspeed to run towards Kari.  He stopped directly inches infront of her face and stared into her eyes.  "Stop lying to me, Kari.  If you were safe you wouldn't be so scared.  Tell me why you're here." Raikou said. 

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Lugia let out an cry as thunder coursed up it's tail. The electricity was quickly bringing down the great legendary, it was at a disadvantage in every way. Kari felt pain flowing through their link, she tried to send back some strength of her own but felt seriously lacking. Having the face of a fearsome legendary inches from her she panicked. "Why do you think I'm lying. We just want to be safe. We want James gone so things can be normal again." Kari let loose a frantic whirlwind, blowing Raikou away from her and her partner.

Lugia was proud to see Kari trying so hard, it could feel what a difficult time she was having. Lugia sat and used the move Recover on itself. Healing a few of the exterior wounds and restoring some vitality.

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Raikou stood up.  He wasn't expecting whirlwind, of all attacks.  "I can see it in your eyes, Kari.  If you're not lying to me, then you're lying to yourself.  Tell me, why are you here?" Raikou fired a spark attack at Kari's feet.  He noticed Lugia behind him recovering, but continued focusing on Kari.  Lugia was too big to sneak up on him.

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Kari danced awkwardly, trying to avoid the lightning. Lugia, feeling better, launched a barrage of earth at Raikou with Ancient Power. "Don't think you can launch an attack at my daughter without feeling some consequences." it said with ferocity. Kari was touched by this. Kari always knew Lugia as a parent, but as she grew they had tried to stray away from those ties because of how odd a thing it was. What Raikou said about lying though was nagging at her. It was true she wanted the world back to normal, and if it weren't for James she'd be completely content with going back to wandering and swimming in the deep, but deep down she was confused. Unsure if that's why she really stayed. "I don't know what you want from me! I just want this over so I can go back to my life." Was her response to Raikou's prodding. That and another Extrasensory attack. It was clear Kari was avoiding close quarters tactics, using Lugia as her front line.

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Lugia's ancientpower attack was avoidable.  Raikou ran towards Kari to dodge the rocks.  But he took the extrasensory attack head on.  "Seems you won't respond to direct methods.  Fine." Raikou said to Kari.  He ran towards Lugia and attacked it with Discharge.  After the shock subsided, Raikou attacked again.  And after that shock he attacked again.  "You can stop this Kari.  Just stop lying to yourself" Raikou roared.

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Kari put up her arms expecting the legendary to go for her, but when she saw him attacking Lugia and feeling the pain through their link she was mortified. Lugia thrashed around attempting to land any attack it could, but each zap slowed it's movement and weakened it's attacks. Lugia was beginning to worry. It knew this was a test but it still f***ing hurt. It'd have to remember to smash Raikou for it later. Kari was panicking. She wanted to rush Raikou and tear him off of Lugia herself. "Leave Papa alone!" She yelled, ready to rush in. Then Lugia emerged in her mind, still in pain, but giving her pause, reminding her that rash thoughts to no one any good.

Then one more zap sent her into a rage. Kari ran at a dead sprint towards Raikou, leaped at him and grabbed onto his small grey horns. She looked him right in the eye seething, "You get off my Papa, NOW!" faint blue markings were visible on Kari's face, and her normally blue eyes were the same deep red as her partners. Kari opened her mouth and from it shot a Hydro Pump straight into Raikou's face. Letting go and sending him flying backwards. "I won't let you or anybody take my only family away from me! You want to know why I'm here, thunder dog?" She spat, her voice booming with ferocity and confidence. "Because I refuse to allow some power stealing punk threaten my family, and if that involves your training that that's just what I need to do." Kari's adrenaline burst through the proverbial roof and she let out a howl, like a whale's war cry.

Then as quick as it come, it was gone, and Kari felt drained, but continued to stare down Raikou, should he make another move.

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Suicune accepted Raikou’s assessment of their performance, as well as his suggestion that they continue to practice, with a quiet nod of approval. Ahri’s elation at successfully reaching the first tree had already told him that this exercise would be good for her—it would be good for them both.

Well done, Ahri, he told her silently, looking down at her from across the meadow. He could sense her pleased smile more than he saw it. You may come back now.

In the distance, the dark-haired girl pulled off her blindfold and began making her way back towards the hill. Suicune watched her for a moment, thoughtful. Their bond was supposed to be an equal partnership between Legendary and human, and they both needed to pull their weight to make it work. It was important to be able to rely on each other, but as he listened to Raikou’s comments he began to see that it was also important to find a balance between them. Ahriana needed to find the strength and confidence to stand beside him as an equal, instead of resigning herself to always walking a step behind... and he needed to stop enabling her, and stop allowing himself to be her crutch.

This realization pained him some. It was hard to face the fact that he and Ahri had been holding each other back instead of helping each other move forward—it stung at his pride. But there is knowing and then there is doing. Habits could always be changed.

Suicune glanced aside at Rayquaza as Raikou led Kari and Lugia away. Although the dragon and his partner were probably the most advanced of the pairs when it came to sync training, he wasn’t sure what working with them would be like. Finally, he suggested, Perhaps let us run through the exercise a second time, and then you and Duama could offer your input?

Ahri trudged up the hill, her blindfold dangling loosely from one hand. She stopped in front of Suicune, looking curiously between him and Rayquaza. “Sooo... Kari and Lugia are going to train with Raikou for a while?”

Yes... And we are going to stay here and practice, with Rayquaza and Duama to advise us. He nodded cordially to the dragon. Put your blindfold back on.

“Oh.” She looked from Duama to Rayquaza, uncertain. “The same exercise as before?”

For the next few trees, at least, he replied. There was a touch of humor in his voice. He had already spied the second tree off in the distance, on the northern border of the meadow. Then we switch places.

“Well, we did it once, so we can do it again,” she muttered, pulling the blindfold over her head and settling it over her eyes. Somehow, she was more nervous about having Rayquaza and Duama observing her than doing the exercise itself. She dropped her arms to her sides and took a deep breath. “Okay. I’m ready.”

Suicune felt the pull of the bond between them, like a rip current pulling them both out to sea. He focused on the second tree, burning it into their memory, and then turned their attention to her path down the hill. This was doable. Completely doable.

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"trust in your bond. Don't doubt for a second that suicune knows where the tree is." duama said encouragingly. "Just let yourself go and let his eyes be your eyes, There's no reason you can't see everything before you."

Rayquaza couldn't help but smile to himself a bit. This was not unlike how he trained duama to see, to breath and embrace the bond that seemed so new to him at the time.

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Ahri smiled at Duama’s earnest advice, relaxing slightly when she realized that he wasn’t going to start by criticizing her or making her feel like an idiot. The little bit of confidence she’d gained when she finally laid her hand against the first tree fizzed just beneath her consciousness, and she was eager to duplicate her first success.

Only this time, we’ll do it even better, she told herself firmly, determined.

The priestess took a deep breath and opened her mind. She could feel herself slipping into her connection with Suicune again, even more quickly than before… and when ‘they’ gazed out across the meadow so her partner could show her where the next tree was, she was quick to pick it out of the surrounding trees.

Alright… here we go, she thought to Suicune, and this time her tone was full of nervous excitement—and much less doubt.

Again, Ahriana took it slowly as she made her way down the side of the hill and into the meadow. Even with a renewed sense of confidence, she knew that she was still vulnerable to smaller obstacles that Suicune might not be able to see from the hilltop. She carefully wound her way around a handful of sapling trees, and was able to sidestep a large, broken tree limb that had fallen in the middle of the path. Only once did she stumble—and she very nearly fell—but she managed to reach out and steady herself against a small pine before she completely lost her balance.

When at last she reached the second tree, she didn’t hesitate to place her hand against its trunk, her fingers firm against the rough bark. She reached up and tugged the blindfold up just enough to her to see, and then she turned and waved to Suicune, Duama, and Rayquaza, calling out, “I made it! I made it!

Suicune chuckled and shook his head, silently calling her back to the hill. He could feel her emotions bubbling like a frothy bit of water—exultant, excited, and determined to do it again… only better.

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Raikou rose to his feet, laughing quietly to himself.  That had been the first time he heard the word "papa" used in a battle before.  "Well, it seems my work here is done.  Go back to camp," he said.  He walked off to the south, away from the campsite, and stopped before the tree line.  "I'll see you all in a couple of days.  Until then you better not get lax on the training." Raikou said before running off into the forest.

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"alright, you guys heard him." Duama said standing up finally. It seemed his time to play was quickly coming to an end. "Kari, feel free to head back to camp, and take your shackles with you. Seeing as this training wont benefit you any I think it'd be good to focus on your pole arm stances. I know Lugia will talk you through it. In the meantime I'll stay with Ahri and help her through her training." He smilied genuinely taking some of the authority out of his voice. "If Ava wakes up I want her to be among kind faces, and that's you and Lugia...I'm no good at comforting people...If she wakes up notify me immediately. Im...counting on you two." he concluded as he turned back to Ahri, already in the process of heading for the next tree.

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Raikou turned to go and Kari felt relief wash over her like a wave, starting at her toes and working it's way up. She sat down on Lugia's tail, taking breaths while the adrenaline rush ebbed and leveled out. After a few moments, and another recover from Lugia, the pair got up and made their way back to camp. As they passed Duama addressed Kari, but his voice barely registered. She simply kept walking while Lugia, who had heard Duama, bent down and picked up the shackles with it's massive head as it passed, casting Duama an ambiguous glance, but saying nothing before continuing into the camp where Ava lay.

Kari was like a zombie caught in a daze. Kari, you need to get a hold of yourself. Lugia said to her, sounding concerned. The rush of combat, seeing Lugia in a dire situation and the bright realization of her reason for continuing on had blow Kari's circuits. Lugia reached it's wing out and pulled Kari close with it. You need to rest before you do anything else. It told her. Pressing on her head to make her sit, after which Kari closed her eyes and went into a meditative state. Lugia sat as well and swam around in Kari's mind, helping her re-establish her grip before having her resume Dauma's weapon training.

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(isn't that your job Xira?)

Sanders returned to the mountain campsite in a flash alongside Gardevior.  They heard the commotion of Jackson and Cloud's sparring match and walked towards the cliff to watch.  Alakazam ran after Sanders and stood by him at the cliff.  Sanders scratched the top of the psychic pokemon's head.  Jackson and Cloud had been fighting for over an hour, but weren't showing any sign of fatigue.  
"They've sure gotten stronger, haven't they Sanders?" James' voice said.  Sanders didn't turn to look as James walked up behind him.  
"Cloud expecially.  He's really grown since we found him," Sanders answered.  
"Absolutely.  I never would have expected such a change in him back then.  A true syncronized priest, as strong as Raikou and I were.  And I have you and Jackson to thank for that.  He never would have gotten this far without your guidance," James said.  Sanders turned his eyes to James.  He was looking down at the fight, smiling proudly.  His old cloak was draped over his shoulders, and none of his transformation marks showed.  He looked human.
"I came down here to tell you that your services are no longer required.  I suggest that you pack your things and leave tonight.  You already have other living arrangements, don't you Sanders?" James said, giving Sanders a sly smile.  
"None of us expected to be here for very long.  What will happen to Jackson and Cloud?  If you don't need me to keep them in line..."  Sanders said.
"I'll discharge them in their own way tomorrow.  They aren't as civil as you," James answered.
"No, they're not,"  Sanders agreed quietly.  James walked away from the cliff, back to his lair.  Sanders watched the battle for a while longer, contemplating his next move.  Then he turned towards the camp.  
Twenty minutes later, Sanders teleported from the campsite with Alakazam and Gardevior at his side.

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Suicune sensed more than heard his brother take leave of the small group, but he didn’t let it distract him from the current task at hand. Instead, he kept his focus on Ahri’s path, directing her down the hill for the fifth time since the day’s practice began.

For her own part, Ahriana was unaware of Raikou’s departure… or even when Duama paused to speak to Kari, as she and Lugia passed through on their way back to camp. She was too busy concentrating on the next tree. The next goal. The next test. She was determined to finish them all.


The rest of the afternoon passed quickly away. Under the guidance of Duama and Rayquaza, whose occasional comments and suggestions helped keep the pair moving forward, Ahriana and Suicune eventually made their way through all twenty of the marked trees that Raikou had left for them.

It was an interesting process—especially when Ahri and her partner switched places, and she was the one to guide the water Legendary through the meadow. They traded places twice, taking turns trekking down into the meadow with the blindfold on, hunting down various trees. The priestess soon discovered that it was just as tricky to be the one standing on the hill giving directions as it was to be blindfolded and sent wandering through the grass… but she also realized that their bond offered her certain advantages that she’d never considered before, such as an improved sense of sight.

After the final tree had been found, Ahri practically floated back up the hillside to rejoin her companions. She was tired from the strain of keeping her mind locked with Suicune’s for such an extended amount of time, but she was also bursting with a newly found confidence.

We did it, we did it, we did it~ she sang to Suicune, flinging her arms around his neck when she finally reached the top. After giving him an affectionate squeeze, she turned on Duama and Rayquaza and grinned. She wasn’t quite comfortable enough to run up and hug either of them, but that didn’t stop her from beaming and saying an exuberant “Thank you!”

Suicune chuckled and nudged her in the direction of the camp. The sun is starting to set… Let’s get back to the others while there’s still light out, he said, and then shook his head in amusement as his priestess immediately turned to bounce down the trail leading back to the camp. He nodded to Duama and Rayquaza, a quiet thank you in his expression, and followed Ahriana down into the trees.


By the time the small group arrived at the campsite, the sun was almost gone and the brilliant colors of sunset—so bright up on top of the hill—had begun to fade as the sun dropped below the soaring ridges of the Glaess Mountain Range to their west. Ahri immediately went to raid the supply packs, digging out the leftover fruits and bread they had brought with them from Ronzino while Growlithe danced around her feet, excited that they had finally returned. She took several pieces of fruit and a large chunk of bread before handing the packs over to Duama and returning to Suicune’s side, with Growlithe hot on her heels.

Hungry? the Legendary asked, amused, as she offered him a piece of fruit.

I’m starving, she replied, taking a seat on the ground beside him and biting into an apple. As she chewed, she glanced around the campsite, silently noting, Jacob and Mew are still asleep… and… Ava isn’t awake yet?

Suicune shook his head, glancing sidelong towards Entei’s priestess. The red-haired girl was curled on her side with her back to the rest of the camp’s occupants. It was impossible to tell whether she was asleep or awake. He turned back to his food, replying just as silently, Just leave her be, Ahri. I’m sure she will get up when she’s ready…

Ahriana sighed and turned back to her dinner, offering some of the fruit to Growlithe. She knew that; she just hated having to sit by and do nothing when another human being was suffering. And she had a feeling that things were going to change once they finally reached their destination… Somehow, it felt like they were running out of time. Something was going to happen, and soon. She just didn’t know what.

Meanwhile, Ava stared into the growing darkness within the trees that lined their small clearing, silently listening to everyone else as they returned to the camp and began settling down for dinner. She felt no hunger, or thirst, or inclination to move—she was just… tired. She knew that tomorrow would probably be a busy day, and she then she would have to get up. She couldn’t sleep forever. The priestess exhaled and closed her eyes.

As the light slowly disappeared, Ahri felt a shiver run down her spine. Tomorrow, gods willing, they would be in Karesh.

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About an half an hour after Raikou left the group he was hit with a force from nowhere that felt like he'd been standing in the path of a speeding bus. It had taken a while but Lugia's future sight had finally caught up with him. Back at the camp Lugia smiled, feeling the relief that came with the future sight being fulfilled.

After a little over an hour of meditating, and Lugia working around in Kari's head she was feeling much better. Her body was still tired, but she figured she should at least do a little bit of weapon training before the day was out. Standing up Lugia offered her the shackles, but Kari refused them. "I want to try this on my own this time." She told it. Lugia was uncertain but consented. If she only trained with the shackles on she'd become too dependent on them to keep her hands properly spaced.

Going through the motions Duama had shown her, Kari started slowly, then built up speed as her muscles learned the proper placing and movements. She needed only occasional corrections from Lugia in this session. She was getting better.

When the sun got low in the sky Kari stopped her practicing, and raided the large sack of food for a roll and some dried meat. Ahri entered the camp shortly after she'd found her meal and sat down. Talking with Ahri was still a little awkward for Kari, the two hadn't really held much of a conversation since they met, so after Kari finished her meal she simply said good night to everyone, and curled up under Lugia's wing.

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Jackson crashed into the rocky ground of the training ring with a thud, and was soon followed by Heatran.  Both of them jumped to their feet quickly and prepaired for their final attack.  Cloud and Latios hung in the sky; Cloud prepairing a Psychic attack and Latios a Dragon Pulse.  Jackson and Heatran pooled their powers together and unleashed a super-powered Heat Wave.  Cloud and Latios launched their attacks in response.  The energy waves produced by the two teams collided and exploded in mid air.  The explosion consumed both teams.

"I hate psychic pokemon sometimes," Raikou mumbled to himself after recovering from the Future Sight attack.  He looked out at the Dalmiond expanse from the top of a sand dune.  Desert, rolling sand as far as he could see.  Raikou lept from the dune and continued south.  He would run as far as he could during the night.

After the dust of the explosion settled and the match ended, Jackson and Cloud sat on the ledge of the mountain with their pokemon.  The red sun was sinking down the horizon.
"That was some show you put on kid.  I don't have to go easy on you anymore,"  Jackson said. 
"Please Jack; I was worried you weren't going to be able to keep up," Cloud snorted.
"Don't push it kid.  I don't give out complements very often.  You're not that good."
"We have a type disadvantage against you guys.  You should be embarrassed that we pushed you this far," Latios interjected.
"Yea!  What he said," Cloud exclaimed.
"Shut up Cloud," Heatran said. 
"You shut up.  I don't need to stay here anymore.  There's a big world out there that I haven't seen.  First thing tomorrow morning we're out of here." Cloud said.  Latios nodded. 
"Just going to take your sync mode and leave?"  Jackson gave Cloud a sly look.
"Why shouldn't I?  I don't want any more to do with James' crap.  I'm done hurting people for no good reason."
"You've got me there.  Being part of team Rule the World has really lost its luster," Jackson nodded.
"You're not actually staying around here, right Jackson?"  Cloud asked.
"I'm not running away.  I'm going to defeat James myself.  I just need to find out how,"  Jackson answered.
"And you think the answer is here?  How many times have you watched him fight?  And what have you learned?"  Cloud protested.
"Alot, and a little," Jackson answered.  The sun was gone now, and already the air grew colder. 
"We should retire for the night.  That was a harsh session," Heatran said.  The others agreed and walked towards the camp.  Cloud and Latios headed straight for their tent and went to sleep.  Jackson walked towards his own tent, but noticed that Sanders' tent was missing completely.  Heatran also made note of his disapearance. 
"Guess he came back for Alakazam and left,"  Jackson sighed.  He went inside his tent and lit a candle.  Then he saw a note sitting on his makeshift bed.  Jackson picked up the scrap of paper and read to himself,
"James is weak against Rock type attacks -S"
Jackson burned the note in the candle fire.  Sanders left without saying a word, but took the time to leave a note behind.  Jackson knew he was missing something.  He lay down to sleep, but couldn't shake the idea that something was going to happen the next day.

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The group settled in for a much needed night's sleep, each sleeping soundly by their partners. The night sky was clear, and the new moon allowed for stars clearly, but no one would wake to notice.

The next morning the group woke to the sun peeking around M. Kaotl in the distance. Most of the legendaries were awake before their partners, and nudged their priests into consciousness so that they could be on their way to Karesh. Mew had a more difficult time waking Jacob, but eventually he did wake just as the last of people's blankets were being stuffed into packs. Gallade, who had been tucked away in a shady corner of the camp meditating, emerged and strode towards the others, obviously ready to go.

Jacob stood, rubbed the sleep from his eyes, and looked to Mew. "You ready?" he said to the pokemon. Mew's answer was to shift itself, yet again, into Gallade. Kari was anxious. She didn't like the sensation of teleporting, but quelled her nerves with the though of, This is the last one.

Like last time, everyone gathered close, making sure they were all in contact somehow, and in an instant they were gone.

Thirty miles away everyone appeared, instantly. Kari collapsed into a squat, and Jacob just collapsed. Saved only by Mew, quickly getting behind the priest and slowing his fall.
Looking around the group saw they were just over a mile away from the gates of Karesh. Gallade looked around, discomforted by the lack of foliage. Kari and Lugia became excited at the thought of being so close to the ocean again. "Should we eat breakfast here or in the city?" She posed to the group.

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Jackson woke up with the sunrise that morning.  He walked outside his tent and gazed out at the world beyond the mountain.  Heatran was awake as well, but still pretended to sleep.  The roar of Cloud's snoring echoed from his tent.  As the sun lifted off the horizon line in the east James approached the campsite.
"I never saw you as the type who watches sunrises," James said.  He stopped walking twenty paces from Jackson.
"I never was.  My power has only ever caused destruction; fires and ruin.  I've never taken the time to admire the natural side of the world,"  Jackson answered.
"I understand.  When a man see's his end he begins to reflect on his life.  You quite obviously know why I've come down here," James said.
"Yes.  The charade is over, old man, it's high time we see if your power is really all it's cracked up to be."Jackson and James stood face to face.  Jackson transformed first, shouting the words "I will defeat you" instead of his normal syncro phrase.  His skin turned dark red and formed the usual metal plates and face mask.  Heat energy radiated from his body.  Heatran stood up and released the same energy, and the dry heat of their power filled the air.  James transformed with a flash of electricity.  His arms and torso were covered with Raikou's stripes.  His face formed the same forehead plate and fangs, and the purple cloud cape rolled down his back.  James crouched down to all fours and lunged forward with extreemspeed.  He ran past Jackson and Heatran, turned, and attacked with a discharge field from behind.  Jackson and Heatran were caught in the blast and knocked backwards, but were quick to retaliate.  Jackson ran forward head first, while Heatran created a Lava Plume behind him.  James stomped his foot into the ground and created an earthquake underneith Jackson and Heatran, and then raised his head and countered the lava wave with his Hydro Pump.  James walked towards Jackson, who had fallen into the earthquake.  He held out his hand and gathered energy for his Zap Cannon.
"Shame this had to end so quickly.  I thought you would be stronger," James said.  Then James was struck with a purple wave of energy from the side that knocked him onto the broken ground.  Cloud and Latios were outside their tent, fully syncronized.
"How dare you get knocked down so easily Jackson!  Don't tell me you're actually that weak!"  Cloud exclaimed.  Jackson stood up and dusted himself off.  
"Of course not.  I was setting him up for you.  I know I can't win this alone."  Jackson said sternly.  Cloud nodded.
"Are you two done yet?  So you got a cheap shot in, big-" James was cut off by an explosion underneith him; Heatran's earth power.  James was flung into the air, where Cloud and Latios both attacked with simultaneous Zen Headbuts.  James fell backwards to the ground.  Jackson used Cloud's attack to charge forward.  As James hit the ground, Jackson lunged forward and crushed him with Stone Edge.  James was burried by the loose rock of the cliff.  Jackson retreated a few steps.
"There's no way it was that easy,"  Cloud said.  Latios nodded.  After a few moments James launched out of the rubble, displaying the fire and ice wings he inherited from Moltres and Articuno.  He burst forward with Extreemspeed and latched onto Cloud's shoulder with Crunch.  Latios tried to attack with Dragon Pulse, but was interrupted by Jame's discharge attack.  James let go of his bite and drilled Cloud into the earth with a point-blank Ice Beam.  Jackson and Heatran retaliated with their signature Double Heatwave.  Cloud and Latios regrouped and followed up the attack with a combined Psychic Dragon Pulse.  James guarded himself from the hits and minimized the damage.  Now back on the ground, James created another earthquake.  Cloud and Latios dashed forward in the air, but James was already creating another Zap Cannon aimed at Jackson.  Cloud saw this and, as James fired, intercepted the full force of the electrical blast.  Latios saw his partner flop onto the ground after the attack and turned to help him, but as he turned Latios was struck by James' Hyper Beam.  Jackson and Heatran climbed out of the earthquake's rubble to see their teammates sprawled across the ground, their syncronization faded.  
"CLOUD!  Get up kid!" Jackson yelled.  He ran forward and unleashed his Magma Storm attack around James.  James avoided the storm with his speed and blasted Jackson with Hydro Pump at close range.  Then he turned his attention to Latios.  He lifted the dragon by the neck and began draining its energy.  Cloud rose to his feet and attempted to punch James, but the boy was blasted by James' Zap Cannon before he could connect.  Cloud was flung from the cliff, and Latios disapeared almost simultaneously.  James' wings shrank and turned to resemble Latios', and he developed the same blue visor with ears and red triangle that Cloud recieved.  Jackson watched in horror, unable to move, as James walked towards him.
"You guys gave me quite a run there.  I must say I'm impressed with your teamwork.  And that Stone Edge attack; Sanders must've figured it out.  That's the only logical explination," James said.  
"You monster!  You'll pay for this!" Jackson cried.  He gathered all of the energy he had left, and once James got close, unleashed it all in an erruption attack that consumed the battlefield.  When the fire from the erruption subsided, Jackson and Heatran were nowhere to be seen.  Only James was left on the battlefield, guarded by Latios' protect.

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When the group rematerialized just outside of Karesh, Ahriana didn’t notice Ava’s stumble or Kari’s drop or Jacob’s collapse because she immediately had to grab hold of Suicune to keep herself from toppling over. It was like her knees had turned to jelly. Grimacing, she clung to her partner’s side until she was sure that her traitorous legs were going to support her weight. She did not like the sensation of being teleported.

Growlithe whined, sensing his mistress’ distress; while Suicune simply smiled and listened to her peevish contemplation of the merits of teleportation travel, his silent waves of amusement rolling through their link.

“It’s alright, Growlithe; I’m fine,” Ahri assured the worried pup, before turning her blue-eyed gaze on the amused Legendary standing beside her. Sourly, she told him, “I’m so happy to entertain you. Words cannot describe my delight in—”

Fortunately, Kari interrupted before the conversation could completely deteriorate.

“Should we eat breakfast here or in the city?”

“I— What?” Ahri faltered, startled out of her grouchy commentary by Kari’s question. Her brain scrambled to catch up to the present. “Oh. Uhmm…” Her eyes inadvertently slid towards Duama; they were on his home ground now. Hesitantly, she asked, “Duama…? What do you think?”

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For a long while Duama was silent....he searched for the words, for what feelings are possibly on his mind at this moment. happiness? Apprehension? thing was clear to him.

"Something's wrong. This place is usually in an uproar at this point of the year. I dont hear anything on the wind, I dont smell the smoke from the infinite something's not right at alll..."

whining absol rubbed his head on his master's leg which Duama petted absent-mindedly

"You guys can eat....but I want to get to the bottom of this." he concluded sternly.

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For a moment, Ahriana just stared at Duama, taken aback by the grim expression on his face. Then she blinked and turned her attention back to Karesh, this time with his sharp observations echoing in her mind.

The air above Karesh was indeed clear of smoke, just as Duama had said… And the quiet stillness that filled the air—something that she’d originally blamed on the earliness of the hour—now seemed rather ominous with the city’s walls looming in the distance. Disconcerted, Ahri glanced at the others to see what they might have to say.

“When you put it that way, of course we’re going to come with you,” Ava stated simply. They were the first words she’d spoken in nearly twenty-four hours, but they were frank and to the point. Her expression was unreadable as she stared at Karesh.

I can carry Jacob and Mew, Suicune told them, indicating the unconscious priest and his semi-conscious partner with a nod. He glanced at Ahri, who inclined her head in silent agreement and went to help Mew, who was struggling with Jacob’s deadweight.

“Here, let me…” Ava murmured, steadying Mew and reaching out to give Ahri a hand.

Suddenly, Jacob’s limp form began to glow, and—light as air—his body lifted up out of their grasp. Gallade motioned for the girls to stand aside as he stepped forward, levitating the unconscious young man over to Suicune and lightly placing him atop the waiting Legendary’s back. Mew followed in his wake, taking a moment to make sure that Jacob wouldn’t slide from Suicune’s back before she settled down just behind him, the last of her energy gone.

“Thanks,” Ahri told Gallade, smiling at the rather smug-looking forest guardian.

Ava pressed her lips together and looked at Duama. Unease had settled into the pit of her stomach, making her feel uncomfortable. “Lead the way?”

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Duama nodded. But he couldnt stop his hand from shaking. Something was wrong and all those dreams about his father? what was goin on?....he shook off the thought, he wouldnt learn anything standing here. He had to be strong for those around him. "Im gonna warn you guys now...Kareshians are.....really straightforward."

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Ahri’s lips curled into an ironic smile. “We’ve been traveling with you for a month, already,” she told him, her voice very dry. “I think we’re acclimated by now.”

Entei snorted, and even Ava couldn’t help but to smile slightly. She has a point, youngster. Worry less about us and more about what you're going to say to your father when you see him again.

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Duamas eyes widened at entei words and he looked genuinely taken aback. "I... I never really gave it much thought." He sat and pondered a bit at the statement. How could he tell his father...would his father even believe it was him? All the emotions seem to flood in. Would his father even like who he had become? Would he be proud?... He searched through all these emotions until he was brought back by th feeling of a hand on his arm. He looked up into the eyes and the gentle smile of ava "Ava...?"

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((Lol, fantastic retort Kadri. I didn't think of that.))

Kari nodded, chuckling a little at what Ahri said. She enjoyed the quiet but if it was unusual she could understand the apprehension Duama would feel. "We can munch on the way there." She suggested, pulling some bread and an apple from the collective food sack. A groan spread from Lugia to Kari through their link. Walking was awkward with it's proportions.
How safe do you think it would be to take to the skies? It posed to the others, knowing Rayquaza would understand where it was coming from.

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"hmph Im willing to risk it if you are, though I say we should stay above what little cloud cover there is just to be safe."

Duama nodded "Alright But be careful, The defenses around Karesh are second only to Galvis but all of the continent major ore is stored here. Don't be suprised by seeing weapons you thought unheard of. Karesh keeps the best weapons for themselves."

With a nod rayquaza and Lugia took to the air with a gust of wind in the wake.

"We'll keep in touch through link as you walk onward."

"alright everyone, let's move. Be sure to eat light, no need for us to be sluggish should we have to fight."

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(( lol… Thank you, but Ahriana is actually the one that said it. ))

Ava gave Duama’s arm a small, reassuring squeeze and then she let go, turning back to Entei as both Lugia and Rayquaza took to the skies.

Ahri was waiting there beside the volcano Legendary, holding a muffin in one hand and a pear in the other. She pressed both into Ava’s hands and fixed the older girl with a stern look. “Eat those, and don’t even try to tell me you’re not hungry,” she said in a rather bossy tone of voice. “You didn’t eat anything yesterday, and I don’t want to have you collapsing on us.”

Ava raised an eyebrow. “Yes, Mother,” she replied in a very dry voice, accepting the food without an argument and obediently taking a bite out of the muffin. She watched, amused, as Ahri beamed at her and bounced off to walk beside Suicune and Gallade.

Entei shook his head, sharing her amusement. Climb up, and finish your muffin.

she replied silently, falling into step just behind Duama and Absol as they headed for the distant city. I think I’ll walk.

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(this post isn't in cronological sequence with the rest of the story, but I'm bored)

Jackson woke up in a small, white cloth tent.  His torso and forehead were wrapped in bandages, and his arm was in a sling.  He sat up slowly; body aching with every inch that it rose.  He crawled out of the tent and stood outside.  Jackson was in a forest, standing in grass.  The sun was setting.  Sanders and Gardevior were kneeling near another tent treating Heatran's injuries. 
"Its good to see you're up and moving.  I was starting to worry," Sanders said.
"How long was I out?" Jackson asked.
"Twelve hours.  Gave us quite a scare, but Heatran knew you'd wake up."  Sanders said.  Jackson nodded.  After a pause he asked,
"Where's Cloud?"  Sanders, Gardevior, and Heatran looked down.
"He's gone," Heatran mumbled.  Jackson collapsed.  Alakazam and Gardevior rushed over to him, but were pushed away.  Jackson stood up again and walked deeper into the forest. 
"Let him go," Sanders said.  Jackson stumbled through the trees at first, but he kept moving.  He walked faster and faster, until he was running.  Jackson ran to the edge of a forest, through the beach beyond, and stopped at the water.  His feet sank into the sand as he looked out at the horizon.  After a while, Jackson's body began radidiating with heat energy.  He exploded with energy, shooting magma in every direction.  

Jackson returned to the campsite some hours later.  It was dark.  Sanders sat at a fire, waiting.  
"We need to discuss our next move," Sanders said.  
"Next move?  I failed, Sanders.  Defeating James was my responsibility, and now Cloud's gone.  There's nothing else," Jackson said.
"You're too hard on yourself.  James was OUR responsibility, as a group.  And he still is," Sanders said.
"What do you have in mind?"
"I think we should enlist the help of Raikou's group."
"Raikou's group?  You think they'll really be able to pull it off?  You saw them last time!" Jackson shouted.
"That was weeks ago.  It only took them a short while to learn syncronization.  Their potential is limitless, they're probably much stronger now," Sanders said.
"I'm not buying it.  James is too strong.  And now he has Latios' power.  Not to mention he's only one more plate and a flute away from calling Arceus."
"Two more plates," Sanders corrected him.  He reached into his pack and uncovered a brown stone.
"You stole the rock plate?" Jackson asked.
"While you were fighting him.  It was a precaution, just in case you lost and he finds the Lightning Plate and Azure Flute while we're looking for Raikou's team.  That and, with this, your Stone Edge might be strong enough to take him down."  Sanders said.
"Well, thanks for giving me a choice in the matter.  Now he's going to be coming after us.  We have to find team Raikou before James finds us.  Where do we start?" Jackson smirked.  
"The same way we start every time.  We go to the market."

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what happens if I try to post?

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what happens if I try to post?

I think you just found out. .__.