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A Tale Untold

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Author Topic: A Tale Untold  (Read 4227 times)
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« Reply #720 on: August 18, 2011, 12:56:11 pm »

(this post isn't in cronological sequence with the rest of the story, but I'm bored)

Jackson woke up in a small, white cloth tent.  His torso and forehead were wrapped in bandages, and his arm was in a sling.  He sat up slowly; body aching with every inch that it rose.  He crawled out of the tent and stood outside.  Jackson was in a forest, standing in grass.  The sun was setting.  Sanders and Gardevior were kneeling near another tent treating Heatran's injuries. 
"Its good to see you're up and moving.  I was starting to worry," Sanders said.
"How long was I out?" Jackson asked.
"Twelve hours.  Gave us quite a scare, but Heatran knew you'd wake up."  Sanders said.  Jackson nodded.  After a pause he asked,
"Where's Cloud?"  Sanders, Gardevior, and Heatran looked down.
"He's gone," Heatran mumbled.  Jackson collapsed.  Alakazam and Gardevior rushed over to him, but were pushed away.  Jackson stood up again and walked deeper into the forest. 
"Let him go," Sanders said.  Jackson stumbled through the trees at first, but he kept moving.  He walked faster and faster, until he was running.  Jackson ran to the edge of a forest, through the beach beyond, and stopped at the water.  His feet sank into the sand as he looked out at the horizon.  After a while, Jackson's body began radidiating with heat energy.  He exploded with energy, shooting magma in every direction.  

Jackson returned to the campsite some hours later.  It was dark.  Sanders sat at a fire, waiting.  
"We need to discuss our next move," Sanders said.  
"Next move?  I failed, Sanders.  Defeating James was my responsibility, and now Cloud's gone.  There's nothing else," Jackson said.
"You're too hard on yourself.  James was OUR responsibility, as a group.  And he still is," Sanders said.
"What do you have in mind?"
"I think we should enlist the help of Raikou's group."
"Raikou's group?  You think they'll really be able to pull it off?  You saw them last time!" Jackson shouted.
"That was weeks ago.  It only took them a short while to learn syncronization.  Their potential is limitless, they're probably much stronger now," Sanders said.
"I'm not buying it.  James is too strong.  And now he has Latios' power.  Not to mention he's only one more plate and a flute away from calling Arceus."
"Two more plates," Sanders corrected him.  He reached into his pack and uncovered a brown stone.
"You stole the rock plate?" Jackson asked.
"While you were fighting him.  It was a precaution, just in case you lost and he finds the Lightning Plate and Azure Flute while we're looking for Raikou's team.  That and, with this, your Stone Edge might be strong enough to take him down."  Sanders said.
"Well, thanks for giving me a choice in the matter.  Now he's going to be coming after us.  We have to find team Raikou before James finds us.  Where do we start?" Jackson smirked.  
"The same way we start every time.  We go to the market."
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