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January 30, 2023, 04:53:00 am
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Neo-Anime Forum Rules

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Author Topic: Neo-Anime Forum Rules  (Read 1036 times)
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« on: October 07, 2009, 11:51:38 pm »

Note: By posting on Neo-Anime, you are subject to the rules posted below. Not reading the rules does not make you exempt from them.

Breaking these rules may result in a temporary or a permanent ban at the admin’s discretion.

Questions and comments are welcome. Please let us know in the Forum Feedback section, or you may send one of the admins a PM. You can find a list of the forum staff here.

Neo-Anime Forum Rules

•   Be respectful of other people and their opinions.

•   Communicate and discuss things maturely, without digressing into hissy fits.

•   Try to use proper spelling and grammar. That's the best way to make sure what you have to say is actually read.

•   Absolutely NO: flaming, trolling, or bashing.

•   Any SPAM posted on the board will be deleted. (See below for things we consider spam.)

•   Some members may choose to post their email, messenger IDs, etc—do not abuse them. These are resources to use for communicating with others, not harassing them.

•   Do not double or triple post. If you have something to add, that's what the edit button is for. The only exception to this rule would be when a long period of time (at least 2 weeks or longer) has passed between your last post and your newest post.

•   No duplicate threads—if there's already a thread with that topic posted, refer back to that thread instead of making a second one.

•   Please keep all material within a family-friendly rating. Neo-Anime is not an 18+ forum.

•   Stay on the topic of the thread you are posting in! If you want to carry on a conversation with another member, that's fine as long as you stay true to the original topic of the thread. Otherwise, move your conversation to PM.

•   You are responsible for everything that occurs on your account, so be sure to log out when you leave the site.

•   If there are already rules posted for a specific area/forum/thread, be familiar with them. By posting there, you are subject to those rules.

and finally...

•   Have fun!!!

Things considered SPAM on this board are:

•   Advertisement threads. It you want people to visit your website, you may advertise it on your user profile or your signature—nowhere else.

•   Threads that start with no point or that were obviously created for no reason.

•   Posts that were made specifically to raise total post count.
•   Threads created to advertise porn sites of any kind, including hentai.
•   Threads that ask where to download anime/Mp3/torrent. Neo-Anime isn't that kind of site.

Any of these circumstances will result in a thread/posts being deleted and the possibility of being banned. If your thread or post gets deleted because it fell into any of these definitions, do not make another one.

Post Count

Reasons your post count may change from day to day:

•   A moderator may have deleted some of your replies in a thread.
•   A moderator may have deleted a thread in which you had made replies.

If, for some reason, a moderator feels that you're inflating your post count on purpose he may seek an administrator to manually lower your post count. Please view the reply on what is considered SPAM.

Off-Topic Posts

Why is going off-topic such a big deal?

A thread is created to talk about a specific thought or idea. As the thread progresses, each of the replies are supposed to be related to the first reply, contributing to the overall thought or idea of the thread.

When a thread begins to go off-topic – that is, when the replies begin to stray further and further from the original thought or idea of the thread – the purpose is lost. So when reviewing a thread of several pages, as the pages go on, the replies on the current page begin to make no sense compared to the last page.

This is bad because it goes against the whole idea of a forum and threads: the threads are supposed to be consolidated thoughts or ideas.

If, when reading a thread and deciding to make a reply, you think it might be off-topic and might spur on replies, create a new thread as a spawn of the original thread. This way, members who might want to reply to the off-topic reply can do so without destroying the original thread.


•   Do not ask to become a moderator.
•   Do not beg to become a moderator.
•   Do not talk about how great of a moderator you'd be.
•   If you have moderating experience elsewhere, it means nothing here.

Moderators are generally chosen by current mods/admins. If you do any of the things listed above to try and become a mod, it will lessen your chances even more.

The reason it is like this is because moderators hold a certain power over how conversations and the general atmosphere at the Neo-Anime message board will take place. We will never hand out moderation to strangers because we don't know what kind of mod they will be.

Moderators are generally those that have been at the board for a while, take part in discussions, and generally get along with everyone else.

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